Spirited Away Fan Fiction / Tokyo Mew Mew Fan Fiction / Shinzo Fan Fiction ❯ Oh Sister, Spare me ❯ Kila ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Digi was putting her clothes away as she heard a scream from another room. "Great," Digi said as she slamed the drauw. She had managed to clean her room, and it looked rather, glum. She saw from her door that someone was being chased. Digi walked to the door to see Haku and Mushra having a fight with each other. "Break it up," she said as she gave them a dirty look. Looking at her, they both stoped. "Digi if your looks were to be named, I'd call that one 'the queen of demons', Kila said. Haku and Mushra sort of laughed. "Yeah and on the hotness scale you get a 1," Mushra said right before Digi tackled him. "On the smartness scale Mushra, you get a 0," Haku said as he shook his head.
Ichigo watched as Yakumo tied her hair back. Hearing the fight in the other room, they shook their heads. Seeing Mushra run past them as Digi picked up a sword from the sword rack, they twiched. "TONIGHT, WE SHALL HAVE MUSHRA SUSHI," Digi cried. "Run faster Mushra," Kila called as Digi ran after him. "YOU'RE DEAD," Digi yelled as she cut some of Mushra's hair. "Ah! It's a valcerie! No, it's Saten's wife! No wonder she's UGLY," Mushra yelled back at her as he ran faster. Digi's eyes turned into what seemed to be a demons as she cut Mushra's neck. "Mushra," Yakumo said as she put her head in her hand. "So how long have the two have you been married, since the begining of time!? If so then no wonder you're so UGLY," yelled Mushra as Digi's sword came closer to him. "Woah," Mushra yelled right before he almost was stabed. "Stand down Digi," Haku said as he grabed her arm. "Come on Haku, He NEEDS to learn that I'm not Saten's wife nor that old," Digi said as she looked at him. "That's true, but still, he needs to be alive for the moment," Haku sort of agreed. Mushra frowned, but let it go. "Hey, I Know what we can do! Yukumo find Chihiro, Digi and Kila go get the makeup, and Haku grab Mushra," Ichigo said hauntingly.
2 hours later Mushra had his nails done, pores cleaned, makeup done, hair fixed, and outfit redone. "I feel wrong," he said as he looked at himself in a mirror. He looked like a Ken doll, except WORSE. His hair was spiked, he had BLUE makeup, and green fingernail polish. He wore a red shirt, bluejean short shorts, tons of fishnet, and purple tennishshoes. The girls and guys were laughing as Mushra started to blush. Digi smiled as Mushra ran off. Everyone stared at her as she continued to smile and laugh. "Woah, she CAN smile," Kila said as she looked at her sister. At that she stoped. Everyone looked at Kila with daggers. "What," Kila said as everyone felt her stupidity. "Did I just see what I think I saw," Joshua said as he walked in. At that everyone twilred around. "Surprising isn't it daddy," Kila said as Digi frowned more. "Very," he replied.
(Okey, I'm trying to be funny. So could you all be helpful and tell me how I'm doing? It would be very much appreciated.)