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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Mr. and Mrs. Dreary, of 101 Art Drive, were proud to say they were American Cartoons. They just plain didn't hold tolerance for anime, finding it to be nonsense.

Mr. Dreary worked in a nuclear power plant, for a man named Mr. Burns who was of high prestige. Mr. Dreary himself was a rounded out man, with a yellow skin complexion, balding, a white shirt and a lust for "DUFF" beer. Mrs. Dreary was thin whit her hair in two tones, half white and half black. She was spindly all over and loved to gossip as much as she liked to smoke, but never as much as her obsession with spotted fur coats. The Drearys also had a son, which although young was still called Blob by everyone. Despite their teasing, the Drearys always said that their couldn't be a finer boy.

Although the Drearys were happy and fine in their cozy home, they also had a dark secret and their greatest fear was that someone would discover it.

They couldn't bear to think what would happen if someone found out about the Ikaris, Mrs. Dreary's sister because her and her unfashionable husband were as undreary like as was possible. They couldn't even bear the thought of the Ikaris showing up one day. What would the neighbors think?


Duo grabbed the Chibi bat and restrained him.

"Geh, please keep reading and enjoy the fic folks."

They knew the Ikaris had a son too, but had never even seen the boy and simply found it another reason to keep them away. They wouldn't want their Blobby-kins mixing with a child like that.

When the Drearys awoke the next morning, there was nothing about the gray sky that would say that strange things were happening. Mr. Dreary fixed his hard hat, looking into a mirror as Mrs. Dreary wrestled to feed the 7 year-old Blob his carrots while chattering away on a phone.

No one noticed the tiny pixie at the window.

At about 8, Mr. Dreary picked up his suitcase and kissed Mrs. Dreary on the cheek. He also tried to kiss Blob goodbye, but missed and got clocked in the eye, being as Blob was having a fit and flinging carrots. "DO!" He merely rubbed his eye and got into his car, backing out of 101 Art Drive. At the corner, he noticed something strange, was that an Anime Cat reading a map? He double-taked and then only saw an American cartoon cat reading a map. He merely laughed to himself. "Maybe I should cut down on the" He drove away without a second thought, not noticing the cat reading signs and such.

The other side of town though held some new fears for Mr. Dreary. There was a big traffic jam and people walking around in funny clothes. Mr. Dreary became annoyed as he rolled down his car window and hung out, shaking his fat balled up fist, " Stupid Hippies!", it took him a second, then he spoke again, "Go Hippies!" The crowd could only look at him strangely as the traffic moved and he pulled into the plant parking lot.

He found it harder through the day to think about the reactor core. He didn't see fairies and winged cats all day, did he? Well, he saw people point them out. Although, by lunch time, he was in a good mood, making his way to the bakery to get some donuts, but there, he passed by a group dressed in piloting skin tight outfits whispering excitedly. It made him uneasy, as he groaned to himself and decided to stay quiet and listen in.

"The Ikaris, that's right..."

"Yes, their son, Shinji."

Mr. Dreary went dead pale and lost his appetite...well almost, he went in the store and bought his donut anyway. "Mmmm...donut." He then dashed back to the plant, shutting himself in the janitor's office, grabbing a phone and about to dial his home, but stopped, because he forgot the number. Then he got to thinking, what was he so worried about? Wasn't Ikari a common name? He didn't even know if his Nephew's name was in fact Shinji. He decided to laugh it off and not worry Mrs. Dreary, besides, she got scary when she was worried. He shuddered as he opened the office door and strolled down the hallways whistling uneasily. Quitting time came, and he was still whistling that shaky tune, bumping straight into a man outside of his building, " sorry...." but he was cut short at the sight of this man in what looked like a karate outfit carrying a sword at his side. He didn't seem at all angry, but glad. "Happy day! Happy day! The evil one is gone! Even you American cartoons should rejoice!"

They man hugged Mr. Dreary and frolicked off.

Mr. Dreary now started to ask himself if he should switch his brand of beer as he got to his car and drove home, and what he saw when he got there didn't make his day any better. It was that black cat, the same one, he knew by the moon on it's forehead.

"Shoo! Move kitty!...please...?"

The cat only stared at him strangely.

" Maybe cats are supposed to act like this..."

Mrs. Dreary had a nice day, saying how Blobby had beaten up a kid in school for his lunch money and how she had seen a nice fur she was intent on getting, " You should have seen it darling, the color was simply marvelous."

The news though on the TV got Mr. Dreary wondering again. The caster said something about fairies and flying cats all over, and a downpour of cherry blossom fireworks. It all brought up the memory of talking about the Ikaris. When Mrs. Dreary came into the room, he decided to speak up, " Um...Cruella hunny. Have you heard from your sister?"

She dropped the tray of tea she had been carrying and the cups shattered. " Why that wretch! I'd never spoken to her since our marriage," She then turned to him sharply, "Why!?"

" Nothing hunny," He forced a smile, but knew the truth about the fairies and the flying cats, atleast he thought so. He muttered once more, " Wouldn't their son be Blobby's age?"

" I believe so," her remark was short, curt, and stung like a bee.

He gulped and continued, " What was his name again? Sam, right?"

"Shinji, awful and ghastly, wouldn't you agree?"

" Yes dear....", his voice quivered again and he merely shut up for the rest of the night. He lay awake in bed for hours, trying to reassure himself . He even wondered how his dear Cruella could get mixed up in such a crowd. He yawned and laughed to himself once more, what ever it was, it would never affect them.

On the silent street, a man appeared, carrying a sword and waving a hand, so all the street lamps lit and the faint light flickered and shone off the black cat's forehead. He fixed his glasses and long ponytail. His face was worn, but cheery, his dress was a kendo gi. He patted his chest to brush off his jacket and looked up. This man was known as Yosho.

Yosho either didn't notice or care that he was in a street where he was entirely unwelcome. The sight of the black cat amused him as he spoke softly to it, " I should have known. Fancy seeing you here, Professor Luna."

Instead of turning to smile warmly at a black cat, he was instead smiling at a beautiful woman with wavy long black tresses and crimson eyes. Her skin was like snow and her crescent moon marking still shone on her forehead. Despite her beauty, though she looked a tad on the ruffled side.

"How did you know, Yosho?"

" My dear Professor, I have never seen a cat act so stiffly."

"You would be stiff if you sat on a brick wall all day."

" All day? When you could have been celebrating? I passed dozens of feasts and parties on my way."

" Celebrations indeed," she sounded impatient, " It was all over the American Cartooning news. Sakura fireworks, flocks of Fairies and flying cats. Humph, you'd think they would be more careful."

" You can't blame them, we've had but so little to celebrate for so long."

" I know that," she retorted with irritation, " but the entirety of the anime community is being down right careless."

She glanced at him sharply, but he merely smiled calmly at her so she went on, " A fine thing if the American cartoons started a revolution just after we think the evil one is finally gone.," her voice softened, " Do you think he's gone, Yosho?"

" It seems so," he calmly answered, his voice like the still wind, " would you care for a Jolly Rancher?"

" A what?"

" A kind of American candy I like very much."

" No thank you," she seemed to not like being driven off subject, " as I had said, even if the evil one HAS gone..."

" Oh tut tut, Professor, surely a woman of your character can call him by his name? For all this time, I have preferred people to call him Neraku," although Professor Luna flinched, Yosho was merely taking the wrapper off a Jolly Rancher, " It gets so confusing calling him the Evil One. I have never seen why people are so scared of saying Neraku's name."

" You're different," she responded with an admirable tone, "Everyone knows that the...I mean Neraku was scared of you."

" You flatter me. He has powers that I will never have you know"

"Only because you are too respectable to use them"

He chuckled lightly, " I haven't blushed like this since Ms. Washu said she like my new glasses."

" But what about the rumors, sir?" she had become anxious now, " They say Neraku turned up in Hero's Haven. They say that the Ikaris are dead."

Yosho bowed his head softly and Professor Luna gasped, " both of them?..I can't believe ...Oh Yosho!"

He reached out and patted her shoulder, "I know..."

" That's not all, I heard he tried to kill the Ikari's son, Shinji, but he couldn't," her voice was shaky, " They say he was able to Pilot the Eva Unit-01 and save anime land and somehow broke Neraku's power."

" The entirety of the Eva world was destroyed and the only witnesses lost their memory, so we may only guess."

" So it's true, he couldn't kill that little boy? How in Heaven's name?"

Yosho shrugged. Professor Luna had pulled out a handkerchief and was dabbing at her teary crimson eyes with it. Yosho examined a watch from the inside of his jacket, " Ox King is late, I suppose he was the one that told you I was coming."

" Yes, although I should like to know why."

" I came to bring Shinji to his aunt and uncle. This is all that's left of his family."

" You can't possibly mean here!", she stood up alarmed, "I have been watching them, Yosho. You can't find a family less like us if you searched. Even their son is terrible! Shinji Ikari come and live here!"

" It's what's best for him. I have even prepared a letter so his aunt and uncle may explain everything to him when he's older."

" Honestly, Yosho. A letter would never explain everything. He's famous, a legend in our world. Today might even be Shinji Ikari day in the near future, and as for these people, they will never understand him!"

" I know," Yosho fixed his glasses, "It's enough to turn any boy's head. Especially one that lost his memory in an accident and is wondering why we are even alive. I think it's better that he waits until he can handle it."

" Yes, yes I suppose that's best, but how is he getting here?"

" Ox King is bringing him naturally."

" Sir, is it wise to trust him with this?:

" I trust him with my life."

" I'm not saying his heart isn't in the right place, but sir, he has been a tad careless in the past."

A thudding of hooves and snorting like thunder broke the night air as a black demonic horse came into view. The man that sat astride it was enormous to say the least, with a horned hat atop his strong head, a full beard, and shining black eyes. His muscles the size of small dolphins and his hands like hammers. Sitting in his lap was a small boy with black hair and a distant look in his half glazed eyes. The giant reached down and wiped the boy's bleeding forehead with a cloth, "shh, little one. Things will be okay."

" Ox King," Yosho smiled, his voice relieved and welcoming to his large friend, " where did you get that horse?"

" The young Dumpeel hunter D lent it to me. I have him sir."

" No problems?"

" None, the boy just looks tired."

Professor Luna and Yosho bent over to see the cradled child in Ox King's arm. Professor Luna gasped at the star shaped cut, " Is that..?"

" He'll have that scar forever."

" May I say good bye to the little tike?" Ox King gave him a light hug and handed him over to Yosho, before he began to howl with tears.

" Ox King, please! Do restrain yourself!" Professor Luna looked to him sternly.

" Sorry..." He sniffled, wiping his coal-like eyes.

Yosho placed the boy on the door step, wrapping the blankets tightly, " Well that's that, we have nothing more to do here."

" I'll be taking D's horse back, " but it was no use, as he went to sit on it, in his state of despair, he crushed it. " Oops, I suppose I'll get him a new on instead..." with that he walked off.

Yosho waved his hand, the lights going out the body of the horse disappearing, " Good night Proffessor."

The Professor was already gone, but a black cat with a moon shaped marking on it's forehead nodded to the old man as is scampered off into the night. Yosho then looked to the boy on the steps, " Good luck, Shinji," and with that was gone.

Only the night air blew as the tiny seven-year-old boy sat on the steps, lulling himself to sleep on the porch up to 101 Art Drive. The letter was clenched in his thin hand as he slept, not knowing he would soon awake to the screams of Mrs. Dreary and would spend the next few weeks being picked on by his cousin, Blob. And he would least of all know that he had been the subject of many toasts tonight..." To Shinji Ikari, the boy who didn't die!"