Spiral Fan Fiction ❯ BROKEN FEELINGS ❯ Pain ( Chapter 3 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Third chapter: Pain
“Why? Why do you have to kill me?” “Eyes…” “We are having fun right. Then why do you have to ruin that?” “It's my job.” “So you're also the one who killed Shaolan.” “Yes.” “And you didn't feel anything? No because you're a damn vampire.” “I did feel…” “Don't you have any human emotions left?” “Shaolan was my sister.” Silence. Eyes stared at him and became even angrier. “You killed your own sister?” “I had to.” “You had to, you had to. Don't lie to me!” “Please Eyes. Please shut up now.” “Tell me the truth Kaylen.” “SHUT UP!” Kaylen jumped up, ran out of the room and went upstairs to the deck of the boat. “Please. Don't say anymore. I don't want to kill you. I don't want to.” “Who gave you the job?” “I don't know.” “Did you accept it at that moment, Kaylen?” “No.” Kaylen started to cry and layed against the chest of Eyes. “You gave me back the emotions. But now I only feel pain.” “Please let me take away the pain. Please…” Kaylen started to cry again. “Shh… Kaylen, don't cry anymore. Boys don't cry.” “Eyes…” “Come on Kaylen. Let's go to sleep.” Slowly the two boys fell asleep.
Kaylen woke up from a bright light. “Too bright.” “Finally awake, Kaylen?” “Why is it so bright?” “What's bright?” “The sun is too bright.” “I can't help it. We aren't vampires here.” “That was sarcastic… But I know it's true.” “Come on get up now. We're almost in the Netherlands.” The boat arrived in the harbour of Ijmuiden and the class went to the high school in Castricum. “Hey. Ja ik heb de toets wel goed gemaakt. En jij? (Yes I have made the test quite well. And you?”) Kaylen knew the language. But the other students didn't. “Kaylen, they talk weird.” “They don't talk weird. This is Dutch.” “Still, it's weird.” A girl walked to Kaylen. “Hi… Are you the students from Japan?” She asked in English. “Ja dat zijn we. Mijn naam is Kaylen.” (Yes we are. My name is Kaylen.) “Oh je spreekt onze taal?” (Oh you speak our language?) “Ja ik heb hier een tijd gewoond.” (Yes I have lived here for a while) Eyes stared at Kaylen. “You speak Dutch?” “Yes.” “Wow. You're awesome.” “That's why I am your boyfriend.” He heard that the girl was trying to translate what he said. “You're his… boyfriend?” She asked in English again. “Well… would it be a problem?” “Oh, no. I'm just a little yaoi fangirl.” “That's not a crime. What's your name?” “Watashi… wa… Charly-chan, desu…(1)” “Hmm… You also speak Japanese.” “Just a little but I know some words.” “Okay.. Ehm.. How about `snow'?” “Yuki.” “And `bird'?” “Tori.” “And fox?” “Kitsune.” “And `You're cute'?” “Kimi wa kawaii?” “Yeah that's right. You're quite good.” “I watch a lot anime.” “What series do you know?” “A lot. My favourite are Garvitation, Sukisho!, Karin and Vampire Princess Mayu.” “Cool. But I have to go. See you around!” “Okay!” Kaylen walked away. “Narumi-kun we have to go. Don't interview students. You're not a police officer!” “Yes Kaylen-senpai.”
“Good morning, sir.” “Good morning. You've finally arrived.” The director walked to the teacher and shook his hand. “The class will be separated in groups. I hope you'll like this school.” “Thank you. Okay class. Make groups of four please.” Kaylen ran to Eyes and Alyssa. “We're a group of three.” “Konahma is going to join you.” “Damnit,” Kaylen whispered. The group joined class 4g and followed the music lessons. “And does anyone of the new students know what we mean with soprano?” “I, sir. A soprano is a female singer with a high voice.” “Very good. What's your name?” “Eyes Rutherford, sir. I play piano.” “Well could you play for us?” “Sure.” Eyes sat down behind the piano and started to play one of his songs. “Hij is een beroemde pianist,” (He is a famous pianist) Kaylen said to the teacher. “Yeah?” “Really.” Eyes finished his song and went back to his chair. “Thank you Eyes.” A really annoying bell rang and the students left. Kaylen, Alyssa, Eyes and Konahma went to the other students of their class, but Kaylen left to the B wing of the building. “Charly-san!” Some girls looked at him and whispered to eachother. “Wie is dat?” (Who is that?) “Please speak in English Kelly. He's a student from Japan.” Charly said. Kelly let go of her boyfriend and walked to Kaylen. “Oh. Hi.” “Hello Kelly-san.” “What's your name?” “Kaylen.” “Kaylen!” Eyes jumped up behind him and layed his hand on Kaylen's waist. “Hi I'm Eyes.” “Yeah, you're the pianist.” Charly said, smiling. “Yes I am. It's a pleasure to meet you.” The boyfriend of Kelly walked to them. “What is my cute girl doing?” The boy was cute. And sexy. He was a little bit older than Kelly and he had beautiful blue eyes and blond hair. “So you two are gay?” another boy suddenly said. Kaylen sighed. “And you are?” “Name's Bart. Answer my question.” “Why?” “You look like you're gay. I have seen you two kissing in the bus. Is that normal in your country?” “We accept gay relationships, if that's what you mean.” “So you are gay. That's cool.” “Cool? Kan je niet even je kop houden?” (Can't you shut up for a moment?) “Nee.”(No) “Can you please go away?” Eyes asked. “Is it normal for you Dutch people to say stupid things?” Ranone asked with a smirk. “It looks like you don't have better things to do.” “Ranone-kun, relax. He didn't do anything wrong, baka.” Kaylen said and he walked to Bart. “I like boys who say stupid things.” He whispered is his ear. “I think I start to like you.” Bart walked away. Scared. He said something to a couple of other boys and went outside. “Hmm that's bad. Now we won't see him again.” “Kaylen please remember you're mine.” Eyes said. Kaylen laughed. The teacher arrived and the class was about to leave when: “Kaylen! Eyes! Do you have e-mail?” “Yeah Charly-san. I already wrote it down. Here.” “Thanks. Bye Eyes. Bye Kaylen.” “Bye!” The class left. Tomorrow they would go to a family that makes cheese, together with some people from the high school.
“Well… That was fun.” Eyes fell down at his bed and sighed. “Yeah.” Kaylen sat down next to Eyes and smiled. “Wanna have more fun Eyes?”
Authors note:
Kaylen: “Chapter three!!!!! Yay!! Next chaptor is Yaoi Lemon!!! If you don't like Yaoi Lemon stuff please skip this chapter…”