SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ The Simple Kind of Life ❯ New Home ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

No, Sayla's more annoying, trust me. X.x She gives us blondes a bad name! (The important part she plays is to annoy Zero fans -.-) And Shute's the so naïve that it's cute. Just like the good `ol days…^^;

I also thought of doing one fic where Shute gets something like a Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts (Cuz I was playing that game nonstop the other day and thought Shute ands Sora seemed alike in some ways O.o) But someone else can do that if they want. ^^


Shute got home at about three in the morning, and was smothered by Keiko for about a half hour until she realized that it was late. Mark wasn't there, but Shute didn't really care. He was too tired.

He curled up on his side and sighed. Today didn't feel real to him anymore. It might have been since he was told he was an android now, and the thought hasn't settled in yet. Or maybe it was because he didn't feel right. He felt so…

Artificial. 80% carbon frame, artificial muscle, and carbon fiber to be exact. Shute fell into an uneasy sleep, now knowing what carbonated food products felt like.


Shute wanted to sleep in more than anything right now, but he had to go to school. If you're alive, then you go to school; that's the motto in this family. He rose from his bed and got dressed. He didn't want breakfast since he knew his mom would be too busy fussing over him and how he's still alive.

He slid down the stair railing, hen stopped, seeing Chief Haro there with his mom.

" Oh, `morning, Chief," Shute greeted.

" Good morning, Shute." Keiko looked at Shute. " Hunny, Chief Haro thinks you should be transferred to another school." Shute blinked.

" Why??" Shute asked.

" After the accident, your piers at school may look at you…differently because of who you are now," Haro explained.

" But I'm Shute. I'm nobody else." Haro sighed while Keiko smiled sadly at her son.

" Sweetie, please listen to Haro. I think it would be best if you did," she said.

" B-but what about my friends at school??" Shute said. " I don't want to leave them!"
" I'm sorry Shute, but this is the way things have to be," Haro said.

" I'm sure you'll like it at your new school, Shute," Keiko said reassuringly.

" Well…what kind of school is it? Is it a private?"

" Well, yes," Haro said. " That, and a military school."

" A WHAT?!"


Shute nervously stood in line with some other boys about his age and older. He glanced down the line to see a burly tan guy that looked like he used to play for the NFL. He was dressed in camouflage, and had a little stick whip thingy that Shute forgot what they were called. (A/N: And so did Yami x.x)

" Alright you good-for-nothing worms!" he said while walking down in front of the line. " You are all worthless piles of shit, and you have no propose in life but to obey my orders!"

` Wow, he must be the councilor,' Shute thought sarcastically. ` He's so inspiring.'

" There will be no back talking, questions, or sass!! Do I make myself clear!?"

" Sir, yes sir!!!" All the boys but Shute said. Shute wanted to laugh so much at this. It was like being in a bad army movie.

" WHAT is so funny, you freaky haired punk?!?" the sergeant yelled, coming up to Shute. Shute had a grin on his face, but it disappeared when he came by.

" Um…N-nothing sir!" Shute said while straitening up. The sergeant hit Shute on the shoulder hard with his whippy stick thingy. (A/N: Someone look that up for me please. X.x) Shute flinched slightly, but barely felt anything. He was about to say that, but decided to keep his mouth shut.

" You are going to be fun to break," the sergeant muttered. Shute sweatdroped.

" Oh joy!" Shute said with sarcasm, then covered his mouth. The serge's left eye twitched. " Drop and give me one hundred!!!!"


Captain waited for Shute after school at his workshop. He looked at the clock. " Hmm, Shute's late…." Captain hoped that Shute didn't get in a car accident again.

The door slammed open as Shute staggered in, looking totally worn. He had a few bandages on his face from cuts he got. He shuffled in, then collapsed on the floor.

" Shute?" Captain went over to his friend and helped him up. " What the heck happened to you?"

" Haro sent me to military school…" Shute said. " Every time you sigh or glance at something other than what you should look at, they make you do push ups, or something else!" Captain led Shute to a chair and sat him down.

" Well, that's what they do, Shute," Captain said. " They discipline you."

" But-WHY ME?!" Shute whined. " What did I DO??!" Captain sighed.

" Because you're an android now, Haro wants you to be combat efficient," the mecha said.
" Well, why can't I do what you did instead!?"

" I went to a military academy too, Shute." Shute facefaulted. " Great! What next?! Isolation from the rest of the world??!"


" ….I should keep my big mouth shut…" Shute said as he and captain carried Shute's belongings to his new room in the SDG base.

" Well, at least we'll be closer together," Captain said, trying to cheer up the kid. " Yeah, that will be a nice improvement for once," Shute said.

" Shute?" Shute looked from behind the stuff he was carrying to see Zero. " Hey, Z, sup?"

" What are you doing here?"

" Moving in." Zero blinked. " But don't you have your own home?"

" Apparently, they wanted to `relocate me to a safer environment'," Shute quoted, trying to sound like Haro. Zero took a few things to help out.

" Well, hopefully you'll be able to return home after a while," Zero said.

" I hope so…." The three got to the room where Shute would be staying in. They dropped off his things in there for him to unpack.

" If you need anything, my room is just three doors down," Zero said.

" And you know where I will be," Captain said. Shute nodded. " Thanks guys." They left, leaving Shute to do whatever. The boy sighed while opening a suitcase up.

" Something tells me things are going to go downhill from here…" he muttered to himself.