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Drabble 02

Thats my daughter.

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Zero The windged knight Sd Gundam force & Bandrise/Sunrise

Loli sighed as she leaned over the Balcony's fence. She was done with her training for the day, and just wanted to play outside,but the guards wouldn't let. So she went up to her bedroom, mad and sad, and tried to blowoff her steam. She ended out on her balcony, watching the trees blow in the wind, hearing other kids play. "Mean Guards." Loli mumbled under her breath.

Then her door opened, she didn't want to look to whoever came in, she lowered her head. But she had a guess who it was. The door shut,but no foot steps were heard. Instead, there was a low humming sound. Her guess was right. "What is the matter my Lolipop?" the voice sounded like a woman, but smooth and manly.(That possible?)

Loli turned her head the other way. "Nothing Father." She replied calmly.

Zero sighed. "The guards told me you ran to your room with a mad face." He placed a hand under her chin, pulling her face to look at him. "What is the matter?".

Loli pouted to her father."I wanna go play outside. But the Meany guards won't let me". Zero chuckled and put the other hand on her cheek. "You know its not safe outside. There are many menacing creatures out there. And you a princess! People want to hurt you." he told her with a reasonable voice tone. Loli sigh and shifted her gaze back to the woods and the kingdom ahead of it, dropping her father's hands."

"But I'm so bored here.' she complained sullenly. Putting her elbows on the boarder, she put her chin in her hands. "I finished my training for today." she added.

Zero watch his child pout, she was cute like her mother. He sighed and put a arm around her, held out his other hand and a Violet rose appeared. "Do not be sad my child." he said smoothly. Marie took the rose in one hand, balancing her head in the other. She twirled it a bit, looking at it's beauty. It reminded her still of outside. She didn't want go to the garden, it wasn't like outside. She knew her father meant well.

"...You should change out of your dress..."Zero told Loli. Loli looked up to her father from her hand. "You don't want to ruin it outside." Zero removed his face-plate and smirked. Loli's eyes lit up and she grinned ear-to-ear. She jumped up into her father's arm. "Thank you daddy!" she exclaimed, let go and ran to her wardrobe to pick out a good outfit to wear. Zero stayed outside, looking out to the kingdom.

He smiled, he did the right fatherly thing. Now...To get the first aid.