SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Requi's Revenge ❯ The Ominous Prophecy ( Chapter 9 )

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’s Revenge
By: May-VeggieGirl1

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Requi stood in front of the setting sun, staring off with his deep emerald eyes, lost in thought. He turned back to Zero quietly.
“If they had come later…if you could have matured faster, I might not have had to do this.” Zero blinked in confusion, turning back to the red clad gundam.
“Who are they?” Requi, in Baku’s body, shook his head.
“It doesn’t matter anymore. What’s done is done; you are too weak to handle them, and now I will test your ally to see if he is just as weak as you.” Zero frowned and seethed silently, eyes kept straightforward but staring at nothing. The words would not be in front of them, he would find them in another way. Through what happened from his concern for his allies, his loss in Lacroa, and now… the especial suffering of one who never wronged him. Baku never harmed him, never was so serious in his quarrels that he inflicted any real pain or suffering onto Zero. He was weird in many senses, and yet funny in a strange way, this gundam from another land. Even though they both went through some horrifying sense of genocide.
“He is strong in his own way,” Zero replied with coolness in his voice but hardened to the point of almost choking it out, dry in his throat. “Stronger than you.”
And that was the moment it happened. Baku’s entire body flinched violently, and stepped backwards as Requi tried to maintain control, knees buckling in the process. Zero looked up in sudden shock, watching the struggle between the two spirits in one body. Baku was finally on the offensive.
“Bakunetsumaru!” Glancing up, he found Captain and Shute coming up from behind him from out of seemingly nowhere, going straight for each side to help him. His body sputtered and coughed, but grinned through his heavy breathing.
“G-Get away from me,” he growled eyes flashing brown for a split second before returning to emerald green. “This is my battle for Lacroa, and I will win it because that is our only hope left.” Shute’s heart fell seeing Requi continuing to hold the upper hand.
“But!! You…. You don’t understand…” He whined. “Please! Just trust Zero!”
“The sun will be officially down in less than a minute,” Captain reported morosely.
“Just stop it Requi! Zero is a fine knight, don’t take Ark’s hope away just because you can’t accept that,” Shute paused to search for something more to say, but he found nothing. What was there to say? If Requi could not see how much stronger as a team they were with both Baku and Zero… Shute knew which words he chose would not matter. So he went with what he normally goes with when things became desperate as such; he yelled with his heart. “Don‘t take Baku!”
Captain’s eyes began to glow of a yellow light as the depth, the emotion of the boy, struck him, but he knew this power would not do them good this time. Trying to control the massive swirling energy coursing through him, almost making him light headed, he watched with silence equal to Zero’s, a desire to aid left unspoken.
Requi coughed again while clutching the dirt but his grin did not waver to their horror.
“Please,” Shute sobbed now, grabbing his red shoulder armor as if to cling to his dying friend. “Stop it!” Completely falling to the ground now, he growled and gasped for breath in the midst of the struggle. Beneath the pain, in the battle which could not be seen by eyes…
Captain’s eyes widened.
The sky grew dark.
And then, it was over.

“No,” Captain mumbled almost inaudibly as the grin grew wider almost to a maniacal degree. Shute glanced back at Captain, realizing what it meant, and turned forward to shake the red musha gundam.
“Baku! Bakunet--” But his hand was smacked away, not in a fierce way, but with meaning. He sat up as Shute trembled, awaiting to see the new Baku.
Zero stared with disbelief, starting to finally make his way forward again. No, it couldn’t be Requi, could it? One of the spirits lost the battle and slipped silently away, back to the mori. So who? Which?
“Baku!” He snapped while moving forward, grabbing the red helmet and jerking it back up to glare into the eyes he found.

They were a typical auburn, the set sun making the shine even more noticeably red.
Baku grinned in return mischievously.

“You almost scared me to death,” Shute whined while crossing his arms with a pout. Captain shook his head, trying to hide a smile, as Zero kept watching Baku, waiting for any moment a dark figure to come out and taunt him some more. But Baku only shrugged pathetically in a way of apologizing.
“I couldn’t help it.”
He is strongin his own way.
“At least that is over.” Shute paused for a moment, staring at the ground in thought. There was something he forgot-- “OH CRAP!” Captain walked up a little further next to Shute.
“What’s wrong?”
“I told mom I would be back soon to do my homework, it’s due tomorrow!! Oh man, I’m going to be in so much trouble!!” Baku frowned and scratched the back of his head.
“I’m sorry, it’s my fault Shute… I’ll explain it to her. She’ll understand, right?” Shute hung his head.
“Still… I’ll be in trouble…”
“Well Shute, if we get back now you may have time to work on it.”
“Only if you all help me out with it,” Shute grinned and Captain shook his head.
“I apologize, Shute, but I need to be at the base so we can investigate what is going on with the mori.” Baku looked up… and then down at the ground in thought. Shute paused and glanced at Zero.
“Yeah, will Requi be alright still? Even though he was arrogant and stuff, he was still a knight of Lacroa, right?”
“He will be fine as long as the spirits in the mori find their true place. Why they are there now, though, is beyond me. Something must be done about it.”
“…Yeah,” Baku mumbled while standing up, then teetered and stumbled backwards before falling over again.
“Bakunetsumaru?!” Shute and Captain moved in on him as Zero floated in the air.
“I was waiting for that. Conflicting another spirit is very taxing on one’s body.” Baku sat up and looked at his concerned friends sheepishly.
“I don’t think my legs are willing to work with us.” Shute grinned as Captain helped Baku up.
“That’s PERFECT! I’ll tell Mom you got hurt and she’ll make you lots of rice balls and you can stay at my house to rest up and to top it off--I won’t be in trouble!”
“Um, thank you Shute,” Baku blinked, a bit dazed.
“Just pretend something hurts!” The gundams sweatdropped.
“How does one pretend they are injured,” Captain inquired as Shute patted him on the shoulder.
“Don’t worry about it, as long as Baku knows how to.”

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After getting past Keiko and Shute went to give Nana her bath, the gundams all waited around in the guest room, where Baku would have to sleep.
“Bakunetsumaru, how did you get possessed in the first place?” Baku sat up in bed and glanced at Zero.
“Zero and I got into a fight, and I went off into the woods. Then I saw a ball of light hit me, and the next thing I knew Requi was there.” Captain frowned.
“So you wouldn’t know of any clues to why the mori has done this.” Baku looked away grimly and the knight grew concerned.
“Bakunetsumaru?” Captain looked at Zero. “Is something wrong?” The musha sighed and looked back up at them seriously.
“There’s something I have to tell you.”

Shute crept down the hallway after escaping his mom’s tirade and poked his head into their room.
“Hey guys, I got rid of her-” He paused as Baku finished saying something in Japanese then looked over at him. “What was that?” Zero looked out the window in thought.
“That stone with the glowing text of high Mana in the mori… was Japanese?” Captain nodded.
“And, from the bits I’ve translated from it, it does sound good.” Shute frowned while looking at each of them.
“A stone? Of Mana? In Japanese? Well, what’s the full-translated text--tell us Baku!” Baku cleared his throat and spoke.
With the eclipse of the red moon
Brings forth devastation from the gods
When the earth quakes in fear
Evil shall rise and destroy
Death and blood
Shall engulf the world in pain
Bring darkness upon the land
And shatter bonds for those who darest stand
And face the wrath of the chaos

Upon the reawakening
The true heart of life beckons forth
And the clash of the two great powers
Draws destruction beyond all
Only the birth of a star
Can end the violence
Forge the contrasting beings
And return peace to the world…

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