Slayers Fan Fiction ❯ The Slayers: Mirror ❯ Chapter 13

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Slayers: Mirror: Nights
"Only two rooms left?" Lina Inverse frowned up at the innkeeper, her red hair almost glowing in the dim light of the common room.
The older man just shrugged expressively, an black eyepatch covering his one eye and a wicked looking scar running up one side of his face. His short cropped hair was a weather-beaten light brown, and his apron was stained with the remnants of the night's beer and food. "Been a busy season," he rumbled out, "with merchants an' all."
"I guess we'll just have to take them," Lina said wryly, noticing the fierce look that she was getting from Amelia. They paid for the rooms and headed up stairs, feeling eyes from the tavern patrons on their backs.
"Thanks," a tired Amelia murmured to Lina as they reached the top floor and walked a short way down the hall, "I don't think there's another inn here in town and I really don't want to have to be sleeping outside again."
Naga peered into each of the rooms and noted the little beds, hard mattresses that were thankfully covered with clean white sheets. "I'll take the floor," the tall black haired woman said crisply, "Amelia, Lina, you can use the beds."
"Amelia, you get the other room," Lina nodded to the room next door as she continued, "Naga and I'll share this one."
Amelia's eyes twinkled slightly as she said, "As usual."
Naga blinked as the little blonde left them, "What was that about?"
"Good question," a faint blush colored Lina's cheeks even as she thought of the confession Amelia had tricked out of her concerning Naga. Naga took off her cloak, her simple tunic and long pants hugging her shapely form. 'Wow,' Lina blinked.
"Are you all right?" Naga asked quietly, her short black hair falling away from her face and cloak still dangling from her hand.
"I'm fine," Lina answered, trying to recover her poise. "You don't need to use the floor, you know," she said quietly, "we'll fit in the bed together, if a bit snugly."
Naga hesitated, looking down at Lina's face a moment then nodded slightly, "If you're sure, Lina." She hung up her cloak on one of the pegs by the door, then discretely turned her back and began to unlace her simple top.
With a faint blush Lina concentrated on not watching Naga undress even as she began to strip herself of her own heavy cloak and clothing, her thoughts deeply confused. She hadn't been lying when she told Amelia about loving the original Naga, and more and more she found herself drawn to this mirror twin. Even stranger, her feelings seemed different, stronger as she grew to know this noble, courageous young woman.
Naked, Naga slipped into bed, her generously sized breasts bouncing slightly as she slipped between the sheets. She held up one edge of the sheet as she saw Lina hesitate and murmured, "You'll get cold, standing there."
"Thank you," Lina murmured as she slipped in beside the other woman, the little mattress automatically pressing them close. Her little breasts rubbed up against Naga's larger ones, her slim body pressed against Naga's curved body.
"Lina, I...." Naga started.
Just then Lina began, "Naga I wanted to say...."
Both women looked at each other then began to laugh softly. In a unconscious move Naga slipped her arm around Lina's shoulder, helping make them a bit more comfortable laying on the little bed. "You first?" Naga offered with a gentle smile.
"Gee, thanks," Lina muttered under her breath, wondering how she could put what she wanted to say to Naga into words. She took a breath, "You know that I didn't want you along with me, but did you know why?"

Naga blinked in surprise as she answered, "Because you worried I would be trouble, with my ethics and morals."
"That, too," Lina took a breath, "but that wasn't all." Softly she continued, "The original Naga and I were friends, and traveled together a long time. But in the end Naga felt more for me than friendship, and in my fear I drove her away."
Naga drew away from her slightly, "Do I frighten you?"
Lina looked up at her, her eyes warm as she softly said, "No."
A faint blush colored Naga's cheeks as she gently drew Lina close to her once again. "I thought that when I left my Lina I would be heart broken," she confessed, "I thought that my life was over." A wry smile, "I fought not to like you, Lina, fought to hold on to my initial dislike."
"The only time I'm glad to see you loose a battle," Lina murmured.
Naga chuckled, "Too true." She held Lina, bringing her face close to that fiery hair as she softly said, "I fear I'm falling in love with you, Lina-sama."
Lina looked up to meet Naga's eyes, "Why fear?"
Naga looked troubled, "I loved your twin for a long time, you know. I wonder if this is simply confusion, that I'm merely using you to replace the woman that I love....?"
"I'm feeling confused, too," Lina admitted. She laughed without much humor, "I made a lot of mistakes before, this might just be me trying to fix them."
"So what do you want to do now?"
Lina sighed softly, resting her head against Naga's collar. "As much as I'd like to kiss you right now," she said softly, "I think we should take things slowly, for a while. If this is a true feeling we'll both know soon enough, and if it's not we'll avoid hurting each other."
"You're a very wise woman, Lina," Naga smiled, pressing her lips gently to the top of the woman's head, "and as much as I'd like to kiss you, too, I'll accept it."
Lina felt that feather light kiss and struggled with the urge to turn her face up to meet a kiss. "Even if we are taking things slowly," she sighed as she relaxed into the comfort of Naga, "can we still lay together like this?"
Naga brought another arm around Lina, holding her protectively close. "Of course," she murmured softly.
Amelia blinked as she saw Lina and Naga descend the stairs together, the taller woman with her arm around Lina. 'I wonder what happened last night?' Amelia found herself thinking.
"Morning," Naga nodded as she calmly pulled out a chair for Lina at the table, smiling down at the surprised young woman.
"Good morning," Amelia agreed impishly, "slept well, you two?"
A faint blush colored Lina's cheeks and she looked away. "Oh, reasonably well," she answered, shifting uncomfortably under Amelia's gaze.
Naga frowned just slightly, giving Amelia a stern glance then looked over at Lina. "I'll go see what's for breakfast, other than leftover stew," she said before moving off.
"Nothing happened," Lina said firmly to Amelia once Naga was out of earshot.
"But the way you two are acting...?" Amelia raised her eyebrows.
Blushing faintly Lina admitted, "We talked about things, yes. But that's all!"
"Well," Amelia smiled at her gently, "I'm rooting for the both of you."
Naga carried three bowls through the crowd, the tall woman's sheer physical presence making people clear aside. "Well, it's not the unidentified stew," she noted as she set the three bowls down.
Lina looked at the thick brown goop, poking it with the wooden spoon. "Porridge?" she said, trying to stir up the stuff.
"Well, at least it doesn't have mystery meat," Amelia offered that optimistically as she scooped some of the porridge up.
"Yes, it just has mystery lumps," Naga said with a chuckle.
To be continued....