Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ A New Shadow ❯ More Than A Friend ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

A New Shadow Ch.6
After everyone had left, Frost sat down on the couch, and turned on the TV
“So, how do you like everyone so far?” Knuckles said entering the room.
“They're a good group. I like your friends,” she replied.
Knuckles went into the kitchen to make some hot chocolate. After a minute or so, he came back with two steaming mugs, and gave one to Frost.
“You really don't have to be so nice to me Knuckles. I'm a grown woman. I can take care of myself you know.”
“I know that, but what are friends for?”
Knuckles took a big gulp from his mug and set it down on the table and took a deep breath.
“Frost?” Knuckles began. “Have you ever thought of me as………..more than a friend?”
A blush crept across Frost's face.
“What do you mean?”
“I mean like a couple.”
Knuckles grabbed Frost's hand and they both looked into each other's eyes. Knuckles leaned forward as to kiss Frost, and she did the same. Their lips connected and the two kissed. Knuckles put his tongue to Frost's lips, hoping to gain entrance. Frost happily obliged, and stuck her tongue in Knuckles mouth in return. The two moaned from pleasure and continued this until they both had run out of breath. Once their lips broke apart, Knuckles put his arm around Frost, and they both put their heads together and relaxed.
Sonic, Amy, and Tails were heading to Amy's apartment for a late lunch. Amy put the key in the lock and slowly opened the door. There was a scowl followed by an ugly laugh. Sonic knew that laugh. It could only be one person, the corrupt Dr. Robotnick.
Hahaha! There's no escaping me now, Sonic! I have you and your little friends cornered. And look what I have.”
He moved to the side, revealing the Master Emerald.
“What the?!,” Sonic yelled.
“That's right, your pal Knuckles was too busy with that girlfriend of his, it slipped his mind that anyone would steal the Master Emerald! Hahahaha!”
“Oh no,” Amy squeked. “This won't be good.”
Robotnick flew up into the air and grabbed Tails.
“You stupid little fox,”'
“Let me down!” screamed Tails.
Tails kicked and squirmed around until he was out of breath.
“Hey Eggman,” said Sonic. “You forgot about me!”
Sonic was running towards Robotnick. He charged and let out a powerful kick to Robotnick's gut.
“Ughh,” Robotnick grunted while dropping Tails.
“I hate you. You little big eyed blue fuzzball!” Robotnick screamed.
“I know,” Sonic replied.
Both of them were ready to fight. Sonic rushed towards Robotnick. He was caught off guard because Eggman was already behind him.
“Where is he?” Sonic asked out loud.
“Behind you, stupid!
Eggman struck Sonic hard on the back.
Sonic yelled out. He ran forward and jumped on the wall, and flipped onto Eggman's shoulders.
“Ahh! You little menace. Get off of me!
“Not until you leave.”
“Never, I will destroy you!!!”
“Not on my watch.”
Eggman grabbed Sonics legs and threw him off.
“Jeez! You never quit, do you?” Sonic said sarcastically.
Eggman disappeared and reappeared right in front of Sonic. Robotnik started wringing Sonic's neck. Sonic kicked him in the gut, and freed himself, but Eggman elbowed him in the cheek and sent him flying across the room.
Amy screamed as Eggman pulled out one of his Eggblasters from his belt.
“It's the end of the line for you hedgehog!” he yelled
Amy swallowed hard and ran towards Sonic.
“Please,” she begged, “Stop.”
“Get out of the way little girl,” replied Eggman.
He shot. Amy ran forwards in front of Sonic.
“Ahhhh!” Sonic screamed.
Amy lay on the ground, motionless.
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