Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ Sonic X: Episode X53 ❯ hi lil bro! ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Fox of red fire: Mecha Sonic ran like a little baby last chapter, that just shows his weakness, are you wondering what will happen in this chapter? Well? Are you? Good, because… I'm wondering too! Hurry and read so we can find out! …well… READ! Holy pooper scoopers!, don't stand there gawking at me!
P.S. I said that Rion Liengod wouldn't be in the story, but a fan request to have him included changed things, so Zion's little brother will make an appearance, and I might throw someone else in the mixture too (For those who have some how read my story from, they will know who they are)
Claimor: characters, characters, CHARACTERS! So many, huh? Ok, Cash X is a made up character I made just for this chapter, but he's there, and really doesn't have much relevance, the surfer guy, again, just something for this chapter, and the weird creature, might be back later, it's a possibility
Disclaimor: Mr. Twoguy, he's just a copy of a strange character on One Piece, I never liked the character on One Piece, so I made a less stronger, crappier version and beat him up once in a while throughout the series on my fic on, his only relevance is being the jewel shop owner
(2 days later)
Sonic: (looking at the blue cat/fox) He won't talk to anybody, but Tails
Zion: (nods) I can hear them talking though. (Seeing that Tails and the blue cat/fox are talking by the dock, Zion and Sonic are by the house.)
Sonic: you can? What are they saying?
Zion: (starts to listen in, and tells Sonic what they are saying)
Tails: so, you're name is Dash?
Dash(Blue cat/fox): yes, Dash S. Sorrow.
Tails: (he nods) why'd you come back? You said you had unfinished business.
Dash: after resurrecting in your body, we sort of… developed a telekinetic link, I felt your danger.
Tails: you felt it?
Dash: (nods) when you had that dream, I felt the danger of it, by the time you had that dream, I was quite far away, I knew the feeling of danger I got, was serious, I came back to help… good thing I did too.
Tails: Yes, thank you, for that…( he smiles)
Dash: (he nods) least I can do, you know… Being brought back to life through you, I kind of owe you for that, so… I paid you back
Sonic: (talking to Zion) being brought back through Tails? What exactly happened?
Zion: (shakes his head) I don't know, I wasn't around for that
Sonic: Well, this guy must intend good, he saved Tails, so he's alright with me! (he gives Zion a thumbs up)
Zion: (stares at him) ok
(meanwhile, in the Egg fortress)
Eggman: ohh pooh! Foiled, once again, and not even that nuisance Sonic the Hedgehog caused it!
Creepy robot that I forgot the name of: Technically speaking, sir, Sonic did assist in the foiling of you.
Eggman: of course he did, but it wasn't him who stopped Tails' death! It was that blue rodent
Creepy Robot that I forgot the name of: actually, that blue guy, is a mixture of fox and Cat, so that makes him either a feline or partial canine
Eggman: (he glares at the robot) Shut up! (he starts up a wielder, he slips goggles on) mecha Sonic Failed! Now he needs lots of repairs, you just be quiet and steer the ship!
Creepy robot: yes, sir
[meanwhile, in another dimension, the dimension of Land of Lien]
Announcer: Ok! This is the final round, final round of the FOTW tournament! First off, it's the champions of champions, the rowdy, pouty, team twoguy! (Mr. Twoguy, the jewel shop owner of my story on, he wears purple tights, ballet shoes and a shakespear styled shirt, with large poofy shoulders in the shape of swans)
Mr. Twoguy: we're number one!
Announcer: and the challengers, the challengers… are the legendary kit-youkais, the very same ones who gave the tremendous show back some 75 years ago, the ones… the only, team Liengod! (Rion, jumps into the ring, flipping two times and lands on his feet with ease. he stands at a mere 3 feet, he wears clothes similar to Zion's, black jeans, black boots with blue tiger claw marks on each side of his boots, he has a red shirt, a white leather trenchcoat, his hair matches Zion's, but his eyes, are sapphire blue.)
Announcer: Rion Liengod! (the crowd cheers)
Crowd: Ree-on, Ree-on!(over and over til the announcer breaks it up)
Announcer: are you ready?(looks at Mr. Twoguy, Mr. Twoguy laughs and bows fairy-like) Rion, are you ready?(he looks at Rion, Rion nods) FIGHT!
Mr. Twoguy: la la lala la(he skips merrily towards Rion, then as he reaches Rion, he spins and kicks Rion, but his foot goes right through him!) what?! Did I kill him?!(Rion disappears into thin air…) whaaaaaa?! (SLAM! Rion appears behind Mr. Twoguy, kicking him so hard in the back, a sickening CRACK! Is heard) AAAAGH!(he falls over forwards) Why you little brat!
Rion: (laughs) ha ha, catch me if you can!(mr. Twoguy runs at him and swings his foot) It's useless!(Rion after images out of the way, Mr. Twoguy swigns his foot again) I told you(he after images again) it's useless (SLAM!) Oof! (Rion goes spinning to the ring floor and lands on his back, he doesn't move for a second)
Mr. Twoguy: (looks at who hit Rion) ohhh, thank you honey!
Cash X: Don't call me that, you fairy piece of crap, I only did it, because you're paying me(he has huge muscles, he wears a dress shirt, that has seems ripping because of his muscles, he wears dark greed camo jeans and black army boots, he jumps out of the ring)
Mr. Twoguy: (blows him a kiss, then turns to Rion, who hasn't moved, he walks over) some Legend you are, all you do is teleport out of the way, and half the time, you can't even do that r-(An impact is heard, so loud, Cash X had to cover his ears) …!(all Mr. Twoguy can do is try to breath, and stare at the Fox who just hit him)
Zero: (His robotic fist, implanted deep within the confinds of Mr. Twoguy's stomach) not so Cocky now, are you?(Zero grins at Mr. Twoguy, Zero, from my story, wears a dark blue police uniform, he wears a police cap and sheriff badge, instead of regular police shoes, he has black army boots, not that they look much different, he also has a blue jacket, the jacket is like a trenchcoat, except the back of it only goes as far as his knees. His right arm is robotic, but it's camoflauged to look like his real arm, his eyes are bright green, and his fur is orange, like a regular fox) Particle beam cannon(his right hand turns into a cannon, a mini cannon mounted right on his arm, the cannon makes a whirring sound as particles begin to gather, the cannon then fires)
Mr. Twoguy: woah!(he recovers at the last second and leaps right above Zero) got you now!(Mr. Twoguy flips and goes to kick Zero in the back of the head, but Rion appears next to Zero, grabs his arm and they both after image, dodging the kick) darn you!
Zero: thanks
Rion: I'll take it from here
Zero: right!(he jumps out of the ring)
Rion: me and you, you want to say, I'm no good? (he grins) have a taste of this(blue energy gathers at both his hands) Railgun(Rion starts shooting dozens of mini-railguns, all of them aimed at Mr. Twoguy, he dodges a lot of them, gets hurt a little, but not much)
Mr. Twoguy: tee hee, fighting you is fun, it's so easy, and I don't have to try very hard
Rion: (he frowns, and clenches his fist, his aura starting to show, a blue lightning streak surges around in his aura)
Mr. Twoguy: awww, is baby getting mad?
Rion: (points at mr. twoguy) a baby… is what I'll make you cry like, provided you survive this(Rion runs at him, with incredible speed, within a flash, he was directly in front of Mr. Twoguy)
Mr. Twoguy: holy…!(he stumbles some as Rion slams his foot into Mr. Twoguy's gut, making him gasp and bend over in pain, Rion then back flips, slamming his foot into Mr. Twoguy's face, making him stumbles back)
Cash X: (jumps in the ring and runs at Rion)
Leon: (appears in the ring beside cash X, with his katana pulled) Here… is a touch of darkness…(he runs right by Cash X, as he runs by him, he slashes Cash with the Katana, in a flash, Leon disappeared, Cash fell over unconscious) ((For those who do not know, Leon, or “Leon the Wicked”, is a Kit-youkai, just like Rion and Zion, he doesn't wear a shirt, he has short hair, his hair is snow white, his eyes are dulled gray, he wears black jeans and nothing on his feet, he has a black katana sheath at his left side, his katana is black bladed, with red etching in the blade, in my story, he was the biggest, baddest villain))
Rion: time to go (he runs at mr. twoguy, jumps and kicks him in the chest, he grabs onto his shirt and yanks him off his feet, Rion falls on his back, with his feet in the air, Mr. Twoguy on Rion's feet, Rion pulls the shirt, putting more pressure on Mr. twoguy, then Rion puts his right fist to Mr. Twoguy's stomach) RAILGUN!
Mr. Twoguy: NO! no no no no no!(he struggles with all his might, but is helpless as the railgun blasts straight through his body, rion lets him go as the railgun blasts Mr. Twoguy straight into the air, Mr. Twoguy lands with a sickening thud.)
Rion: two down, two to go
(A man with a dark tan jumps in the ring, he has curly black hair, he has not shirt and is wearing purple swimming trunks, no shoes or anything else except black sunglasses. He is holding numbshucks) Allllright, duuuuude(Sounds like a surfer) You want to try and take me on? (he runs at Rion swinging the numbchucks) take this, little dude!(he swings the numbchucks, and misses just by an inch, then spins around for a second swing, but a loud repeating sound is heard) huh? (the man turns around to see a scythe, a very dark looking scythe, the scythe is traveling at him in a very fast speed, the scythe looks like it had been thrown, for it's spinning at him, the scythe's blade is striking the ground as it spins, pulling up chunks of the ring, the man had no time to speak again, the scythe's staff end struck the man directly on the top of his head, the second the staff hit him, the man was instantly flattened on the ground, the force hitting him so hard, it made his head bounce on the ground)
Rion: I had it under control(Rion looks at the demon who threw it) Iori
Iori: (grins) true, but I felt left out(He appears to have the same hair style as Zion and Rion, Green eyes, a lighter black then Rion's and Zion's hair, he has red fox ears, his right ear is tipped with black, he has black jeans and a black shirt, he wears a black jean jacket too, his boots are bright blood red, but the heels and toes of the boots are lead black, he has two katanas, each are on his belt at each of his sides, he wears a special holster around him, one that he can carry the scythe he threw in, the holster is leather and colored brown)
Rion: ugh, let me fight this last one
Iori: but Zero didn't get to nock one of them out!
Rion: (looks at Zero at the side line) you want to knock this last one out?
Zero: (shakes his head) I'm all good, you take him
Rion: (looks back at Iori) see? (In stomps a rather large looking… creature… the creature stands only a head and shoulders taller then Rion, it has legs like a goat, but stands up, it's back is hunched over, like he has a big lump on his back, but he doesn't, the creature's face is human, but has large fangs) what… in the world… are you?
Creature: he he he, I'm a werewolf and a vampire, along with weregoat
Rion: that didn't make sense, but I'll fight you!
Creature: he he he, I'll suck the blood from your body! Make you a werewolf
Rion: im a fox
Creature:… you'll become a werewolf, if I bite you, or scratch you!
Creature: (runs at Rion) your mine! (he slashes his claws quickly, Rion after images, and disappears from sight) awww, are you scared? Being a werewolf is fun, let me show you
Rion: (he climbs back into the ring from the other side after a few minutes)
Creature: come to surrender? You can't take me on, hand to hand
Rion: fine, I'll just defeat you, from…(energy forms at his hands as he grins) long range
Creature: he he he(he jumps in the air, towards Rion extremely fast)
Rion: railgun!(he starts shooting his mini-railguns, the creature just claws them, destroying them) fine, ill use more power! RAILGUN!(he fires his middle-sized railgun, the creature stops it in it's palm and lands right in front of Rion! Rion still firing the railgun, into the creature's hand, the creature presses it's palm against Rion's, thus stopping railgun)
Rion: wha?(the creature grips Rion's right hand, and lifts him off the ground)
Creature: how easy! (he opens his mouth real wide and chomps down on Rion's arm, Rion couldn't after image! The creature is somehow stopping him…) what?!(thousands of volts of electricity is surging through the creature's body, the creature, surprised and burned severely, throws Rion away from him) what did you do?!
Rion: (stands up, he looks at the bite on his right arm, the bite mark is there, but no blood?) …(Rion grins, Rion starts to flicker, and fade away, Rion's appearance changes from Rion… to Zero)
Zero: gotchya fooled, didn't we?
Creature: what? What was all that about?
Zero: I took his place
Creature: how? (Thinks for a second) ohhh, when Rion teleported out of the ring, you disguised yourself as Rion, how did you use his attack?
Zero: he transferred some of his energy to me
Creature: the point of all this… was?
Zero: distraction, much like what I'm doing right now
Creature: what?! Distraction for what?!
Zero: if I can do a pretty good Railgun… with transferred energy, imagine what the real one can do (he points behind the creature)
Creature: hm?!(he turns around, Rion is behind him, at the edge of the ring)
Rion: this… is the end for you(he points his clenched fist at the creature)
Creature: you'll kill him too!(he points at Zero, who is directly on the other side of Rion, the creature is between them)
Zero: I have enough of Rion's energy to do this(he after images away)
Rion: RAAAAILGUN!(The End Railgun, the beam so incredibly forceful, the ring collapses beneath the force, the creature vanishes into the bright sapphire blue energy beam)
(4 hours later, celebrating at home)
Ryanne: (Rai-ann-ah) Rion! Where's your brother? (Ryanne stands at 5 foot, 7 inches, she wears black jeans, black steel toed boots, with a white T-shirt, it says “The last thing I want to do is hurt you… but it's still on the list” on the T-shirt, she wears a white lab coat with black oil stains here and there on it. She has a pair of wielding goggles on her forehead. Ryanne, is the mother of Rion and Zion. She has emerald green eyes)
Rion: Last I knew, he went to check out the city that was recently discovered, he was with his friend, Sakeme.
Ryanne: when was that?
Rion: I think a few days ago
Ryanne:… a few days ago?(she flicks the light on, they're standing in a living room like environment, a couch, a few chairs, a coffee table to boot.)
Rion: …yeah
Ryanne: ohhh! He's missing!
???: who's missing? (in walks a man, a tall man, about 6 foot 2 inches, he has black hair, black jeans, green boots with a black toe and heel, and a green tank top, he has well toned toned muscles, big. His eyes are emerald green, like Zion's, if you didn't guess it, he's the father)
Ryanne: our little Zion is gone! (She gets a sparkle in her eyes) this is a good time to test out my latest version of the kit transport!
???: uh oh…
Ryanne: (she laughs) Don't worry Leon, it's at least 12% safer now!
Leon(???): wasn't it… like, 37 percent safe before?
Ryanne: … um… let's go check it out! (she makes a hasty retreat)
Leon: (shrugs and follows her, Rion follows Leon)
Ryanne: ta da! (she points to a capsule) this baby can teleport anyone, anywhere! It homes in on anything you want, or anyone! (she look at Rion) just climb in, and I'll teleport you to Zion
Rion: (peers in) is… it safe?
Ryanne: of course!
Rion: I don't know… (Shove, Ryanne pushes him in, Rion disappears) hey, it worked!
Leon: (his eyes go wide)
[hey, look, it's mobius!]
Rion: waaah! Oof!(he hits the ground hard, he's in middle of street, buildings all around) hey! That hurt!(he looks around) mom? Wow, it worked
(A car screeches to a halt, nearly hitting Rion) THERE'S ONE!
Rion: (looks at the person who yelled) huh?
Person: call the police! Animal control! Both of them! Catch it!
Rion: Catch it? What's your problem? (he hears a loud bang, and something really sharp hit his arm) huh? (he looks at it, there's a dart there) what's this?(he plucks it out and stares at it) hm… (he looks around) did somebody lose a dart?
Officer: (Watches Rion, the officer that shot the tranquilizer) that dart is enough to put a horse out for an hour or two, why isn't it working on him?
Rion: (shakes his head) getting a little tired… must of used more energy then I thought(another bang, he after images out of the way) darn! People lose darts a lot, how do they keep coming after me? Is this place haunted? (Being slightly tired, he didn't notice the officer sneak up on him, the officer swung a net, down on Rion, catching him in it) hm?
Officer: I got him!(he's talking into a walkie talkie)
Walkie talkie: good work, wait until the animal control arrives
Rion: Animal? Could an animal do this? (Rion starts running, dragging the officer behind him)
Officer: woah!(Rion picks up speed, the officer isn't even touching the ground, as Rion runs, the officer presses a button on the net, the net clamps in on Rion, it also clamps around Rion's feet, making him trip)
Rion: woooah! (He hits the ground) Oof!
???: hu ha ha ha ha! Thank you, ever so much, for trapping Rion for me!(the tar, from the road, a block of it rises into the air, then a man forms out of it, the man has a golden cloak on, with black robes underneath, he has short blonde hair, he appears to be a fox demon! But he's much older then Zion and his friends. His eyes are dark red)
Officer: huh? (seeing the guy come from the tar) hold it!(he pulls out a revolver) this creature is property of the United States Government!
Rion: United States? So that's what this place is called? (blinks) HEY! I'm not property for anyone!
???: Shut up, you insignificant worm!(his hand glows as he points it at the officer, a box appears around the officer, a lid clamps down on the box) Presto change-o! (he waves his hand, the box starts to shake up and down, then the box disappears, the officer has turned into fox! A real 4 legged fox) now get!(the fox runs off) now, I've got one of the 2 liengod brothers (he grins) once I get the other, and all the friends, I can rule this planet… maybe even this galaxy (he laughs) (his hands glows, as he points it at Rion)
Rugal: I don't think so!(Rugal appears in front of Rion, a bright green shield appears around them)
???: hm, a magic shield, how boring, how have you been, Rugal?
Rugal: shut up, Mahou!
Mahou(???): that's Lord Mahou, to you, commoner
Rugal: cry me a river (He snaps his fingers as the net around Rion disappears)
Rion: yay!(he quickly gets up)
Mahou: you freed the fox…
Rion: what're you doing?
Mahou: I'm going to find you, and your brother, along with your friends, take your souls and energies, then absorb them, I'll be invincible! I'll rule the galaxy!
Rion: why would you want to do that? Ruling the galaxy seems to be so much work
Mahou: come now, this galaxy needs to be run correctly, us foxes are so smart, we're perfect to run this galaxy, you're one of us, you should be helping me
Rion: somehow, I don't think having my energy and soul taken away, would make me life any better
Mahou: (he laughs) a few sacrifices for greatness, will be ok
Rion: (shakes his head) you aren't one of us, you aren't a kit-youkai, you're a monster!
Mahou: (he grins) no, I'm saving the galaxy, now, give me your soul
Rion: I won't give you my soul, but I will give you something(He pulls out Taomaru)
Mahou: ohhhh, how futile is that
Rion: you're going to regret messing with me (Rion Grins) I've taken After Image… to a whole new level
Mahou: what are you talking about? (WHAM! Out of no where, a fist comes smashing into Mahou's face, sending him spiraling to the ground) Oof!(he levitates back to his feet) what the…? (he looks around, there are two Rions!) wha…?
Rugal: (laughs) Rion, is moving so fast from spot to spot, that it looks like there are two of him!
Rion: exactly!
Other Rion: worst part is…
Both Rions: you don't know where this is going to come from (they both suddenly get a blue glow, as they both aim their fists at Mahou) are you ready… because this is… the end… for you, RAILGUN!(Mahou didn't see this coming, he was watching for the one that would fire it, then jump in the direction of the one that didn't, but the problem is… They both shot a railgun!)
Mahou: WHAT?! Mahou Shield!(a barrier appears around him, the railgun stops at him and disappears)
Rion: (the fake Rion Disappears) you stopped the end?! How?!
Mahou: heh, my shield uses an opposite energy then yours, and since im a mage, my energy is stronger, so it over powers yours
Rion: (grits his teeth) uh oh… (his eyes go wide, and he grins) your energy might be stronger then mine… mahou, but… I think I might know someone… who has stronger energy then yours
Mahou: hm? Who, could possibly, have stronger energy then mine? Not even Rugal's energy is stronger
Rion: (smiles big and wide) Hi Zion!
Mahou: (his eyes go wide as he turns around, Zion right there behind him, Taomaru pulled back) WAIT! (SLAM! A hit so hard, the ground shakes from the vibration, the sword slams into Mahou's chest, making him do a back flip, as he flips, Rion appears right above him and kicks him, making him flip faster, then both Rion and Zion appear at each side of Mahou, then they sandwhich kick him, halting him from flipping, then both Rion and Zion kicking him 5 times, then bring their swords up above him, a second later, the swords smash directly into Mahou's face, instantly flattening him on the ground)
Rion: both of our energies combined… you don't stand a slightest bit of a chance
Mahou: …I will take your souls… it's only a matter of time…(he sinks into the ground and disappears)
Rion: (looks at Zion) Mom wants us home
Zion: I don't even know how we got here, how'd you get here?
Rion: Mom made a weird invention, it sent me here
Zion: how did it do that… I wonder…
Rion: Something about locking in on your DNA signature, I think
Zion: how did you know that?
Rion: … uh… I like rumors
Zion: ok, then how do we get home?
(the grounds starts to shake, a fissure appears on the ground as Metal Gear egg appears out of it)
Eggman: HA Ha ha! HA ha ha ha ha! I hope you didn't think I was done, boys.
Zion: eggman!
Rion: who? Egg-Pan? Are we going to scramble eggs?
Zion: sort of (Grins)
Eggman: ohhh, how original, who's this? Someone else I get to crush? Ho ho ho!
Zion: no, the most destructible tag team you'll ever meet
(Tails' voice fill the air, loud and clear)
Tails: let me take Eggman on(the ground splits apart behind Zion and Rion, Tails slowly appears from the ground, as if something lifted him up through it)
Eggman: hm? The weakest member of your little squad, wants to take me on? Me and my Metal Gear egg! Ho ho ho! That's hilarious!
Tails: Metal Gear Egg, that's funny
Eggman: Metal Gear Egg is the strongest of ALL the metal gears!
Tails: why don't you say that to it's face(the ground splits apart even more, as something big lifts out of the ground beneath Tails, as it rises from the ground, Tails grins, for what is rising… is none other then Metal Gear Rex)
Eggman: M-metal Gear Rex?!
Tails: Meet Metal Gear Rex, the first Bi-pedal tank, capable of firing Nukes on any terrain, equipped with a heavy lazer, and a railgun, along with laser guided missiles. Rex weighs well over 24 tons and can exert more then 50 tons of pressure on a single target. (Tails smiles big) Rex has more then 3 tons of reinforced steel alloy armor, each part expertly crafted and built with titanium-steel alloy. (the cock-pit opens) Can you beat… the original?(Tails jumps into the cock-pit as it closes)
Eggman: how did you build that?!
Tails: (Metal Gear Rex roars to life, as an intercom blares) With sweat, blood… and determination (Rex roars menacingly at Eggman)
Eggman: I will prove Metal Gear Egg is the best!(one of it's tentacles wraps around Metal Gear Rex's legs, and pull to knock it over)
Tails: Child's play(the heavy lazer activates, cutting the tentacle off) FIRE!(3 missiles launch and blast towards Eggman)
Eggman: you'll have to do better!(another tentacle swaps the missiles away)
Tails: the missiles are laser guided, duh
Eggman: huh? (the missiles turn back around and smash into metal gear Egg, creating a nice hole) blast it! Take this!(he uses his tentacles like a whip and whips Rex)
Tails: barely did a thing, stand back, watch how it's done(Rex kneels down, as the railgun opens up, particles start to form)
Eggman: uh oh…
Tails: your metal Gear Egg doesn't stand a chance! FIRE!(the railgun fires a particle beam, Eggman tries to dodge, but a nice chunk is blown right out of the metal Gear Egg) see the power I can create? See just how useless I really am? Your at the mercy of Metal Gear Rex, and I put you there in no time flat (Inside Rex, an alarm goes off) huh? (he looks on his radar) hm…
Zion: (he looks into the sky, he sees Mecha Sonic! He's coming right for Metal Gear Rex!) Look out!
Tails: I see him(he turns the metal Gear Rex around, and right at the same moment, Mecha Sonic Reaches him, but as Tails turns, the railgun catches Mecha Sonic!) Thought you'd catch me off guard? I don't think so, eat dirt!(he spins the rex around, throwing Mecha Sonic to the ground) I'll re-enact a scene from Metal Gear Solid(he walks over to Mcha Sonic, lifts the leg and stomps on Mecha Sonic, crushing him)
Eggman: no way…
Tails: you're way in over your head, this time Eggman, I'm going to give you 5 seconds to surrender, 5!
Eggman: I'll never surrender to the likes of you!
Sonic: (he just arrives on the scene) woah! Eggman has two robots now! (He runs at Rex, not knowing it's tails, he pulls his fist back and punches the robot's leg) OWWWW! (he holds his hand) ouch! I'm going to need chaos emeralds
Eggman: hm…(seeing Sonic off guard, he uses a tentacle to snatch Sonic up) Ha haaaa! Who has the upper hand now, Tails?!
Sonic: (blinks) this is awkward
Eggman: ho ho hoooo, give your Rex to me, or I'll crush Sonic to death!(He squeezes on Sonic)
Sonic: GAAAH!
Tails: …
Eggman: (Inside metal Gear Egg) he he he! I've got them now(the intercom is off) once he leaves the Rex, I'll kill Sonic, and I'll take Tails as my personal slave! He he he, he'll fix all my inventions, and polish all my robots! (A screen turns on inside his metal gear egg) huh? (black water starts to spill from the screen) whats going on? How is water coming from a monitor? (the water gathers at one spot in front of the monitor, it begins to take a shape, it forms a fox! A fox that looks like tails, all it's fur is white, pure snow white. It's eyes dull gray, the tip of it's tail and ears are charcoal black, it has only one tail, it has no shirt, but it has black jeans, nothing on it's feet, it carries a black bladed Katana with blood red Japanese symbols etched into the blade, it has a katana sheath at it's left side.) what the…? Who're you?
White fox: and here's a little… touch of darkness! (he lifts the katana above it's head and stabs the blade into the floor of the robot as a black shadow spreads out from the spot, turning the whole robot black, Eggman loses conciousness for about 10 minutes)
Eggman: ohhh, what in the world was that?!(when he wakes up again, the fox is gone, the shadows are gone, he looks around, everything is still running) Sonic!(he runs to the controls, it appears Sonic is already free, and Tails has his railgun aimed directly at Eggman… fully charged) WAIT!
Tails: it's too late Eggman, I'm going to finish you, here and now!
Fox of red fire: I know, I'm sorry for the cliff hanger, but I gotta know, I'm going to do a vote, should Tails fire? Destroy Eggy once and for all, or should Wee eggy be spared? He does try to dominate the world quite a lot, but he always fail, think about it!