Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ Sonic X: Episode X53 ❯ Fun for all! ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Fox of red fire: IS Tails going to be ok? (whispering) You don't don't know? (Whispering) What do you mean you don't know?! (More whispering)
Ohhh, i get it, we're going into technicalities! "You're the author, you should know!" uh huh! that's the type of reaction one would expect, huh?!

Disclaimer: Ok... Ok, i couldn't help it, i had to use an idea i got during a dream... I do not own, nore did i create Star Ocean, or the last name of Fayt Liengod. I did not create, nor do I own Metal Gear Solid or anything from it, this includes, but is not limited to any of the Metal gear models such as, but is not limited to Metal gear Ray, or metal gear Rex. Also, I do not own, nor did i create the idea of the different metal gear models. so please, DONT SUE ME >_<

Claimer: I did, however, create Sakeme, Zion R. Liengod (just not the last name), and the blue cat/fox, who's name hasn't been released yet, but it's Dash S. Sorrow. The mage Rugal is also my creation. the moves Possessed Tails used, Chaos bolt and Chaos retribution, as far as I know, are moves i made specifically for Tails. Seeing as i read this one fic where they had Tails use Chaos control and chaos spear, the fans of it complained that he used shadow's moves and not his own, so Tails has his own now, and would be happy if other people used Chaos Bolt and Chaos retribution in their fanfics for Tails (if they had Tails used Chaos emeralds and such) The brothers of Zion, Seto Trinity, Rion Liengod and Leon Trinity are also my creations, just they aren't in this story, just referred to

"...hey" A soft familiar voice. Tails opens his eyes just a little bit. "Hi there" that soft familiar voice again. Tails opens his eyes all the way, Sonic is right there.

"Hey there little buddy! How you feeling?" Sonic Smiles, he's sitting in a chair next to the bed Tails is in.

"My... head hurts... wha... what happened?" With a quick glance, Tails figures out, he's in his room.

Sonic shakes his head. "It doesn't matter now... you're safe... you're going to be alright." Sonic's voice gets a little emotional.

Tails smiles. "Sonic... i'm sorry... I couldn't do a thing..."

Sonic shakes his head. "No, no, Don't say sorry, it's not your fault. Eggman was fooling around with something he shouldn't have been fooling around with. That wasn't your fault, and don't let anyone, and i mean, anyone, make you think otherwise. You are the nicest one of the bunch of us, you'd never do anything to hurt anyone, you do everything you can to help people, that's why... that's why your my best friend, i could never ask for anyone better. Never."

A tear escapes into his fur. "Thank you..." he smiles weakly. His eyes get droopy.

Sonic smiles at him. "Now, get some rest, you haven't recovered fully yet."

Tails looks at him. "alright... see ya..."

Sonic nods. "you bet." Sonic leaves as Tails falls asleep again.

Amy meets Sonic in the living room, only them two are there. "How's he doing?"

Sonic smiles. "He woke up."

Amy looksa thim. "And you didn't tell me?!" She starts to head to his room.

Sonic stops her. "He went back to sleep, next time he wakes, i'll let you know, for now, don't disturb him."

Amy pouts. "fine, i'll wait for him to get better then."

[Tails' dream...]

Tails is working in his workshop, making adjustments on his Tornado. seems just like any other old day. When a huge boom is heard outside. "Huh?" Tails drops his werench and heads back into the main house. "Sonic? What was that?" A loud crash is heard outside the house. Tails quickly investigates.

Sonic is fighting against some kind of robot... a robot that looks alot like Sonic.

Tails blinks. "What's going on?"

Sonic looks at Tails. "Run! get out of here!"

Tails, knowing Sonic wouldn't tell him to run, unless it was serious danger. Tails ndos and turns to run from the incident, but the robot is right there! "Woah!" The robot pulls it's fist back, as it morphs into a blade, then it swings the blade at Tails, but right before it hits Tails, Sonic appears right above Tails and slams the robot in the face with his foot, making it slide back. " I won't lose him for real!"

The robot appears in front of Sonic, the robot slams Sonic in the gut and lifts him off the ground, into the air

Tails runs at the robot. "Leave him alone!" As he nears the robot, the robot easily back hands Tails, Tails falls to the ground.

the robot then threw Sonic into the ground, the Robot then stabs Sonic in the shoulder and releases the blade. The robot turns to Tails, with Sonic pinned to the ground. A new blade appears on the robot's arm.

The robot walks over to Tails, the Robot grabs Tails by the throat and lifts him into the air. "Time to die." A robotic deep voice comes from the robot.

Tails struggles to breath, he tries to kick at the robot, but nothing came of it.

The Robot pulled the blade back to kill Tails.

Sonic grips the blade in his arm and starts pulling it out. "TAAAAAAAILS!"

A Loud Stabbing noise is heard.

[Tails wakes up in a fright.}

"AHHHH!" Tails trembles and looks around. He's in his room. He's ok.

Sonic and Amy rush in. "What happened?!"

Trembling a little bit. "I... had a bad dream..."

Amy sits on the bed. "awww, poor Tails. Don't worry, you're alright"

Tails smiles. He stops trembling.

Sonic smiles too. "How ya feeling? you've been out for 6 days."

Tails blinks. "6 days? It must've done the trick, I feel great! Well... actually..."

Sonic frowns. "Somethign wrong?"

Tails smiles. "I'm starving"

Sonic grins. "Back in a flash" he runs out.

Amy looks at Tails. "Does anything hurt? Are you in pain at all?"

Tails shakes his head. "No, I don't think so."

Amy nods and smiles. "Good, I think we should have you try walking, stretch some. You might want to take a bath too."

Tails smiles. "Ok" Tails Sits up in bed. He pushes the covers aside and turns himself to get out of bed. He lowers one of his feet to the floor, then the other and stands up. He looks at Amy. He smiles and takes a few steps. "Everything is fine."

Amy Smiles again. "Great! Now, let's go get something to eat." She heads out the door.

Tails follows her.

Sonic already has food out on the table! Pancakes and bacon, glasses of orange juice.

Amy looks at the food. "How did you make this so fast?!"

Sonic grins. "I'm Sonic, remember?"

Amy looks at Sonic. "But... running and cooking are two different things..."

Sonic just grins at her.

Tails sits at the table, a plate already in front of him. "I'm not complaining, thanks Sonic!"

Sonic looks at Tails. "No problem buddy!" Seeing as the three plates are already set up, he sits down at the table and starts eating.

Amy shrugs and sits too, to enjoy her plate.


Eggman is working furiously. "Behave, BEHAVE?! i'll show her "Behave", i'll show her the best kind!"

His robot, he is working on is nearly complete.

[back with Sonic, Amy, and Tails.]

After everone had finished eating. Sonic looks at Tails and Amy. "We haven't done anything fun lately, have we?"

Amy looks at Sonic. "What do you mean?"

Sonic looks at Amy. "After almost losing Tails... I realized, we may not be together forever... let's spend some time having fun, we could go to the beach again."

Amy smiles. "That sounds like a good idea, what about you, Tails?"

Tails smiles too. "Sure! I'll build a boat!"

Sonic grins. "Ok! we'll go to the beach, we'll go in two days, that'll give us enough time to get everything ready, and let everyone know Tails is back on his feet, and that we're going to the beach."

Amy nods. "Ok, i'll tell Cream."

Sonic grins. "I'll let Knuckles know... I'll tell Shadow too, but I don't think he'll want to come."

Tails looks at Sonic. "Two days huh? thats 1 day more then i'll need to get a boat ready!"

[meanwhile, somewhere in a parrallel dimension]

"What are you doing?" A boy, about 3 foot 5 inches is looking up in a tree. HE has black hair that goes as far as his jaw in length in the back, his bangs sometimes covers his right eye, but often pushes off to the right side of his face, Green emerald eyes. he wears a blood red shirt, black baggy jeans, black leather boots, the heel and toe steel plated with red tiger claw marks on each side of them. he also wears a black leather trenchcoat, on the right upper arm of the coat it says in blood red letters "Titanium". He has black Fox ears and a red fox Tail, his tails is long slender and white tipped. He has fangs, like a fox too, which are only visible when he talks.

There is a Boy in the tree. He's wearing bright Red jeans, with black leather chaps. black cowboy boots, a tucked in T-shirt that's black, but has a Red flaming Sword design on the front of it, he also has a red open dress shirt over it. He has Silver short hair. He has Grey Wolf ears and a long Wolf Tail. His eyes are bright sapphire blue.

The boy in the tree looks down at the other one. "Spying"

The boy with fox ears blinks. then looks around. "On who?"

The boy with Wolf ears grins. "You"

The boy with Fox ears looks at him funny. "You moron, get out of the tree Sakeme." (Sah-keh-may)

The boy named Sakeme jumps out of the tree, he seems about 4 feet tall. "But Zion, it's fun." (Zion = Zee-on)

Zion shakes his head. "We have to go, to the next town. We can get more food there." Luckily, they're on a path, they had camped off to the side for the previous night. Zion starts walking down the path.

"Wait up!" Sakeme runs to catch up to Zion, then walks beside him.

{Within the hour, they arrive at the next town.}

As they walk into town, a few people are frightened by them.

Zion looks at the people. "The villages sure have changed over the years... hard ground, it's all gray, the huts have gotten much bigger, those turned gray too, and there's no animals anywhere... except an occasional squirrel, but those are even rare... I miss the annoying little things already..." (He's refering to a city.)

Sakeme looks around. "The air is horrible! what's that stench?!" (Car exhaust)

A car slams on it's brakes, as Zion and Sakame are standing right in the road. the car honks it's horn at them.

Zion turns to the car. "Is it trying to speak to me?"

The person sticks his head out the window. "Get out of the ****ing road!" (Use your imagination)

Zion looks at him. "What?"

the perso nrevs the engine, gets a little closer really fast and presses the brake, making the tires squel a little.

Zion grins. "Oh, you want to fight, alright!" Zion punches the car in the front end, the front end caves in 4 feet and does a wheelie, then comes back down hard on the road.

Zion blinks. "Well, if you can't take a punch, don't challenge me, jeez!"

Sakeme looks at the car. "Hah! you got served!"

Zion looks at Sakeme. "Come on, let's find a store." They walk off.

The person inside the car. "H-holy crap!" He fumbles trying to get his cell phone out to call the police.

Zion and Sakeme enter a grocery store. "Finally, we found it." Zion takes a deep breath and sighs a sigh of relief. "This place is so big, it's hard to find something." Zion walks down a few halls. He's looking at the canned stuff. "What IS this?" he picks a can up. "Who'd eat this?" he shrugs putting it back, he looks down the aisle to find the packaged meats. "Now we're talkin." He walks over and looks at them. "Wow! I've never seen so much meat in one place!" he looks around. "hey!" he sees an old woman buying some stuff.

The old woman is wearing some forest green clothing, traditional work dress and jacket. she seems to be in her... 60s, maybe early 70s. The woman looks at Zion. "Well hello youngster, i Didn't know it was halloween already."

Zion looks at her funny. "Halloween? I just want to know how much that meat over there is, do you know?"

The old woman walks over to it. "Says here 3 dollars a package."

sakeme isn't paying attention at all. He's looking at the bacon. "we... have to get some of that..." Pointing at the bacon. "It smells so good..."

Zion nods. "one second" Zion walks over to the cashier person. "This looks like where i pay for the food." Seeing as in traditional stores, there's a counter where he has to pay, and this treadmill looking thing appears to be a counter. (you know, one of the cashier booths at wal-mart)

Zion grabs a coin from his pocket and hands it to the cashier. "How many of those meat things can I buy with this?"

The cashier looks at the coin. "Where did you get this coin?"

Zion thinks for a second. "I think i bought something with my paper money back a couple hundred years ago, and that was the change. Why?"

The cashier looks at him funny. He looks at Zion's Ears and tail. "Oh, i get it, it's a joke, har har. Very funny."

Zion blinks, he's slightly confused. "I'm trying to buy something... to eat. you know, the stuff you put in your mouth, usually they're tasty, good for you, ring any bells?"

The cashier squints his eyes at Zion. "I'm not stupid, i've never seen a coin like this before, the date says back in the 1500s, it's not even American."

Zion shakes his head. "Whats the problem then?"

The cashier grunts. "I can't acept this, I need real money."

Zion frowns. "this is real money, i've used it plenty of times, you just don't want to sell the food to me! You want to keep it to your greedy self!"

The cashier is getting annoyed. "I can't take this money! I need a different type of money, this isn't the right type."

Zion sighs. "Oh, I get it... different places have different money."

The cashier sighs a sigh of relief. "Yes, that is right."

Zion frowns. "I'll just have to go to a different store." Zion looks around. "Sakeme? we can't buy anything here."

Sakeme is staring at the bacon. "but...but... I need to know, what is that?!"

The cashier walks over. "That? it's bacon."

Sakeme stares at it more. "Bacon... i must have some..."

Zion sighs. "Sorry, we can't have any here, my money won't work here."

The cashier grabs two packages of the bacon and walks over to the register. "Come on"

Zion and Sakeme follow him. "I thought my money won't work"

The cashier grabs 6 bucks out of his wallet and puts it into the register. "Yours might nto work, but mine will." he hands the packages of Bacon to them. "Have a nice day."

Sakeme takes the package. "OH! thank you!" He grabs the cashier in a hug.

The cashier looks down at him. "uh... you're welcome? It's only 6 bucks."

Zion looks at the cashier. "So, your money here, is called, bucks?"

The cashier looks at Zion. "No, bucks is a slang word, it's really called dollars."

zion blinks. "ok..." They head out of the store with the bacon. "At least we got this, let's head to a new store, so we can buy mroe then just two packages."

Sakeme nods. "Alright!" They head down the street, when a police cruiser pulls up beside them.

The officer in the car looks out at them. "Hello boys."

Zion looks at the officer. "Hello, i'm not sure I met you."

The officer laughs. "I don't think you have, mind if I talk to you, for a moment?"

Sakeme is too busy staring at the bacon.

Zion nods. "Sure"

the officer gets out of the car, walks over to Zion and kneels down beside him. "there had been a few reports, that a little boy, who oddly enough, is described to look like you, destroyed a car, by punching it. When i heard this, i didn't believe it, but by seeing the car, i believed... now, i'd like to know, did you destroy the car?"

Zion frowns. "Whats a car?"

The officer looks stunned. But he motions to his car.

Zion looks at it. "ohhh, one of those, i did fight one a bit ago, it was making noises at me, I asked it if it wanted to fight, he made a noise like it did want to, so i punched it, I didn't know it was so weak, if i knew, i wouldnt have, but you'd think, if it was so weak, it wouldn't pick a fight with me... Is it ok?"

The officer seems surprised as he writes down what Zion just said. "Ok... i'm going to have to take to in."

"In? In where?" Zion questions the officer.

"To the police Station, we need to see if you're telling the truth, so if you come with me, we can sort this out."

"No, it was the car's fault, it shouldnt have picked a fight with, end of story. Besides, Me and sakeme have to buy some food, we only got two right now."

The officer looks at Sakeme. "Is he your brother?"

Zion shakes his head. "No, we're best friends. Ever since our tribes joined forces back in... 1678, i think."

The officer looks at both of them. 'Are these kids for real...?' "Well, if you come to the station, we an give you some food. and we can cook your food for you."

Sakeme looks up. "Cook?"

The officer sighs. "You know, make your food warm."

Sakeme smiles. "Oh, like a fire, you have fire?"

The officer nods. "Something like that. So, what do you say?"

Zion nods. "sure, that'll save some of our money."

The officer opens the door to the back of his cruiser. "Just hop in there, and we'll be at the station in a jiffy."

Sakeme and Zion hop in the car and sits down. "Wow!" Sakeme is enjoying the seats. "These are comfy!"

The officer laughs. "Yes, we try to make our cars as pleasant as possible." The officer closes the door and walks out front of the car over to the driver's side, opens the door and gets in, he shuts the door, buckles up and starts the car. "Ok, fasten yuor seat belts."

They look at the officer funny.

The officer frowns. "Oh yeah... never mind, let's go." He puts the car in drive and off they go. In no time, they're at the station. Upon entering the station, they're greeted by a squad of armored police officers.

Zion looks at them. "Hello"

They don't say anything, they simply make Zion and sakeme enter a certain room by going down a few halls. In this room, is a man sitting at a table, there's two officers talking to him. Zion, Sakeme, and another officer walk in.

The officer at the table with the man asks the man. "Is this the boy, that destroyed your car?"

The man looks at Zion. "Yes, that's him, that's the one."

Zion looks at the man. "Sorry if I hurt your car, I didn't know it'd get hurt to easily."

The man glares at him.

The officer that walked in the room with Zion and sakeme speaks. "they seem to be, not from around here, they don't know about modern technology."

The man frowns. "Oh, you mean they're garbage people."

The officer frowns. "No, they're uneducated."

Zion growls. "Uneducated? you think we're stupid?!"

The officer looks at Zion. "I didn't think he'd know what that meant..."

Zion grits his teeth. "You call us stupid? At least I know to keep my mouth shut! especially in the prescence of a Liengod!" (Lying-god, and yes I already know, Star Ocean, Fayt Liengod, they have the same last name)

The man laughs. "oh! you think your family is high and mighty?! rich are you? think you can do what you want!? well get this little mister, your family is NOTHING, nothing at all! Nothing compared to the power my family has! I can make your father, your mother, anyone in your family lose their jobs in a blink of an eye! I can sue your family for everything it's worth for what you did to my car!"

"You listen here, you arrogant ****ard!" Zion takesa few steps towards him. "My family isn't rich, it hasn't gained power through money, or through cheap scandals! It built it's respect, true loyal respect, for what it's done, to save many lives of our neighboring tribes, our power can do what money can't!" Zion grabs the table and flings it aside like it was a match box car. then walks right up to the man. "I said you should keep your mouth shut, not because i'm going to sue you, not because i'm going to make you lose your money, but I can just as easily do to you, as i did to your precious car! You mock my family again, and this floor will be permanately colored red! So, to save your ***, SHUT UP!" Zion pushes the man's chair over, he falls over backwards with flailing arms, Zion turns and heads to the door. The police block it. "MOVE IT!" the police quickly move out of the way. Zion exits.

Sakeme looks at the man, and at the police, he bows in apology(japanese apology). "I'm sorry for my friend... He's had a bad day, don't hold it against him." He quickly follows Zion.

A familiar voice fills the air of the police station. "Hello again Zion."

Zion turns towards the voice. Standing there is a man in red velvet robes, it even has a hood over his head, hiding his face from view, the robes are lined in gold, with a golden dragon design on the back.

"Rugal! what're you doing here?!" Zion grits his teeth. Zion is no pleased to see an old time enemy, Rugal is the reason why he's not with his family right now, Rugal had teleported Zion Far away from his home a long time ago, for kicks and giggles.

The hood still over his face, Zion couldn't see Rugal's expression. "I've come to finish you off, take you out of your misery."

A few police officers take out guns and aim at Rugal. "what are you doing here?"

Rugal sighs. "To make sure those pesky officers don't get in the way, i'll kill them fist." Rugal aims his sleeved hand at the officers, and fires a ball of electricity at them.

Zion appears in front of the officers and catches the ball of electricity.

Rugal doesn't make another move. "You can..."

Zion grins. "That's right, I can manipulate electricity. and make it too." The electricity in Zion's ahnds gets bigger. "Have this back." He throws the ball back at Rugal. But Rugal just ducks, the ball disappears into the wall.

Rugal frowns. "So be it." He puts both the sleeved hands out in front of him, a ring of electricity forms around his hands.

A group of officers come up besides Zion. "who do we open fire on?! the fox kid or the hooded weirdo?!"

Some of the officers stick up for Zion. "The fox boy helped us! he saved us from a ball of lightning!"

A few other officers also come into the conversation. "then the fox is on our side! open fire!" they start firing their weapons at Rugal.

Rugal doesn't make a move, but his ring of electricity gets bigger. "It's useless." the bullets just burn up in the ring of electricity. "HA HA HA HA HA! Not even Zion can control this attack!"

Zion frowns. "We'll see about that!"

[The dimension of Mobius, and for those who don't know what that means, SONIC's world! yaaay]

The lights flick on. Tails walks into his workshop. "ahhh, so good to be back in here." Tails looks around. "Oh! Cosmo!" He runs over to the container. "Computer, initiate Scan!" th computer sends the blue light. The results come up negative. "NO! Darn it! Computer, initiate Project Cosmo."

The computer sends electricity in the containor, hoping to revive the plant. as the electricity shoots through the containor, a ring of electricity forms around the container. "huh?"

[Parallel Dimension]

Zion grits his teeth at the ring of electricity. "everyone, get away! i'm going to try and stop the electricity!"

Sakeme runs up beside Zion.

Zion looks at him. "Sakeme! quickly, get away! I can't let you get hurt!"

Sakeme shakes his head. "No, I will not abondon you!" red energy forms at his hand, he aims it at the electricity ring.

Rugal laughs. "Now die!" He lets the ring go, the ring shoots at Sakeme and Zion.

Zion and Sakeme fire two energy beams at it. the problem is, the beams go right through it! The electricity ring hits both Sakeme and Zion.

Rugal laughs. "Gotchya!" He sees a bright red light. "huh?" BOOM! the energy beams Zion and Sakeme shot went through the electricity ring, but kept going, Rugal never saw it coming.

Sakeme and Zion are getting shocked. a bright light shines.

[back on mobius]

"strange..." Tails examines the electricity ring that has appeared around the container. "That didn't happen before..." suddenly, a bright light shines. "Woah!" Tails takes a few steps back. "Whats going on?!"

"Woah!" two strange boys come flying out of the light, they crash into the back wall. Zion and Sakeme.

Sakeme hits the wall first, followed by Zion hitting into Sakeme, they both fall to the floor.

"uuggh... electricity hurts when you can't control it..." Zion shakes his head. HE looks at Sakeme, he's unconscious. "Oh... right, He doesn't have a huge resistance to electricity... like me..."

"Um... excuse me?" Tails is confused.

Zion looks at Tails. "Hello" He looks around. "How'd we get here? Where's Rugal?!" He looks around more. no sign of him.

Tails looks at Zion funny. "Who?"

Zion looks at Tails. "Rugal, my greatest enemy, he tried killing me and my friend, but I think we got teleported somewhere."

Tails nods. "You must've, no one by the name Rugal is here, i've never even heard of that name before. Who are you, anyway?"

Zion stands up, brushing himself off. "Zion Liengod."

Tails looks at sakeme. "Is he ok?"

Zion looks at Sakeme too. "Not sure... that was a powerful electrical attack, since I can control electricity, it didn't do much to me... but sakeme on the other hand..."

Tails walks over. "say no more, let's take him to my room to rest, Amy and me are pretty good with medicines and stuff."

Zion nods. "thank you." He lifts Sakeme up, Tails heads out as Zion follows him.


Eggman has finished his newest invention. He's playing a game now. He's playing "Metal Gear Solid" on a console that he made himself, for some reason, i can play the game with no problem.

"A tank?!" BOOM. "How am I supposed to defeat a tank?!" (for people who don't know what he's talking about, he's fighting one of the bosses, i believe his name is Vulcan Raven, he uses a tank.)

Eggman gets run over by the tank. "Darn it! ration! hurry!" Eggman uses a ration to heal Solid Snake. He has Snake run around in circles. "What do i do?!" the tank blows him up, the words "Game over" pop up on his T.V. "AHHH blast it all! I almsot had him! I have to look up cheat codes now."

Eggman rolls his chair to his computer and types in a certain website. "No cheat codes?! only hints, blast it! i hate that... ohhh, a hint to beat Vulcan Raven, cooL! hmm... I have to throw grenades on top of the tank?! Why didn't i think of that?!" Eggman mumbles while he rolls his chair back over to the game. He picks the came case up. "hm... This gives me an idea..." Eggman turns his game off and scurries over to his work area.

[back at Tails' house.]

Sakeme is in Tails' bed sleeping. Zion and Tails are in Tails' kitchen talking.

"So, you and your friends are like, heroes around here?" Zion asks Tails.

Tails nods. "We try"

Zion nods too. "My tribe, my family... we neighbor two other tribes, wolf, and cat. we're allies in the fight for survival, my tribe has aided the other two tribes multiple times, thanks to my dad, we are respected, and honored by the other tribes, but don't get me wrong, the other tribes have helped us too, our tribe was nearly wiped out once, by a single enemy of our own creation..."

Tails listens. "What happened?"

Zion sighs. "I have 3 brothers, one, my direct brother, we share the same father and mother, Rion... we're twins, except Rion got into an accident... his eyes were poisoned, they turned blue, and for a while was blind... they recovered though, just his eyes are still blue. my other two brothers, Seto, he has a different mother then me and Rion... he reminds me of you, he looks alot like you, just his fur is black. and then there's Leon..." Zion sighs. "Leon was the nicest of all of us, the youngest too, he shared the same father as all of us, but a different mother from me and Rion, and Seto. Leon was always trying to help, sometimes he got in the way, but he meant good all the time... Then Rugal came along... Leon tried to stop him, but Rugal was way to ostrong for him, Rugal ended up using some weird spell to enchant this ruby, he took Leon hostage, and implanted the ruby into Leon's forehead, the ruby gave Leon extreme power, beyond even my own... but it also Gave Rugal control over Leon, Leon killed many of us... we couldn't do anything to stop him... my dad, couldn't hurt him... he couldn't kill his own son... until finally, Leon had his oppurtunity... to kill me. My father made a choice... have his first Son die, or his youngest son die. My father chose to save me, if he didn't, i would've died, maybe his other sons too... my brother's tomb is heavily guarded to this day."

Tails looks at Zion. "I'm so sorry... it must be horrible to lose a brother."

Zion looks at Tails. "You have no idea... He was the youngest, he had a lot of heart, And I vow, i'll take my revenge on that sick sadistic freak!"

Tails sighs. "actually, something like that almost happened to us."

Zion looks at him funny." huh?"

Tails nods. "Yeah, Sonic, my best friend told me one time, that I was the nicest one of us, I try to help all the time, and sometimes get in the way, but I always mean good. Eggman, our biggest enemy took control of me, powered me up, and sent me to kill my friends... I don't remember how they stopped me, but the way things happened, I got control back, and i'm obviously, still alive."

Zion thinks for a second. "I'm grateful for that, i'm glad none of your friends had to lose someone like i did, it's horrible."

Tails seems to think about this for a bit, then he smiles. "Hey! we're going to the beach in a couple of days, wanna come?"

Zion looks at Tails. "You mind if Sakeme comes?"

Tails grins. "Why not? the more, the marrier!"

Zion nods. "then i'm in"

Tails nods. "Alright! I have to go back to my workshop, you should stay up here, to let Sakeme know where he is when he wakes up."

Zion nods again. "ok"

[the next morning]

Sakeme wakes up. "Ohhh... crap..." He sits up and looks around. "where... am i?" Sakeme gets out of bed, he notices his shirts on a night stand next to the bed, his boots and socks on the floor. "huh?" He looks down at himself, there's bandages here and there. He quickly gets dressed and heads out of the room, right into the kitchen, Tails sitting at the table.

Tails looks at Sakeme. "How are you feeling?"

Sakeme shakes his head. "good enough... Who are you? How did I get here?"

Tails thinks for a second. "I'm Tails, I own this house. You were knocked out in battle, Zion brought you here."

Sakeme thinks for a second. "Zion! where is he? is he ok?"

Tails smiles. "He's fine, he's outside, by the docks. Have something to eat." Tails points to the food on the table.

Sakeme nods. "Thank you." He sits down, and starts eating.

After eating for a while. Sakeme stands up. "thank you again, it was delicious."

Tails smiles. "You'll have to thank Sonic, next time he's around, he cooked it."

Sakeme nods. "when I meet him, i will thank him, for now, i wish to see my friend, ok?"

Tails nods. "Sure, go out that door, and go left."He points to the door.

Sakeme heads out the door, he turns left, and Sees Zion at the end of a dock, next to a speed boat. The speed boat is white, with a red stripe around the middle of the boat, the boat is very sleek and arrow diamatic. Sakeme walks over to him.

Zion hears him. "Finally up"

Sakeme laughs some. "Rugal must've done a number on me, how'd you do?"

Zion shakes his head. "It was an electrical attack, i'm very resistant to electricity."

Sakeme sighs. "Lucky you"

Tails comes out of the house, he walks over to them. "You guys want to go for a ride?" He turns to the speed boat.

Sakeme looks at Zion. Zion looks at Sakeme. They both turn to Tails. "YEah!" Sakeme and Zion walks over and jump on the boat.

Tails jumps in the pilot's seat. He presses a few buttons, the engines roar to life. "I put a lot of power into this thing, so hang on." the boat slowly inches away from the dock, but as it gets into deeper water, it speeds up. after 15 minutes of driving around, Tails stops the boat in the middle of the lake. (Yes, in my story, Tails lives next to a lake, Sonic lives down the road a bit)

"Im glad I moved here." Tails sighs and looks into the water, seeing a fish swim by. the boat rocks a little. Sudden;y, the boat rocks really hard, Tails holds on to the steering wheel, but since Zion was standing, he stumbles back some, near the edge of the boat, but doesn't fall over.

Sakeme looks at Zion. "Close one..."

Tails looks a Sakeme. "No worries, even if he fell in, i'd be right here for him to get back in."

Zion closes his eyes and sighs. "Can't swim"

Tails frowns. "Oh... that could've been bad..."

A gray tentacle pops out of the water and wraps around Zion's waist. "What the?!"

"HA HA HA HA HA!" a large metallic egg rises from the water.

Tails looks up at it. "Eggman!"

"I've caught you again Tails!" Eggman looks at the tentacle. "You're not Tails..." Eggman looks at the boat. "Ahhh, Tails, like my new toy? I call it, Metal Gear Egg!"

Tails frowns. "You cheapskate! you got that from Metal Gear Solid! You copied it!"

Eggman laughs. "So what? All the other Metal gears stunk, if they didn't stink, one little man wouldnt have destroyed them!"

Tails grins. "Then what does that say about you? somethign that's not even human single handedly destroys your big bad machines, all the time!"

Eggman growls. "For that, your friend here... dies!" The egg goes back down into the water, the tentacle pulling Zion into the water.

Zion looks up in the water, the surface quickly disappears. Metal Gear Egg starts moving quickly underwater, moving away from the Speed boat. Zion thinks to himself. 'I won't last long... have a taste of this' Zion grabs the tentacle with both hands, Zion then converts his energy into electricity and sends thousands of volts of electricity int othe metal tentacle, which carries right to Metal Gear Egg.

Eggman laughs inside. "This is so... AWESOME! I wish i thought of this before!" an alarm goes off. "huh?" he looks down. "Electrical overload?" his metal gear egg emergency shuts down. "NOOOO"

Zion shakes the tentacle off him, sincei t lost it's grip when MEtal Gear Egg shut down, Zion tries getting tothe surface, flailing his arms, trying to swim, but no good. 'Fine!' Zion spin i nthe water to face the bottom of the lake. he cups his hands at his side as red energy builds at his side. He points both his fists at the bottom of the lake. "RAILGUN!" a huge Beam of energy bursts from his hands, propelling him upward, through the water at an incredible speed.

[in the boat]

Tails looks over the edge. "ohhh, where'd he go?! He can't swim!"

Sakeme looks through the water. "Over there!"

Tails looks, theres a red glow in the water. Zion bursts through the surface, and high into the air, about 30 feet.

Tails quickly gets back to the pilot's seat, revs the engine and heads quickly heads for the spot Zion is going to land, as he races towards the spot, Tails stands up, and watches Zion fall.

Sakeme looks at Tails closely, and sees Tails' eyes calculating when, and exactly where he's going to land.

Tails speeds the boat up. "Now!" The boat travels extremely fast, then, just like Tails planned, zion landed right next to sakeme, in the boat! "Good!" Tails quickly turns around and races towards his house, Eggman got his Metal Gear Egg up an running again, As Tails can see the gray tentacles of the machine coming after them. "No... you don't!" Tails hits the docks really hard, it pops the boat right out of the water, the boat hits the solid ground really hard and slides right up beside his house.

Eggman laughs. "Yes, run Tails, that's all your good for! You poor excuse of a friend!" Eggman laughs some more as the metal gear Egg disappears into the water.

Sakeme looks at Tails. "Don't listen to him, he's full of himself."

Tails squints at the lake. "I'll show him..." they climb out of the boat. Tails examines the boat for damage. He sighs. "Extensive damage to the bow, two gashes to the bottom... large scuffs, i'll have it back up and running in an hour or so..."

Tails walks over to Zion. "Zion, my friend Sonic lives just down the road, 2nd house on the right down that way." He points. "tell him Tails needs his help, would you?"

Zion nods. "Ok" Zion heads in that direction. Tails heads to his workshop.

[after about 15 minutes]

Tails had an Idea...

Tails is working in his workshop, making adjustments on his Tornado. When a huge boom is heard outside. "Huh?" Tails drops his werench and heads back into the main house. "Did Sonic get here?" A loud crash is heard outside the house. Tails quickly investigates.

Sonic is fighting against some kind of robot... a robot that looks alot like Sonic. 'Oh no... my dream!'

Tails blinks. "Sonic! Can you kill that thing?!?"

Sonic looks at Tails. "Run! get out of here!"

Tails knows whats going to happen, he has to do something, quick! Tails Thinks really fast, on his toes. Tails dives forward, knowing the robot would be right there behind him, but the robot is right there anyway! "Woah!" The robot pulls it's fist back, as it morphs into a blade, then it swings the blade at Tails, but right before it hits Tails, Sonic appears right above Tails and slams the robot in the face with his foot, making it slide back. " I won't lose him for real!"

The robot appears in front of Sonic, the robot slams Sonic in the gut and lifts him off the ground, into the air

Tails runs at the robot. "Leave him alone!" As he nears the robot, the robot swings the back of his hand at Tails, Tails ducks, knowing it was coming, Tails then comes up to him and Slams his open palm into the robot's chest. a huge Crack appears on the Robot's chest.

The robot stumbles back. "What?!"

Tails Grinned. "Something I learned from when that voodoo thing possessed me."

The robot

the robot then threw Sonic into the ground, the Robot then stabs Sonic in the shoulder and releases the blade. The robot turns to Tails, with Sonic pinned to the ground. A new blade appears on the robot's arm.

The robot walks over to Tails, the Robot grabs Tails by the throat and lifts him into the air. "Time to die." A robotic deep voice comes from the robot.

Tails struggles to breath, he tries to kick at the robot, but nothing came of it.

The Robot pulled the blade back to kill Tails.

Sonic grips the blade in his arm and starts pulling it out. "TAAAAAAAILS!"

A Loud Stabbing noise is heard.

Sonic looks up at the robot, but the robot didn't stab Tails... Instead, a katana's blade is pierced through the chest of the mecha Sonic. (And for those who don't know what a Katana is, use this link. )

Sonic looks over the shoulder of the mecha Sonic. He sees the blue Cat/fox person. "huh?"

The blue Cat/fox twists the sword while it's still in the robot's body, then pulls the blade out.

The mecha Sonic throws Tails to the ground, then turns around towards the blue cat/fox. "your have courage, unidentified assailant."

Sonic pulls the blade out, he gets up and rushes to Tails' side. "Tails! are you ok?!"

Tails coughs some and sits up. "Y...yeah, i think so..."

Tails looks over at the dock, which is pretty much destroyed, he notices Sakeme standing over there, watching.

Mecha Sonic takes a step towards The blue fox/cat. "You think you can defeat me? I shall kill you all." Mecha Sonic advances on the blue cat/fox, he slashes his blade quickly.

Mecha Sonic's blade goes right through the blue cat/fox! "huh?!"

The blue fox/cat laughs and slashes his Katana, making a big Gash in the side of Meha Sonic.

Mecha Sonic stumbles back. "that doesn't make any sense!" WHAM!

Zion, out of completely no where, fly kicked Mecha Sonic, square in the face, sending him flying with a big Dent in his face. "Sakeme!"

Over by the dock, Mecha Sonic flying his way. "Hah!" he cups hsi hands at his side, energy building fast. "Take this! Wolf's spear!" He sends a blood red beam of energy at Mecha Sonic, who is in mid-air. BOOM! Mecha Sonic is hit, full frontal, half his body is blown to smithereens. "BOOYAH!" Sakeme jumps up and down. "YES!"

An evil robotic voice fills the air. "Congratualtions, you beat the crappy, less cooler, version of me." A second Mecha Sonic Appears where the older one used to stand. This one has an energy aura.

Tails blinks. "He wasnt in my dream..."

The robot laughs. "now is the real battle"

The blue cat/fox grips his katana. "let's go, ya bucket of scrap metal!"

The new Mecha Sonic appears in front of the blue cat/fox and slams his knee into the cat's gut.

"Gah!" he nearly drops his katana. The new MEcha Sonic brings his arm up to slam his elbo int othe cat's back. But...

Zion appears behind mecha Sonic and slams his foot into the back of his neck, as the robot stumbles forward, Sonic comes out of no where and slams his foot into the robot's face, making the robot do a back flip, in mid-air, the robot flips to his feet to land correctly, but Sakeme had fired another beam, nailing the robot in the legs, making the robot Face plant into the ground. the robot gets up face. Zion appears behind him, and swings his foot to kick him, but mecha Sonic turns on a dial and grabs his foot, he swings Zion around, hits Sonic with Zion like a bat, and throws Zion at a tremendous Speed into Sakeme, the impact stops Zio nfrom going any farther, but it knocks Sakeme into the water.

Zion gets up and growls. "Fine! Have it your way" Zion presses his finger nails against his bare flsh on his forearm, and scratches himself, making himself bleed. he covers his finger tips with his blood. He flicks the blood at the ground, the blood forms into his Sword. Taomaru. A broad sword as big as him, the sword looks like it's a combination of a sword and an axe. Zion charges at the mecha Sonic, with the sword above his head as it glows with a tint of black, a blood red aura around it. "Zan Ku Sen!" a blade of energy shoots out of the blade as he slashes the robot, the robot, in last minute defense, brought it's arms up in an x figure, after the slash, there are gashes in it's arms, 3 inches deep.

The mecha Sonic steps back, But Zion lunges at him and swings his sword 4 times, the robot deflects all 4 of them, As Zion is confronting the Robot, Sakeme climbs out of the water, he charges for another Wolf's spear.

"Eat this! Wolf's spear!" Sakeme fires another beam.

Mecha Sonic grabs Zion and throws it at the Wolf's Spear.

Zion grins. "Not likely" Zion spins in mid air, he flips and lands on top of the Wolf's Spear and leaps off it, he flips and aims his hands at the robot. "RAILGUN!" He fires his huge Beam, the one he used in the lake. Once again, the robot brings his arms up in the X gesture, and defends. after the beams disappear, the armor on his arms are chewed away.

The robot points it's right arm at Zion and Sakeme. "Time to die..." It's arm turns into a cannon, it begins to charge, particles gathering. "good bye!" a loud SHING, a flash right in front of the robot, the cannon powers down as a gash appears, wires cut. "What!?"

the blue cat/fox grins. "don't tell me, you forgot about me?"

the robot turns to smash the cannon into the blue fox/cat, the fox/cat ducks, he slashes upwards with his katana, the robot deflects the sword and swings the cannon again, the blue fox/cat grabs the cannon, and flips over the robot, as he flips, he smashes his heel into the back of the Robot's head, making him stumble.

As the robot Stumbles, Zion, Sakeme and Sonic take advantage, Sonic kicks the Robot in the face, Sakeme punches the robot in the left temple, Zion also kicks the robot in the back of the head, all at the same time. Sonic lands in front of the robot, Zion lands behind him.

the blue fox/cat appears on the robot's left side. "ok!" then, all at the same time, they punch the robot 4 times really fast, the kick him in the chest.

Zion jumps and kicks him in the face as The blue fox/cat kicks the robot's feet out from under him, as The robot falls over, Sakeme slams his knee into the robot's back, keeping him in the air as Sonic Appears below him and kicks the robot extremely hard, sending him into the air.

The blue fox/cat appears in the air next to the Robot, he slashes the robot 3 times, then slides by the robot slashing again, then disappears.

As the robot is still flying upwards, Zion appears next to him and with Taomaru, spins, slamming the blunt side of Taomaru into the robot's back, making him go higher.

Then, Sonic appears above him. "Not so cocky now!" with his hands cupped together, he slams his hands down on the robot'd face, sending him flying towards the ground, directly at Sakeme.

Zion appears next to Sakeme, both with their hands cupped together at their sides, energy building.

"your going down!" sakeme yells as they both fire their energy beams.

after the beams disappear, the robot slams into the ground hard, heavily damaged.

Zion walks up to the robot. "Time to finish this, you will never get another chance to harm anyone."

The robot, with what little energy it has left, sprays somethign at Zion, making him stumble back. "Argh!"

the robot puts something on the ground. "See ya!" the robot makes a hasty retreat, with a flash of light from Eggman teleporter, he was gone.

Zion punches his fist into the ground. "COOWAAAARD!"

Sonic walks up beside Zion. "Don't worry, next time we meet him, we'll be ready

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