Spiderman Fan Fiction ❯ Octonaped ❯ Breakfast with Dok.Ock ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Annabell woke up. “Man I had the most messed dream I dreamed.” “ It was no dream”. ~ Damn it! ~ “Here you must be hungry” an arm placed a plate of sunny side up eggs in front of her. She looked at it in both hunger and suspicion “ I haven't poisoned it you know”. She took a bite and it tasted pretty damn good.
One of the arms eyes were looking at her so she stopped eating and looked at the arm. It looked back at her and hissed softly. Anna had an idea. She lifted her hand and the arm followed. She raised it up down side to side and the arm kept following her. She kept it up until she snapped her fingers right in it sensore. It flung its claw back and hissed at her. Anna went back to eating.
Father why did she do that?
~ to test your reaction.
Anna's mind
~ Hmm showed that arm that I'm not afraid of it. Gotta get out of here. Hey there's a hole over there I can escape~
After Anna ate she went to the corner as far away from Doc.Ock as possible and started to stretch. “ What are you doing? “ What I do every morning strech” “ Alright”.
He turned to work as she did the bridge, the lotus's position and she went on her knees back ward. The arms were curious about how a human body could move. So they watched her as she went from touching the floor standing up to doing a hand stand in wonder. Anna got up and took a rest and the arms went back to work.