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All the one-shots in this collection can be read as stand alone separate stories. But if you want to link them to the main stories of "Slayers: Alive" and its sequel "Slayers: Chaos" Arc 1 takes place between the two. Arc 2 takes place after Chaos.

Slayers: Days

Arc 2: Traditions

"Hello everyone!" A girl, human in appearance, with light skin and long dark hair with a blue strand and dark eyes waved at the... camera? "Since Mr. Kanzaka usually finishes his novels by breaking the forth wall, I have come here to Wolf Pack Island to do the same. Now let's welcome my co-host in the traditional breaking of the forth wall, Zelas Metallium!"

Zelas teleported on the surface of Wolf Pack Island beside Mikari. "Chaos forever!" She made a victory sign. "So what shall we talk about? It's been a long crazy journey, hasn't it?"

"You bet," Mikari agreed. "The plot bunnies hit me hard until the adventure was all written out. I have to say, this story was..." She paused, observing the golden glow that appeared behind Zelas and slowly took on the shape of a blond woman. "The Lord of Nightmares!"

"Oh yes, it was indeed a tale as epic as the Lord of Nightmares, especially since my role was more important in the sequel than in the first part," Zelas agreed. Then finally she turned around to realize that Mikari was trying to tell her that the Lord of Nightmares was actually there.

The Lord of nightmares spoke in an ominous voice. "I'm usually the one who co-hosts the traditional breaking of the forth wall with Mr. Kanzaka in his novels. Are you trying to steal my job?"

"Not at all," Zelas pushed Mikari forward, "it was all her idea. She's a bit crazy you see, just look at what she implied about me and Milgazia."

"I didn't imply anything!" Mikari argued. "I just narrated a series of events and the readers were left to their own interpretations. But hey, if you don't want Milgazia, I'll be happy to take him off your hands."

"So you do like him!" Zelas exclaimed.

"Of course I do," Mikari admitted. "I like Milgazia, Xellos, Zelgadis, Gourry, I like them all, I've never denied that."

The Lord of Nightmares pouted. "Focus ladies, we were discussing my job, or lack of job, as a co-host over here. This will teach you both not to exclude me, don't you know breaking the forth wall is my favorite part of the story?" She made Milgazia appear and the spontaneously teleported golden dragon looked, understandably, very confused. Suddenly a golden glow surrounded him as the Lord of Nightmares disappeared with an evil laugh left to echo.

Milgazia blinked, looked around and suddenly shouted in terror then hid behind Zelas. "I don't know what that creature is, but it's scary!"

"Hey! No fair!" Mikari pouted. "Why is he afraid of me now? He doesn't even know what a sadistic fangirl I am, this makes no sense!"

"Can't you just use your own power to break the curse of the Lord of Nightmares?" Zelas tried to get Milgazia off her, but he wouldn't let her go.

"I can't use raw power. If I use too much power, it'll backfire and turn me into the horrible creature known as Mary Sue. My interference must always be subtle and I can only directly address the beings of this dimension during the traditional breaking of the forth wall and on no other occasion. Even then, I cannot display raw power that surpasses the Lord of Nightmares, it's too much of a risk," Mikari explained.

Zelas shuddered. "Mary... Sue? Don't say that horrible name!" She shoved Milgazia away, but he clung to her again. "You know, if Xellos finds you like that, he'll kill you." Milgazia only held her tighter and hid his face against her chest. "Seriously, has fear consumed all your diplomacy? Get off!" She tried teleporting, but Milgazia was still lashing onto her when she reappeared.

"Don't worry, I can still break the curse the hard way, by doing whatever anyone from this world could do," Mikari revealed. "Of course, I could still use my power to obtain that knowledge. Let's go Xellos!"

"Xellos?" Zelas questioned.

"Not that Xellos, I mean my iPod, that's his name," Mikari explained. "Now let's see, Google search, breaking the curse of the Lord of Nightmares. If that answer exists, it will be found on Google! Ah, here it is... That's it? Sounds simple enough. Okay, here's the counter spell. This is actually a spell used to repair personality altering damage caused by breaking the forth wall. Since the Lord of Nightmares broke the forth wall right before casting her curse, this should technically work. I don't want to risk using too much power and turning into a 'you know what' so I'll leave the spell to you, Zelas!"

Zelas didn't seem to be paying much attention to the research. "Give me some breathing room, Milgazia!"

"You don't need to breathe," he refused to let her go.

"I mean metaphorical breathing room!" Beast Master argued.

"Zelas the spell!" Mikari held up her iPod, which had a picture of a very cutesy looking Xellos in the background.

Without commenting on the machine, Zelas read. "Those who walked upon the shards, of the wall broken like a house of cards, shall forsake what should not be found, or in chaos they shall drown!"

Milgazia suddenly let her go, his face was red and he was looking very angry. "What was I doing? Zelas you monster, what curse did you place upon me?"

"Hey, Milgazia, are you still scared of me?" Mikari asked.

"I don't know who you are, but I can assure you that I have no room to be afraid of anyone with how angry I am at her!" He pointed at Zelas.

"It's not polite to point," Zelas reminded, somewhat shocked.

"It's not polite to brain wash people either!" Milgazia argued. "I'll never forgive you for this... this... terribly embarrassing... Arg!" He transformed into a dragon and started stomping all over the surface of Wolf Pack Island.

"Milgazia snuggling Zelas..." Mikari noted.

"Against both our will," Zelas insisted of pointing out.

"Milgazia losing his cool and throwing a Filia style hissy fit..." Mikari voice.

"And flattening my garden," Zelas frowned.

"Could it be that the Lord of Nightmares intended for this to happen all along?" Mikari theorized.

The Lord of Nightmares suddenly appeared again in front of the other two, hogging the attention of the camera. "That's right; the fan service that you've all been waiting to see was brought to you by me, the Lord of Nightmares!"

"She's stealing the spotlight," Zelas observed.

"If Lina was here, she would argue that she's the star," Mikari agreed.

"This is why I should always be the co-host of the traditional breaking of the forth wall!" The Lord of Nightmares began to laugh obnoxiously in the style of Naga and Martina as the screen faded to black with the noises of Milgazia's temper tantrum eventually fading into silence too.

In the endless blackness of the screen, a golden light began to shine, until it lit up in the shape of the Japanese kanji signifying 'end'. Then suddenly, a question mark appeared next to the kanji, for chaos never has a true end.

End of Arc 2