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The Slayers: Reward

Chapter 4: Talk? Simply Too Much Information

By: Lord Archive

The Slayers belong to Hajime Kanazaka, Rui Araizumi, TV Tokyo, SOFTX, Software Sculptures Ltd., and many others. I do not own them. I'm only borrowing them. I'll return them as quickly as I can since Lina and Gourry are eating away bank account.

This begins a few months after Slayers: Try. There are a few spoilers in this, but I won't specifically explain anything, but I will refer to them. If you don't want even vague spoilers, I suggest that you don't read this.

Lime Warning: The series gets a bit lime from this point on. Nothing detailed, but occasional references to sexual relations and innuendoes occur.


Amelia found new hope to solve her problems on the open road. With Lina and Gourry Gabriev there to help her, she was sure to find a way to get everything she wanted. Though she still had a hard time grasping that those two had gotten married. After avoiding even the idea of being a couple for so long, for those two to end up married because Towermere tried to force Gourry to marry someone else was a bit too much for the princess.

As for the problems Amelia faced, the best solution she could see was Zelgadis being cured, and them getting married so she could keep her place as Princess of Sailoon. Not to mention find some way to make Towermere stop trying to force Gourry away from Lina.

If Zelgadis didn't find a cure soon though, she'd have to make a choice. To pick some noble to marry or give up the throne. She didn't want either. Truthfully she didn't even want to marry Zelgadis yet. She was only fifteen and felt marriage should wait. Law, unfortunately, said otherwise. Besides, she didn't know if things could work out with Zelgadis even if she was allowed to marry him. Sure they knew each other pretty well, but marriage meant they would have to know each other a lot more intimately.

"Hey, Amelia?"

Amelia snapped out of her thoughts. "Yes, Mrs. Lina?"

Lina would've cringed at the 'Mrs.' but that was the Nth time the princess had said it. "What can you tell me about Towermere? He used to be your teacher, right?"

Amelia nodded. "Yes. He was my primary teacher of magic, particularly of the spells the sorcerer guilds won't teach."

"Like sleeping and unlock?"

Gourry scratched his head. "Why wouldn't they teach those spells?"

Lina sighed. "Those spells can be easily used to steal."

"Yes. And those spells are reserved only for those with just...." Amelia suddenly looked down and fought the tears in her eyes. "They're taught to only certain individuals like high priests, princes, and princesses that would not resort to stealing. Though only princes and princess of religious cities like Sailoon, Edo and Femille would be taught since certain kingdoms like Zoana might misuse them."

"I doubt Martina could cast white magic if she wanted to."

"Anyway, as you know Towermere is a specialist in white and spirit shaman magic. He is so specialized that he can't cast any spell from the other schools. Even low level fire spells like Flare Bit is beyond him."

Lina rubbed her chin. "So that's why he's using astral spells against me. They're the only offensive spells he's got."

"Besides a few white magic ones that can be used to immobilize you."

Lina scoffed. "Wouldn't work. Luna used those against me waaaay too many times."

Amelia blinked. "Your sister knows white magic?" From what Lina and Filia said about Luna, she thought that she was a black sorceress like Lina.

"She ought to. She's the Ceiphied Knight."

Amelia's eyes bulged out. She tried to say something but couldn't figure out what.

Gourry had somehow fallen asleep while he kept walking straight ahead.

"Anyway, what else do you know about Towermere? Particularly about how he defended himself against my magic."

Amelia shook her head. She would talk to Lina later about Luna. "Um, I don't know how he did that." She paused for a moment to think of anything that it could be. "Can't even remember him doing anything like that in Dad's stories."

Lina blinked. "What stories?"

"Dad has been adventuring off and on since he was fourteen. During some of the tougher fights, he got some help from Towermere."

"Tell me what you can about those."

Amelia shrugged. "The full stories or what I noticed from the stories?"

"Just what you noticed for now."

"Well, Dad has fought against mazoku from time to time. The worst of them was maybe as strong as Mazenda was. Towermere would avoid fighting anything but a mazoku. He would only stand back and heal any injuries. However, when the mazoku appeared, Towermere would wait until he could kill the monster with a Ra Tilt and defeat it then." Amelia sighed. "You know, I don't think any of the mazoku he killed ever thought he was a threat."

"Sort of like Syphiel. Especially since she knows Dragon Slave now."

"I still can't believe Ms. Syphiel can cast that."

"Neither can I and I saw her do it." Lina almost laughed considering how ridiculous the notion was that a high level white mage could cast one of the most destructive black magic spells. Syphiel couldn't even cast flare arrow. However, that wasn't really important. "Has Towermere ever fought a human before?"

"A few times and only because the person did some 'blasphemous' thing against Ceiphied." Amelia giggled a little. "I can remember one story where he started a bar room brawl just because a drunken mage said 'Ceiphied was a useless wimp.'"

"He's rather touchy about that subject, huh?"

"Very. You should see Dad and High Priest Towermere 'discuss' justice and Ceiphied. It tends to get rather messy after one of them claims one is more important than the other." Amelia shook her head.

"Did they ever come to blows?"

Amelia nodded. "A couple times after High Priest Towermere would say something rather negative about justice, Dad would punch him across the room."

"Sounds like they're best friends," Lina remarked sarcastically.

Amelia missed the sarcasm though. "Yes. That's why he was my teacher."

Lina shook her head, and was grateful that they were going away from Sailoon. She looked at her husband and saw that he was sleepwalking. How she could love that idiot, she would never figure it out. But now was a good time to ask the princess something. "Amelia, I've got another question for you, but it's not about Towermere." Lina started to blush.


"Um, I was wondering if you knew anything about... um... preventing pregnancy."

Amelia blinked and then blushed. "Well... I know of a spell, but I don't know how to cast it."

"What is it?"

"It blocks the monthly cycle."

"It does?!" Lina chirped in surprise. "I've GOT to learn that."

"No you don't. There is a few problems with it."

"What could possibly to be wrong with that spell that I wouldn't want it?"

"Because it would be a continuous drain on your magic, for one thing. Your ability to cast spells at any time would be cut in half. Not to mention that anyone who can detect magic would notice that you have a spell on you. You'd also be easier to track magically. Then there's the fact it takes a month of having the spell active before you can be sure that it will prevent pregnancy. Dropping the spell even for a moment might trigger a cycle to occur and then you'd have to wait another month before it becomes effective again."

Lina had sagged with each point until her hands drooped to the ground. "You've made your point. Aren't there any other means?"

"There's, um..." Amelia blushed intensely. "...intestine condoms."

Lina looked sick. "Like I want some animal's guts shoved into me."

Amelia sighed. "The other means is a spell that I do know, but I REALLY don't like it."

"Oh, what is it?"

"The spell was intended to be used on an injured fetus to heal it. However, the mage casting it must be careful not to put too much magic into it."


"It will cause a miscarriage."

"I hope you know how to control it."

"I don't. Towermere taught it to me in case I decided to 'experiment' with a page boy." Amelia clenched her fist. "He also taught me how to heal my hymen, so I'd be a 'virgin' for my 'noble husband.'"

"Did you experiment?"

"Of course not!" Amelia snapped.

"Sorry." Lina held up her hands. "You don't like Towermere much, do you?"

Amelia shrugged stiffly. "Actually, I kind of think of him as something of a grandfather."

Lina shook her head.


The trip to Caldon was uneventful save that Zelgadis wasn't there anymore. He had been last seen going toward the village Talon. Once there, they discovered that he had been seen using the road to Gemi. At least a sorcerer-swordsman dressed in beige with blue skin tended to stick out like a sore thumb, otherwise following him would've been a lot harder.

The sky was black with thunderclouds when Amelia and the Gabrievs made it to Gemi. The pouring rain obscured much of the town. The trio headed straight to the brightest source of light and went inside that building, which they were thankful the place was an inn.

Lina shook off some water and her arm smacked something.

The innkeeper looked down at the wet spot on his shirt. "Please use these towels."

"Thanks!" Lina grabbed two of the towels and immediately started drying her hair. "First priorities are getting rooms and food. We'll worry about finding Zelgadis first thing in the morning."

Amelia's face peeked out from under her towel and she pouted. "But Lina...."

"You don't have to worry."

The trio turned and looked at a nearby table. "Hi." Zelgadis waved at them and then sipped his coffee.

Gourry waved back. "Hi, Zel."

Amelia realized she was soaking wet. She must look like a drowned rat and she wanted to make a good impression. She wheeled around to the innkeeper. "I need a room NOW!"

The innkeeper reflexively pulled out a set of keys.

"Come on, we need to get out of these clothes." Amelia latched onto Lina's arm and dragged her off to the room.

Zelgadis raised an eyebrow. "What was that about?"

Gourry shrugged and went to the public toilet. A few minutes later, he returned looking dry and carrying a bag that made a 'splush' sound as it hit the ground. "So, how have things been?"

Zelgadis wasn't surprised about how Gourry came out, considering he had a dozen identical blue outfits. "Good, I guess." Zelgadis then looked evenly at the swordsman. "Why are you guys looking for me?"

"Amelia has some kind of problem she needs help with."

"Oh?" Zelgadis sighed. Why did this happen now? "Gourry, I'd really like to help. But, I've got a good lead on a cure. I have to follow it."

Gourry looked at Zelgadis blankly. "Oh, right. That's what we're supposed to do; help find your cure."

Zelgadis smiled and took a drink of his coffee. If that was correct, he could use the help. Besides, being alone was rather boring, and he kind of missed them.

"Yeah. We need to find your cure soon so you can marry Amelia." Gourry blinked as he was showered in a spray of coffee. "Why'd you do that?"

"What did you say?!"

"Why'd you do that?" Gourry repeated.

"No, before that!" Zelgadis snapped.

"Before that?" Gourry scratched his head. "When did I say 'before that?'"

"Hey waiter, just start bringing out food! I'm starved!" Lina sat down. "Hi, Zel. How's it been?"

Zelgadis shook his head. Gourry MUST have misheard something. "Good. I found a lead to a cure."

"Really? You can tell us when Amelia gets here."

"Tell us what?"

Zelgadis turned and saw Amelia in a low cut blue and white dress that seemed more appropriate for a royal court than a tavern. Though if you change how some of the dress was cut, it could be appropriate for a high-class brothel. Zelgadis did not like the look of this. Well, he certainly liked how Amelia looked, however it added evidence to support what Gourry said.

Lina poked Zelgadis. "Come on, spill it."

Amelia smiled as she sat down next to Zelgadis.

"Ahem." Zelgadis tried to stop looking toward Amelia. Especially since his eyes weren't on her face when he did. "Well, somewhere in the nearby woods is a mansion that belonged to a sorcerer two hundred years ago. I can't find out too much, but I think that it belonged to Rezo. If it is, I might be able to find his manuscripts on my curse there." He grinned slightly. "And I was just hired to clear out any magic or ghosts from the place."

"If the mansion belonged to Rezo, wouldn't you own it now?" Amelia asked.

Don't look down. Zelgadis tried to focus on her face. "No. If the place was Rezo's then the man who hired me would be my cousin."

"Talk about family problems." Lina shook her head. "Seems we've had no shortage of those lately."

"Oh?" Zelgadis questioned.

"I hope this pleases you." The waiter arrived with two trays covered in the inn's most expensive dish.

"Food!" Lina and Gourry chorused and dug in.

Amelia was more reserved about it, but was too hungry not to eat quickly.

Zelgadis sighed. "You'd better bring a lot more food and hurry up."

"Yes, sir."

Zelgadis resumed drinking his coffee and decided watching the storm outside would be better for him. He wondered if Amelia knew just how much cleavage that she was showing. He would like to find out what was going on, however talking at this point was beyond his companions.

Lina didn't know if she should be pleased or annoyed at what Amelia was doing. She was doing what she could to attract Zelgadis's attention, which was good. However, she was doing it with the one thing that Lina truly envied about the princess, breast size. It had been a long time since Amelia's overdeveloped chest bothered Lina, but that was because the princess never flaunted it before.

Amelia couldn't stop blushing. She knew that Zelgadis was trying not to look at her, and was failing. She didn't like being this brazen, but she didn't have much time. She had to speed up her relationship with Zelgadis.

Gourry kept looking at Lina. He couldn't wait to go to bed.

Lina faked a yawn after she finished eating. "Zel, you already have a room, right?"

Zelgadis nodded.

"Okay, I'll go see about getting another room. We can discuss everything tomorrow."

Zelgadis raised an eyebrow. He had expected them to get two more rooms, so no one had to share.

Lina got a little upset at the innkeeper and trudged back to the table. "Got a small problem. There are no more rooms left. Thankfully Amelia already got us one." Lina held up the key to that room. "Hope you don't mind sharing your room, Zel."

Zelgadis shrugged. "Why should it matter to me?" Besides Goury tending to snore lightly and that he occasionally talked in his sleep, the chimera had very little problems with sharing a room. Amelia was the one with the problem considering that Lina was never a quiet individual, even when she slept.

"Oh, good." Lina turned around and was quickly followed by Gourry. "See ya in the morning."

Zelgadis looked questioningly at the pair.

"Um, Mrs. Lina?"

Lina stopped and turned around. "What?"

Zelgadis mouthed, "Mrs.?"

Amelia shyly played with her fingers. "We didn't explain anything that happened, particularly Edo."

"Oops." Lina smiled sheepishly. "Well, Gourry and I got married while we were in Edo. We're still on our honeymoon, so we want to share a room. Which means you've got to share your room with Amelia. I know she doesn't mind that idea."

Zelgadis stared at Lina and Gourry as they walked away. After they were out of sight, his stare turned toward Amelia who was sitting rather meekly and blushing. He got up and started to walk toward the door. "I'll be camping outside."

Lightning from the raging storm flashed and thunder crashed almost at the same instant.

Amelia latched onto his arm. "Mr. Zelgadis you don't have to do that!"

"Yes, I do. I'm a chimera, so the weather won't bother me."

"Yes, it can. It might be harder for you to get sick, but you've been sick before."

Zelgadis tried to pull his arm away from her. "What would your father say about you sleeping with a guy in your room?" What would Phil do to him? The guy can kill brass demons with his bare hands, and that was not supposed to be possible.

Amelia held on tight. "I don't care what Dad has to say."

Zelgadis looked at her in shock. "You don't care?"

"No, I don't." Amelia sighed. "There are some things I need to explain to you."

Zelgadis nodded and let Amelia drag him back to the table. He was not happy when she ordered a few pitchers of ale. This was not going to be good.

"Where to begin?" Amelia took a long swig of the ale. She grimaced at its taste.

"Try from the beginning."

Amelia shrugged and took another long drink. "Well, after we got back from fighting Valgaav, I noticed that the royal suitors started to get really persistent. I didn't find out until a couple weeks ago that I have to be married before I'm sixteen or I'll lose the throne."

"What?!" Zelgadis nearly fell out of his chair.

"Some stupid law that no one told me 'bout." Amelia poured herself another glass of ale. "I've got to be married to someone approved by the noble council or I won't be able to sit on Sailoon's throne."

"You don't think that I...."

Amelia slammed down her now half-empty glass. "It doesn't matter. Unless we find you a cure, the noble council won't approve you."

Zelgadis didn't know if he should be relieved or upset about that. "But even if we do find a cure, I'm not ready to get married."

"I'm not ready either, but I'm not getting very many choices in this." Amelia started to pour her third glass when she noticed something. "Hey, you're not drinking."

"I don't like to drink." Zelgadis couldn't remember what happened the last time he got drunk but, according to Zolf, he sang some weird song. 'I'm a merry little teapot,' indeed-- Zolf was probably joking.

"A couple drinks won't hurt," Amelia pleaded.

When Amelia did that she leaned forward and showed a bit too much of her cleavage. Zelgadis took his glass and drank a little.

"Goood." Amelia smiled. She needed to get him drunk and then let nature play. That way he couldn't argue about not being ready to get married. She emptied her third glass. She kind of liked how the ale tasted. "Do you want to know how Lina and Gourry got married?"

"Ah, sure." As long as it got off the subject of him getting married to Amelia, he didn't care.

"Well, seems Mrs. Lina got into a fight with a dragon and got hurt. Mr. Gourry got upset and killed it. Problem is that Cousin 'Licia has a prophecy that she would marry the man who had slain that dragon. Cousin 'Licia didn't want ta marry Mr. Gourry so she got Mrs. Lina to switch placeses at wedding. High Priesty Towermere got upset since he's stuck up on Ceiphied and is now chasing after them. Mrs. Lina ain't worried 'bout him. She can defend herself 'gainst even Ra Tilt and and white magic since her sister is the Ceiphied Knight and used that stuff on her before."

Zelgadis knew he should have done something to stop Amelia from drinking. Especially since she just decided to forget the glass and drink from the pitcher. He grabbed her arm. "I think you've had enough."

Amelia pouted. "I think you haven't had 'nough." She thrusted the pitcher toward him. "Drink."

"Now, Amelia...."



Amelia stood up and then fell forward.

Zelgadis caught her. "You really should...."

"Sleep," Amelia muttered and then was out cold.

Zelgadis shook his head. Combining alcohol with the ability to rapidly consume food was not a good thing. Amelia got drunk faster than anyone he'd seen except for the one poor idiot he met whose wife left the guy for the guy's sister. He picked up the princess and started to carry her back to his room.

Amelia seemed to wake up briefly. She cuddled closer to his chest. "Love you, Zelly."

Zelgadis blushed madly. That was the alcohol talking. He looked down at the slumbering princess. And that dress she was wearing had magically replaced her normal clothes. Who was he kidding? He knew her better than that.

"I don't need this," Zelgadis muttered.

Amelia's body twitched and she threw up.

"Gods, I didn't need that!" Zelgadis carried Amelia into his room and placed her against the wall. He then took a towel to clean the vomit off her, and then himself. He went to the bed and placed the pillows on the floor at the corner of the bed next to the wall. He then propped Amelia against the pillows in a sitting position in case she threw up again.

Zelgadis changed his clothes, praying Amelia wouldn't wake up while he was doing that. He slipped into bed and placed his hand on her shoulder.

This was not how he wanted to meet Amelia again. Preferably it would have happened after he was cured and they would then start a normal courtship. Of course, he seriously doubted that would have happened, but it had been a nice dream. At least this wasn't the worst case scenario, but it came close.

Zelgadis blushed as he heard noises coming from a few doors down. His keen hearing was sometimes a curse, and hearing Lina and Gourry making love was something he could do without. He wasn't truly surprised that those two had gotten married since he thought it should have happened a long time ago. But how was he supposed to sleep with them doing that?


Author's Notes:

Thanks to my pre-readers: Hpackrat, Michael A. Chase, and Jacob Lavelle Marin. Also thanks to everyone who has sent any comments on this series, and to you for reading this.