SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ The Simple Kind of Life ❯ Being Looked At Under A Different Light ( Chapter 4 )

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Slumping down as he sat in a chair in Haro's office, Shute sighed.

" Shute, I'm very disappointed in your behavior today," Haro said from behind his desk. He folded his hands in front of him like they were doing business. " What do you have to say about this?"

" I dunno…" Shute muttered. Haro sighed.

" Shute, I know it must be tough to fit in at a new school…"

" School or literal prison camp?" Shute smart assed. " Shute!"

" Um…sorry…" Haro stood up, and walked over to the large window behind him and looked out.

" Not as sorry as you're going to be soon," Haro said under his breath. " Shute," Haro said loud enough for Shute to hear, " This is important for you to cope with this for the time being."

" I don't see why everything has to friggin' change just because I got in a damn accident!" Shute snapped while rising to his feet. " I mean, come ON! I can understand moving here, but that military school too!?" Haro just stood there as Shute ranted angrily. " Haro, this is just ….just….!" Shute balled his hands up into fists, and hit them on the table. But unfortunately, he didn't know his strength, and smashed it in half.

Shute jumped away from the smashed table in shock and looked down at his hands. " W-what….?"

" This is why you are at the military school; so you can control your new strengths," Haro said calmly like the table smashing didn't occur.

" Well…." Shute glanced up. " Why can't I get my training from here? At the base??"

" Eventually you will, but not now…" Shute sighed while looking down at his hands again.


Shute walked down the road towards the park later that Saturday. It was getting a bit cold out, so instead of shorts he wore jeans and a black and red jacket. He was near the streets, but didn't go near them since his accident. He just hated cars now. In fact, if anyone wanted him to get his driver's permit in the near future, he'd die of a heart attack.

" Shute!"

He looked across the street to see Sayla waving at him. He waved back, but didn't dare go to cross the street. Instead, Sayla ran into the street towards Shute.

Shute heard a loud honk of a car speeding up the street in Sayla's direction. Sayla stopped and stood in the middle of the street like a deer caught in the headlights. She covered her eyes and screamed as the car was only a few feet away from colliding with her.

She suddenly heard tires screech to a sudden halt and a smashing sound. She looked up and saw Shute standing in front of her. Shute hands were smashed through the front of the car as he had pushed it to a stop. Steam escaped through the torn metal as Shute removed his hands. Everyone around them gaped at what they saw. Shute turned to Sayla.

" Are you okay?" he asked. Sayla just stared at the boy. " Sayla..?" He reached a hand out to her to see if she was okay, but as he did that she screamed.

" No get away from me!!" Shute quickly recoiled his hand and blinked in confusion. " W- Sayla?" Sayla held her hands protectively in front of her while backing away.

" Stay back! Don't hurt me, please!!"

" Sayla! It's me, I-I wouldn't hurt you!" Shute started to hear the people around him whisper.

" That can't be a human boy."

" Hell not. Do you think he's an alien?"

" If he could do that to a car, think of what he could do to a person!"

" Careful and not get too close to that freak."

Shute swallowed. " No…I…" He looked back at the cowering girl. He glanced at the car and the more than shocked driver in the driver's seat.

" Mommy, is that boy a monster?" Shute heard a little kid say. " Only monsters can do that! Is he gonna eat us??" Shute took a step back away from the car and Sayla. He ran.


Shute slammed the door open and jumped into his bed, burying his face in his pillow. He started sobbing, tightening his grip on the pillow.

People thought he was a freak; a monster now. Even his friend thought so too. The image of Sayla's fearful eyes still haunted him.

" Shute?"

Shute sniffled into his pillow and didn't look up. " Shute, is something wrong?" Captain said. He noticed the door was open so he came by.

" N…Nothing…" said Shute in muffled sobs. Captain came in and sat on the bed next to Shute. He still didn't look up.

" It does not look like nothing to me." Shute looked up at captain with pain and anger in his eyes.

" W-why me?! Why did this h-happen t-t-to me?!" Shute cried angrily. " Everyone thinks I…" he trailed off while whipping some tears away. " ….Why couldn't I have just died like I was supposed to??"

Captain looked at Shute in disbelief. " Don't say that…"

" Why not?? It's the truth!!" Shute sat up and choked in his sobs. He wished he could stop, but he couldn't. He felt so helpless and childlike in front of Captain right now and he hated it.

Captain picked the boy up and hugged him as Shute sat on the Gundam's lap. Shute calmed down a bit, feeling Captain's soul drive radiate off of the mecha. " Please don't cry…" Captain whispered while holding his friend protectively. Shute nuzzled his head in Captains chest, feeling tired. (A/N: What is it with me and making all these bad days for these ppl?? ^^; I'm so mean!)

" I just wish this didn't happen to me…." Shute murmured. " Why did it? Bad things happen to bad people….am I bad..?" Shute asked sleepily.

" Of course not. You're not bad. You never were." Shute sniffled as his eyelids drooped slightly.

" Really?"
" Really."

" Then why does everyone hate me now…" Shute closed his eyes. " Not everyone does. I don't…" Shute smiled slightly.

" Captain..?"
" Yes, Shute?"

" I love you…" Captain blinked startled as Shute fell into a deep sleep.

" …I love you too, my best friend…"


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