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Second Chapter: Feelings
Class was really boring. Kaylen stared out of the window and Eyes was painting a bird. The teacher came in and started to talk. “Class, you're going sail for two whole weeks. We are also going to sail to the Netherlands and to learn about the language, the country and we're going to make cheese. I want you to choose a partner. You have to share a room with your partner so that means boys with boys and girls with girls.” Every straight person got up to search a partner and Kaylen walked to Eyes. “Wanna share a room with me?” “Eh. Sure.” “Okay.” “Class, We'll leave tomorrow at 4 pm. I hope you all will be on time.”
“We're going to sail! We're going to sail Kaylen!” Konahma schreamed. Kaylen looked at the girl and sighed. “I'm getting tired of your screaming. “But… it's just so romantic. You and I, together on a boat, watching the sunset.” “Won't last long.” “Why not?” “Someone is going to swim then.” “Who?” “Are you really that stupid?” “I'm not stupid! Don't call me that! My name is Konahma-chan!” “Whatever baka. Leave me alone now.” Kaylen stood up and walked to the teacher. “May I say something?” “Sure.” “Class, when we are in the Netherlands we'll visit a highschool there. The name of the highschool is Bonhoeffer College. We will follow the lessons there. I hope you will be nice against the other students there.” “Ah sure. We are always nice.” A girl named Alyssa said. “Alright class. School is out so go home.” “I see you all tomorrow.” The teacher said.
The next day Kaylen and Eyes were at the harbour. Alyssa, Ranone and Narumi arrived some minutes after them. “Hi there!” Ranone said. Soon all the students arrived and they could go to the boats. Two beautiful ships layed in the harbour. The students went on board and went directly to their rooms. Eyes fell on a bed. “This is so cool.” “Hmm yeah.” Kaylen took his laptop out of his bag and turned it on. “What are you doing?” “Nothing special.” He typed something, closed the laptop and left. Eyes followed him. “Where are you going?” “Shut up and follow me.” Eyes followed him to the front of the ship. “Eyes…” “What?” “I need to tell you something.” “What?” “I just need to tell you something. I don't know how I have to tell you this, and I don't want to alarm you, but I feel something weird when I am around you. I don't really know this feeling but I think it's a nice feeling.” “What do you mean?” “I think I fell in love with you.” Kaylen didn't blush. Actually, Eyes was wondering if Kaylen could blush. In class he never showed any emotions and he always acted cold. But he was nice. And Eyes did love him. “Maybe you don't…” “No, I mean yes I do love you. I think I already loved you when you first came in class…” Kaylen looked at him and saw a crimson blush on Eyes' face. He walked to him and gave him a gentle kiss. Eyes blushed even more. Kaylen walked away. “I have some things to do. Wait for me in our room…” “Hai.”
Eyes walked back to the room. “Shit, finally we're alone and then he has to work…” He looked at Kaylen's bed and discovered the laptop. `I wonder what he has to do…' he thought and he turned the laptop on. `Password? Not even a password? He's stupid…' He watched at the e-mail that quickly opened.
Kaylen Hikari Twist,
If you don't accept the job to kill Eyes Rutherford, we'll make sure that the rest of your family will die. Unfortunately your sister is already dead. I hope you'll still work with us. We have a contract. You may be a vampire, but we know how to hurt you…
“What the…” Eyes stared at the laptop. De door opened very quietly and Eyes jumped up from a low but soft voice. “It seems that you found out. Who I am.” Eyes turned around and gasped when he saw Kaylen standing in the room. “You… Get away from me!” “Why?” “Go away!” “Are you afraid? When you didn't know it, you weren't afraid. Do you humans only look at who a person is? And not at what he does, what he cares about? What he thinks? You humans are pathetic. I tried to live between humans and the only thing they did was hating me and fearing me. And I hated them. I hated my parents the most.” Kaylen's low and soft voice sounded nice and Eyes relaxed a little. It was a different voice then before, but Eyes liked it. “Why?” Kaylen stared at him. “Why?” “Why do you have to kill me?”
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