Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ Sonic X: Episode X53 ❯ The kidnapping ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Fox of red fire: ok, this lil story is based on Sonic X, after cosmo dies, of course...

Tails is working feverishly in his workshop. He's wearing pilot goggles on his forehead, and a brown leather jacket thats open.
Tails is typing away at a computer, lots of heavy machinery all around. the plant that was left behind in a glass container with wires comming from the base of it.
"If Dr. Frankenstein could do it, I can too!" Tails types a little bit more. "Right!" He presses a final button, theres several beeps, then a computerized voice speaks.
"Countdown sequence, activated. Process initiation in 5..."
Tails takes a step back to admire his work. "good."
the computerized voice continues... "4... 3... 2... 1... Process, initiated..." A light flashes green. Electricity shoots through the wires, the glass starts to heat.

Tails watches intently. "Begin scanning process."

the computer responds. "Scanning... initiated." a blue light moves across the glass with the plant inside. A page pops up on the computer screen.

Tails walks over to it and reads the page. "hm... it appears the process is positive..." he grins. "Cosmo will live again!"

Suddenly, a bright light appears in an opposite corner of his workshop. Tails Looks at it. "hm... whats going on here?"

Eggman then walks out of the light, and into Tails' workshop. Tails' eyes go wide. "Eggman! how did you get in here?!"

Eggman laughs. "Ho ho! Well, hello there Tails! Mind if I borrow you for a quick second?"

Tails takes a few steps back. "How'd you get in here?!"

Eggman grins. "I invented a teleportation device, my robots scoped out your house, and used seismic waves to map out your shop."

Tails frowns, taking another step back. He then smiles. "Oh, i get it, one of your inventions actually worked! congratulations, but the sad thing is, i'm way ahead of you, I completed the teleporter 2 months ago."

Eggman frowns. "why you insolent brat! come here!" Eggman starts walking towards Tails.

Tails quickly looks around. "The intercom! I gotta tell Sonic!" Tails eyes the intercom, next to the glass container holding Cosmo. Tails starts to run for it, but an eggman robot slips there first!

Eggman looks at his robot, then spots the glass container. "Ohhh, what's this?" Eggman walks over to it.

Tails growls. "Leave her alone!"

Eggman eyes Tails. "Her? this isn't just a plant, is it? looks Interesting, think i'll take it!"

Tails grits his teeth, grabs a wrench, a rather big one, and runs at Eggman, SLAM! Tails plows the wrenth into eggman's leg, making him fall over.

Eggman's eyes shoot wide open in pain as he falls over. "Don't just stand there! get the fox!"

A few robots advance on Tails, Tails fights back, swinging the wrench, putting dents in them. "Cosmo!" One of the robots actually malfunctions due to a wrench strike and collapses, but finally, a robot manages to get a hold on Tails, the robot takes the wrench away.

Eggman gets back to his feet. "ouch! that really hurt Tails!"

Tails frowns looking at Eggman, the robot having his arms. "Yeah, well, glad you liked it!"

Suddenly, a voice is heard just outside the shop, a voice that Tails is happy to hear. "Tails? What's with all the racket buddy?" Sonic is just outside the shop!

Tails struggles to get free. "Sonic! Help! Eggman-"

Eggman quickly covers Tails' mouth. "Ohhh, nothing much Sonic, just going to borrow you're little buddy here! won't be long!" Eggman looks at the robot who has Tails' arms, then he points to the corner of the room where the light was. They quickly go to that corner.

"What?!" The door is suddenly busted down, Sonic runs in. "Tails?!" Sonic catches a glimpse of eggman and the robot with Tails in custody disappear into a bright light.

Sonic runs back out of the shop. "Eggman! always kidnapping my friends! can't he think of something better to do?!"

(Meanwhile, back on Eggman's Egg Fortress.)

"Hold still!" Eggman yells at Tails, he's trying to hook Tails into some vertical table. He already got one arm hooked into it, but tails is refusing to cooperate.

"No!" Just that one word is all Tails gives.

Eggman grumbles. "You're a brat! stop squirming!"

"At least i'm not fat! You old goat!"

Eggman gasps. "You take that back! i've been working hard on losing weight!" HE finally gets Tails hooked into the table. "HE he he! my plan is working so far!" Eggman squrries over to a machine, he pulls the machine up in front of tails, it has a spout in front of it, the spout is aimed at Tails.

"What is that thing?" Tails looks at it.

Eggman grins. "IF you're so much smarter then me, you tell me!"

Tails looks at it thoughtfully. "Oh! it looks like something that could inject something into somebody, but why are you using a spout? It looks all wrong, you should've-"

Eggman growls. "I know how to build my own inventions... and I couldn't find a needle..."

Tails stares at him. "You couldn't find a needle?"

Eggman looks back at him. "Shut up, or I'll seriously inject you with it, i'm going to graciously let you drink the substance instead."

Tails looks around. "No!"

Eggman grins. "I was hoping to do this the hard way."

(Back with Sonic and friends)

Sonic Frowns. "He's probably going to want the chaos emeralds in return for Tails."

Amy is sitting in Tails' living room, with Sonic beside her. "What should we do?"

Chris, who is sitting in a chair across from Sonic, seems to be thinking. "Shouldn't we find Eggman's fortress first? Then keep it in sight?"

Sonic looks at Chris. "Tails has a Radar, we could use it to find Eggman's Egg Fortress."

Amy smiles. "We could use the Tornado to fly to the egg fortress, Sonic can infiltrate it, I'll help him, right sonikku?"

Sonic gets an awkward expression. "Maybe I should go alone... you know, i'm faster then you, i'd leave you behind..."

Amy frowns. "I guess so..."

Chris looks at Amy. "That is a good suggestion, to use Tornado, but can anyone fly it?"

Amy looks back at Chris. "Oh right... I'm so used to having Tails around, I forgot..."

Knuckles, who's been quiet the whole time, and sitting beside Chris... "Wow, who knew the kid was so important."

Sonic looks at Knuckles. "He can do many things we can't."

Knuckles sits back in the chair he's in. "Then how are we going to get to the egg fortress?"

Sonic thinks for a second. "Wait... Tails was telling me about remote controlled vehicles, telling me how he wanted to make one."

Knuckles looks at Sonic in a questioning way. "So? you can buy those at the store."

Sonic shakes his head. "No, not no toy, a real vehicle, remote controlled."

Knuckles shakes his head. "How will that help us?"

Sonic grinned. "Before Cosmo died, Tails had been using his free time to build his favorite type of vehicle, remote controlled, it's a Helicopter!"

Knuckles sighs. "Why didn't you say anything before?!"

Sonic's grin fades. "the project was haulted when Cosmo died... So I don't know how far he got with it."

Amy stands up. "Only one way to find out." She looks at Sonic. "You know where his Shop is?"

Sonic Stands up. "Yup" He heads towards it, as the rest of them follow.

Upon entering Tails' workshop, Everyone looks around bwildered, except Sonic, who had seen it a million times.

Knuckles looks at a strange molecule model. "Wow, never knew how smart the twirp really was!" Knuckles looks down and sees a button next to the model, he presses it, a tiny hologram of Tails appears next to the molecule model. It begins to speak.

The hologram of Tails has some sort of yard stick, the hologram then starts to point to various points of the molecule, explaining what they are. "This molecule is the layout of a hair from an echidna. It explains the DNA structure and overall genetics of an echidna. This model is 100 thousand times magnified of it's original size."

Knuckles scratches his head. "Hey! there's only one echdna left! that's MY molecule! who said he could study me?!"

Sonic laughs. "No one."

Knuckles walks away from the model as the hologram just continues giving information about it.

Sonic walks over to the computer. The page about Cosmo stll up. "What's this? work Tails must've been working on before eggman popped up." HE sighs, he clicks out of it, then opens another icon. A picture of Tails appears.

Tails' voice is heard from the computer. "Hi! this is my very own special Radar system, it is highly advanced, much strogner then the military's radar system, if you do not have my permission to use this, please exit this program."

Knuckles walks over. "What if we don't want to? who's going to stop the user from using the program?"

Tails' voice is heard again. "If you have permission, then please put in the password." A text box appears, with a send button below it.

Sonic sighs. "you had to say something..." Sonic thinks for a second. HE types in "Tails" Nothing. Sonic types in "Tails Rules" nothing.

Amy pops up beside Sonic. "Try Fly"

Sonic shrugs. "Worth a shot." He types in Fly. nothing.

Cream pipes up. "What about Tornado?"

Sonic types in Tornado, again, nothing. "Huh... what could it be...?" Sonic thinks for a bit. "i'm an idiot." Sonic types in "Sonic". Nothing... "What else...? Sonic..."

Amy looks up. "Boom"

Sonic looks at Amy. "Huh?"

"Sonic Boom, what happens when you reach the speed of sound, you saved Tails more then once when going that fast." Amy smiles.

Sonic Types in. "Sonic Boom".

Tails' voice appears again. "Welcome!" A new page appears, one with a few categories and lists.

Sonic grins. "Nice one Amy! we're in!"

Amy beams with happiness.

Tails' voice appears again. "Just pick what you're looking for, use the extra categories for multiple objects, type in the text box at the bottom left corner to choose how fast the radar will update you on the objects, in the bottom right corner text box, type in how far it'll reach, put in zero, zero, zero, for the radar to reach as far as it can, remember, the scale is in miles."

Sonic looks at it thouroughly. "Tails explained it quite well." in the first category, he looks through the list, and puts in "Egg Fortress" in the bottome left corner, he puts 5 seconds, in the bottom right corner, he types 000. The radar suddenly starts, and 15 seconds into it, it finds the Egg Fortress.

Amy looks at the Radar Screen. "Wow, this thing works fast! How far is it, and it what direction?"

Sonic looks at it. "It says 18 miles North-east of our location."

Knuckles pipes up. "Good, they haven't gotten far, let's find that aerial remote controlled Helicopter!"

Sonic nods.

Sonic walks towards a door, he opens it, it's a flight of stairs leading downwards. "This way" He motions to his friends and heads down.

They quickly follow Sonic down, upon getting to the bottom, they come to another door, Sonic opens it, lights automatically flick on, it's a huge underground hangar! Tornado, Tornado 2, and many other planes, a few being repaired, others in the process of being built, Sonic looks to the end of the hangar to find a runway, for launching planes, the runway is tilted towards the sky, but a large hangar door is shut, the door is on the ground, like a lid that slides open mechanically.

Knuckles looks around. "I don't see any helicopters. They're all planes or jets."

Sonic looks around. Sonic spots some blue prints on a wall next to a few planes i nthe process of being built, he taes it down and looks at it. "I see, he decided to make a remtoe controlled jet instead."

Knuckles groans. "Which one is it?"

Sonic peers over the prints. "I'm not sure... but i think it's built into the floor or something."

Amy looks at the floor. "the floor?" she looks up and down the floors. "No sign of anything different."

Sonic looks at the plans again. "See if you guys can find a lever or something."


Sonic is relaxing outside his house, he's sitting in a beach chair in the sun, Tails is visiting.

Tails is sitting in the shade under a tree. "You know what would be cool?"

Sonic looks at him. "Yeah, a pool built into the ground... and have knuckles dig it too." He laughs at the thought.

Tails giggles. "That would be too, but I was thinking... you know, have like a jet or something, come from the floor, like in the movies, all ready for launch and everything. It'd be good if something terrible came up all of a sudden. Ya' know? I mean, just a flick of the wrist to pull a lever or something, and big jet come right out of the floor."

Sonic looks at him thoughtfully. "I suppose that would be, you can handle that, i'll handle the pool. That seems more my type of thing." Sonic sits back in the chair again and smiles.

Tails smiles. "Gotchya!"

[Flashback end]

Cream finds a lever. "This it?" She pulls it, the lights shut off.

A crash is heard.

"Turn them back on!" Sonic tells Cream.

Cream pulls the lever again, the lights switch back on, everyone looks in the direction of the crash, Knuckles had fallen over a bucket.

"Don't say anything..." Knuckles gets up, brushing himself off.

Sonic looked around for the lever, or anything that might give off suspicion. He looked down for anything cracks where the jet would come up from, none, he looked left and right for the lever, then looked up, he saw cracks... on the ceiling, in a rectangular straight lines, in a perfect rectangle.

"Guys... look at that." he pointed up. "They all peered up. A wire coming from the rectangle on the ceiling, running across the ceiling, to a wall, down it, to the middle and stops. Sonic walked over, he felt the wall where the wire stops, and noticed... a hollow feeling, it's a small cabinet, built into the wall! He opened it and finds a switch.

"Now we're talking!" He pulls the switch, then the sounds of machinery, coming to life, as a lifts slowly comes out of the ceiling, lowering the jet everyone has been looking for! Sonic looks at the sleek Jet, it's nose and back end are silver, the middle is bright blue, on the sides in bright Yellow letters reads "Storm" Sonic grins. "Alright!"

Sonic nods. "get the chaos emeralds!" when the jet reaches ground level, sonic notices a control panel on the side, it has the remote control on it. Amy runs to get the emeralds. Knuckles climbs in the back seat inside the cock-pit, Amy quickly returns with the chaos Emeralds, all 7. She hands them to Sonic. The emeralds disappear inside Sonic. "Thanks Amy, could you hand the controller to me?"

"Sure Sonic." Amy walks over to the control panel and swipes the controller, she walks back over and hands it to Sonic.

Sonic Nods. "Prepare for lift off!"

Amy Walks over to the pilot's seat and jumps in.

"Wouldn't it be best if you stayed?" Sonic says to Amy.

"Hey! Tails isn't just your friend! I'm helping too!" Amy looks at Sonic with an annoyed expression.

Sonic tries to reason with her. "True, but if eggman swipes you too, and hurts you, I don't know what i'd do."

"So basically, you're telling me, i'd do nothing but get in the way?" Amy questions Sonic.

"Exactly... no wait, i mean..." Sonic fumbles his words.

"I'M HELPING!" Amy screams at Sonic.

"ok! ok! you can help Tails too..." Sonic sighs.

"Great! let's go!" Amy smiles.

Sonic looks down at the controller. "This looks easy, Tails knows how to make something so complicated, easy." Sonic Presses a button, and the pilot's Canopy lowers, closing.

"Let's hope Tails really did finish this thing, eh Amy?" Knuckles asks Amy.

Amy smiles back at him. "I'm sure he did, I've never heard of Tails ditching a project as big as this one. Especially an airplane."

Knuckles laughs nervously. "True, but this is a Fighter Jet..."

Amy looks at him. "they both fly, and he loves to fly, no way he'd ditch this project."

Knuckles frowns. "I hope your right..."

Sonic peers over the controller, he jumps on top of the fighter jet, and stands on the back, between the wings. "Ok, this should do the trick..." He presses a button, the Jet rocks a little, the engine fires up. Sonic pushes another button, the door at the end of the runway slides open, Sonic pushes one final button. the engine gets a little louder as something latches to the bottom of the Jet.

After about 15 seconds, the Jet takes off, something attached to the bottom of the jet, pushes it forward extremely fast, as the jet propels itself too, and in no time, they're in the air and flying towards the Egg Fortress, Sonic remaing on the back with no trouble. Sonic Easily steers the Jet, keeping it straight with no issues.

Amy, inside talks with Knuckles. "See? nothing to worry about. tails did an excellent job."

Knuckles breaths a sigh of relief. "That's good, i'd rather not be in that ocean down below. I'm sure Sonic would rather not be too... Sonic didn't seem worried about the jet not working..."

"That's because Sonic has been in nearly everyone of of Tails' jets and airplanes, half of them in first testing too!" Amy Explains to Knuckles.

Knuckles seems ponderous about this. "I see, he has faith in his friend."

Amy smiles. "He has faith in all of us."

Sonic looks the controller over. "Ok Tails, let's see what you put into this thing." He presses a button and the jet starts a second engine, the jet nearly doubles in speed, in no time, the egg fortress comes into view.

(In eggman's Egg Fortress...)

"Dr. Eggman!" One of those creepy robots that hangs around Eggman(Don't know their names) who is piloting the fortress reports to Eggman. "An unidentified silver, blue, and yellow aircraft is heading this way, should we open fire?"

Eggman looks at tails, who is still hooked up to the table, his head is bowed, he looks unconscious. "Sonic is coming to save you, won't he have a surprise! Bwa ha ha ha ha!" He looks at the robot. "No, do not open fire, I want him to think he's caught us off guard."

The robot seems shocked! Eggman ALWAYS opens fire! "b-but sir-"

Eggman yells at the robot. "DO NOT QUESTION MY INTELLIGENCE! I know waht it means, I have planned this thoroughly! now do as i say!"

The robot scurries back to the pilot's seat.

Sonic looks at the inventory of rockets from the remote control. "Let's see..." He presses a button, a grappling hook fires from it, easily piercing the metal of the egg fortress. "Not what I had in mind, but it'll do..." Sonic slows the jet down, making it fall behind the egg fortress, the line between the jet and the fortress becoming tighter, the line refusing to break, instead, it tears a chunk of metal from the fortress, creating an entrance, Sonic speeds the jet back up to alongside the fortress again, next to the hole.

Sonic walks up to the cock-pit and knocks on the windshield to get the attention of knuckles and Amy.

They look at Sonic while he motions to the hole, Sonic then presses the button to relase the canopy, Knuckles, Amy, and Sonic then jumps into the hole, into the egg fortress. Sonic presses the button to close the canopy, and puts it on auto-pilot.

{Meanwhile, out in the distance...}

A certain black hedgehog watches Sonic, Amy and Knuckles jump into the Egg Fortress, while standing on a cliff. Thinking to himself... 'What are they up to?' Shadow watches them, then he senses... 'The Chaos emeralds, here's a chance to get one... or two...or' Shadow starts to head after them, but stops quickly... 'what are they doing invading Eggman's Egg Fortress anyway? think i'll scope things first...' Shadow disappears.

{back in the Egg Fortress with Sonic, Amy, and Knuckles}

Amy looks at the musty old walls of the Egg Fortress. "Ew! doesn't he clean at all?"

Sonic puts his finger to his lips in the all lovable "Shush" motion. He then whispers. "We don't want him to know we're here..."

They make their ways through the halls, they rather easily find their ways through. They come upon the main control room, where Eggman is at the controls of the fortress, in the back of the room, is Tails, He's wearing a white trenchcoat, like a lab coat, just it's not zipped, or buttoned. He still has his pilot goggles.

Sonic turns to his friends, and whispers. "Ok... i'm going to try and do this stealthily, i'll sneak over to him, break him loose and make a run for the Storm, when I break him loose and start running, you guys run for the storm too." They nod, Sonic starts slowly, trying to stay in the shadows to sneak over to Tails.

Tails has his head bowed, he seems unconscious. Sonic reaches Tails, then slowly starts to break the restraints, after breaking three of them...

"How are you, Sonic?" Eggman has found Sonic!

Sonic looks at Eggman. "I'm swell Eggy, Except the fact you kidnapped my best friend."

Eggman laughs. "Oh, I thought it'd be fun, for old time sake."

Sonic breaks the last Restraint, and tails falls into his arms, he's not moving... Sonic frowns and looks at Eggman again. "What did you do to him?"

Eggman grins. "I always wondered what it'd be like to have a best friend, fight with his Best Friend."

Sonic eyes Eggman questioningly. "Me and Tails? fight? Are you serious? I could never hurt Tails!"

Eggman just keeps grinning that stupid grin. "Oh? Too bad you can't say the same about Tails never being able to hurt you!"

Sonic seems lost. "What are you talking about Eggman?" He looks down at Tails, who is now awake, and looking up at him.

Tails smiles. "Sonic! Oh, it's great to see you, thank you so much!"

Sonic smiles back at Tails. "No problem little buddy!" He helps Tails to his feet. "I got to teach Eggman, that he should retire, his plans never work, this one was the worst yet."

Eggman laughs. "Worst yet? ho ho ho! I'll teach you, Tails, be a good little boy, and kill your best friend!"

Knuckles and Amy, who Eggman doesn't seem to know is there, looks at Tails.

Tails looks at his hands, then at Eggman. "Why would I do that? Eggman, i think you finally lost it."

Eggman frowns. "Now, why isn't my new device working?" He grins, and says sarcastically. "Ahhh, this might be why!" He pulls a controller from his pocket. "I haven't STARTED IT YET!" He presses a button, a black lightning bolt surges through Tails' body.

Tails falls to his knees, his face in pain. "Gah! AHHH!!"

Sonic looks at Tails. "What're you doing to him Eggman?!"

Eggman laughs. "Doesn't it look painful? i'm taking over his mind, i've been doing lots of research on psychology, and voodoo! I combined them with technology and figured a way to control anybody!"

Sonic frowns. "In that case, take you down, and Tails will be fine!" Sonic runs at Eggman, Sonic jumps and goes to Kick Eggman in the face, when, his foot is suddenly caught and he's thrown to the side. "Woah!" Sonic hits the floor, but recovers quickly flipping to his feet. "What the?!"

Tails Stands in front of Eggman, Tails deflected Sonic's kick!

Sonic looks very surprised. "but... Tails was never that fast! How did he...?"

Eggman laughs. "Not only did I take control of him, I used some hyper potions that I made, his increased his speed and strength... temporarily, but he's more then a match for you now."

Sonic frowns looking at Tails, then back to Eggman. "Why Tails?! You didn't have to drag him into this! he's only 8!"

Eggman just laughs some more. "Because he's your best friend, and there's no one better to make you suffer then your closest friend! Tails, kill him."

Tails runs at Sonic and slams his foot into Sonic's gut, making him slide back some. "Tails! stop! please! it's me, Sonic!"

Tails slams his foot into Sonic's cheek, making him stumbles back some. Tails then runs and throws a massive punch into Sonic's gut, making Sonic fall over backwards, dropping the Emeralds! Knuckles and Amy come out of hiding and run for the emeralds, Eggman makes a dash for the emeralds, and Shadow makes his appearance. Shadow Appears to snatch up a few emeralds.

Sonic manages to keep two, Eggman grabs two, Amy gets 1, Knuckles gets 1, and Shadow gets 1.

Eggman looks at Tails. "Catch!" HE throws the chaos emeralds he got to Tails, Tails catches them easily.

Sonic watches Tails. "Tails! come on! we're buddies! remember?"

Eggman laughs. "Forget it Sonic, he's completely under my control!"

Sonic looks around. "there has to be a way, to save Tails! we can't kill him!"

Eggman Grins. "There's only one way to break the hold, and i'm not telling!"

Amy pulls out her Hammer. "Destroy the remote control!"

Eggman looks at her. "That'll simply make him a mindless zombie with no one to control him."

Amy runs at Eggman. "Better that way then to have you control him!" she takes a swing at him, but Tails appears there and catches the hammer.

Amy looks shocked. "What?!" Tails throws the hammer away and slams his fist into her gut, making her fly into the wall. In comes Knuckles, He slams his fist into Tails' cheek, then into his gut and punches him hard in the chest, making him fall backwards, but Tails flips to his feet, then rams his shoulder into Knuckles, making him slide backwards, Knuckles recovers and runs back at tails. They both punches each other extremely fast for about half a minute, until Tails slams him back.

Knuckles slides back again. " He's tough!"

"Chaos Spear!" Shadow sends his energy attack, catching Tails off guard, and hitting him, Tails leaps back after getting hit.

Shadow then disappears, and reappears next to Tails and swings his foot for a kick, but Tails catches it, and starts spinning around with Shadow in his clutches, after about 7 seconds of spinning, Tails let's go, sending Shadow into the wall.

Sonic comes in and kicks Tails in the back, then starts hammering away on the back of his head, Sonic gets about 6 punches in when Tails spins around extremely fast, his tails glow bright white as they Slam Sonic extremely hard, sending him flying.

Eggman dances around like a little girl. He suddenly has flags saying "Go Tails!" on them. Eggman starts cheering. "Tails, Tails, he makes his friends fly like Sails! GOOO TAILS!"

Knuckles comes back at tails for another round. Knuckles goes into a punching frenzy, punching at Tails extremely fast, too fast for Tails to get in any counters, after about 13 punches, Tails starts to block them, Knuckles starts to slow down some, which led to an opening, Tails deflected one of his punches, making Knuckles stumble off balance, Tails then slams his fist into Knuckles' face, then brings his knee up, slamming Knuckles in the gut, then pulls his arm back and slams Knuckles in the chest with his open palm.

Knuckles' eyes go wide as he falls to his knees, dropping the emerald. Tails brings his arm back again, to finish Knuckles off for good, but as Tails is about to strike, shadow appears and slams his foot into Tails' back, making him do a front flip right over Knuckles and land on his face. Tails gets back up and turns to Shadow. Shadow picked the Chaos Emerald that Knuckles dropped, up. Tails went after Shadow, his tails glowing white again, tails then swung his fist at him while doing a front flip, Shadow disappeared and appeared behind him swinging his foot, but Tails' tails caught him and slammed into him, knocking him back.

Shadow growled. "Now, witness my true power." Shadow holds the chaos emeralds he has. "Chaos, Control!" In a flash, Shadow was gone. All Tails could feel, was pain as dozens of punches hit him, everywhere, he couldn't see Shadow at all! there wasn't a second that he didn't feel shadow hit him.

Eggman has popcorn. "The best part about this, Tails can feel everythin, every bit of pain." He stuffs some popcorn in his mouth.

SHadow reappears where he was standing before. Tails laying on his stomach. Tails stands back up slowly. He's hurt pretty bad.

Shadow frowns. "Stay down, or i'll put you back down."

Tails is sudden;y right in front of Shadow. Tails quickly slams his fist into Shadow's gut, then he spin and slams his elbo into Shadow's face, Tails then back flips over Shadow, but as he is over Shadow, he slams the front of his foot into the back of Shadow's head, making him stumble forward. Tails' tails begin to glow white again as Tails appears over Shadow, Tails front flips smashing Shadow in the head with his Tails, flooring Shadow, making a big crack in the floor. Tails lands on his feet in front of Shadow.

Eggman grins. "You even beat shadow! Don't kill him! I want him for studies."

Tails picks up one of the chaos emeralds Shadow had, as tails went to pick the other emerald up, Amy slammed her hammer into his chest, making him slide back, Amy then picked the emerald up.

Tails has 3, Amy has 2, Sonic has 2.

Amy smiles at tails. "Come on Tails, you proved yourself, you're stronger then everyone thought, please, let's just go home, ok?" Trying to reason with him.

Eggman laughs. "Fool! you can't reason with a mindless drone!"

Tails turns to Eggman. "I had enough of your squabble! Shut your pie hole!"

Eggman is stunned. "wha?!"

Tails grins. Still Tails' child like voice. "You thought you had control of me? Yeah right! You simply gave me the opportunity I needed to get revenge!"

Sonic. "So you mean... you are still yourself Tails?!"

Tails looks at Sonic. "Tails? who's that?"

Sonic looks confused.

Tails gets an expression like. "Oh!" Tails nods. "This body i'm in, is Named Tails, such an innocent boy this child is, i can see all his thoughts. That's the reason why I didn't kill Shadow, not because you told me not to, Eggman. Quite frankly, you're the one i'd rather kill."

Eggman gets his nerve back. "I don't get it! you're supposed to me under my control! what's going on?!"

Tails turns to Egman. " I tricked you, you found my book of voodoo spells, i changed the spell title of one of my spells from "resurrection" to "Mind control" you fell for it like a ton of bricks."

Eggman grits his teeth. "You used me to get Tails' body for you to resurrect in!"

Tails grins. "Exactly, now that I have this body, I can finally get my revenge on the ones who destroyed MY body."

Amy looks Tails over. "Your wounds... are gone!"

Tails looks at Amy. "Yes, i'm an expert in voodoo and spells, I know spells by heart, to heal myself."

Sonic frowns. "That's why, no matter what we do, you just keep getting back up."

Tails smiles. "That, and those potions Eggman cooked up boost my endurance soo much, I only needed to heal two times. these jewels do wonders though, i'll need them, so if you please, hand them over."

Sonic clenches his fist. "Can't do that."

Tails sighs. "The boy of this body is screaming at me to not do what i'm about to do. I must kill you then. So, here's my final offer, hand over the jewels, and I won't have to kill you."

Sonic shakes his head. "I can't"

Tails sighs. "So be it." Tails takes two steps forward and disappears. Tails reappears behind Sonic and slams him in the back, Sonic spins around and hits Tails in the cheek with the back of his hand. Tails disappears again, then reappears behind Sonic again. "This is too easy." SLAM!

Amy Slammed her hammer down on Tails, Sending him into the floor. Amy dashes at Tails and swings the hammer, hitting Tails again, this time, hitting him so hard, it sent him flying across the room, Tails dropped 1 chaos emerald, Amy quickly scooped it up.

Tails looks at Amy take the emerald. "what a nuisance."

Sonic frowns. "Leave Tails alone!

Tails looks at Sonic. "Perhaps i'll start using the Chaos emeralds' power now."

Sonic looks slightly shocked. "You... weren't using them at all?!"

Tails' expression turns solemn. He takes the two emeralds that he has out, they begin to glow. "Chaos, Retribution." Tails' eyes begin to glow blue, he begins to hover in the air. "Now, Sonic. Show no fear." The blue glow in his eyes disappears. But he remains hovering. Tails points his palms towards the walls on each side of him, energy Blades appear in his hands, they morph into a wrench shape.

Sonic Watches. "My greatest opponent, this whole time... was my greatest friend." Sonic runs at Tails.

Tails spins in mid air and slams the energy wrench into Sonic's gut, lifting Sonic off his feet. Tails disappears, and reappears above Sonic, upside down in mid air, he swings the energy wrenches, hitting Sonic into the wall.

Sonic gets up to his hands and knees, looking down at the floor.

Tails watches him. "Are you giving up?"

Sonic stares at the floor. "Why...?"

[flash back]

"Hey Sonic!" Tails runs into Sonic's house. "I invented a shrink ray!"

Sonic looks at him. "No kiddin? how's it work?"

Tails looks at it. "Well, switch this knob from safety to shrink, press this trigger and voila! Watch, i'll shrink this blade of grass I got from outside!" He tosses it into the air, aims the ray and fires, but the ray malfunctions, and sends more then one ray, shrinking both Sonic and Tails, and a few pieces of furniture.

Sonic looks around. "you shrunk us!"

Tails looks around. "Sorry! i must've had somehting backwards..." a shadow falls over them. "Wha?" Tails and Sonic look up, the blade of grass falls on them. "OOF!"

[end flashback]

Sonic keeps staring down...


Tails and Sonic are at the beach! Amy relaxing in the sun, Knuckles Swimming, and of course, Shadow told them to buzz off. Tails and Sonic are getting chili dogs at a stand. As they're walking away with their chili-dogs, Tails spots a crab on the ground.

"Wow! that's a rare crab!" HE bends over to examine it, the chili dog works it's way out of Tails' hand and plops on the ground, the crab, frightened by the chili-dog, scurries away. "Awww... my... chili-dog..." Tails frowns looking at it. "I was looking forward to that..."

Sonic looks down at him, then he looks at his chili-dog. "Here" He hands his chili-dog to Tails.

Tails looks at him. "Sonic?"

Sonic smiles. "Don't worry, you can have mine"

Tails looks at it. "Thanks Sonic!" He smiles taking it, then he breaks it in half, then hands one half back to Sonic.

Sonic smiles again. "Thanks!" they walk back to the others munching their halves of the chili-dog as the rare crab comes back and snatches the one that fell to the ground.

[end flashback]

A tear slips from Sonic's eye. "I can't hold back anymore..." another tear works it's way down his cheek. "Tails wouldn't want me to!" Sonic stands back up and clenches his fist. "Tails would want me to protect the people of this planet... And that's just what I'll do! IF you can hear me Tails... I'm sorry..." A blue aura appears around Sonic.

Tails looks at Sonic curiously. "I guess he might actually put up a fight now."

Sonic grits his teeth looking down. More tears escaping his eyes. "RAAAAH!" a burst of energy surging around him, his Aura increasing in size, tenfold. "I will not let you get away with this! Do you hear me?!" his Aura turns into a golden color. "RRAAAAAHH!" his body turns gold, his eyes turning red... Super Sonic.

Tails looks at him, shocked. "He... he turned into Super Sonic?! He doesn't have all 7 chaos emeralds!"

Amy watches calmly. "On rare occurances, he can turn Super Sonic just by having all 7 nearby."

Tails grits his teeth. "No matter, you still aren't strong enough to take my new body down."

Sonic charges at Tails, just a like a lightning bolt striking, Sonic hits Tails extremely hard, there was even a Sonic Boom when he Hit Tails, the force of the hit send Tails flying, he went through a few walls!

Tails gets up, a few rooms away, holding his stomach. "No... way! I never thought... he'd hit this kid for real! If he fights like that... I won't stand a chance... unless..." He cradles his stomach and floats back into the room to face Sonic.

Sonic gets ready for another attack, tails appears i nfront of him and swings his foot for a kick, but Sonic blocks it, then Tails swings a wrench, then swings the other one, Tails then spins slashing both of them again, Tails then disappears, appearing above him, slashing both of them again, doing a flip.

As tails does the flip, he decides to counter by kicking at him, but Sonic forgot about tails' Tails, they came crashing down on him and slammed him into the floor. Before Sonic could get up, Tails came down on top of him, feet first with tremendous force, the force pushed Sonic 5 feet into the Titanium floor.

Sonic gasps for breath. Then he flings Tails off him and gets to his feet. They both charge at each other and they both slam their fists together, a huge Boom comes from the impact. They struggle to overpower the other, the pressure becoming very instense.

Sonic looks at Tails during the Struggle. "what're doing this for?!"

Tails looks back. "Vengeance."

Sonic twists his wrist and deflects Tails' fist, then he grabs Tails' arm and throws him into the floor, but Tails' Chaos Retribution, he doesn't hit the floor, he stops himself, and floats back in the air.

Sonic jumps back. "I have no other option." He cups his hands together at his right side, energy builds in his hands.

Tails looks at him. Then he points his open palm at Sonic. Yellow Electricity starts forming at his palm. They have a stare down while their energies form for 20 seconds.

Tails is the first to fire. "Chaos Bolt." Thousands of Lightning bolts shoot forth from his palm, they spread out to block any escape of it.

Sonic then fire a blue beam of energy, his energy cancels out the lightning bolts it hits and goes right through them, nailing Tails in the chest, but the lightning bolts that spread out, close in all around Sonic and blast him too.

The energy beam knocks Tails right out of the air and carries him straight into the wall, his Chaos emeralds fall out onto the floor where he was floating when the beam hit him, the beam disappears, Tails slides dwon the wall and he falls to his hands and knees. "that... hurt..." He's barely able to stay on his hands and knees.

The lightning bolts do severe damage to Sonic, he drops the chaos emeralds, the gold color fades as he falls to his knees, then over unconscious.

Tails stays there for a bit, then stands up wobbly. He limps over to Sonic. "Looks like I won..." He lifts Sonic up by the throat, up into the air. "Victory... is mine!" HE pulls his fist back for a punch, when he hears Amy...

"LET SONIC GOOOO!!" Her voice booms throughout the room.

Tails turns to look at Amy, all 7 chaos emeralds are circling around her. "No way..."

A golden aura is around Amy. "DROP HIM! NOOOOOOW!" as she says now, her aura doubles 3 times as she turns golden, her clothes change style, instead of her casual red dress, she's wearing long golden pants, and a shirt that sports her dress style, just smaller (Her Sonic Riders outfit, just golden) Her piko piko hammer also changes, it looks more like a war hammer. it's black with a spike comin from one end, in the middle od the hammer's head is a red glowing dot.

Tails looks stunned. "you... you can turn super?!"

Amy clenches her teeth and runs towards Tails.

Tails' eyes go wide. "Wait!" SLAM!

Amy smashes the blunt end of her hammer into Tails' gut, he bends over slightly in pain. "NEVER HIT SONIC AGAIN!" she pulls the hammer back and Slams it into him again, then again, then again, and again, Finally, she swings the Hammer in a horizontal swoop, sending Tails crashing into the side wall. Onto the floor.

Amy breaths heavily and looks at Tails.

Tails can barely get back to his feet. thinking to himself... 'This body can't take too much more of that...'

Amy screams at him. "think you can kill us now?! Can you take me down too?! CAN YOU?!" Her voice booming.

Eggman is now soiling himself at the sight of Amy. "I...i thought she was scary before!"

Amy growls at Tails. "You hurt Knuckles, you hurt Shadow, you took Tails' body and are making him suffer through this, you are making Sonic Suffer by losing his best friend, and worst of all, you hurt Sonic! YOU HURT SONIC!" Her aura flares in a raging bon fire when she says "YOU HURT SONIC!"

Amy clenches her teeth, then grips her hammer. "I'll make you pay!" She flips the ahmmer over, to the spikes side. "I'll make you pay, dearly!"

Tails gets to his feet, he clasps his hands together, yellow electricity surges around his hands, then he seperates them, making a sphere with his hands, blue energy in between his hands.

Amy runs at Tails, with the hammer above her head, she swigns the hammer down on Tails vertically, right between his eyes, the sphere in Tails' hands shatters, a bright light shines...

Tails is sent into the air, the hammer seems to have cut Tails in half! Right down the middle, the only problem is, the two halves, didn't stay two halves, there are two tails!

The two Tails land side by side. Amy looks at them, bewildered. One of them, has a blue tint to his fur, that one stands back up. He looks at Amy, then his eyes shoot wide open, like he's in pain. "Gah!" his body begins to change, he gets taller, doubled in size, his fur changes to a deep blue, and his body morphs to more like a cat, instead of a fox, just he still has a fox tail. one of the tails disappear, the coat turns black.

Amy steps back. "Whats going on?!"

The cat looks up. "His body wouldn't have been able to absorb that attack, if the boy died right there, I would have. So I had no other choice, then to use my spells to clone the boy, seperating us into two different bodies, but with my voodoo, I changed his body to look like my old one."

Amy looked at him funny. "Why didn't you do that in the first place."

The cat looked at her. "I would've, but the spell won't work, unless both the lives of mine, and his, were in danger."

Amy's eyes go wide as she realizes. "You weren't trying to kill us! you were trying to get us, to kill you!"

The cat Grins. "us cats are clever... and it worked."

Amy looks at the unconscious Tails, him laying there, on his back, battered and bruised, wounds all over. Amy walks over to Tails, stepping between Tails and the cat. "Don't get any ideas."

The cat looked at her funny. "I'm not going to hurt him, he's quite a nice boy, vet clever and intelligent."

Amy eyes him. "What do you mean?"

The cat sighs. "We shared the same body for a while, we even talked to each other, had a conversation, got to know one another, Sonic is lucky to have him as a friend. Now, if you excuse me, I have important business to take care of." With that, the blue cat/Fox turns and heads out a door.

Amy runs over to Sonic and kneels by him. "You ok?!" Sonic is recovering fast, but he still doesn't seem sure on whats going on. Amy's super form disappears. No one will ever know she's the one who saved them.

Amy helps Sonic to his feet, She looks at Eggman. "You behave."

Eggman's eyes go wide. "Y-yes ma'am!" Just having her look at him, made him soil himself... again.

(5 hours later)

Amy, Sonic, Knuckles and surprisingly, Shadow are sitting in Tails' living room.

Sonic, sitting impatiently next to Amy on the couch, turns to Amy. "So, will you finally explain what happened?!"

Amy sighs. She turns to Sonic. "Well, after I saw you weren't able to fight anymore, Tails was Stunned from your blast, so I took the time, and tried a theory, I threw my Piko Piko hammer at Eggman, which luckily destroyed the remote control, driving the voodoo possessio nthing out of Tails, the hyper potions wore off, and Tails' body couldn't take the damage he had taken..."

Sonic looks at her. "Is... is he...?"

Amy looks down. "No, he's not dead. I brought him back here, he managed to pull through and is resting."

Tears well up in Sonic's eyes. "Oh thank goodness... You saved us all, you do know that, right Amy? You even managed to rescue Tails!"

Amy smiles with pride, after all, she WAS the reason why they're still alive. Even if the cat that Possessed Tails wouldn't have killed them, Eggman sure would have.

Sonic wipes the tears away. "Where is he? I want to see him."

Amy shakes her head. "I doubt that's a good idea."

Knuckles pipes up. "No, it's a great idea, I'd like to see the squirt who beat us all, single handedly, the squirt had us all fooled, thinking he was weak and pathetic, when really, he was a power house!"

Amy looks at him. "that was because of the hyper potions, the chaos emeralds and the voodoo possession, Tails isn't that capable on his own."

Knuckles sighs. "That's too bad, if he was, he could help me train! We could Spar every now and then, right Shadow?"

Shadow glares at him.

Amy looks down. "He hasn't woken up at all yet..."

{Meanwhile, on the Death Egg.}

Eggman grumbles, he's using a blowtorch, wielding something in the dark. "I'll show them all!

Fox of red Fire: To be continued... What's eggy up to? Is that the last we've seen of the blue cat/fox? Amy sure was cool!