SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ I Enjoy Being A Girl ❯ Feathers and Roses ( Chapter 9 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Zero coughed while straining to open his eyes. His neck hurt like hell. He sat up and rubbed the back of his neck. " Owww…Damnit!"

" I'm sorry, but you would more than likely put up a struggle…" Zero froze. He swiveled around and saw Tallgeese. He stood up and glared at the other mecha.

" What the hell do you want?!"

" …To finish what I started…" Tallgeese took a step forward, but Zero countered by stepping back.

" But I'm male now."

" …Unless I pour some water on you…" Zero swallowed hard. " How did---I mean, what are you talking about!?" Zero tried to sound like that wasn't going to work, but Tallgeese knew otherwise. He snapped his fingers and held a bucket of water. " Warm water turns you into a girl…cold turns you back." The Knight of the Tempest grinned. " Which will be fun for me either way…"


" Hey, whre's Zero at?" Shute asked.

" He should be here…." Captain muttered. Baku swallowed while Fenn started to hover around the three frantically.

" What's with the puff ball?" Baku snapped, getting annoyed with Fenn. Fenn glared at Baku, but only kept making a racket instead of burning him. Shute walked up to Fenn.

" Hey, what is it?"

" Fenn fenn fenn!!" Fenn exclaimed. " `Wish I knew what you were saying…."

" FENN!" fenn went to the rose bush and pulled out a rose. " Fenn!" he said with the rose in his mouth.

" ….Rose…Zero??" Fenn nodded. " What about him?" Shute asked.

" Fenn fenn feeeeeeenn!!" The dragon dropped the rose and gestured towards a bird in a nearby tree. The three blinked.

" ….Zero is off with birds?" Baku sweatdroped. Fenn huffed angrily, and let out a stream of fire at Baku. " …Guess…not…" Fenn went and flew up to the bird and scared it with a huff of fire. The bird flapped away in panic, making a few of its feathers fall off. Fenn grabbed one of the feathers and held it to the others.

" Rose…Zero…..feather…."

" TALLGEESE!" Baku exclaimed. " No, Tallgeese has Zero?!" Fenn nodded. " Where is he??"


Zero hid behind the bed as Tallgeese tried to throw the bucket of water on him. " Damnit, hold still!!"

" I don't get why people say that, when it'll only be in vein," Zero commented while backing up as Tallgeese used his magic to refill the bucket.

" I don't get it either, but whatever." Zero backed up against the wall, and silently cursed himself. He flinched as he felt water slash onto his face.

" Ah, don't you look pretty?" Zero blushed as she saw she was wearing her nightgown from last night. She covered herself with hr arms and glared at Tallgeese.

" Pervert."

" And don't you forget it." Tallgeese grabbed Zero's arms and pulled her close to him. " You're mine now, knight…."

" No, let me go!!"