SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ The Phantom That Haunts You ❯ Zero's Start to Fame ( Chapter 1 )

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The Phantom That Haunts You
Yes, well this is inspired by, guess what? Yep! The Phantom of the Opera!!!! :p Alright, it's basically Phantom of the Opera, except with twists…lol. And I know, I know, you all are glaring at me for making yet another fic while I should be finishing the others….but I can't help myself!!!!!! X.x
Captain examined the building along with his partner, Haro. It was a grand Opera house that they were planning on buying. There was a play rehearsal onstage as they entered the left wing where the soon-to-be former manager and a young accomplice of theirs, Bakunetsumaru, was standing, observing the stage. Captain looked at what he supposed was the leading actress, who was singing very badly.
She had long, blonde hair and big blue eyes. Captain couldn't tell if she was singing or screeching. He glanced down into the rows of chairs that are being cleaned by a couple of maids to see them put in a couple of earplugs. He tried not to laugh.
The girl who was singing was backing up to go onto the elephant but made a bit of an uncalled for fuss when someone accidentally stepped on a corner of her long dress. Captain looked up at Haro and saw his partner was boaredly looking around.
“ Well, good luck gentlemen,” the former manager said while shaking Haro and Captain's hands with a sheepish grin and a look that Captain swore was a thank-god-I'm-free! Look before heading out of the wing.
Meanwhile Shute gave his fellow dancer, Zero, a nudge with his arm. “ Hey, isn't that the Bakunetsumaru over there?” Zero looked over to where his friend was looking and saw a red Musha Gundam standing with Haro and Captain.
“ Yeah it is…” Zero sighed. “ He probably doesn't remember me though…”
“ Oh I'm sure he does!” Shute said confidently. Zero looked over at the handsome young male Gundam and thought differently than his zealous friend.
As the two friends talked, Keiko was backstage; making sure things were well with the next setting when she found an envelope on the floor with a red skull seal on it. She frowned. She opened the letter and read it while walking over to the new managers of the opera house. “ Sirs…” She held up the letter. Haro took it from her and scanned it over.
“What is this?”
“ It is from the Phantom of the Opera,” Keiko said softly. “ He welcomes you to his opera house--”
“ HIS opera house?” Haro scuffed. “ And look at this! He wants his `usual payment'!”
“ The last manager gave him up to 20,000 pounds,” Keiko murmured. Haro's ears shot up, making his hat fly up and land on his head at a weird angle. “ 20,000?!”
“ Ah! This dress is mediocre!” the girl shouted while flailing her dress about.
“ Her name is Sayla, isn't it?” Captain asked Haro. Haro nodded as Salya pronounced that she couldn't take this anymore and started to walk off.
“ Wait, Madam!” Haro shouted after the girl, but she and a few of her fellow actors started to file out, ignoring Haro. “ Damnit, there goes our lead….”
“ We haven't even been here a day and things are already looking bad for us like at the junk job!”
“ Scrap metal,” Haro muttered his correction as Captain took off his hat and started to fan his face slightly with it.
“ What are we going to do?? Don't we have an understudy for her?” Everyone looked at eachother and shrugged. Captain twitched. “ Why not?!”
“ We never needed an understudy before,” one of the actors pipped up.
“Sir, Zero could sing for you…” Everyone looked to a woman with long bluish hair that was in a tight bun. (A/N: That's Keiko x.x) A Gundam that looked somewhat feminime in his blue and white armor looked too embarrassed to say anything as he tried to hide behind Keiko.
“ Can he sing well?” Keiko nodded. “ He's been taking lessons from a very fine teacher.” Haro glanced over at Captain and Baku before asking, “ Who is your teacher?”
Zero stepped up from behind Keiko. “ Um, I don't know his name, sir…” he admitted quietly.
“ Well, let's hear you sing then,” Captain said, thinking that it couldn't hurt to listen for a minute. Zero took a deep breath and walked up towards the stage. He closed his eyes for a moment before his feminine voice quietly started:
Think of me
think of me fondly
when we've said goodbye
remember me every so often
promise me you'll try
on that day - that not so distant day
when you are far away and free
if you ever find a moment
spare a thought for me
Zero took a breath, then sung with a little more confidence in his voice;
And though it's clear
though it was always clear
that this was never meant to be
if you happen to remember
stop and think of me
Later on that night, Zero stood on the stage, his armor changed to that of a lovely white gown, and his helmet was not blue, but was white as well. The background of the stage was that of a night out near a rocky river, where two angels were holding two white horses. In his beautiful female-like voice he sung;
Think of august when the trees were green
don't think about the way things might have been
Think of me
think of me waking
silent and resigned
imagine me trying too hard to put you from my mind
think of me please say you'll think of me
whatever else you choose to do
there will never be a day when
I won't think of you
Bakunetsumaru was up in one of the box seats, listening to Zero's wonderful voice when a thought suddenly came to him. How could he have been so blind?! It was Zero! He grew up with Zero long ago when Zero's father was still alive. How could he forget that angelic voice?
“ Can it be?” Baku sung softly under his breath,
Long ago, it seems so long ago,
how young and innocent we were
he may not remember me
but I remember him
He got up from his seat and started to walk down the hallway, listening to Zero's voice echo through the building as he went.
Though as Baku marched on, and Zero sung, somewhere below the stage, a dark creature was listening to Zero intently.
Zero walked slowly on the stage while finishing his song;
Flowers fade
the fruits of summer fade
they have their season so do we
but please promise me
that sometimes you will think of…
Think of me.
The crowd stood up and cheered and clapped loudly while those up in the first couple of rows started throwing flowers onto the stage. Zero blushed slightly as the curtain was lowered. Shute ran up to him and gave him a big hug.
“ You did it! Ah, you were just amazing Zero!!” Zero smiled and hugged his friend back. Keiko came up behind Zero and put her hand on his shoulder.
“ You were brilliant.” Zero couldn't help but blush more.
After the play was done, Zero went into his dressing room and sat down in front of the mirror. He sighed, feeling a little strange to be cross-dressing. He took off his dress helmet and put on his usual blue helmet. “ Well, at least no one cares that I'm a male acting like a female…or sounding like one,” he said to himself more than to the flowers that were piled high in his dressing room. He never thought that a day like this would happen that the audience would be cheering and sending him flowers at all!
As Zero dreamily thought of how he would someday have an entire hall filled with roses and be loved, there was a reflection in the mirror of a dark armored Gundam with a mask over the right side of his face, but the reflection vanished as a knock came from the door. Zero had barely any time to even look around before the door opened to the Red and white Gundam, Bakunetsumaru.
The days pass by and change, without us even realizing how blue the sky really is,” Baku sung softly with a smile. Zero stood up.
“ You remember…” Baku shut the door behind him.
“ Of course I remember. I remember all the stories we'd read while in the attic with your father.” Zero smiled. “ And your performance today was…wow!” Baku went over to Zero and sat down in a chair near him. Zero sat down as well.
“ I always wondered if I'd ever see you again, Bakunetsumaru,” Zero said. He then realized he was still in his dress and blushed, feeling embarrassed. Baku grabbed Zero's hand, making Zero flush more.
“ Who was your teacher? Whoever he is, he taught you well!”
“ Well…when father died,” Zero started. “ He said that `An Angel of Music would come to me'…he promised that.” He paused and looked over at Baku, who seemed interested in the tale. “ And the Angel showed up. He's been here in the Opera House for years, teaching me.” There was silence for a little bit. Zero thought Baku would say he was crazy.
“ Well, it would take an angel to make an angel I suppose,” Baku mused while standing up. Zero kept blushing. “ Why don't we go out to dinner tonight?
“ Well I uh--”
“ I'll bring the horses about while you change out of your costume!” Baku said enthusiastically.
“ But, Baku, the Angel of Music is very strict…” Baku made a hand motion as to swat away what Zero said.
“ Well, I'm sure he can't argue with my taking you out and feeding you.” Baku headed for the doors. “ I'll be back in a few minutes!”
Zero stood up. “ Baku--!” The doors shut as Baku left. Zero sighed.