Spirited Away Fan Fiction / Tokyo Mew Mew Fan Fiction / Shinzo Fan Fiction ❯ Oh Sister, Spare me ❯ Digi's plot, A Wave of Anger! ( Chapter 3 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Kila hid behide the bushes as Chihiro and Haku came out the door. Sort of purring, she listened in to their conversation. "Chihiro, I've been meaning to tell you something," Haku started. "Yes, what is it," Chihiro asked with a smile. "I was wondering, would you like to go out with me? I mean, there's no Yubaba, or anyone else here to hurt us, or get in our way. What do you say," Haku asked her as he blushed. By this time Kila was right next to blowing her cover. "Uh, yeah, sure! I'd love to," Chihiri said with much glee. All the sudden out of nowhere someone yelled YES. Haku and Chihiro looked around in question. Starting to look around Kila scurried to the backyard. "Whew, too close," Kila whispered as she sat on the back porch. "Kila, what are you up to," said a cold voice from behind her. "Uh, nothing! Nothing at all," Kila said quickly. "Yeah right, and my favorite thing is to smile. I KNOW you better Kila, what did you do," said Digi. "Well, I overheard some NEW gossep! Chihiro and Haku are SO going out! Isn't it just so JUICY," Kila said with a foxy smile. "Wow, no way! Kila, we GOT to have some fun with this," Digi said with a satistic grin. "Like how, huh Digi," Kila said with her curiousity rising. "Oh, my little sister, remember Liz and Neil? I PLANNED that, my annoying sister! So WE shall have our fun! Now COME," Digi said right before grabbing Kila.
"I wonder who was spying on us," Chihiro said. "I don't know, but we better not announce our current relationship yet," said Haku looking through a nearby window. "Why," Chihiro gasped as she turned quickly to look at him. "Because, it isn't very sencable at the moment," Haku said. BEEP. "What was that," Haku said as he turned around and looked in every direction he could. "I don't know," Chihiro said, looking with him. "We better not talk anymore," Haku said as he walked off. "Haku! Haku wait," Chihiro cried.
"Digi, now this is EVIL! Man, how many on these did you do," Kila gasped. "Most of the breakups at our school are planned by me. So over 350," Digi yawned. "Do you take pleasure in this," Kila asked, knowing she'd regret the answer. "Yes, I LOVE to watch the break up scene, it is wonderful," said Digi. "That's ruthless Digi! How crule can you be," Kila said to her nearly in tears. "Oh, I do alot of things you wouldn't even try. You're too much of a daddies girl to do half of it! You see, I am brains and brone, no one messes with me," Digi explained. "I knew that much, but you DO scare dad, mom, me, and EVERYONE else with your face alone! If I didn't smile and laugh, nobody would EVER know what you'd look like happy! Course, given, you are the image of me mad," Kila said. "Why does EVERYONE say I'm scary!? God! God, is it because I don't smile!? If I do, it's like dooms day," Digi yelled."Hey Kila, is Satan's wife messing with you," Mushra asked as he came in the room they were in. "Uh no! She's helpping me out! Don't worry," Kila said as she shooed him out. "Oh, why is Haku and Chihiro so mad at each other, you two know," Mushra asked before they closed the door. "So it's working," Digi said before doing a haughting laugh. "Digi, calm down, you're scaring me again," said Kila.
Chihiro was on the front porch crying. "Chihiro what's wrong," Yukumo asked as she sat next to her on the swing. "Nothing," Chihiro said crying even more.
Haku sat on the back porch steps looking at the ground. "Hey, is something up, you and Chihiro seem tence. Plus Digi's been sort of happy," Mushra said as he walked onto the porch. "It doesn't concern you Mushra, so stay out of it," Haku growled.
It seemed that anger was the only thing going on in the house. That and deceit, hurt, and sorrow. Will it ever end is what they all were thinking. Except for Kila and Digi, and that made everyone suppessuse. Digi, they all could understand, but Kila... Something was up, and they were going to find out!