Spiderman Fan Fiction ❯ Octonaped ❯ caught ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Annabell or Anna was a pretty normal 16 year old girl. She got good grades and didn't get in trouble at school. But that's just what you saw on the outside. Inside she was a girl who didn't trust. A girl whose step mom cut her until the day her drunken father killed her. A girl who locks her door so her dads friends won't try to use her. A girl that loves the internet. A girl who wears black to symbolize the lack of parental love in her heart. The only bright spot was a high school mentorship program that she was in. Once a week a collage student would come to visit. Her mentor was Peter Parker, he took pictures of Spidey he was pretty cool. Today was Thursday that meant that her dad was getting his check and getting drunk with buddies. So she had to choices,
Choice A walking home and risk being caught by dad.
Choice B Taking the 11:30 bus that would take her to the street behind her house. Climbing up a tree into her window.
As always choice B won hands down especially since the last time her dad caught her. So she waited, out the corner of her eye she saw a guy in a brown trench coat/hat with sunglasses on.” Hello do I know you? “ I don't think so” “ Oh you look familiar” “ I get that a lot”.
In Otto's head
Father who is it?
Is it a human?

What gendar?
Why are you talking to it?
“What's your name? “ Annabell” ~ This is Annabell she is female yes she is human and I'm talking to her to be friendly~
They both heard sirens.
“ Crap what dad do now? That was the last thing she said before being swept off the ground.
“ Holy Shit it's Dr' Octavius!
“ Put me down! put me down! PUT ME DOWN!!
“ Will you shut up and stop screaming”
“ I'll scream if I want to”
“ Be quite I won't hurt you”
Anna just went limp
When she woke up she was on a cold metal floor “ What happened did dad give me drugs? “ I see your awake”
It was Dr. Otto Octavius. Memories came flooding back.He and his arms were staring at her. She jumped up somehow manged to do a back flip and bang her head on a beam.
“Are you ok? She couldn't hear him she was to busy saying a stream of Russin curses. “ Are you ok? “ Fine just peachy” She said dripping with sarcasum. “ Are you bleeding? “ Yes it's okay I've had worse”. She tore a piece of her jacket to wipe her head. “ I have some bandges you know” “ I'm fine” Otto was no good with kids and worse with teens.” Why did you take me? “ I need a contact to the outside world, someone to get geoceries rent me books or movies” “ You want me to be your Erwin boy! “ More or less” “ But why me? “ You were the first one I saw before the sirens” “ So you picked me because I was waiting for the 11:30 bus” “Pretty much” Anna scowled. “ You should go back to sleep it's 3 am” “ Fine”