Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ Sonic X: Episode X53 ❯ the true evil ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Fox of red fire: that stupid cliffy! I know, it's horrible, I feel your pain! Well, not really, since I know whats going to happen! BWA HA HA HA HA HA!(sudden pause) Or do i?
Tails: (the mini-gun starts rotating again) get mad all you want, it's not going to help(he starts firing, the bullets doing nothing to Ashi) what the…?
Ashi: when I get mad, my powers increase ten-fold. Meaning even my defense. Your bullets feel like nothing but little flies landing on my skin
Tails: (a missile appears) how's this for you?(he fires it, Ashi disappears) huh?! (Ashi's arm punches through the back of the cock-pit, grabs Tails and pulls him out of the Rex and throws him to the ground, the metal slices Tails' arm) aaahhhh!(crash, Dash catches him, and they both hit the ground)
Dash: are you alright?
Tails: errr… my arm…
Dash: (he looks at Tails' arm, it looks pretty serious…) stay here(he stands up, looks at Ashi and pulls his katana)
Mahou: hey!(she runs up to Ashi) I'm on your side
Ashi: (he looks at Mahou) ah, I must thank you for this wonderful body, so much stronger then my old one
Mahou: old one? I was only barrowing it, for a bit. Now I want mine back, put this coin back in your mouth(he takes out his titanium coin)
Ashi: (he slams his palm into Mahou's chest, knocking her off her feet and she hits the ground)
Mahou: Oof!(her eyes go wide, she lays on the ground, not moving)
Ashi: this is MY body, and if you want to get in my way, ill take your powers too, and send you with these boys!(SLASH, with Ashi's distraction, Dash snuck up and slashes Ashi across the back) you insolent fool!(he spins and back hands Dash in the face, Dash stumbles, but keeps on his feet) I was going to let you surrender, but not I'm going to make you scream in agony before I take your powers, whatever you have for powers, what DO you have for powers?
Dash: (he looks at her and grins) take a load off, jun oite dzuki kengen! (turn in to power) heh heh heh!(his muscles start to increase in size) how much of a pancake would you like to be?(he slashes his katana at Ashi with extreme speed, despite his new size)
Ashi: too easy(he slaps the blade off to the side, slides in close to Dash and Slams his palm into his chest, just like he did to Mahou)
Dash: Oof!(he falls on his back) ow…!
Ashi: still conscious? Another one will deal with you!(he pulls his fist back and swings it, opening his palm for another chest strike, but just as he swings his palm, Dash kicks his foot up, kicking Ashi in the wrist, with Dash's kick and Ashi's swing combined, the momentum of the impact was incredible, a loud CRACK from Ashi's wrist is produced) GAAAH!(he takes a few steps back)
Dash: (he stands up, holding his chest) dang… that hurts…
Tails: (he stands up, holding his cut)…always have a back up plan… I didn't work on remote controlled vehicle and not use my knowledge!(he pulls out a remote control) Rex, full auto mode! Target object X equals 23%, Y=77%!
Ashi: (looks at Tails) talking a bunch of random gibberish are we? Cute, might keep you around
Rex: (it takes a step forward and roars at Ashi)
Ashi: hm… it appears to be operational still
Tails: fully operational, FIRE!(4 mini-guns pop out from the arms, 2 missile launchers, the railgun activates and a laser shoots a laser at Ashi, the the mini-guns begin to fire, then 2 missiles)
Ashi: (the mini-guns don't do anything, the missiles zoom in on Ashi, Ashi catches one and throws it into the air, it explodes, the 2nd one hits him in the chest, knocking him back 20 feet)
Tails: fire upon readied…
Ashi: that thing is a menace!(he runs at the Rex, noticing particles building in the railgun) …(thinks: I can make it before it fires) …errrr(he pulls his fist back, his fist glows blue, and just as he reaches it, he throws his fist at the railgun just as it fires. The beam from the railgun slams into Ashi's fist, Ashi's fist stops it dead on, but it's a power struggle, a struggle between Rex's railgun and Ashi's energy fist)
Tails: (he looks on with awe) come on… come on rex…! (Rex's beam turns from blue to green) uh oh…(he turns and starts running away from Rex) RUN! It's going to blow!
Dash: what?!(they start running, a few seconds later, Rex explodes, catching Ashi in the explosion, the explosion is very large, and bright. No one is able to see for a few minutes. As the time goes by. Dash wonders is everyone ok? He hopes no one died… except maybe Ashi.)
Tails: (the bright light disappears after what seemed an hour, which, in reality, was only a few short minutes. Tails, who had been burned slightly, stands up after the chaotic explosion. He peered at his allies, hoping to find someone else alive.) …guys…? (he sees knuckles first) knuckles!(he runs over to him, hoping he's ok, Tails kneels next to him, and puts his index and middle fingers on his neck, searching for a pulse) good… he's alive… (Tails hear's some foot steps) h-hello?
Ashi: heh heh heh heh…(his shirt is blown away, his pants are charred a little. Some of his arm is eaten away from the blast) is the little pup scared?
Tails: oh no…(he stands up and looks around) uhhh, guys…
Sonic: (out of seemingly no where, Sonic charges in and slams Ashi in the face with his fist. A sonic boom is produced from the Speed Sonic used)
Ashi: (his face barely moves from the impact) what was that?
Sonic: eh…(he pulls his fist back and starts punching quickly. Punching Ashi in the face)
Ashi: your annoying(catches Sonic's fist and plows him into the ground)
Sonic: RAH!(a burst of energy comes from him, sending ashi back 5 feet)
Ashi: what?!(Sonic stands up, his quills golden) what's going on?!
Super Sonic: the power of the chaos emeralds!(he suddenly appears in front of Ashi and slams his fist into Ashi's chest, a sonic boom produced)
Ashi: gah!(Sonic starts beating on him, repeatedly slamming his fist into Ashi's chest and gut, each strike producing a Sonic Boom, then a final kick sending Ashi crashing into the ground and sliding across it 15 more feet)
Super Sonic: (he watches Ashi) now, you're out of your league
Ashi: (he growls standing back up) oh yeah?! (he seems to be getting even more angry now. Ashi clenches his fist, a red aura appears around him, He points his palm at Super Sonic)
Super Sonic: I don't think so(he appears in front of Ashi and slams his foot into Ashi's gut) your not going to last long, taking so many hits!(he pulls his fist back, to take another swing, but he feels a strong force clamp around his body) what?(he can't move) what's going on?(the force starts to crush him) Gahhh!
Ashi: (blinks wondering what's going on too)
Mahou: I told you, I'm on your side!(looking at Ashi, her palms pointed at Sonic, using her magics)
Ashi: (grins) very well, I'll allow you to tag along with me(he slams his palm into Sonic's chest)
Super Sonic: (the palm strike doesn't even affect him, but the force of Mahou's telekinetic crush makes him scream)
Mahou: ha ha ha ha! This is awesome!(SLAM! A fist drives straight into her face) Oof!(she loses her focus and crashes to the ground, she quickly gets up and looks around) what in the world?! (SLAM! Another fist slams into her gut, then a foot into her gut and finally a Fist slamming her in the chin, uppercutting her, she hits the ground hard, and as she loses consciousness, Zero appears in front of her, he was using Stealth camoflauge!)
Zero: (kneels down by Mahou) Sweet dreams(Mahou passes out)
Ashi: hmph, no matter, Super Sonic is down!(it's true, Super Sonic passed out, his super form disappeared, the chaos emeralds on the ground)
Ashi: I'll take those(he kneels to get them, but a blue beam crashes into his skull, sending him back flipping into the air and slamming into the ground)
Zero: no thanks(he runs over and swipes all 7)
Ashi: if you all want to gang up on me, then I'll ask for a little help, Seto, be a darling and assist me
(a black shadow appears in front of Ashi, the shadow materializes into Seto. Ashi is right, Ashi took Seto's powers and turned him into a girl!)
Ashi: incapacitate them, don't kill them
Seto: (She nods)
Zero: (stares at Seto) did I miss something?
Rion: I've never fought against Seto, but Something tells me… this is going to be hard
Zion: (looks at Seto) you know what I'm capable of, don't make me have to hurt you
Seto: hah, since I've become a girl, I became so much more powerful! You know what I'm capable of, just multiply that by 10, and that's what I can do now!
Zion: I'm sure you are...(sarcasm)
Seto: I'll go easy on you(Zion feels a punch hit him in the back of the neck)
Zion: Oof!(he spins around, there's a second female Seto, than another punch hits him in the back, a 3rd Seto! The two near him start punching Zion, before anyone could even react. They slam him in the gut, face, 20 times before anyone could say a word. Then they both grab Zion by the shirt and they fire Terror Beam point blank)
Rion: …!(he gasps slightly, after the vicious assault, the two copy Setos disappear, and Zion is left laying on the ground) Z…Zion?!(he runs over) you ok?! (he doesn't move) …
Seto: I'd think my old friends would put up a fight
Ashi: (he laughs) after seeing the strongest member of your group slaughtered, you should have the smarts to surrender
Zero: (the chaos emeralds disappear inside him) huh?(a gold colored electric aura appears) …ng!(his fur flashes with gold coloring) …!(his aura gets much bigger as his fur turns gold) wow…(he looks at himself and grins) I could get used to this
Ashi: oh great, another “Super”
Zero: (he charges at Seto with a speed of a lightning bolt and slams his Mechanical arm straight into her face, Seto goes flying, doing about 5 back flips into a cliff wall, creating a crator in the side about 5 feet deep)
Seto: strong(she pulls herself off the rock wall surface) but not nearly strong enough
Zero: what do you mean? I only light jabbed you
Seto: (frowns) get real, there was no way that was a-(her eyes go wide as Zero appears in front of her and slams his metal arm into her gut, burying his arm in her gut) GAHHHH!(she stumbles back, almost losing her balance)
Zero: Seto… don't make me continue. Come back to our side, your friends. We'll find a cure for your gender swap.
Seto: no…! I don't care what Gender I am, power! I have much more power this way!
Zero: …well… if your happy like that, ok. But come on, we're your real friends. Not that butt face(points at Ashi).
Seto: that “butt-face” has made me so much more powerful! If you pledge your loyalty to Ashi, he'll do the same for you
Zero: hah! You think I need that pathetic Worm's help to get stronger?! Seto! Where's your Alpha instincts?! An Alpha would never sink to the level of a Beta!
Seto: I'm beyond Alpha and Beta. I'm so much more then that now. You'll understand after you get on your knees and BEG!(she runs at Zero, 2 more appearing in front of her, surprising Zero)
Zero: (he takes a step back as the 3 setos get closer, they each send a punch at Zero, he holds his robotic arm up and blocks them. The first one did nothing, but the force of the first punch and the second, his arm cracks, then the force of all three creates large cracks in his arm) darn it!(he spins and slams his robotic arm into one of the seto's face, it disappears) darn it! What are these things?
Seto: copies, they can attack you, but you can't attack them!(she laughs) this is just one of the many new abilities I got from Ashi, how would you like to use something equal to Particle beam cannon 500%? Ashi can make that possible
Zero: (spits in front of her) I don't need him to do that(he aims his cannon ar her, his arm sparks and he grins as particles begin to gather)
Seto: are you ok? In the head, I mean… I'm not going to let you actually get energy for that!(she runs at him)
Rion: (appears in front of her) Boo! Nyah!(he jumps and slams his foot into her face, making her stumble back, Rion then jumps on her shoulders and clamps his feet around her neck. Rion back flips, and lets go of her, sending her flying into a tree trunk, breaking the tree in half, She keeps going and slams into a second tree, breaking it in half also, but it stops her, she slides down the tree as the upper half of the tree lands on her) that was cool! (he looks at Zero) you're all clear!
(his arm stops building energy) ok… where is Seto…(he looks around for her)
Ashi: (appears behind Zero and grabs him around the waist, then he wraps his arm around Zero's neck and digs his claws into his neck)
Zero: gah!(Ashi holds him with a death grip, stopping Zero from moving)
Ashi: now you shall become a girl! Ha ha ha ha!
Rion: (appears in front of him) now you see me(he grabs Zero by the ankle) now you don't(they after image away from Ashi)
Ashi: what?! How'd you do that?!(he looks around for them)
Zero: (in a tree) ng… I think he poisoned me…
Rion: uh oh… is the way he turns you into a girl, the poison?
Zero: no… I don't think so… I'm losing energy, rapidly(he opens his cannon again) one final shot…
Rion: final?
Zero: (he aims the cannon at Ashi) Rion… after image me right in front of him…
Rion: no! you said “final”, you going to die?
Zero: no, I'm losing all of my energy, I'll pass out, since I'm losing it all anyway, might aswell put it to good use! No hurry, your wasting my energy
Rion: (nods) ok
Ashi: where are you two? Ugh! Why didn't I use the spell when I had him! (zero Appears in front of Ashi) there you are… huh?
Zero: (arm aimed at him) Vicious Particle cannon!(A whirring sound as a huge bright white beam shoots from the cannon. The beam seems to be 25 feet in radius, ever bit of it concentrated energy)
Seto: (appears by Ashi and grabs him, trying to get them both out of the way in time, but the cannon misses Seto and grazes Ashi, knocking him to the ground fiercely)
Ashi: GAH!(he gets up quickly) it's like a freakin train hitting you! AHHH!(he grabs his arm) and that only grazed me! Imagine if that hit me dead on!(he looks at Zero, he had passed out, laying on the ground, the emeralds next to him) now, I can take them(he walks over and grabs one and looks at it) this is too easy (SLAM! A big shot of pain shoots through his body as something very hard hits him in the arm, where he got hit by Zero's attack) GAAAAAAH!!!!(he doubles over in pain)
Iori: he he he(he slamed the blunt side of his Scythe into his arm) Baka, goshujin shikata amarini tayasui! (he grins and looks down at him) Bakari sutoppu kinai otaku nao Kisoku!
Fox of red fire: I love Japanese, translations…
Baka, goshujin shikata amarini tayasui! “Idiot, you're way too easy!”
Bakari sutoppu kinai otaku nao kisoku! “Just stop while you still breath!”
Fox of red fire: yes… Iori knows Japanese, mkay? On with the story!
Iori: keh!(he runs off and disappears)
Tails: (he glances at the emeralds) …!(he runs over to them and grabs them, Ashi has one too, but he's dazed and Tails easily slips it from his grip) this is the first time I ever held all 7… wow
Ashi: (after a little bit, he comes out of it) ehh…(he shakes his head) that… wasn't cool…
Sonic fic 5