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Drabble 05

I Don't Dance

Kyoko,Nancy,Beatrice,KAO-3 ME

SDG Bandai/Sunrise

Kyoko took a glance up from her doodles at her mother's dance class. They were doing Ballet currently, and were practicing for their upcoming dance recital. Kyoko went back to her drawings of inventions she was working on. She didn't really dance, she did Karate, but didn't dance. Her father,Kao Lynn, could and so did her mother of course...Wasn't that how they met?

Kyoko couldn't remember the story. But it always changed when she asked,though it always was told with them dancing. Kyoko was pulled from her thoughts when her mother came up to her, sweaty, finished with class. She took out a spray bottle with water in it, squirting her beautiful,smooth,light chocolate skin, and her long,dark brown hair which was in a tight bun.

"Ready to to get lunch?" Her mother asked. Kyoko only came to work with her on Sundays. And when she did they always went for lunch when her dance class ended at Twelve.

Kyoko nodded happily, jumping off her seat. Brenna put her duffel bag over her left shoulder and held Kyoko's hand with the other. Kyoko was in a red long-sleeved shirt, khaki jeans and had a 'Hello Kitty' backpack on.

Her mother, Brenna, was in a black ballet one suite, blue,baggy,jeans and tights under. They entered McDonalds, ordering their food. they sat down at a booth for two. Thats when Kyoko got the courage to ask her mom the question. "Mama..."Kyoko hesitated.

"Yes *Kyon-Kyon?" her mother asked sweetly, fixing her mascara.

"...How did you meet Daddy?" Kyoko asked shyly."I told you already." Brenna smiled.

"...Youguysalwayschangeit!" Kyoko exclaimed. "...Your Eight right?" Brenna asked.

"Of course..." Kyoko said, Un-sure why it mattered.

There was a silence...

"I'll tell you when your older." Brenna said, hearing their number for their order. she got up and went to get it. Kyoko dropped her head on the table and groaned. One thing she knew for sure, was that she couldn't dance.




"She asked me how we met." Brenna said on the phone. She had dropped Kyoko off at Blanc Base to hang out with Shute and the others. She was at home on the couch in the living, eating a pudding cup. She had changed into a baggy white shirt, blue shorts and had her hair down.

"Did you tell her?" Kao Lynn asked back. He was currently in his study at Blan Base, and everyone knew not to bother him there.

"NO!" Brenna yelled, laughing a little. "She's Eight...You can't tell your kid you had a one night stand with a guy you met at your Las Vegas dance performance at a Casino!"

"...Its not a 'One-Night Stand' if the two are living with one...WITH A KID!"

"SHUTUP! Your the one who got me pregnant!"

"...It wasn't a bad performance." KaoLynn laughed.

"SHUTUP!"Brenna yelled.

The conversation went back and forth, one another making fun of each other. But one thing they both knew...Was that THEY could both dance.

*Kyon-Kyon: People call Kyoko , Kyo, and from Furruba(FruitsBaskets) Kyo is called Kyon-Kyon by people. Its a nickname