SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Sd Gundam Drabbles ❯ Cj ( Chapter 1 )

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Early Morning Watering.
Drabble: 01

Cj ran down the corridors of the base, a water can in his arms, against his chest. He had stayed up last night too late, playing 'Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2' with Kyoko and Guneagle. How could he say no to Kyo-chan? Thus making him sleep in, THUS making him late to water his Tulips,Roses and Carnations. The corridors were empty, with mostly gundams who always woke up at Six A.M in the morning awake. Being half Gundam Cj woke up like them; like there was a clock in him.

He came to a halt when he almost bumped into HeadShot coming out of a room. Cj was just three inches ahead of HeadShot's height. HeadShot turned around to see Cj. "Hey!" Greeted HeadShot, ruffling Cj's hair. Cj laughed, ducking down. "Wow! You've grown a few centimeters over night!" The techno red,blue and white colored gundam complimented. Cj smiled at this news, one day he would tall like his mother and strong as his father. "Thank you." Cj quickly gave his best friend,brother like figure a hug, putting the water can down.

HeadShot hugged Cj back, this kid was so adorable. After awhile they separated and Cj picked his water can back up into his arms. "Whats with the can?" HeadShot asked. "My garden. I'm a bit late to watering them." Cj replied sheepishly. Many thought this was un-mannly and teased him about it, especially the cruel bullies and those who did not believe or want him to be Captain Gundam's kid. But HeadShot understood. "The you best hurry!" HeadShot told him. Cj smiled. "Thank you." Cj ran off down the halls once more.

Cj came to a big,long,glass window on a wall. Many gundams were there, staring through the window. Cj was more then curious to see, he walked up to the window, finding an empty spot. There, down below was his father, Captain Gundam, training. He was back flipping, punching and kicking and fencing with his friends; Zero the winged knight, Cj's uncle and Bakunetsumaru, Cj's aunt, heh. Cj watched in awe. Then Zero seemed to notice him and tapped Captain on the shoulder. The three of them looked up to the window, making the crowd watching go wild.

Captain removed his mouthgaurd, and stared into Cj's eyes. Cj waved a hand at Captain and Captain did the same. Cj smiled and nodded, he then pushed himself out of the crowed, who stared at him, and he ran down the halls to his precious flowers. Captain seemed to stand there, suprised to see Cj, but was interrupted from his thoughts when Baku started to fight with Zero. They continued their training.

Cj finally made it out to Blanc Base's front. He spotted Guneagle up high, flying, GM assistants were at computers keeping track of him. "MORNING LIL' CAPTAIN!" Guneagle yelled, to Cj, hoverig in the air. He loved Cj like a nephew, he always admired Captain and now he loved Nancy a lot more when she sprung out, naming Captain's son after him." I WATERED YOUR SIDE GARDEN FOR YOU!" Guneagle added, he did think it was un-manly, but the flowers made the place smell good and he loved Cj to much to hurt him."Good Morning Uncle Eagle! And THANK YOU!" Cj called out happily, waving at him.

Cj smiled and off to the left side of the base, since the side were watered and he knew GunEagle must of talked to them Awkwardly, that left only the top ones. There was staircase leading up to the top of the roof of the little structure that lead people inside the base. Cj climbed them and ther they were, his field of flowers. He grinned and ran toward them. "I'm sorry I' Am late." He talked to the flowers. "Up late with Kyo-chan and Uncle Eagle.". Cj watered them all, one by one, from the back end to the front. Once done he put the watering can to the side and got on his stomach. Sprawled on the floor, he started to talk. "Today I saw father training! You'd ever guess what he did..."