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Anyways!!! Here is the bet itself in action!!!
Swan Princess?
“Oh boy.” Oh no. Do not tell me this is the outfit Cliff has gotten is what I think it is.
“Cliff, how- where did you get this?!” Blushing from my question Cliff smiled and turned away clearing his through before calmly placing his hands onto his hips.
“The Theatre club….” He spoke so softly and child-like as if he was being scolded. Which he was.
“THIS IS A SWAN PRINCESS COSTUME!!!” He got it all!! The wig, the crown, the dress, the-; picking up the material I had glared deeply at it seeing something that interrupted my thoughts of a checklist. Wings?! I even have a pair of little wings?! My eyes just grew into saucers as I saw the pair of white feathery extensions for this outfit.
Was this guy some secret pervert? Did he have this weird Fairytale fetish?!
“Aw, c'mon just put it on, I am sure it will be cute on you, you have the body.” Smiling as he complimented me I could only frown like a pissed off cat that was just thrown in a tub of water.
“Hahah Time of the month for ya?” Folding his arms comfortably he allowed a grin to grace his lips.
“No! I am just surprised that I have a fairytale outfit that you took or stole from the theater club!” Arg, I just wanted to wipe that grin off of his face. “Take that smirk off from your lips.”
Leaning downward just inches away from my face his grin was still ever so present. “How will you take it? Kiss me?”
“Er- well..” Blushing madly I looked downward cowardly as I shrunk back, well truthfully I might want to. “Heh, Alright, I won't kiss you.” Standing straight he left the room to go get something to eat, the grumbling in his stomach told me.
Wait, He wanted to kiss me?! Cherry red I bowed my head against hearing the door shut I knew Cliff had left the room. Sighing I looked at the dress knowing I would have to wear it tomorrow morning for the bet during the festival in the gardens. Growling my stomach wailed with hunger for food too; walking out the bedroom door I headed for the direction that Cliff most likely went.
-The day of the Contest!!!!! ~^-^
Zipping up the costume I walked to the mirror in Cliffs room and glanced at the reflection of myself. It was a very scary transformation of being male to female so quickly, my long blue curly locks sat on my bare shoulders. The dress had a very rather low cut and had a ribbon lining along under the breast, the entire dress was a mix of off white or a very light cream colour. A little golden crown sat on my head and of course those feathery wings poked to the sides; pouting my flushed and glossy pink lips I knew someone was going to have fun with this event.
Cliff was already in the Garden waiting for me so the travel from here to there would be a tough one. Upon instantly opening the door flashes of cameras blinded me as well as crowds of blushing males and along some of the cheering voices cat calls.
“Ah, look the ugly duckling has transformed.” A sarcastic voice just echoed perfectly into hearing, turning to see whom it was I must say; I knew I had pretty tough competition.
Leon stood proudly behind the crowd of gawking males and smiled pathetically at how I was dressed. Leon was dressed like a very rare and perhaps perfect Geisha, his hair was held with a lovely flower pin as it just revealed his slim face, his kimono told a story of cranes woven in gentle black. And just to top it all that near perfect graceful walk made him seem like he was floating in thin air. If he were truly a Geisha, I am sure he was an expensive one at that and made profit everyday to!
Blushing I lowered my eyes acting proud for at least putting some effort and walked away rather ungracefully, at least he was a distraction, now I had no more lights blinding me or so many bodies crushing me. Pushing the doors open there just shined a ray of hope when I saw Cliff under a Maple tree. “Cliff!!” Yelling his name I smiled and ran towards him, it seemed truly like a fairytale as I made my way towards him. The smiling girl running in a field towards her love, but unlike this fairytale a demon had intercepted. Blind from my happiness in seeing Cliff I failed to notice that Albel had made his way into the middle. Crashing into him I slowly opened my eyes to gaze up at him so innocently by the illusion of my make-up. Instead of having an “Albel grin” I saw his face blush as he rested his hands upon my shoulders, at that moment I had let a small giggle escape. The wings from the small breeze were flapping a bit and tickling me; but I suppose Albel took it differently as he thought otherwise.
“You are quite lovely princess.” His voice was so very gentle and no mean words were given to me! Looking away from his sudden kindness a small blush did creep upon my cheek. “Thank you.”
“Hey!” Cliff had watched and called Albel to leave me alone, he must of saw something odd about this picture, none of us were fighting and we were both blushing! Ack!! Does this mean I like Albel?!
“Cliff!” Pushing from Albel I ran over to Cliff standing before him flashing a gentle smile. “Heheh, you look very nice and cute.” Taking my hand into his own he descended his lips upon them kissing them gently; they were warm. “Uh, thanks Cliff, heheheh.” Smiling I could feel that stare again the one Albel used to give, looking from Cliffs smiling face I saw that Leon was glaring at me as I was with Cliff. Looking over towards Albel he seemed to look longing, “Fayt, I might become jealous of others if they touch you for long.” Wrapping his arms around me he nuzzled his face along my bare shoulders, he was acting very odd and it was worrying me much so, Cliff is possessive?
Screeching very loudly the microphone was turned on as everyone within the area had held their hands against their ears tightly, even Cliff did, he had very powerful hearing. Announcing our presence the man at the Microphone was the Alchemy professor! “Alright everyone the festival has begun!” Cheers were heard as the celebration was now officially started. “The mini pageant is to begin shortly so get to your seats if you are audience members!” The professor's firm voice echoed as students and teachers who were both curious and excited made their way to the stage set in the center of the large Garden.
As the time drew close my heartbeat was quick with nervousness, climbing up the stairs backstage I heard the roars of anxious males, sharing the center stage with Leon the curtains drew. The screams were even louder now with whistling and cat calling, Leon was calm and cool while I blushed feeling embarrassed and had fidgeted every minute or so. In the crowd I saw Cliff! He was in the third row! “Go Fayt!!!” He stood up yelling with a huge grin plastered on his face, my face grew redder from the sudden attention on me.
“Settle down, alright we have two men here today competing for…a lovely dinning and free day from school as well as the title of being able to convince another of being a female.” The Alchemy professor must be the announcer for this to as he gave the prize as well as who was competing. “We have Leon from cooking class who is dressed as a very formal Japanese Geisha.” Swinging his towards Leon he was now the center of attention, yells were heard as some men saw his cross dressing very arousing as he walked to the microphone stand greeting them with a seductive voice. “And the next competitor is Fayt! From writing class! Who is dressed as our very own Swan Princess.” Now it was my turn to be the center of attention, walking up rather shakily to the microphone I spoke softly a greeting of my own. “Hello.”
“Give a round of applause for these two male students here! Now we shall let the voting commence.” Moving to stand between Leon and I, I gazed at the sea of males holding their red and green cards in their hands ready for their votes. “All of those in favor of Leon raise your red cards!” Many hands had rose high, as they all wanted Leon to have for themselves. A small troupe of males ran to the side counting all the red cards shown for Leon, the leader of the group waving his hand signaled that they were done.
“Now all of you who wish for Fayt raise your green cards!” Closing my eyes tightly shut I did not want to see how many had voted on me, I was very sure that Leon won.
“Alright folks, give us a moment and we shall give you the winner soon!” Opening my eyes to look at the crowd I gazed around as there were no more cards and so my chance of knowing now had anticipation laced into it.
“We have the results!!” Once again walking to the center stage the Professor opened a small envelope holding the winners name.
“And the winner is!”
THE END!!!!………………………̷ 0;………………………… 230;……
(….¬_¬ ^-^; just kidding!!!! >_< don't kill me!!!)
My heart just began to race as the world around me slowed down before it once again caught up with m hearing.
“Fayt of writing class!” Shouts were high and loud as males crowded near the stage all this movement and excitement was so overwhelming! Cameras were flashing everywhere blinding me once again, sighing I left myself become light as I feel back from the dizziness and power of attention and of the events today as well. “Hehehe, do not worry my princess, your prince has come to save you.” Albels voice rang gently into my ears as I was pulled limply against his body before falling asleep.
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