SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ Through his eyes ❯ Sunlight+V-Fin= Fun Glinting ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

“Mark! Wait! Come back!”
Captain never imagined in his life that he'd be doing something like this.
Mark had apparently been upset by something, and had run off somewhere to hide.
Captain had lost sight of the child gundam, and was looking around frantically.
Even though he was only blood-related to Marie and Zero, everybody that was friends of the couple treated Mark like their own son too.
Everybody had been playing at the pond in the forest by Shute and Sayla's home, and while Mark was swimming, somebody must've accidentally touched Mark's ankles or shoulders, which the said child hated very much.
He ran in a panic from the pond, Captain dashed after him, so to make sure he didn't get hurt.
Captain continued to follow the little gundam's wails, which led him back to Shute and Sayla's house, where he spotted Mark sitting in the space under the patio.
“There you are!”
Mark seemed to ignore Captain, gently rocking in place to calm himself.
“Are you okay?”
Captain slowly began to walk closer to Mark's hiding place, so not to make him panic again.
Mark knew Captain was coming closer, but avoided eye contact.
BUT Mark was looking in the direction Captain was coming from.
“Come on Mark, I know your parents are worried about you.”
Captain crouched down so that he could try to get Mark to make a little eye contact.
As he had been crouching down, some sunlight had hit and glinted off the gundam's V-fin, which Mark happened to see.
As quickly as Captain had crouched, Mark stood up and began to walk towards Captain, eyes still on the V-fin.
`Huh? Mark doesn't usually calm down so qui-`
Captain's thoughts were interrupted as Mark pushed him out from underneath the patio.
“Wha-Mark what are you doing?”
Mark kept his sight on the V-fin, and when he didn't see it glint, he raised his arms up, hoping Captain would crouch down.
“You want to be carried?”
As soon as Captain kneeled to Mark's eye level, the child gundam grabbed the V-fin, and began moving it around, Captain's head following, trying to make it glint.
“Ah! Mark! What are you doing?”
As Captain had his head jerked around, the fin glinted many times, making Mark smile.
Captain saw the smile.
`I guess he likes seeing the sunlight shine off my V-fin.'
If his facial features had allowed, he would've smiled at the innocence.
“Lets go back Mark.”
Captain started to take Marks' hands away from the V-fin, but Mark snapped his hands from the others' and went back to the fin, making it glint more.
`It looks like I may be stuck here for awhile . . . Unless . . .'
Captain picked up Mark, placing him on his shoulder.
Mark liked the arrangement, seeing that he got to continue making the sunlight shine on the V-fin.
Captain began to walk back to the pond, Mark still jerking the hero's head around.
Marie kept glancing back at the spot Captain had disappeared through 10 minutes ago, wringing her damp hair between her hands.
Zero noted her uneasiness.
“It's okay love. Captain will be back any second.”
“I know that. But what if they trip and fall in a ditch? O-Or get mugged?!”
“Marie do I need to hit your pressure point?”
“I got him.”
Marie turned her head for the millionth time, happy to know that Captain had found and brought Mark back safely, but then she saw Mark holding Captain's V-fin and jerking it around.
“Oh! Mark! Don't do that!”
“It's alright, I believe he likes it.”
Marie did see Mark smiling as he made the fin continue glinting.
“You really don't mind?”
“Not at all.”
Marie watched as Mark continued doing his for the moment favorite thing.
`I'm glad have such amazing friends.'