SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ The Simple Kind of Life ❯ The accident ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Shute skated home from school happily. He slid down a railing down some steps and jumped. He had just gotten the highest score in his math class on a test, and he never does that well in math! He was so excited about that and wanted to thank Captain for tutoring him

Shute increased speed as he went down a hill. He accidentally hit a pothole, and tumbled down on the ground. " Ow…." He tried to get back to his feet, but he yelped in pain when he tried to move his left leg. " Damnit, my ankle's twisted!"

He then heard wheels coming towards him. He looked up at the top of the hill to see a truck coming down towards him. He tried desperately to get to his feet, but his ankle refused to let him up.

The driver suddenly saw him after he went over the hill, and stepped on the breaks. Shute screamed while covering himself as the truck skidded towards him.


Captain sat outside the infirmary room devastated at what happened it has been there since five, two hours after the accident, and it is now midnight. Zero and Bakunetsumaru quickly arrived in the waiting room.

" Is Shute alright?!" Baku asked. Captain shook his head, not looking up at them. " Oh my god…" Baku looked to the infirmary door. Zero looked at Captain, seeing that the Neotopian Gundam had his hands clenched tightly. If he was of flesh, he'd probably would have made his palms bleed.

" Captain…." Zero looked at the door as well. " Does Chief Haro know?" Captain nodded.

" He is in there right now. He seemed extremely upset when he heard about it," Captain replied. " He even has some special doctors in there as we speak."

" That's good…" Zero said, trying to sound enthusiastic, but was failing. The emergency light suddenly flashed off, and Haro came out. Captain stood up.

" I-Is Shute going to be okay??" Captain asked anxiously. Haro sighed.

" I believe so….but…."

" But what?" Baku asked.

" He's not going to be the same…" Haro said. " What do you mean?" Zero asked. " Is he going to be crippled?"

" No, it's something different…"

" What?" The three asked. " You will see…" Haro opened the door and Shute poked his head through. He looked fine, except for a few cuts.

" Shute!!" Captain hugged Shute. " Hey Captain," Shute said. Captain drew away.

" Shute, I was so worried…I thought I lost my best friend…" Shute smiled.

" It takes a lot more to get rid of me!"

" Are you alright??"

" Yeah, just some cuts and stuff." Baku and Zero went over to them. Baku got Shute in a bear hug and tossed him around like a rag doll.

" Shute!! You're alive!!!" Zero hit Baku over the head. " Put him down! He won't be alive for long if you smother him like that!!" Shute laughed.

Haro didn't say anything. `Shute seems to be taking things well, despite what I have told him,' he thought. ` My poor son…'

" Hey, let's celebrate with some food!" Baku said.

" Is that all you ever think about?!" Zero huffed. " Just like all you ever think about is flirting!!"

Shute laughed, then spotted a spider on the wall next to him. He hated spiders, so he instinctively reached out and hit it. Unfortunately, he not only smashed the spider, but made a hole in the wall that was more then halfway to the other room.

Everyone stared at Shute in disbelief.

" Woah…Shute must really HATE spiders…?" Baku said nervously.

" Since Shute was in a life or death situation," Haro said, getting everyone's attention, " We have had to modify his body so that he could live."

" What does that mean?" Zero asked.

" It means he is now a cyborg."


Weeeeeeee! A lot of crazy things are gonna happen now that Shute's part machine!! HAHA! :p