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The Cabin/Fluff Fic

Wow, not only is this my first non-lemon shonenai fic, but it's the first that I've posted at a major fanfiction site. Any comments are completely welcome. I'm very insecure about my romance fics and while this isn't exactly chock full of yuri, it can still be considered romance. I hope this story inspire more girl x girl fanfiction in the Slayers community.

The bandit killer disliked the snow, the cold, and everything to do pretty much with winter.

Lina shuddered and she pulled her heavy cloak closer to her. Leave it to Amelia to get them lost. And nevermind that fact that if asked, Lina would have told them that she was the one carrying the map. Amelia, Lina would insist, was the one that wanted to climb to that stupid mountain. And now the two girls were stuck in this musty, old cabin.

Speaking of which, where was that smell coming from? Lina grimaced and turned to her dark haired companion. The shorter girl was shivering and looked pathetic.

Her hair, hanging in her face, made her look like a drowned rat. The small fire they had managed to start in the crumbling fireplace was down to it's last dying embers. Amelia shivered and looked up at Lina. No, not the puppy dog eyes!

The princess smiled and crawled closer to Lina, her eyes focusing on the worn blanket they'd managed to find in a corner.

Lina decided to share the blanket, if only to stop Amelia from looking at her like a mourning puppy.
And, afterall, it had been Amelia who had found the small piece of cloth. She had also found the cabin, and had been the one to find the meager firewood...and had been the one to start a fire using the only available firewood. Plus, Amelia had nearly carried her to the cabin.

Amelia snuggled closer to Lina, knowing that she wouldn't push her friend away. It wasn't just to leave a freezing companion out in the cold. She focused on the warmth, barely noticing how close they had become.

The younger girl rested her head againts Lina's shoulder, unnerving the older sorceress. Lina shifted, trying to become more comfortable and ignore Amelia, who was beginning to fall asleep thanks to her unothodoxed pillow.

The princess felt relaxed, warm and safe near Lina. She'd always felt this way toward her friend. Lina was, well, great. Sure she could be bossy, inconsiderate, mean, destructive, and a number of other things, but Lina could also be nice. Sisterly at times as well as caring and nice, Lina fit the role of a role model for Amelia. Her father took up most of that position, but Lina was a female and could relate to her in ways her family could not.

She didn't treat Amelia as a burden, but instead as an asset. A friend.

Her sister had left when she was young, leaving her with nothing but a few memories, and Amelia had no one else to turn to when she needed advice. Lina was always there though. She truly was a great warrior of justice. Amelia yawned and sleepily wrapped her arms around the red-haired girl sitting besides her.

Lina froze feeling warm, strong arms around her shoulders. Looking at Amelia, Lina noticed the satisfied expression on her face and had to resist the urge to put her own arms around the girl. She didn't know exactly how Amelia felt about her or how she felt about Amelia. She looked intently at her friend, wondering (again) where Gourry and Zelgadiss were and hoping they were alright.

Once Amelia realised Lina was looking at her, she turned to look at the princess. The two continued to stare at each other until Amelia blushed and looked away, feeling suddenly shy and nervous.

Amelia took a deep breath enjoying how Lina smelled of sweetened smoke. She continued to dose, and smiled as she felt Lina's hair and breathe tickle her face.

After a moment, Lina stood up and streched. Amelia took a moment to admire her slim frame and the way the light seemed to dance across her hair and face before she noticed Lina handing her the cloak.

"Do you think the guys are alright," Lina murmered, finally voicing the thought that had plagued the two all through their time alone together. She gazed into the dying embers of the small fire, her expression grim.

"Yes, I'm sure they're alright. It would take more than a little storm to hurt Mister Gourry and Zelgadiss," Amelia smiled and took the re-adjusted the blanket, tugging it a little, trying to get a bit more of it away from Lina.

"I wonder if they're out there somewhere."

"Maybe they reached the village."

"Yeah," Lina shifted and pulled the blanket closer to herself.

Amelia yanked the blanket away from Lina, wincing after she heard the ripping. The older sorceress flinched and whacked Amelia, allowing her to sucessfully pull the blanket away from the princess. Pouting, Amelia made a grab for Lina and managed to grab a piece of the blanket.

Lina pulled. Amelia pulled. The blanket split cleanly in two and Lina fell toward the smaller girl. Amelia pulled away a second too late and the two girls' heads smashed together. Groaning and moaning, Lina pulled away and Amelia fell on her back. Linacluched her forehead and cursedthe cold, snow, penguins and winter in general.

Thejustice loving princess winced and rubbed her forehead. She managed to smile once she notice the blanket problem was solved. They could each have half.Flashing avictory sign at Lina, she grabbed her piece of the blanket. Lina blinked and grabbed her blanket. She frowned and rappedit around herself before sittingright next to Amelia.

The blanket did little to keep the cold away. At least when they were fighting over the blanket, they were warm. Amelia sighed and wrapped her blanket around herself before scouting as close as she could to Lina.

Together, the two girls snuggled together and Lina decided that winter wasn't too bad.