Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ Sonic X: Episode X53 ❯ A new threat appears with a ...strange diabolical plan ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Fox of red fire: I did the polls, and 30% said that revenge is bittersweet, FIRE. And 70% said “It's not like Tails to kill someone” and quite frankly, they're right, it's just not tails' style, these polls were taken strictly from the people I know around me
Tails: (inside the cock-pit, he stares at a red button as it lights up, armed, and ready to fire. Tails puts his finger on the button, about to push it, and end this villain once and for all. But he can't… he just can't push the button)
Eggman: (stares at the monitor) …?
Tails: (his finger trembles, he pulls it away)
Sonic: (stares at the metal Gear Rex, waiting to see, will Tails do it?) Tails…
Tails: You'll be brought to justice eggman
Eggman: you're too soft Tails, and that's why I escaped!(he presses a button, an escape pod shoots out of Metal Gear Egg)
Tails: (he shuts down the railgun) Rex will always be waiting for you
(in a cave, about 20 miles south of mobius)
Mahou: I'm going to need some extra strength… if I'm going to take on both those brats at once (he has a lot of books in the cave with him, he's holding one book, looking through it) hm… (he looks at the spells in the book) temporary… temporary… TEMPORARY! All of it! Temporary! I don't want something that'll last 5 minutes(he throws the book) I want it to be permanent! If I bind them, I want it to last forever! (he looks at a book shelf, his eyes catch one book… a black book) forbidden black arts…(he walks over to it) no fox demon has ever dabbled in black arts… (he takes the book off the shelf and opens it. He starts looking at the spells) ohhh… not bad… body change… hour long paralyze… purified bind… power absorption… (he looks at power absorption) with this… I can absorb anyone's power and energies… (he thinks for a second) so I can take the powers of the Liengods, and keep them for slaves, sell them to slave traders or something…? (he thinks for a second) maybe I'll do that, keeping their souls in my body wouldn't be so great… I'd hear them complaining in my head, I'll drain their bodies of their powers, they'll be left with nothing, then give them to slave traders, that's what I'll do! (he reads the spell) ok… they have to be in love with someone? Oh just great, then I gotta have them drink a potion, a potion that has 4 different meats and werewolf venom in it. That's a weird potion, but ok. Now, I got to make a couple of love potions, find a fox girl, and make them two fall in love with her… but what if they don't see her…? (he shakes his head) I'll figure it out later, right now, I gotta make the potions. I gotta find 2 of 4different pieces of meat, then I need some werewolf venom (he writes this stuff down) then, I need whatever makes love potions(he a book floats into the air and sets on his lap, then it opens up to a certain page) love…love… love tablet… love messenger… ah, love potion(he reads it) water and love no. 9? What is that? (he reads on) oh, it's what Cupid's arrows have to make people fall in love. Hm… I should pay cupid a visit
(moments later…)
(A tall castle, bright white, red roofs, very well refined. The top floor is cupid's personal room)
Cupid: (he pokes his head out the window and smells the air) ahhh, it's a wonderful day to fall in love(he smiles and looks out the window, the castle is so tall, you can't see the ground, it looks like nothing but mist, being above the clouds)
Mahou: out of my way(he shoves cupid out the window)
Cupid: AHHHHH(he disappears into the mist)
Mahou: (he searches the room. He finds a cabinet full of love no.9) good(he takes as many as he can)
(moments later)
Cupid: (mumbling he flys back up into the window) what?(his room is trashed) ohhh nooo, who could've done this? (he sees a thread on the floor, it's dark blue) mahou… (he squints at the thread) I'm going to get you back for this…
(back in Mahou's cave)
Mahou: (he has two vials filled with water, he adds a drop of love no.9 to each of them) hm… (he adds 5 more drops to them) I want them madly in love, to make sure this works, I must rule the world…(the water doesn't change color, the potions are supposed to look like water) now that I got this, I need the potions that'll help me take their powers, I need 2 pieces of 4 different types of meat, and werewolf venom (he pulls up his sleeve, and a scroll is strapped to his arm, he takes it off, then waves his hand, a portal opens, he walks through it. He finds himself… at the super market!) meats (he heads to the freezer isle, he looks at all the meats and grabs a package of bacon, then a package of chicken legs. He keeps looking. Finding a package of beef, and then he finds a turkey) ok, 4, now, do they sell werewolf venom? (he looks at his portal) not likely…(he heads back through his portal, stealing the meats, then he closes it as security guards start to come) (he puts the meats down and a book floats into his arms) werewolves… werewolves…(he looks through the book) ah, werewolves (he reads) tamed werewolves at cocoa island? Ok…(a portal opens, he walks through it, instantly at Cocoa island) ok
Werwolf: (growls and nips at him) grrrr
Mahou: (he looks at it, a rolled up newspaper forms in his hand) BAD!(he whacks it on the nose)
Werwolf: (backs off whining)
Mahou: (he walks over to it and holds his hand out) spit
Werewolf: (spits in his hand)
Mahou: good boy(the newspaper turns into a bone, and he gives it to the werewolf, the werewolf wags it's tail and prances off) easy (he walks back through the portal and closes it as a werewolf charges at him) now then…(he grabs a vial and wipes the spit into it, he begins to build a fire) time to make the potion(he builds the fire, puts a pot over it, with water and waits for it to boil) now, let's make sure I'm doing this right(he takes his book, and reads over the potion) the victims of the power absorption must be in love…(he looks at it) it's smudged, I didn't see that before (he blows on the page, dust particles fall off the page) ah, that's better. “The victims of the power absorption must be in love, with the caster of the spell.” WHAT?! Ohhhh man! I can't believe this!(he throws the book) I made the love potion for nothing! They fall in love with the first person of the opposite gender they see! (he grabs the black book) wait a second… (he reads over the body change spell) hm… I can have a girl cast it! The fox girl that I find will cast it for me! (he stops) but… she won't have magical power like me… I'll transfer my powers to her! (he gets second thoughts, he begins to pace around his cave) but the I'll be defenseless… and if she decides to turn against me…(his mind is hard at work) I got it, as much as I don't want to do this, I got to, it'll be worth it to rule the world, I'll change bodies with the fox girl, and transfer my powers to her, she'll be in my body, I'll be in hers, I'll just strap her to a wall or something while I'm out after the liengods. Yes… that'll work, they won't know it's me, I'll make them fall in love with the fox girl, which will be me for a little bit… then steal their powers, and transfer it all back to my body, and change bodies again. I'll take the liengods, who would be defenseless, and sell them to a slave trader, it's flawless! In fact, it's so good, I'll conquer both worlds! Mobius and the lands of lien! Now, I got to find a Fox girl, to borrow her for a bit.
(at an orphanage)
(there's a big room, with a desk at the back, with a woman at it, there are children playing, all sorts of creatures, raccoons, foxes, a few hedgehogs, wolves too)
(Mahou walks in, with his dark blue robes lined with gold, his face hidden in shadows by the hood, he walks over to the woman at the desk) uh… I'm here to…(he looks down at his palm, there is a piece of paper, he reads it) “Adopt A child, and give it a loving home”
Woman: (she smiles, looking at him) any type of child you are looking for?
Mahou: (he looks a the piece of paper again) “a child approximately about 4-7 years of age, a cute female fox” (he looks at her)
Woman: hm… these children are all boys, try the next room over, when you find one you like, come back and give me her name, they all should have name tags.
Mahou: (nods, he then walks to the next room, his footsteps are silent, like Dracula. So it looks like he floats across the room)
Woman: what a nice man
Mahou: (he looks the girls over) I feel like a pedophile… (he shakes his head) it's for world domination
Little girl: whats “World domination”?
Mahou: uh… when you sever the nerves in your spinal chord and you can never walk again(she starts to cry and run off) ok, time to find one (he looks around, finding a little fox girl, playing jump rope, she looks like Tails, except shorter fur around the mouth. One tail, more bangs. Green eyes, she wears a red skirt, dark red shirt with a lighter red jean jacket, and black sandals, she has a name tag “Botan”) She'll do, I hate being here
Random little girl: hi mister, want to play?
Mahou: (he looks at her) sure, what do you want to play?
Random little girl: yay, let's play dollies!(she gives one to mahou to play with)
Mahou: (he takes the doll, rips it's head off and tosses her the head) that was fun, we should do it again sometime(the little girl runs off crying, he drops the doll's body and he heads back to the first room)
Woman at desk: you find a girl to adopt?
Mahou: yes, the girl named “Botan”
Woman: ok, fills these out
Mahou: oh, filling something out, shouldn't be too hard(the woman puts a form on the desk, about the size of a big phone book) oh, come on! (he mumbles under his breath) “Ruling the world better be worth this…”
(3 hours later…)
Mahou: hand… is… doomed… finally… finished…(his hand is red)
Woman: very good(a man in a black suit walks in, Botan next to him) if you have any problems, let us know (She looks at Botan) your new home is with this man here
Botan: (Walks up to him) your creepy
Mahou: well… you smell funny
BOtan: (Sticks her tongue out at him)
Mahou: let's go…(he walks out of there, Botan follows him)
Botan: I'm hungry, I'm tired, I'm thirsty, I wanna go home, I gotta use the POTTY, I sprained my ankle, i-
Mahou: will you SHUT UP?! Let me think for a second!
Botan: (She smiles, pleased with herself)
Mahou: (a portal opens, he yanks Botan and tosses her in, then follows)
(Back in the cave)
Mahou: (he shuts the portal, he grabs a book and looks at the body change spell) ok, have the person your going to change with, have a piece of Titanium in their mouth, and repeat the words… Kae motte hitomigokuu mohaya!
Mahou: sounds easy(he turns to Botan) here(he takes out a coin) put this in your mouth
BOtan: why?
Mahou: this is the first and only time I'm going to let you put something metal in your mouth, without getting in trouble, I'd take this opportunity
Botan: ok! (She takes and it pops it in her mouth) ha ha! I'm not getting in trouble! Na na na na na na!
Mahou: (he puts his right palm on her head) Kae motte Hitomigokuu MOHAYA! (Pronounced “Kai moh-tee hee-toh-mee-go-kew!)
Mahou: (he suddenly feels his life and energy slip through his arm and he passes out)
(moments later)
Mahou: ugh…(his voice is high pitched and girly) …(he sits up and looks at his hands, then down at his clothes, he's Botan) it worked (she looks at BOtan, who is in Mahou's body) stay here(she stands up and opens a portal) good, I can still use my powers(she walks into the portal and disappears, the portal shuts afterwards)
Botan: (he stands up) IM BIG! WAHOO!
Mahou: (she's in town) where are they…(She looks around, spotting them. Tail, Rion, Zion, Sonic, Amy, Knuckles, Sakeme, and Dash are all in a Pizza parlor, they look like they're celebrating, Mahou walks over to the parlor, and walks in)
Amy: you did a great job Tails
Sonic: yeah, you saved me this time, I owe you one, buddy!
Tails: you've saved me way more times then once
Sonic: so? Doesn't mean I'm not going to do something cool for ya
Tails: just having you alive is good enough for me (a waiter brings a pizza over to their table) let's dig in!
Mahou: (she walks over to their table) I hear Tails saved Sonic's life
Sonic: you heard right
Mahou: that's so cool!
Sonic: (he grins looking at Tails) you got a fan Tails
Tails: (he blushes some) …
Mahou: let me get you, your guys' drinks(she walks over to the counter, the waiter has the drinks) give me those and take a hike(She stares into his eyes, hypnotizing him, he hands her the drinks and walks off) good…
(meanwhile, back at Cupid's castle)
Cupid: hm… (he has a mirror, he flips it over, the back of the mirror displays a glass orb surface) Show me, the perfect opportunity for Mahou (The back of the mirror displays Mahou, in the girl's body) ahhh (he smiles) even better(his smile gets bigger as the display changes from mahout to a boy, a boy about as old as the girl's body, Mahou is in. the boy seems to be a wolf, his fur is silver colored, his right ear black. He has one green eye, and one ruby red eye. Black jeans, black boots, a white long sleeve shirt with a black jean jacket. In the background, it shows the Pizza parlor that Mahou is at, with Tails and his friends.)
Cupid: perfect, now, how to get the wolf boy to go into the pizza parlor…? I've got the perfect Idea(he walks to his cabinet and pulls out a potion) Change me into a raccoon boy(he drinks it, he turns into a raccoon version of himself, he walks to a closet, and pulls out some clothes, he puts on a dark blue vest, gray jeans and blue boots, he puts on a dark blue baseball cap and turns it backwards, then puts on some cool shades) perfect disguise! ((if you don't get it, I call you undesirable words, he's supposed to look like Sly Cooper))
(moments later)
Wolf Boy: hmm… I came to town to buy some groceries… but the super market is closed… aw, darn, I'll have to go to the mini-mart…(he starts to walk, but someone runs up to him)
Raccoon: (it's cupid) hi! What's your name?
Wolf Boy: uh… Dave(lie)
Raccoon: that's a cool name, whatchya doin here Dave?
Dave(Wolf boy): buying groceries…
Raccoon: that's awesome Dave, how much money are you going to spend on Groceries?
Dave: … (thinks: this kid is annoying…) uh…(he takes his money from his pocket, and holds it in his hand) I think about-
Raccoon: (SWIPE, Cupid quickly swipes the money from the Wolf's hand and takes off running)
Dave: HEY! Get back here you punk!(he runs after the raccoon)
Raccoon: (thinks: perfect! Good thing I picked a raccoon, I'm faster!) na na na na na na naaaaa!(he runs into the parlor)
Dave: (Growls) When I catch you…!(he runs into the parlor after him)
Raccoon: (he runs up to mahou, who had poured the love potions into the drinks of rion and Zion. ) catch me if you can, hah ha!(he dumps the wolf's money onto the drink tray, nearly knocking Mahou over)
Mahou: watch it! (she wobbles some)
Raccoon; (he runs past the girl)
Dave: (runs up to Mahou) I'll take my money
Raccoon: (he behind Mahou, his bow appears in his hand, along with one of his love arrows) he he he(he pulls the arrow back on the string and aims for Mahou and fires)
Mahou: (she turns her head to look at Dave just as the arrow hits her in the butt) YOWCH!(She jumps a little, enarly knocking the drinks over again) ow, ow, ow, ow! (She looks up, seeing dave and immediately blushes) uh… s-sure!(she hands him his money)
Dave: thank you (he eyes the raccoon) you're lucky(he turns and walks off)
Mahou: (can't take her eyes off him) wait a second… (her eyes go wide) NOO! (screams)
(everyone looks at her)
Mahou: (looks at them) sorry…(she walks over and serves the drinks)
Rion: (he takes his drink, eating a slice of Pizza) that railgun you made, you named it after our attacks, didn't you?
Tails: I thought it seemed appropriate, do you mind that I called it that?
Rion: no, I don't mind, actually, it's pretty cool!(he goes to take a sip of his drink, but a peculiar smell catches his nose) huh…?(he sniffs the drink) this… isn't water
Tails: it isn't?
Rion: yeah, it smells funny(he hands his drink to Tails) smell it
Tails: (he sniffs) I don't smell anything…
Rion: (he takes it back) huh… am I smelling things?
Mahou: maybe it's an added flavor, try it
Rion: hm… maybe(he goes to take a sip)
Mahou: (watches Rion intently thinking: come on… come on…)
???:Boo(from behind Rion, someone snuck up on him and said “boo” grabbing him by the shoulders quickly)
Rion: BWAH!(theperson scares Rion, the drink spilling to the floor) who the…?(he turns, It's Zero!) Zero! How did you get here?!
Zero: (he grins) your mom got worried
Rion: oh, so you agreed to come find us?
Zero: no, she threw us in
Rion: (laughs) you made me spill my drink
Mahou: I'll get you another!(stands up quickly)
Rion: ok… thanks?
Mahou: (she walks to the counter to get another one, after quickly making a new one, she walks back over)
Zion: (he takes a sip of his drink)
Mahou: (thinks: YES!) how do you like it?(she walks over to Zion, trying to make sure she's the first girl he sees)
Zion: (looks at her) tastes just like how water should taste
Mahou: huh…(Thinks: did it work…?) how do you feel?
Zion: (looks her in the eye) you're suspicious
Mahou: what makes you say that
Zion: you're asking questions, strange ones, ones right after…(he looks at the water) what's with the water?
Mahou: there is nothing wrong with the water, I was just being nosy
Zion: ok…(he takes another sip of the water, Mahou prys herself from watching him, and walks to the counter)
Mahou: (watches Amy, she has a cup of her love potion, drinking it and staring at Sonic, the love potion isn't going to work on her, she's already madly in love with him. Mahout looks at Tails, he has a cup too, half full, he must've drank some of it, wonder who the first girl he saw was, if it was Amy, then there's going to be a friend rivalry over her, even though Amy already loves Sonic. Then there's Rion, He doesn't seem to like the water, he smelled something funny about it and got his own soda. Zion should fall for Mahou, but the is showing no signs of it. And what about Knuckles? He doesn't like water, so he never got a cup of the potion. And Finally, the blue cat/fox Dash. HE never liked Mahou from the second he saw her. And refused to drink her water. He gets a “Bad Vibe” from her. With good reason)
(a large vibration shakes the city)
Sonic: earthquake?( a huge Golem made of stone is walking through city, stepping on cars, kicking people as it walks) nope(he runs out of the parlor after it)
Knuckles: alright!(he runs out after Sonic)
Tails: I'll get Rex!(he runs out)
Rion: we gotta help them!(he runs out)
Zion: (grabs a piece of pizza)
Rion: (Walks back in) are you coming?!
Zion: (looks at Rion) they can handle it, it's only a golem of stone
Rion: (Taps his foot)
Zion: (sighs) alright…(he puts the pizza down and stands up, he walks out of the parlor)
Rion: (shakes his head and follows him)
Amy: (looks at mahout) isn't Sonic so dreamy?
Mahou: (looks at her)…
(fighting the golem)
Sonic: (he runs at it and turn sin to his ball form, slamming into it's ankle, cracking it a little)
Golem: (the golem swipes at Sonic, but Sonic is too fast, the golem swipes two more times, the 3rd swipes, catches Sonic's leg, and he falls over, the golem brings his fist up to smash Sonic, but a red beam hits the golem in the right arm, blowing right through it) rrraaargh!(it stumbles back)
(back at the parlor)
Mahou: (she thinks to herself: if I help out, they might trust me more…) I'm going to check this out (She starts walking to the door, in the distance, Metal Gear Rex is approaching. Mahou runs out the door, and looks at the stone golem)
Tails: (inside Metal Gear Rex) stay out of harms way(talking to Mahou) I don't want you getting hurt(Metal Gear Rex stomps by her)
Mahou: (thinks: he's in love with me, I was the first girl he saw, good, another foxes powers to steal… but he doesn't have powers… oh well)
Tails: coming at you(laser point aims at the back of the Stone golem as a missile fires at it, blowing it's back to crap)
Stone Golem: bwwwargh!(it stumbles forward, turns around and runs towards the metal Gear Rex)
Tails: running at a loaded gun? (the side opens up as a mini-gun pops out, it begins to spin and fire, shooting the golem in the face, breaking it apart, it topples over) easy
(from behind a large building, comes a big black skeleton, a skeleton at least 100 feet tall, the skeleton moves in view towards everyone)
Tails: …what is that?
Rion: it's Seto! That's leviathan, his biggest summonable ally. He must've thought we needed help. (he yells out) it's ok Seto, we took care of it(WHACK! Leviathan kicks Rion in the stomach, but the Skeleton's force is unimaginable, the kick sends Rion flying, Rion slams into the side of a building, the impact creates a crator in the side of the building)
Zion: (he runs over to Rion) are you ok?
Rion: (he's stuck in the side of the building, he opens his eyes, he pulls himself out of the side of the building) gah…(his left eye closes as he falls to one knee holding his stomach) he can kick… hard
Zion: why did Leviathon kick Rion…?
???: because Leviathon isn't Seto's anymore
Zion: (looks around and spots who was talking) Mahou!
???: no, this isn't mahout anymore, I stole his body, in fact, I like it, much stronger(he's wearing his blue robe, white fox ears, white hair, looks the same)
Mahou: wha…? (thinks: that stupid girl! She took my body and is attacking us! But how did she steal Seto's power to summon leviathan?)
Zion: then who are you?
???: you can call me… Ashi. Yes, Ashi, much better
Zion: if your in mahou's body, then who's body is mahou in?
Ashi: he stole my old body for some stupid reason. I don't know. All I know, is, he took the powers of this one with him, but not the physical strength, mahout is retarded, fighting everyone with magic, and stupid spells. Kit-youkais are ment for physical fighting. (he pulls two daggers from his sleeves) and that's what I'll use this new body of mine for!
Mahou: (thinks: she's getting to comfortable in my body!)
Zion: how are you using leviathan, that skeleton is supposed to listen only to it's summoner!
Ashi: wake up, I am it's summoner.
Zion: only Seto can summon him
Ashi: I stole his powers, and his energy.
Zion: how did you do that?!
Ashi: easy, these books I stole from Mahou told me everything. He was so blind by his “superior” magical abilities, he made things more complicated then they had to be.
Mahou: blind?! I'm not blind!
Ashi: so, there you are
Zion/Sonic/Tails/Rion/Amy/Knuckles: (looks at Mahou)
Mahou: oops…
Rion: you got to be kidding, you traded bodies with a little girl?! And she's using your body… better then you could use it?!
Mahou: …
RIon: why would you change bodies with a little girl!?
Mahou: I had it planned out, I changed bodies, to be a girl for a while, make you guys fall in love with me, so I can steal your powers, the spell needs you to fall in love with me
Zion: (looks at Ashi) if that's true… how did you get Seto to fall in love with you? He feels no emotions! I've never seen him express anything short of anger!
Ashi: very easy, Cupid's arrows
Mahou: hah! That's where your wrong, they fall in love with the first person of the opposite gender they see!
Ashi: this is where you foiled up, you did all this and that, and stuff you didn't even need to do, when the answer was simple, turn your victims into the opposite gender
Zion: you mean you… turned Seto in to a girl?!
Ashi: exactly, and now I have his dark energy. It's so awesome, isn't it?! Too bad for the rest for you, you all have to become girls, so I can take your energy and powers
Mahou: (growls) you took my plan!
Ashi: yes, I'm sick and tired of guys raping women everywhere they go, treating women with so much dis-respect. And now I'll have my revenge!
Rion: on us?! What did we do?!
Ashi: your boys too
Rion: we didn't even do anything! We're too young to care about women!
Ashi: you eventually will. I'm going to turn you guys into girls, steal your powers, and send you to a slave trader, that has only boys. See how you like it
Zion: your annoying, I'll shut you up (he runs, with blinding speed at Ashi, and Slams his fist into Ashi's gut, Ashi bends over in pain)
Ashi: woah…
Zion: (he spins and slams him in the head with his foot, then grabs Ashi's hair and hurls him into the wall of a building)
Ashi: urgh…
Zion: (looks at Ashi) you may have an adult body, but you're still just a child. You lack the combat experience it takes to compete with me. Return Seto back to normal, and you will be forgiven. Refuse, I'll kill you
Ashi: I surely, and definitely, refuse!(he pulls himself off the wall and stands straight up, he mumbles a few words, some sparkles rain down on Zion, the sparkles fall on his shoulders and hair) now my spell will do what it's meant to do! Ha ha ha ha! (Watches) wha?
Zion: (he brushes the sparkles off his clothes) you've got to be kidding
Ashi: why won't it work?!
Zion: (clenches his fist, as his knuckles crack) you obviously haven't done your research on us (he runs at Ashi, fist pulled back. He goes to punch Ashi)
Ashi: (blocks Zion's fist, then grabs his arm, twists it and flips Zion to the ground)
Zion: (flips with Ashi's move, landing on his feet, he ducks and side swipes Ashi's feet)
Ashi: (he hops over Zion's side swipe, a staff appears in his hands and he swings it down on Zion's head, a loud Clang is heard as time pauses for a second, and a bright spark shoots off Ashi's staff, blinding spark) what?!
Zion: (blocked Ashi's staff with Taomaru) this is where things get a little more interesting (he slashes Taomaru at Ashi, Ashi blocks it with his staff, then Zion continues slashing at his staff, Zion slashes the staff 18 times in 7 seconds, as the last slash hits the staff, the staff falls apart in 20 small pieces)
Ashi: what?!
Zion: heh heh heh(he pulls the sword back for a final shot)
Ashi: stay back!(his hands glow dark green) I'll poison you, a poison unlike anything you've ever seen!
Zion: hm… poison huh?
Ashi: it'll kill you in a matter of seconds!
Zion: well… my only response to that is… look up (he points up and behind Ashi)
Ashi: hm?(he turns around, Metal Gear Rex is standing behind him) oh…
Tails: my personal advice would be to… start running(the mini-gun pops out, then begins to fire)
Ashi: Woah!(he starts running for cover, an energy shield appearing, he runs into a building)
Tails: (a flips a switch and presses a button that was under it) see ya(a missile fires, and blows the building to shreds)
Ashi: (he walks back out of the building, his clothes singed a little) that's it, I'm mad…
Fox of red fire: have to end it here, I need credit for a writing, I take too long writing these, Ashi is mad, what skills does he have?