SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ I Enjoy Being A Girl ❯ Zero the masochist?! ( Chapter 10 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

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Baku tugged on Entengo's reigns to make his horse run faster as the Gundam gang followed Fenn to Tallgeese's hide out, on the other side of the Dimensional gate to Lacroa. His mind raced at what Tallgeese could do to Zero. Were they fighting? Or was Tallgeese going to…
Zero had managed to hit Tallgeese over the head with the bucket and stuff it over his head and blind him while she escaped the room. It would take a can opener to get that thing off of Tallgeese with that giant point securing the bucket on his head. She ran outside to the front of the fortress where some Pawn Leo's were standing guard. “ Shit!” She swore as they saw her.
“ Tengyu KEN!” Zero watched as the approaching Pawn Leo's were burnt by a gaint flaming “X” and turned into dice. “ Zero!” She looked over at Baku riding up to her.
“ Bakunetsumaru!”
Shute and Captain came up from behind in Gunbike. “ Geeze Baku could you have gone any faster!?” Shute growled at the samurai for leaving them at one point when they got lost. Fenn fell into Shute's lap, exhausted from flying. Baku dismounted from Entengo and ran up to Zero and hugged her.
“ Are you alright?? What did that bastard do to you??” Zero looked up into Baku's eyes to see so much worry and anger in them. “ He…I got out before he could do anything Baku…” She leaned her head against his chest and sighed. “ Thank Mana you're here though…”
“ HEY!!” Eveyone turned around to see an enraged Tallgeese come out of the fortress with a red vein throbbing on his head. “ You bitch, did you know how long it took to get that bucket off my head?!” Baku held Zero protectively in his arms while glaring at the Tempest Knight.
“ You want her, you're going to have to go through ME!” Baku declared.
“ Well that won't be hard to do!”
“ Whore!”
“ Bitch!”
“ Skank!”
Va-nu-peid!”( that basically means “street rat” ^^;; I watched Aladdin in French class lol)
Baka!!” As Tallgeese and Baku started arguing, Zero wondered if she could pull off a little trick with Mana on Tallgeese. “ Mana come to me…” She muttered while making her fingers snap at her side. A small, blue circle of Mana appeared above Tallgeese, releasing a bucket over his head.
“ AHH!! I CAN'T SEE!!!” Tallgeese screamed while running around in circles until he smacked against the fortress.
“ Ok let's go.” Zero smiled while grabbing Baku's arm. Baku blinked. “ But I wanna cut him uuuuuup!” he pouted.
“ You can do that later… I want to go home.”
Zero opened her eyes slowly and yawned. It was somewhat dark in the room and it took her eyes a moment to adjust to the lighting before she saw a figure in front of her. “ Baku..?” Bakunetsumaru's eyes were bright against the dark and noticeable compared to the rest of him. But his eyes were wondering over her. She looked down and saw that she was wearing nothing but black laced underwear and she felt what was more than likely a leather collar about her neck. “Baku what's going on?” She went to move her arms, but they were chained down to the bed.
Baku leaned over the bed until his face was a few inches away from hers. “ Do you love me?” He muttered deeply. Zero blushed slightly, but he couldn't possibly see it in this lighting.
“ Y-Yes I do… but what--” he put a hand over her mouth to silence her.
“ Don't talk back.” Zero couldn't pull her gaze away from the samurai's eyes. She snapped out of it when she felt a whip hit against her leg. She screamed and jumped, but was tugged back by the chains.
“ Bakunetsumaru what the hell are you doing?!” Baku flipped her over so she was lying on her stomach.
“ What, doesn't Mr. Knight like?” Baku purred while swinging his whip around casually. Zero blinked and shook his head, not feeling long hair but his helmet all of a sudden. But how did he turn back without any water?
Baku tugged lightly on Zero's collar. Zero coughed. “ Don't ya like this? I know this has to turn you on a little…” Zero blushed madly. How could Bakunetsumaru know that he was secretly a masochist? Before Zero could ponder on this he felt the whip hit him again against his back. He yelped.
“ Who's my bitch?” Baku growled dominantly. Zero muttered under his breath into the pillow. Baku hit the whip against his back again, but harder. “ Now…” He leaned in close to Zero's face and whispered, “ Who's my bitch?”
“ I am…” Zero blushed madly. Baku grinned while climbing onto the bed and sat over Zero. “ Louder…” he commanded while running his hands down Zero's back.
“ I'm your bitch…I am…I'm your bitch Baku!!”
“ …Zero…??”
Zero opened her eyes and looked around the game room of the SDG base and saw Captain, Shute, Baku and Guneagle staring at her. Baku was blushing while Guneagle was nudging Baku in the side. She blushed deeply while standing up.
“ Er…I'm …going to take a shower….a really….really….COLD shower…” With that said, she mechanically walked out of the room. When she left, everyone looked at Baku.
“ Don't look at me! I didn't do anything to her!!” Baku pleaded while waving his hands defensively in front of him.
“ Dude I hear my mom scream that every Friday night about my dad…I think I know when someone did something or not.” All three of the Gundams looked at Shute bug-eyed.
“ T…that's it you're sleeping over here on Friday nights Shute…” Captain said while patting the poor boy on the head. (A/N: Gotta feel sorry for Shute ^.^;;; )
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