SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Fire and Calm ❯ They're fighting to change the misery ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Fire and Calm
By: May-VeggieGirl1
Summary: Back in the age humans still ruled Ark, a great war was fought. And in that civil war, the nativity of destruction and vengeance as we know it was born.
It was the ultimate weapon. The very being with the ability to analyze their situations and react to them without orders or programming. To be able to comprehend targets, traitors, and spies and still be able to serve beyond human capacity.
It was the gundam.
Categories: Action/ Adventure, Romance, Drama, Mech
Warnings: Cussing, violence, hints of hentai, character death(s) :p
Anime: SD Gundam-based Original fiction

A/N: I’m sure this’ll be confusing for a while, after all, the only thing this has to do with SD Gundam Force is the names “Ark”, “musha gundam”, and pretty much the concept of living tiny robots. :p Characters are prepared to reflect the past of Ark that I have pretty much made up by myself. Here’s a quickie of the 10 gundam names I’ll be using (the humans don’t matter LOL):

5.Sei getsu
10.Konrinzai< br>
In fact, it’s in order of when they appear. Kai may recognize the name Chimi and know probably what’s going to happen from there because of the soap >) but let’s keep it a secret for now. And their name’s mean:

1.origin of fire, 2.rain and wind/ driving rain, 3.white rainbow, 4.backfire, 5.moon shining in rain cleansed sky, 6.rain dragon/ hidden genius, 7.(as discordant as) fire and water, 8.evil spirit of mountains and rivers (pretty sure that’s what it means, heheheh…), 9.gods of heaven and earth, 10.the deepest bottom of the earth/ never/ till doomsday/ for all the world.

Wheee! Oh-kay then… For those wanting to know, I’m done with Ch. 12 CHIBIFIED’s update, slowly working on YM’s chapter 1, redoing TB’s chapters (already redid ch4), aaannnddd constantly writing new chapters of the soap which we can’t update with Kai. xp
And doing tons of drawings and amvs of SDG, but not putting them up on
And haven’t read hardly anyone’s updates so hopefully with the school year I’ll get bored or find time to stop by and read. X_x

Since this isn’t done yet, I’m just going to get the idea out there. v_v More than likely by the time I finish this first chapter and upload it, the pics and amvs should be ready for viewage. I just had to update before school starts up again Monday. ;_;


They’re fighting to change the misery
The same old battles
That have been fought and fought
Until there was no blood left
In the lines of their past
While their dreams push aside
Fight on for the future
Live on to see the sun rise
And onward to let the words spell out
A fate of all kinds
They’re stuck in the eternal loop
Of life and death

A whirr… a deep echoing with tiny clicks and hissing of wire, searing in the silent darkness…There was nothing but the quiet sounds, no contemplation, no recognition…


Completely nothing.

But… then… then there was this… thing. It was so remarkable… Something that stirred inside from someplace that was unknown… a feeling of a sort… An burning urge…To find out where that urge came from…To find what those noises were, why they were there, what was causing them to make such…noise…

A desire to learn.


And pure red eyes that flickered on screen, opened to the light.

Chapter 1: They’re fighting to change the misery

A shadow leaned over the table, intercepting the bright white fluorescent light beaming down overhead, making out a vague shape, which remained a mystery as to what.

“…visual system online, checking for response and coordination status now,” A deep voice mumbled aloud, suddenly another bright light, this time painfully close to the right red eye flashed on, causing both eyes to close shut in pain. “Keep it open.” The eye squinted but closed shut again with a groan.

“I don’t want to.” A pause in the shadow’s movement, an unsure gesture, before moving the light even closer to the eye again, shining behind the closed eyes.

“Come again?”

“I don’t want to,” The other voice growled gently, tilting the ‘head’, and eyes with it, away from the light. Another pause and the light disappeared, replaced by a more dispersed orange yellow tinted light around the entire area.

“What conclusion do you base this upon?” The eyes opened again and set upon the shadow which was now revealed. Pale skin, tight jaw bone, extrusive neck and muffled brunette hair with occasional grey hues, grizzly 5 o’clock shadow, green confused eyes, and still nothing to compare the features displayed to.

“The fact I don’t want to hurt my eyes?” The person scowled, moving over to a large box of some sort and making more clicking noises.

“Do you detect an anomaly in the hardware?”

“Well… the light burns,” the voice replied gently, baffled by what he meant.

“Of course it does, the sensory is supposed to pick that up. Now keep your eyes open, I want to examine exactly how well it is reacting to that light.” The head nodded silently and opened the right eye again the best it could as the flashlight moved over it. After going through the procedure with both eyes, the man turned back to the box, more clicking noises.

“Who are you,” The voice questioned.

“I am your creator.” He turned back to the other voice and held up some sort of device which began making a high pitched noise. “Can you her that?”
The eyes winced from the screech.

“Yes, can you turn it off now?” The so-called ‘creator’ put the handheld device down, continued typing and making the clicking noises with the grey box. “Are there more like you? Did you create everything?” The man paused and looked back over at the red eyes.

“I am not alone. I’ve created everything you see in this room, nothing else.” He continued mumbling numbers and equations aloud to himself and the box.

“What do the others call you?” A longer gap of time and the man answered in cracked voice.

“My name…is Kisaku.”

“May I call you Kisaku-sama then? Or would creator be more appropriate?” Kisaku’s brows furrowed and he leaned over the red eyes, eclipsing the dim light.

“What is causing you to ask me these questions? You should have banked ‘creator’ and left it at that.” The eyes blinked innocently.

“I was wondering if everyone referred to you as creator. What am I?” The eyes moved down into the darkened shadows, to a white chest with wires and a red orb of light glowing in between some cracks, swirling. “What is that?” Kisaku growled and scratched some of the tiny hairs on his chin.

“That is the naien which is supposed to give you consciousness… but something isn’t right here,” He mumbled to himself while toying with some of the wires. The red eyes watched in fascination.

“So I am…?”

“A mech I’ve made. The government wants to name your kind “Gundam” though, for your service.” Kisaku’s emerald eyes continued to trace over every chip and chunk of armor below the head. “Alpha 001’s readings seem to be sustained…”

“Who is Alpha 001?” The eyes curved upward playfully. The man sighed irritably, moving back over to the box.

“You are, now stop asking questions.” The red eyes paused to recognize it. Alpha 001. That was who he was… seemed a bit off.


“Because I’m trying to do something.”

“What are you trying to do?”

“To see if you work right.”

“Why can’t I ask you questions while you are doing that?”

“Because you’re annoying me, now I command you to stop,” He growled angrily while shooting a glare at Alpha 001. The eyes blinked sadly in quietude for a minute, watching him look over papers and type in the box. Finally, becoming increasingly bored, Alpha 001 sighed.

“Do I have a name like you?”

Kisaku stared at Alpha for a long cold moment, making the "Gundam" flinch from uneasiness.

"What is going on here?" He asked aloud while looking over the haien one more time. "Your questions, their origins seem to come from observation and a conclusion upon that, which is exactly what you are meant to do..." The red eyes blinked quietly in slight confusion.

"If that's what I'm meant to do, what's the problem?"

"I never instructed you to start taking in that kind of information. I think you're on complete auto-drive..." Kisaku mumbled quietly while bringing his eyes back up to the gundam's. But it was different... it was looking for kin. Eyes that were finally more paying attention to that which was not circuits and numbers and equations.

Finally realizing...that it could be possible.

"My god," He mumbled while backing up away from Alpha slowly. Alpha blinked in confusion.

"So...does that mean I have a name like you?" Kisaku's distressed face distorted in thought for a moment before nodding slowly.

"Yes... you can be Hinomoto."

The scientist was starting to accept it...
He had made life.

(continue laterness v.v)