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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Digi watched as Kila entered the school like she was the Queen of Preps. Kila was surrounded by people and would not have any of their anime friends around her. So they were stuck with Digi.
"Why is she acting like that!?" Ichigo asked very disgusted.
"How should I know?" Over time, Digi was becoming a little less agressive, and wasn't yelling and picking fights as much.
Digi was really liking the fact that Kila wasn't around her for once.
"H... hey Digi," said a boy who came up to her.
"Hey Bridge, I haven't seen you all summer, you idiot!" Digi said as she gave him a hug.
Everyone in that area looked at what they thought was impossible.
"Digi, you smell nice today." Digi blushed as some people gave wolfwhisles, knowing if she caught them, they'd be dead men.
"Thanks, you do too!" When she said that everyone not only stared, they were actually stoping and were speechless.
She then wraped her arms around his waist.
"Wow, so this is the devil! He's nicer than I thought he'd be!" Mushra spoke up which cause some laughter, but made one angry Digi.
"Excuse me Bridge, I have someone to kill!" Digi said right before she chased Mushra down the hallway, which in turn made the students remember not to mess with her.
"So are you Digi's boyfriend?" Yakumo asked Bridge.
"Sort of, I'm the only one who doesn't tick her off. I'm glad she's making new friends though!" He said nicely.
"She is different since we first met." Yakumo stated as she and Bridge talked.
Digi walked into class after chasing Mushra down and beating him up. She looked around at the seats, everyone of them were taken besides the one next to Bridge (everyone was scared of what would happen otherwise.) Digi walked over and took the seat, while all the other students tried not to look at her.
"Hey Bridge, we're in the same homeroom I see." Digi said to him while taking out a book.
"Yep, so who do you think our teacher will be this year?" Bridge asked her as she started to really look at him, like she hadn't before.
He had blue eyes, a pretty dark ocean blue, dark black hair, not quite pale skin, and his smile was the most beautiful part of him. She couldn't help but to look deep into his eyes, dazed by their beauty. Bridge started to blush as he realized how close she was to him when she was looking.
"D... Digi, ah, we're in class remember?" Bridge said while she returned to reality.
"Sorry..." Digi apoligised while the door to the classroom started to open.
"Who is she?" Digi asked aloud as a woman walked into the room.
She took a seat behind the teachers desk, as she spoke.
"Good morning class, I am Professor Blanch, and I will be your new homehome teacher." Digi didn't like her already, this is going to be fun.
"Today class, we are going to introduce ourselves. You, young lady, you will start." Professor Blanch pointed at Digi, and she knew that this teacher wouldn't like what she had to say.
"Okay, My name's Digi, I hate everyone, besides my few friends, I hate everything, besides what I do, and I hate this class." Digi told the class bluntly, as she gave everyone, besides Bridge a bad look.
Professor Blanch didn't look happy about what all Digi said. As Digi expected, they weren't going to like each other, at all.
"All right, you, next to the girl who hates everything..."
The class went on like that throughout the time.
Digi and Bridge left the class with Professor Blanch angry at Digi. It seemed that Digi had made a new enemy. She didn't care though, the teacher couldn't do nothing about it. Digi stopped thinking about her, to think about Bridge. He had tried to smooth things over with them, with no success. Why did he do that?
"Bridge," Digi started which seemed to of startled him.
"Hm?" Bridge looked over at her, she was smaller than him, just by alittle though.
"Why did you try to smooth things out back there?" Digi asked him casually.
"Because, I like you too Digi," Bridge said to her with a smile.
Kila sat on the other side of the school with all her prepy friends.
"Oh my gosh, did you hear what Digi did today to Professor Blanch?" One girl said which caught attenttion.
"No, what has my sister done to the Professor?" Kila wasn't really interested, but if she didn't ask, then she wouldn't be in the loop, which in turn, wouldn't be cool.
"I heard she was all over this guy in class!" One girl screamed out.
"No I heard she told off the teacher!"
"You both have it wrong, I heard she attacked her!"
Kila could see Digi doing 2/3 of those things. She had before, if she did them again, Kila wouldn't be surprised. But wait, Digi, all over a guy!? Hold up, Digi wouldn't... would she?
"I can see Digi telling her off, or attacking her, however, I can't see her all over a guy." Kila stated to them.
"Oh, I thought you knew, it's all over the school." Kila didn't like it that her friends weren't sharing this.
"What is all over the school?" Kila saw her temper flairing up, and she was Digi when that happened.
"Only that, super hunk, football, baseball, and basketball star, Bridge Neo is going out with her!" All the girls screemed at the thought of Bridge.
"My sister and him are friends, they both have been thinking of going out since the 7th grade. So this is so old news." Kila laughed at their stupidity.
Her friends looked at one another and then screamed, in union, 'OH MY GOSH!' Kila just sat back and watched them freak out for a moment or two, before deciding that this was boring.
In the hallways of the school, quiet footsteps went into the janitors closet. Evil laughter was heard all through the classrooms, no one knowing who was behind it.
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Okay! It's time for a poll! Who should be behind the evil laughter of a new plan?
1) Mushra
2) Bridge
3) Digi
4) Kila
5) A new character
6) Haku
Oh before I forget, what should this evil plan be?
1) To ruin the lunchroom
2) To capture one of the anime characters
3) Revenge on Digi
4) One of Kila's friends trying to play a prank on Kila
5) Mushra trying to prove that Digi is the Devil's wife
6) Your own plan