SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Through his eyes ❯ A Door Leads To a New World ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Mark Schafer was autistic.
To him, the world was different from everybody else.
Like sometimes, when somebody said something, a picture would appear in his head that responded to what the person said.
Like one time, Sami had said, “I'll believe that when pigs fly!"
A picture of a pig flying appeared in his head, and he giggled.
And sometimes, when he looked at things, he'd be reminded of another thing similar to it.
Like this story.
"Hey Dad! Mark's still on the other side of that door!"
Marie Zero Mark and Loli were spending their annual month at Neotopia.
Loli had to go to a dance recital, and Marie and Zero needed to go with her, so Shute had volunteered to watch him for the day.
Shute's head quickly spun around to see Mark standing on the other side of the automatic door.
He was staring at the closed doors, fear starting to make its way into his eyes.
"Oh, Shawn, could you go help Mark in?"
Shawn, one of the twins of Shute and Sayla's, sprinted out the automatic door, which had opened.
"Mark what's wrong?"
The child gundam continued to stare at the doors, which had once again closed.
Shawn looked back to the doors, wondering what was scaring Mark.
"Come on Mark, I'll walk through with you."
Shawn held his hand out to the boy, who reluctantly took it.
Shawn slowly began to walk towards the doors, when they opened suddenly.
Shawn didn't see anything but what was beyond the door.
Mark saw a butcher's knife chopping down, and he immediately yanked his hand away from Shawn, and ran a safe distance from the doors, which remained open.
Shawn looked back to Mark in confusion.
"Mark what is it?"
By now, people walking past were staring at Mark and his strange behavior.
Whispers followed them too, that consisted of, "What a weird boy." "Is something wrong with him?" "He's not normal."
Despite being too angry at the previous whispers said, Shawn could hear one of the whispers from somebody,
"What's with that little boy? He's staring at the doors like it's a death trap."
Something clicked in Shawn's mind, when he remembered that one time Ms. Emma had mentioned that Mark saw the world through pictures.
'He probably sees the doors as something else, probably like a knife striking down.'
"It's okay Mark, it's not going to hurt you!"
He smiled to the gundam child, still a distance away from the doors.
"I'll make sure the doors stay open, and you can walk through."
Shawn stood in front of where the doors closed, and beckoned to Mark.
Slowly but surly, Mark edged along, and once he had reached where Shawn was standing, he bolted to Shute, who was standing close by, and quickly latched onto his leg, burying his face in it.
Shute smiled down at Mark.
"You did it Mark, you walked through the door!"
Both Shute and Shawn gave Mark a pat on the head, which translated to Mark as a "Good job!"
"We better go get the supplies we need, especially if we want to eat the cake tonight!"
"Yeah! Lets hurry!"
Mark had walked through another door.
And Shawn had helped.