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The Slayers: Reward

Chapter 14: Journey! And Life Continues On!

By: Lord Archive

The Slayers belong to Hajime Kanazaka, Rui Araizumi, TV Tokyo, SOFTX, Software Sculptures Ltd., and many others. I do not own them. I'm only borrowing them. I'll return them as quickly as I can since Lina and Gourry are eating away my bank account.

Reminder: This series is mostly anime based. I can use things that go against novel or manga cannon as long as it doesn't contradict the anime.


Amelia sighed as she stared out the window of Sairaag's inn, her mind going back to when her life had changed....

The battle against Zander raged on, as Ravven and Zelgadis tried to take down the mazoku. Syphiel was desperately trying to heal Gourry who took the full blast of Chaotic Blue's version of Dragon Slav, while Amelia was restoring Lina's ear drums.

"Is Lina all right?" Gourry asked as he woke up.

Lina rubbed her ears. "I'm fine, thanks to you. We need to end this battle soon."

"We'll take care of him," Gourry vowed.

"How? You can't get near enough to hurt him, and he's using Towermere as a shield," Lina shot back.

Amelia sat back and pouted. "I... I have an idea. Gourry, go help the guys while I explain it to them."

Gourry nodded and hopped to his feet and rushed to rejoin the battle.

"So, what's your idea?" Lina asked.

"I'll rush in and take the amulet from Towermere," Amelia replied.

"You'd never get near him," Syphiel replied sadly.

"I could if I'm a chimera," Amelia returned.

"What?!" Lina yelled. "How do you suppose THAT would happen?"

"You can turn me into one," Amelia answered.

"It's not a simple spell. It could take days to do it," Lina retorted.

"Now, Lina, you know perfectly well how to do it in a much shorter amount of time," Xellos interjected, smirking.

"Oh, really? Where do you suggest I get everything I'd need?" Lina demanded.

Xellos tapped his chin and said mockingly, "Oh, dear. You'd need a stone golem." He pointed at the scattered remains of the ones destroyed in the battle. "We could reanimate one of those. But then we need a willing mazoku. Hmmm.... That's tough one. Guess I could volunteer."

"What about the amount of magic I'd need to force the transformation?" Lina shot back. "I'd need a whole library of Claire... Bible... manuscripts."

Xellos nodded with a devilish grin. "Looks like you do have everything you need."

"Please, Mrs. Lina, turn me into a chimera," Amelia pleaded.

"But what about your throne?" Lina questioned.

"I don't want it if I can't have Zelgadis," Amelia retorted. "This is what I want. To be with him and to help him."

Lina looked toward the battle and saw Gourry fly painfully into a rock. She closed her eyes. "Fine. This may help me figure out how to cure Zelgadis. But we've got to hurry."

Amelia nodded feverishly. "Tell me what I need to do."

Lina removed her magical cloak and dumped out an impossible number of manuscript tablets and books that she had carried in it. "First help me arrange these into three pentagrams, one of them around Xellos. Then just stand in the middle one while I put one of the golems back together."

"What can I do?" Syphiel asked, already moving to create one of the pentagrams.

Lina shrugged.

"I suggest casting Silence on Amelia before the spell starts. Don't want to alert Zander of what we're doing with her screams when her body changes," Xellos explained.

"My... screams?" Amelia chirped nervously. And scream she did when the spell was cast. She had never felt anything as painful as that moment. At least physically.

Amelia sighed and then shook her head free of her memories. She then looked out the inn's window waiting for Zelgadis to return. She debated jumping into the lake to find her lover, but half of old Sairaag was down there. If Zelgadis had chosen to hide in it, it'd take forever to find him. She frowned at the memory of how Zelgadis learned he didn't need to breath. He would have drowned to death just because they wanted dragon cuisine.

"He'll be back soon, Amelia," Lina assured her.

"I hope so," Amelia replied quietly.

"He'd be a fool to let you go after what you did for him. Zelgadis is anything but a fool," Lina gave a forced cheer.

"I know," Amelia said sadly.

"Cheer up! We just beat a major mazoku all because of you. You should be celebrating!" Lina held a dish of food out for the princess.

Amelia brushed the offered dish away. "Sorry, but I'm not hungry. Syphiel is feeding me."

Lina blinked and looked over at the girl in question. The shrine maiden didn't look upset as she talked to some of the townsfolk, but then she caught the sad look Syphiel gave as she glanced at Gourry.

"She's still depressed?" Lina asked.

"I think so," Amelia replied. "All I know is she has dark emotions. I guess there are, well, flavors to them, but I don't know how to discern what flavor is which emotion."

"Now he knows how to celebrate!" the innkeeper called out loudly as Ravven escorted two girls to his room.

"Well, you should be able to figure out lust from him," Lina joked darkly.

Amelia shook her head. "Too much mazoku in him. I can barely sense he's there."

Lina scowled as she spotted someone approaching the inn. "Look who woke up," she muttered.

The door swung open. "Lina Inverse! This has gone on too long!"

"High priest Towermere," called out a cloaked man who sat at the bar. "I have a message for you."

Towermere waved him off. "It can wait."

"Princess Alicia stressed that this message is very urgent for you to read." The man held forth a bound and sealed scroll.

"Fine," Towermere snapped. He grabbed the scroll and ripped it open. He stared with wide eyes as he read it. The priest's arms dropped and the scroll fell to the ground.

"Your answer, Towermere?" the messenger asked.

"I will depart immediately," Towermere replied emotionlessly. "It appears I may have been wrong about the prophecy."

The messenger escorted the priest out of the inn.

Lina picked up the scroll and laughed at the message she saw written on it.

"What does it say, Mrs. Lina?" Amelia asked.

"Looks like you're going to have a new cousin soon. Princess Alicia is pregnant. Oh, I bet 'Ears' is the father." Lina continued to laugh.

"That's wonderful!" Gourry cheered.

Amelia smiled. With a husband and heir, her cousin Alicia would be sure to gain the throne. She certainly wouldn't be getting it now.


Amelia may not have been able to get a clear sense of what the taste of lust was like from Ravven, but she was certainly getting it from the Gabrievs and the girls with Ravven now. That emotion was doing far more than feeding her.

The stone princess tossed and turned in her bed. She wanted escape from her troubled thoughts. To not feel other's dark emotions. Actually, she'd rather experience lust with her lover again, but he still hadn't come back.

Being a chimera was rather disorientating. She was thankful she was in Sairaag right now and could only feel people a short distance away. If she were in Sailoon, she might've gone mad with the emotions of thousands of people pouring into her new senses.

She slowly became aware of something strange with her new senses. There was, well, a void approaching her. It felt as if someone was there, but nothing was coming from it. In fact, as it approached the emotions from others she was sensing from diminished, like it was absorbing them.

"Who is it?!" Amelia called out as the void stopped at her door.

"It's me, Amelia. Can I come in?" Zelgadis questioned.

Amelia leapt out of bed and ripped the door open. She promptly gave the elder chimera a boulder crushing hug. "You came back!"

"Ack! Not so tight!" Zelgadis complained.

Amelia back off sheepishly. "Sorry."

"Now, Amelia, we need to talk," Zelgadis tried to say sternly, but came off softer than he wanted.

Amelia nodded shyly and let him into the room they had shared the night before.

"Why did you do it, Amelia?" Zelgadis questioned.

Amelia didn't have to ask what he meant. "Because... because, well, I love you."

Zelgadis scowled. "You know this is the last thing I ever wanted."

Amelia nodded. "I know that. But I needed to do this for you. There is so much about you that I never knew about. I had to understand why you detested your body so much." She then sighed. "And I didn't want to hear you trying to tell me to go marry some noble before my birthday just so I could become queen of Sailoon. I'd rather spend my life with you and live on the road, then have a marriage that's a lie and remain royalty."

"Amelia, do you have any idea what you've sacrificed?" Zelgadis questioned harshly.

"I'm starting to, but for you I'd do it again," Amelia said tearfully.

"What are you going to tell your father?" Zelgadis questioned.

"I don't know, but we'll have to tell him soon," Amelia admitted.

Zelgadis shut his eyes. While he was upset at Amelia for turning herself into a chimera, he could not deny why she had done it. She did it out of love, an emotion he had once feared would be unknown to him as he was part mazoku, but he did know how love felt.

Amelia watched Zelgadis nervously and was surprised when he grabbed her in a hug.

"Amelia," he breathed. "Once you're my wife, you had better tell me your harebrained schemes before doing them. I don't want you to do anything as stupid as you did today."

Amelia's eyes widened. "You still want to marry me?"

"After what you did, I don't see how I can't," Zelgadis replied.

Amelia rewarded him with a long kiss. "We can have Syphiel perform the ceremony tomorrow." She then looked at him coyly. "We can start the honeymoon tonight."

"I though we already had," Zelgadis returned before finding himself literally tossed onto the bed.

Amelia grinned. "Tonight I'm on top!"


"Always the Shrine Maiden, never the bride," Syphiel complained daintily.

"What was that?" Lina asked.

"Oh, nothing," Syphiel replied with a blush.

The innkeeper had been kind enough to let them hold the wedding inside his establishment. The entire town came out to see the wedding, though few believed that Amelia was truly a princess of Sailoon, especially with her stone body. It had been a simple affair, but now the reception started and the innkeeper was running up a bill to send to Sailoon.

"What are you going to do now?" Lina questioned.

"Haven't decided yet. You?" Syphiel returned.

Lina folded her arms and pouted. "Home."

"Home?" Syphiel questioned.

"Yeah, home. To see my family, then his," Lina replied tersely.

"Oh, that's wonderful. Say 'hi' to Luna for me," Syphiel requested.

Lina flinched. "Yeah, sure."

"Be sure to send a greeting to her for me too!" Xellos chirped.

"When did you get here?" Lina snapped.

"I was in the astral plane watching the whole wedding," Xellos replied. "I would've been here in person, but I needed to heal up and too much good emotion is bad for that."

"Is there something you want?" Lina questioned.

"I need the Claire Bible manuscripts back," Xellos replied.

"What?!" Lina yelled.

"Zelas isn't too pleased at me for letting you borrow them. I have to get them back, including Dragon Slayer," Xellos explained.

"Dragon SLAYER?!" Syphiel shrieked.

"If I refuse?" Lina questioned.

"Then I'd have to take them back, which wouldn't be... pleasant," Xellos threatened.

"I could kill you," Lina returned.

"True, but would you know when and where I'd go after you? Then there's the matter of that old mage who knows more about me than he should...." Xellos smirked malevolently.

Lina's hand twitched as she debated killing the mazoku right then and there.

"But we can negotiate," Xellos offered.

"Negotiate?" Lina blinked.

Xellos nodded. "I do have a time frame to work off of. I don't need the manuscripts back NOW. As long as I have them by next week, all is good."

"In other words, copy down everything I need," Lina growled.

"Exactly. See ya!" Xellos disappeared.

"You know Dragon SLAYER?!" Syphiel demanded daintily.

"Yeah. But I'm not going to cast it again," Lina replied sheepishly.

"Again?!" Syphiel looked like she was about to faint.


Xellos smiled happily as he shelved the manuscripts Lina had borrowed. The merry band of slayers had gone their separate ways. The Gabrievs went east to Zefielia, Ravven was in some brothel, and the Graywords went south to Sailoon with Syphiel tagging along at Amelia's request to confirm to the noble council that the marriage had taken place before her birthday.

His plans were nearing completion. He just needed a few more things.


Prince Phil was many things. A man, a father, a defender of justice, but mostly he was the crown prince of Sailoon. The crown weighed heavily upon his brow, making him do things he never wanted to do. His duty to his people had cost him many things, especially the loss of his wife to an assassin's blade and having both of his daughters running away rather than be forced into marriage to secure the throne. He would sooner die pathetically then see either of his daughters unhappy, but his duty as crown prince was to secure a worthy king and queen for Sailoon.

While part of Phil was upset neither of his daughters would become queen, the part of him that was their father was grateful. By removing themselves from the line of succession, his daughters were also removing the threat of falling under the assassin's blade as well. Phil knew of no throne bloodier than Sailoon's. Even the scholars could not agree at how many of his relatives died over who sat in it.

"We're back here, again," said a young woman.

"Amelia, you've returned!" Phil turned and rushed to hug her.

A meaty thwack echoed though the palace courtyard as Phil's head met hard stone.

Phil fell to the floor and rubbed his head and looked at his... daughter? "Amelia?"

The five foot six woman of rock giggled nervously. "Hi, Daddy. Ran into a little problem when we tried to cure Zelgadis. Oh, and we're married now." She then gave a little hug to her stone companion.

The guards at the outer city gates were startled as a loud scream echoed from the city.


Lina nervously peeked into the front door of the Dragon's Den Inn. She then squeaked in surprise as someone grabbed her by the hand and hoisted her into the air like some prize fish.

"Still scrawny and flat-chested," commented a tall, buxom waitress with purple hair. "You should've tossed her back."

Lina didn't cry out in anger, rather she giggled sheepishly as she was set back on the floor. "Hi, Sis."

"Huh?!" Gourry looked between the two women. "That's Luna? She doesn't look anything like you."

"Yep. I'm Luna." She patted Gourry on the shoulder. "Nice to finally meet you in person, Bro."

Lina fidgeted. "You know about... us?"

"Know?" Luna laughed. "I was at the wedding. Glad to see you didn't need my help even though it was that time of the month."

Lina flushed.

Gourry wondered what happened to his wife. She had never acted so mousy before.

"Certainly took a while for Old-rod-up-his-butt to get the prophecy straight," Luna said with a smirk.

"You knew about the prophecy?" Lina questioned.

"I wrote it." Luna snickered. "Course, I knew he'd get it wrong the entire time."

"You used me?! Again?!" Lina called out in shock.

"Balance needs to be restored, and that helped. A lot." Luna patted her sister on the head. "That you finally married No-Brains was just an added plus. Didn't tell Mom and Dad, though. Left that pleasure for you." The waitress then laughed haughtily.

"Gee, thanks." Lina seethed as her sister walked away.


Amelia woke up and frowned at the influx of sensations the new mazoku part of her was sending at her. It was giving her a headache sorting through the emotions her dark empathy was dumping into her. She was quite thankful that Zelgadis was near her, as he naturally absorbed dark emotions as well and reducing the amount she felt. She then blinked, noticing that emotions were radiating from the other side of her bedroom door, and they weren't moving.

"Zelgadis," Amelia called out, shaking her husband awake.

"Wha?!" Zelgadis grumbled.

"There are people outside the door," Amelia explained.

Zelgadis sat up and rubbed the sleep of his eyes. He could feel the presence of a couple people outside the door. Besides them feeling irritated, there were no dark emotions coming from them. He sighed as he lethargically pulled himself from bed and tossed on a robe. He opened the door and saw four guards standing there. "What's going on?"

One guard saluted. "Lord Graywords, we are under orders by Prince Philionel not to let any one in or out of this room."

"Why?" Zelgadis questioned.

"That was not explained to us," replied the guard. "We can have breakfast brought up, if you wish."

"Fine," Zelgadis grumbled. He didn't want to act until he knew what was going on. He returned to the room and saw Amelia scampering around trying to get dressed.

"They were guards to escort us to the noble council, aren't they?" Amelia asked.

"Actually, they're here to keep us in, and everyone else out," Zelgadis replied.

"What? But I just noticed the flag for assembly has been raised. They're probably going to vote on whether or not we get the throne," Amelia said hastily.

Zelgadis blinked and then growled. "Phil doesn't want us there."

"Why wouldn't Daddy want us there?" Amelia asked.

"Look in the mirror," Zelgadis replied tersely. "I doubt your father will mention anything about either of us being chimera, but you can bet he'll bring up my relation to Rezo."

Amelia blinked and then brightened. "That's right. We still might get the throne this way!"

Zelgadis gripped his forehead. He did not want to be king.


"Now listen, Pinky, to draw out the powers of Shabby from Zelgadis you need to fashion a power siphon," Luna explained.

"And how do you suppose I make a power siphon strong enough to suck out his mazoku energies without it sucking up his soul as well?" Lina shot back.

"Simple, don't have his soul in his body when you do it. There are more than a few magic items that can store his soul," Luna returned.

Mrs. Inverse smiled at her daughters. It seemed like old times, having both of her daughters home working on some magical problem. She was quite proud of her daughters being the two greatest spell-casters in the world. Though she still wondered where the hell they got the talent from. It certainly wasn't from her or their father. She then frowned when Luna slapped Lina upside the head and their argument grew louder. It was perhaps TOO MUCH like old times.

"Like this, you moron!" Mr. Inverse's voice echoed from outside.

Mrs. Inverse's smile quirked. Except during the old times, Lina had a hard enough time dealing with boys. Now her little baby was married. Now if only Luna could land herself a husband, but then she looked at the man in dark clothes bringing tea to the quarreling sisters. Anyone but him, really. He was a nice enough fellow, but the guy was really a dragon and was the mount of the Ciephied Knight. She didn't want to imagine what the children would be like.

Everyone except Luna jumped in surprise as a loud rumble from a fierce explosion echoed through the house.

"What was that?" Lina questioned.

Luna smirked. "Just a puppy finding out who's still the boss. Keep working. I've got business to attend to. Wormwood, let's go."

"Yes, milady," replied the man.

Lina watched through the window as the man grew into an enormous black dragon, which Luna then leapt on top of his back and the pair flew off towards the west.


"Ouch. That hurt," Xellos grumbled as he appeared at the doors of the Mazoku Library, but he had what he wanted. The key to the entire puzzle. He walked to the center of the gigantic room. Now was the time to bring his plan to fruition.

Xellos held forth the Giga Slav manuscript he had only just acquired. It glowed brightly as it hovered in the air. The mazoku then spread his arms wide and began to chant.

Circle upon circle formed around him. Each circle filled with mystical runes of power. Xellos raised his staff into the air and the red sphere on top turned a brilliant gold and all the Claire Bible manuscripts began to fly off their shelves and spiral towards the glowing orb, being absorbed as they came in contact with it.

The room became a howling hurricane as every single manuscript was swept up into the vortex.

As far as the city of Sairaag felt the shock wave caused by the Mountain of Tears imploding upon itself.

As the echo of the destruction subsided, an eerie silence followed. But that was broken by a cackling laughter. "I did it!"

"You certainly did," purred a cunning-looking woman angrily as she eyed the man before her.

The man stood a little over six feet tall with long purple hair that reach to the small of his back. His robes were midnight black on top of a brilliant white. And in his hand rested a gnarled staff with many sharp branches coming from it, with a golden orb embedded at the top.

"Interesting look, wouldn't you say, Mother?" questioned the man.

Zelas growled, "I ordered you to help increase the powers of the mazoku, NOT to make yourself Hellmaster!"

"You didn't?" Xellos pouted. "Then you really should've been more specific. Ah, well. No use crying over spilt milk."

"This will not go unpunished," Zelas warned.

"Punished?" Xellos held out his arm, showing off some strings dangled from it. "I'm sorry, Mother. But I've seemed to have cut all the strings you used to control me. Now I'm my own mazoku, not the puppet of you or any other mazoku. Well, except Lord of Nightmares, and there's not much chance of an order coming from there."

"There is more than one way to punish a wayward mazoku," boomed a gruff voice.

Xellos smiled at the armored man, followed by an equally armored woman. "If it isn't Dynast and Sarah? How's things?"

"Do not expect us to swear allegiance to you," stated a woman in blue, who looked bored to be there.

"Didn't expect you to, my dear Dolphin," Xellos replied. "I'm merely starting up a new political party. One where mazoku will have free will, and dragons don't have to listen to the hypocrisy of their elders. Care to meet my running mate?"

A woman stepped out of the shadows. "Howdy," Luna greeted.

"This is not the end, Xellos," Zelas spat as she vanished.

"Do not cross my path," Dynast ordered before he and his general left as well.

Dolphin placed her chin in her hand as she leaned forward. "Tell me more."

Xellos blinked in surprise. "Well, the goal of this new order is to create a true balance...."


Time had passed and life changed....

A bell chimed loudly as a buxom woman with long flowing black hair and wearing a leather bikini. That the top had extra thick leather to better support the breasts did not escape the woman running the shop.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't Princess Garcia Ul Naga de Sailoon," commented the shopkeeper.

"How did you know...." Naga blinked. "Lina?! Is that you?!"

Lina smirked, dressed in casual slacks and a loose shirt. "Of course it's me. How have you been?"

"Fine. You?" Naga questioned.

"Bored," Lina complained. "The slaying business sort of dried up after Xellos became a dark lord and started blasting away any mazoku or dragon that caused any sort of trouble. It's been years since I had a good challenge. After wasting Fibrizo and Dark Star, killing bandits lost its appeal."

"I suppose you had a hand in Xellos gaining his powers," Naga accused.

"Only because my sister used me," Lina retorted bitterly.

"Figures. You were always easy to manipulate," Naga teased.

"You're the one who kept on being manipulated," Lina returned.

Naga glared and then demanded, "How do you know my full name AND title?!"

"I'm friends with Queen Amelia," Lina explained.

"I suppose you were the one to turn her and King Zelgadis into chimera," Naga accused.

"I only changed Amelia because she asked me too. Rezo was the one who did it to Zelgadis. And I DID make both of them human," Lina explained.

"I should get revenge for my sister," Naga threatened.

Lina held up a hand where a ball of pure blackness formed. "Do you really want to try?"

Naga looked sick, remembering when Lina first tested Giga Slav on a beach.

"Didn't think so," Lina replied with a sigh, dispersing the ball.

"So, Lina, this shop is yours?" Naga questioned to change subjects.

"Yep," Lina replied proudly.

"Why in Sairaag?" Naga asked.

"Because half the major magical shit hits here, and I suspect that if Xellos's crap with his new world order ever hits the fan, that it'll hit here too," Lina explained.

"But what made you settle down?" Naga pressed.

Lina shrugged. "Well, I had pretty much done everything and had gotten married."

"Married?" Naga questioned. "What kind of moron would possibly marry you?"

"Hey, Lina! Where's my shoes?!" Gourry called out from upstairs.

"By the door, exactly where YOU left them?!" Lina shot back. She then giggled nervously at Naga.

"You did marry a moron! Oh, HO! HO! HO! HO!" Naga laughed.

Lina grimaced at the noise.

Gourry peaked into the room and stared at Naga strangely. "Is that some kind of a 'whore call?'"

Naga stopped cold and then cast a deadly glared at Gourry.

Lina fell off her chair from laughing to hard.


Xellos's Notes:

This is the end, folks. Sorry about the wait, but becoming a certified god takes time. Yes, this chapter was an epilogue. And NO, there will NOT be any new parts. There isn't anything more to be written for this series.

It is an Archive fict, so someone had to end up pregnant, and in this case it was Princess Alicia. For those wondering why not Amelia and/or Lina, that would be far too predictable. And Archive had no intention of them ever being referenced as having a child.

Hope you enjoyed the series. I know I did. And thanks to all the proof-readers for this series. Without you, Archive's grammar would've sucked!

Now perhaps Archive can start on the 'ongoing' Slayers fanfict he's been wanting to do. It is based as a blend of novel and anime, with the last arc of the novels occurring. However, do not expect anything on that soon as Archive will be very busy over the next few months. But if you see The Slayers: Finesse from Archive, then you know it has begun.