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Why Not Me?

Drabble 04

Mei and May & Sami .com

Madnug Sd gundam & Bandai/sunrise.

May watched as Mei trained with their father, Madnug. She tried to keep smile on her face, but it was hard. she watched as mei tried to channel the power of their mother's necklace- The Star Of Sable- Mei's hands cupped at it's sides, it illuminated lowly. "Almost like your mother." Madnug sighed quietly as she got up and left the room.

Up above, with a crowd of other-looking through the window watching Madnug with awe- Sami watched May. She could feel her hurt feelings, but she knew what to do to make May feel ran out of the crowd and down the hall. She finally May out side Blanc Base, on the open deck, satting in front of one of Cj's side batch of flowers. Sami walked over to May, catching her breath from running.

"Hey Kiddo!" Sami smiled, crouching next May. The flowers were Sunflowers.

May kept her eyes on the flowers, lifting a forefinger to play with one of the petals of a flower.

"I saw ya in the trainin room." Sami said softly, she brushed a lock of May's hair out of her face. May gave her frown. Then Sami giggled, May was so cute. Then a Bzzzztsound broke their silence. Sami sighed loudly,reached into her left pocket, took out her Cell Phone and turned it off, she then shoved it into the flower's dirt. She'd be hearing that from Cj later.

May rolled her eyes and took the Cell Phone out of the dirt. " Cj will get mad at you."

She then started to slide the back off,took out the batteries and halved it open. She pulled out her screwdriver from her pocket and started to pick at phone's chip and wires.

"...Your just like ya mother." Sami told her.

"Tch! Yeah right..." she kept her face on the phone." Then why does Mei get the Star?" she complained. Sami just smiled sweetly, just like Neo.

"...Well...Mei's more mature. She's older by a cu'ple of seconds." Sami shuddered at the memory of Neo giving birth. May wasn't all convinced. "But you know what?" Sami leaned in.

May looked up shyly, her fingers still working on the phone. Sami took May's hands in her.

" Ya just like ya mother. she loved to fix things, you act just like her when she was your age." Sami said,smiling brightly.

May's face turned red. Just like her mother at this age? "I' Am?" asked May. Sami nodded.

"Thats how your father and her met, she was the mechanic here. And she'd fiddle with everything." May thought about it. Maybe she was not meant to have the star because she was just like her mother, and she had the star already. May finished the phone and put it back together and handed it to Sami, smiling. "Thanks Sammy!" May hugged her and ran off. Sami smiled,feeling good about her self

...Now she had to have a talk with Madnug about having twins and their feelings.