Spiderman Fan Fiction ❯ Octonaped ❯ Annabells plan ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

~ in about five minutes I'll escape by , running threw the hole grabbing a piece of wood. Diving into the water using the wood to float halfway then diving down and swimming to shore.~
Anna stood up and did some calf stretches. ~ she's doing more stretches at least she's quite~
3,2,1 and she was off. Out of the hole she bolted.
It took all of three minutes for Otto and the arms to realize she had escaped.” Damn! He tried to go threw the hole but it was to small so he had to go around. He saw a piece of wood and went into the water.
~ He's right behind me time to deploy the decoy” She let go of the wood and put a piece of her ripped jacket on it.
Father I see her jacket.
Lets get her.
Yes .
~ good job children.~
Anna was diving ~ shit I need to go up for air but I'm so close just a bit farther~
But the arms got her first but not quickly enough from saving her from passing out from lack of air.
Father is she dead?
~ No she just fainted~
Annabell woke up with a pounding headach~ If I don't open my eyes it won't get worse. Damn red sun. Wait red sun?
She opened her eyes to she a sensor staring at her “Ahh!!! “ I see your awake, you almost made it to shore but I got you” “ so close yet so far away” Anna replied sadly. “ It was quite ingenious how you used your jacket as a decoy” “ Thanks” she said flatly. “ You won't try to escaped again now will you because you know will always find you”
It was true she couldn't escape what was she going to do?