Spiral Fan Fiction ❯ BROKEN FEELINGS ❯ Meeting ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

A fanfic about Eyes Rutherford from Spiral and one of my own characters, Kaylen Hikari Twist. Made by Yami_Hime.
First chapter: Meeting.
Eyes is a sixteen year old student and he's an outsider. His life is just perfect, but then he meets the young Assassin/vampire Kaylen Twist. At that moment his life changes. But he doesn't know who Kaylen really is. What will happen when he finds out?
Eyes walked to class. Just like every other day at school, he was sad. The new student would come today. He would probably be populair and he would have friends. The new kid would totally ignore him.Eyes sat down behind his desk and stared out the window. The new boy came in. His long white hair was tied in a long braid and Eyes couldn't see any emotion in his eyes. “My name is Kaylen Twist. I hope you'll accept me in this class.” Kaylen sat down at the chair next to Eyes and smiled. “Hi.” Eyes just looked at him. Then he answered. “Hi.” “What's your name?” “Eyes. Eyes Rutherford.” “Okay. Nice to meet you, Eyes-kun.” Eyes didn't understand. This boy talked to him. This boy was nice to him. Kaylen smiled again and began to do his homework.
“Kaylen-san, can I talk to you?” the teacher asked. “Sure.” “You're pretty smart, and you're older. I was wondering. Do you want to become an upperclassman?” “Upperclassman? But only higher student can become that.” “But I want you to become it.” “Yes, I want to become it.” “Thanks. You are allowed to have one underclassman.” “What's that?” “A student who follows you and you'll help him. Do you already have an idea who that can be?” “Eyes Rutherford.” “Okay. Bye then Kaylen-san.” Kaylen walked out of the classroom and went outside. “Class isn't over yet.” He sat down under a tree and stared at the sky. “I can wait a little.”
The schoolbell rang and Eyes walked home. “Eyes-kun, matte (1)!” Eyes turned around and saw Kaylen. “Can I walk home with you today? I mean, I don't know anyone and I don't wanna walk alone.” “Sure.” Eyes smiled and walked further. “Eyes-kun, you seem to be an outsider. Why?” “I don't know actually.” “Hmmm...” “And you? I thought you would be populair.” “I like to be an outsider. I'm not really allowed to have friends.” “Why?” “I will tell you, but not now. Here's my house. By the way. You are my underclassman now.” “What?!” “I became an upperclassman. The teacher asked me. “But… Well… Okay…” “Bye.” “Bye.” Kaylen walked away. Eyes came home and went to his room. He turned on the TV and slowly fell asleep.
It was midnight and Eyes woke up. The TV was still on. “The police officers are investigating the murder at Seven Moon-street. The name of the victim is Kitty Shaolan and she was a student at the Meridian Highschool. If anyone knows something about the murder please contact the police.” “A murder?” Eyes whispered. “At Seven Moon-street? But Kaylen-san lives there.” He shook his head and fell asleep again.
Kaylen sat on his bed and was talking trough the phone. “Yes, she's dead.” “No.” “Who? Eyes Rutherford? The famous pianist? No I refuse.” “No, I'm not taking this request.” “Tell the boss that I give a fuck about what he thinks.” Kaylen threw the phone in a corner and fell on his back. “Not again...”
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Kaylen: “Yay first chapter is up. Please don't flame me on my grammar. I know it sucks.... Comment please!!!!”
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(1) Matte= wait