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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Ichigo looked over at Digi. Digi seemed to be in an even fouler mood than usual. 'oh boy,' she thought as Digi looked her way. "Hey Ichigo, what is Chihiro and Haku doing," Digi asked coming near her. "Ah, I have no idea," Ichigo said hoping that she'd back off. "Really, could you possiblely go and check on them both for me?" "Why?" Digi stood there for a moment with a devilish smirk on her face. "Because I want to know! Do I make myself clear," Digi about yelled at her. "Calm down, you don't have to slaughter me," said Ichigo.
Ichigo went into where the boys were. They were playing football in the livingroom! Mushra was standing on the couch arms wide open, Haku had the ball, and Masaya was in the middle. Throwing the ball to Mushra, Haku tackled Masaya and Mushra ran into another room. Getting Haku off of him Masaya ran after Mushra. Before Haku could run after him, Ichigo stopped him. "Haku, how are you doing today," Ichigo asked. "I'm well, is something troubling you?" "Well it's just that... well, you and Chihiro haven't been talking, it seemed strange," she said. "I don't see where that is any of your concern, but we don't agree on somethings, so we ended our friendship." "Oh I see," Ichigo said as Haku then ran after them. 'That doesn't sound right...,' Ichigo thought as she went to another room.
Ichigo then thought it to be good to go where the other girls were. They were currently doing what they did best, do their makeup. "Um Chihiro can I please see you for a moment," Ichigo asked her as she looked over at her. Chihiro followed Ichigo outside. "Chihiro, how are you," she asked as she fliped her hair out of her face. "I'm fine, thank you, but Ichigo, that doesn't seem to be the reason why you called me out here." "A little while ago, I spoke to Haku," Ichigo started as Chihiro's face looked haughted. "He told me that you two weren't friends anymore. But I've noticed that you two look at each other like you are. In fact, you two look at each other like you're more than that, care to explain why," Ichigo said, knowing she'd get some answers. "Well you see, me and Haku had a fight. Haku was so mad he broke up with me. But that doesn't change one thing! Ichigo, I love Haku! That is why I look at him like that." Ichigo hugged Chihiro. "You're so cute! Don't worry! I'll talk with Haku, and soon you two will be on the road to happiness!" Ichigo chirped as she ran off.
Digi saw Ichigo run past her. She smirked at the info that Ichigo was obtaining for her. Sure Ichigo was cool, but Digi didn't care, she was still going to use her.
Ichigo pulled Haku out of a dog pile that the boys did ontop of him. Rushing him to another room she stared him down. "Chihiro loves you, and all you can do is act like a jerk! What are you stupid!" "No, and I knew that," Haku said as he pulled his hand back. Ichigo looked at him in dazle. "I love her too, but Ichigo I can't say that now! You're just a bit too noisy, what are you up to, care to say?" Ichigo by this time was at the wall and she was acting like an idiot. "Ah, um, NOBODY! I'm working for no one at all!" Ichigo looked like she was going to faint. Haku just sighed as he walked off. "WAIT! Haku come back!" Ichigo had her arms out acting like a desperate cat.
Ichigo came up to Digi, knowing she was going to hate this. Digi looked over at her as she approched. "So what's the gossip on Chihiro and Haku?" "Haku is keeping Chihiro out, and they love each other. But Haku won't have Chihiro near him so good luck with that." "I see, good work." Digi walked off with a sly grin on her face.