SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ The Simple Kind of Life ❯ Shute, the Personal Space Invader ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Hey, Sugar Ray went to the school I go to now. :p Why am I saying that?? Cuz I'm doing a song thingy with Personal Space Invaders. Poor Shute. X.x


Shute scribbled down the problem as neatly as he could on the blackboard. Yesterday he got yelled at for messy writing. Well, how was he supposed to write neatly this fast anyway?!

Sometimes I just want to be left alone

Shute stuck the eraser in his mouth, trying to figure out the problem. He hated math!! (A/N: Then again, who doesn't hate it? :p)

" Shute!!" Shute froze.

" Um…Yes Ma'am…?"

" You do not slouch in this class, nor do you chew on your pencils!!!" Shute looked down at his pencil.

" I wasn't chewing on it, I was just thinking," he corrected. The teacher went red in the face. His peers that sat near him started to scoot away. Shute sweatdroped.

" Ah, a wise ass, eh? DETENTION!!"


Shute later was going drills with some other kids. You know, the march over here, go over there, and hurry up move your ass stuff. Shute wasn't very coordinated, so he kept messing up the line by going the wrong way, or tripping. He finally made a domino affect crash by running into the guy in front of him, making everyone in line fall.

" SHUTE!!" Shute groaned.

" I'm dead…"

Move your big head
It's my way go and get your own

At lunch, Shute didn't feel like eating, since he was exhausted from all the push-ups and scrubbing he had to do. He hit his head on the table, and tried to sleep.

" Hey kid!" Shute looked up at a pair of older boys. " Huh?"

" Got money?"

" Yeah…"

" Good." The one on the left held out his hand. " Give it." Shute raised an eyebrow.

" Do I look stupid or something, hell no!" Shute put his head back down. The boy on th right lifted Shute's head up by his hair. " Ow!"

" We said, give it, kid." Shute glared at them. " No, it's mine." The other boy reached into Shute's pocket, then grabbed the money out. The boy holding Shute's hair tossed him to the ground. The two laughed then walked off.

Shute got back to his feet and growled. Frustrated by the day, Shute snapped and charged at the two, tackling them to the ground effortlessly.

" Hey-get off!!" one of them said. Shute punched him, knocking him out cold. The other boy yelped. Shute grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and lifted him up to his face.

" I'm having a REALLY bad day," Shute spat, " And you taking my money really set me OFF!" Shute grabbed his money back, then tossed him into a wall. The Neotopian sighed, walking back to his seat.

Everyone stared at him as he walked, not daring to move or say anything. Shute stopped.

" WHAT?" They all quickly looked away and resumed whatever they were doing. Shute yawned, then placed his head back down on the table.

" Wow! You kicked Ricky and Mike's butts!" Shute looked up at a boy his age look at him happily. He had shaggy light blue hair and matching eyes. " No one's done that before, you rock!" Shute smiled.

" Hey thanks."

" No, thank you! Those two have been bullying us for the whole year," he said while sitting down next to Shute. " My name's Truffle!" Shute raised an eyebrow. " Oh, that's' not my real name," Truffle said. " All of us get nicknames…well, except Ricky and Mike. Cuz they're suck ups to the teachers."

" Cool can I get one too?"

" Sure! You just gotta pull off something on the serge!" Shute blinked. " Like what?"

" Anything to get him mad," Truffle said. " Then he gives you a nickname. Dunno why, but when he gets mad at someone, he calls them something. Like when I drenched his office in soda, he called me -well, he called me a lot of things, then said, ` Get outta here, Truffle!' I think he tries to call us something else, but calls us those things instead." Shute blinked.

" Weird…"

" Yeah, but it's hell of a lot of fun!" Shute smiled. " Sounds like it. Okay, I'm in."

I don't care about the things you do
I don't care about the things you do
I don't care about the things you do
I don't care about, I don't care about


After school, Shute was in his room, deciding what prank to pull. Normally, he was a good little boy who did what he was told, but that place bugged him to no end.

" Hmm…decisions, decisions…"

" Shute, what are you doing?" Shute jumped at Captain's voice, then covered his plans with his arms while turning to Captain. " Um…nothing. Just-a…. homework!"

" May I be of any assistance?" Captain offered.

" Um, well…" Shute shrugged, then pulled out a blueprint of the office where the drill sergeant usually is. " Where's the best place to sneak in here undetected??" Shute asked. Captain blinked.

" Why do you need to know that?"

" Um…gym class?" Shute sweatdroped. " Oh, alright. Over there." Captain pointed to a spot on the blueprint. " Thanks Captain!" They suddenly heard a loud explosion from outside, and Baku swearing like a sailor loudly. Captain sighed.

" I got it…" He then went outside to break up the fight between the samurai and the knight………….again. -.-

All my friends can't relate
No time off to hesitate

After Captain threatened to shoot Baku and Zero if they didn't stop fighting, they stopped. The three Gundams sat on the patio looking up at the clouds.

" So, what is Shute doing?" Zero asked.

" He's doing gym homework," Captain replied. Baku and Zero raised an invisible eyebrow while looking at Captain.

" Really," Baku said, " What kind of homework?"

" Something about infiltrating a small housing structure."

" Uh-huh…." Zero looked at Baku. " So Captain, were you always the good little boy scout back in military school?" Baku asked.

" I did what I was instructed to, and nothing more," Captain replied, looking at the two. " Why?"

" Well, we may not have had the same training experience as you people in this dimension," Zero started, " But even WE know that Shute's going to try and pull off a prank on the sergeant in charge."

" How would you two know?" Zero and Baku sweatdroped.

" Uh….we've done it before," they admitted in unison.


To my head touch my face
two steps back you're in my space

Shute climbed through the back window at lunch into the sergeant's office. He wasn't there, good. He went over to his filing cabinet, and scanned through the names on the manila folders. He stopped at his, and pulled it out.

" Lessie….F….D…C….F…" Shute sweatdroped. " Oh C'mon! I'm not THAT bad at this stuff!!" He got an eraser from the desk and erased his current grades. He then got a pen and scribbled in new ones. He smiled. " Now that part is taken care of…" He pulled off his knapsack, and reached in to pull out a can on pain spray. He grinned.

" Let the festivities begin!!"

One more impossible to position,

Shute was in the usual filed line with the other kids. The sergeant went to his office to grab something to drink, and they were to remain completely still. Shute suppressed the urge to laugh at what was about to come.

" GRAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" The bulked up man slammed the door to his office open and glared at all of them with a red face, but it was painted red. " WHO DID THIS?!" everyone leaned over to see what was in his office. The walls and desk were drenched in red paint with the love and peace symbols on them. There were also figurines of frilly girl things, like pink hearts and ballerinas. Shute also took the liberty of putting a bucket of paint over the door when he came in to match the new decor. Shute thought it wasn't too flashy, but it got the work done.

" ALRIGHT! COME FORTH WHOEVER DID THIS!!" Truffle glanced down the row towards Shute. Shute looked at him and gave him a private thumbs up. Truffle giggled.

" I did it!" Shute said while raising his hand up happily. Everyone gawked at him.

" YOU?!" The man yelled in disbelief. " A little pansy like you did all of this!?"

" Duh, red," Shute giggled.

" Shut you're mouth, Bebop!!!!!" The sergeant yelled. " You, me, office, NOW!" Shute didn't move.

" Ummmm….no." Shute then ran off away from the ticked off sergeant as fast as he could.


I don't know about the things you do
I don't know about the things you do
I don't know about the things you know about
The things I know about the things you do
All my friends can't relate
No time off to hesitate
Feel my head touch my face
Two steps back you're in my space


I would've done the whole song, But I'm too lazy to write any more for this chapter. ^^;