Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ A New Shadow ❯ My Name Is Frost ( Chapter 5 )

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Chapter 5: My Name Is Frost
Frost woke up, adjusting her eyes to the light in the room. She got up, and went down to the kitchen, where Knuckles was waiting for her.
“How did you sleep Frost?”
“Okay, I guess. I had a dream. It was about the good old days.”
“How would you feel if we went and met the others?” Knuckles suggested.
“No….really. You've done enough-''
“No, I want you to stay.” Crap! Did I say that out loud?
A blush appeared across Frost's face.
“Well, okay. If you insist.”
Knuckles called everyone and told them to come to his house. After about thirty minutes, everyone arrived.
“Everyone,” Knuckles announced, getting everyone's attention. “This is Frost. I met her when I was doing work with the Chaotic Detective Agency a long time ago. We met each other when I was chasing Eggman, and turns out she was just a kid who had managed to stop him for me. We've been friends since.”
“What's her name again?” Tails asked, unaware he sounded a little rude while asking.
“I would be Frost,” she said, slightly annoyed.
“Sorry about Tails,” Knuckles said, “he's just a kid.”
“That's alright,” Frost replied.
“Hmph. Just another newby,” Shadow said.
“FYI, I have powers too!” Frost yelled.
She extended one of her fingers, shooting out a bolt of ice, and froze the T.V. remote.
Everyone was awestruck. Except Knuckles, who already knew what her power was.
“Wow,” Shadow said sarcastically. “A cat with ice powers. I'm terrified. Oh no, are you gonna make it snow?”
“Oh Shadow. Stop being so rude,” Rouge said. “I kind of like her.”
Shadow made a straight face.
“Well,” Knuckles said, “I just wanted to show you my friend, but you made it a total drag.”
Everyone glared at Shadow with stern faces.
“What?” Shadow asked innocently.
“We're sorry you had a bad time Frost,” said Amy
“Who said I had a bad time?”
“Well, we better get going,” Knuckles exclaimed.
Everyone said their goodbyes, and left.