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Chapter V
“Why should I be a girl?!” so many thoughts flooded my mind and made me so lightheaded, rolling my eyes back, I fell against strong arms.
“You okay kid?” Cliffs left eyebrow rose as I was held in his arms bridal style. “Y-yeah.” Closing my eyes to rest, I felt so safe within his arms. Falling into slumber I could hear Cliff give a fain chuckle “as light as a girl too.”
Waking up I found myself in my bed again; shifting up a cold, damp cloth fell from my forehead.
“You're awake!” feeling the bed mattress shift a bit; I raised my gaze upward to see Cliff smiling down at me. Grasping the pillow I laid my head upon it, a small blush rose along my cheek line. “Uh, sorry for passing out on you.” I had to avert my eyes away from his gaze that constantly drew me closer.
“It's alright, I know the news was kind of crazy.” Crazy was an understatement. But, it is a pretty crazy idea. “No, that is fine, yes it is odd but it is fine.” I had to reassure him I was not bothered by it, even though I am, I dislike seeing Cliff worried.
“Hey, listen, I'll go ahead and do it, I will compete.” `What the hell did I just say….'
“What?! Are you sure?” Cliff was surprised too!
“Yes, I have to prove that I can be outgoing right?” A nervous smile just grew onto my face. A gentle but amused smile crept along Cliffs lips “Alright then.” `That devil! I know he has just a bad as mind as Albel!' at that moment my cheeks went red again.
“Hey! There is a contest tomorrow with Fayt and Leon!” Shouts were heard in the hallway about the bet. “Oh boy, new s sure does travel fast huh.” Cliff stood from my bed walking to the door; opening it I could see flyers all over the walls of the hall. “Huh?!” I sat up quickly throwing the blankets off from my body. Standing at the door beside Cliff my eyes widened as I saw how these advertisements of our bet just covered the walls!
Dashing out of the room I ripped one of the flyers off from the wall. “Must be Albel or some oddly obsessed school reporter.” Sarcastically Cliff came from behind.
“Well it's not fair!” Crumbling the paper in my hands I could not believe who would do this!
“Hey it's okay kid, don't fret on it.” Well someone was acting very calm for this, maybe it was him heh, nah, not Cliff.
“I just don't want to be emb-“ At that moment strong arms wrapped around my shoulders from behind, pausing me in my speech. “…Eh, Cliff?” I raised my right hand up placing it onto his arm. Leaning my head back against him, I raised my gaze upward to try and catch a glimpse of his expression.
“Don't worry kid, you will win and besides, these flyers could help you.” For a moment then the innocent smile he flashed made me most relaxed? I felt, maybe I am quite and truly comfortable in these arms, what is wrong with me? Closing my eyes I nestled my head against his toned chest.
“Lovely couple moment there” Albel was leaned against the wall with amusement surrounding him.
Pushing from Cliff I walked to Albel shoving the paper into his face, “did one of your guys do this?!” Glancing at the paper Albel calmly shrugged past it. “No” How come he was so calm about this? His friend is on there too.
“I want to see how this will go.” Pushing off from the wall, Albel turned walking down the hallway gracefully.
“Grr! Albel! You moron! I will win this!” Man, this guy had me fuming hot! He never stood up for Leon, not once.
“Then do so, I can't wait Fayt.” Stepping back I felt my heart stop once again, this guys was enjoying the turn of events! Anger flashed over my eyes; Cliff was just starring at me from behind. I could feel the intense gaze burning against me. Wrapping him arms tightly around my body once against my back was pressed against him so possessively. “Cliff?” Leaning his head down against my neck his lips brushed along my skin, sending shivers throughout my body. “Shh, Leon is coming.” Just as Cliff predicted, Leon came strolling down the hall, surprisingly I thought I might have some tough competition. Everything about this guy was so. Lovely?
“Hello Cliff,” smiling gently towards Cliff, Leon flicked his head back pushing his long brown locks behind his back. Glancing at me for a moment a malicious stare flowed through his gaze, seeing me flinch at the weird gaze. Cliff spoke, “I am going to go workout some so, if any of you want to join.” Brushing past me, my eyes followed Cliff walking towards the stairs.
“Do you have yourself prepared?” Leon's taunting voice dragged my sight of vision towards him now. “Eh, no.” looking down in embarrassment I knew he was more prepared than I was.
“Best do something soon and quickly, it is tomorrow after all.” Nodding my head, I kept my gaze downward as I walked past him to the stairs. I needed to talk to Cliff in setting up my outfit for tomorrow. Towards the stairs, something had hit me; I realized that I do not know where Cliff works out. I know where my classes are; perhaps the gym is near the combat class.
Deciding on trying this theory I headed onwards to the training/ combat facility. Opening the doors I was welcomed to the bright and warm sun-filled gardens, “must have gone the wrong way while thinking,” frowning I shrugged. Now turning back I notice to how the students were preparing for something. “Oh! New Years!” (hehehe I had to put something about Chinese New Years!! Yay! Its Shigure's year! (The dog) Novelist!!) “Well aren't you quite the genius.” Turning my body towards that familiar voice; I found Albel laying in a tree within the embellished garden. “Boy, you are everywhere huh.” This guy was like a shadow. “No, it seems that you have followed me,” opening his crimson eyes, his ebony hair of golden streaks swayed in the gentle breeze. “No! I would never follow you.” “Perhaps.” Shrugging and sitting up Albel jumped down from where he was laying in the tree, leaning against the body of the tree, he seemed pretty relaxed.
“I take it you are not prepared?” How did he know that I was worried about preparations? Confusion spread against my façade as I nodded to his inquiry “Yeah.”
“Leave it to Cliff, I am sure he has something up his sleeve,” yeah, I think he is right. Cliff sure has many things up his sleeve.
“Well I'm going,” waving my hand once I left back towards the dormitories.
“Worm.” `What?!' stumbling I just continued forward, the nerve of this guy! Jeeze.
- Back in dorm room #365!! ^-^ -
“Man,” stretching, a yawn had surfaced as I clenched my eyes, “I'm getting tired.” A grumble then came from my stomach “maybe I'm just hungry.” Smiling I went for the door as it then suddenly opened. “Ah!”
“Oh Fayt.” Gosh! Cliff almost got me with the door! Looking up from the floor that I had so full heartedly embraced in surprise I noticed a paper bag was in his hand.
“What's that?”
“Your outfit, after I went to workout, Leon followed me and just bothered me.” Sighing Cliff shifted his weight to the side running his left hand through his hair as he made a funny face before resting is hand from his hair to his hip.
“Oh.. sorry.” Leon must like Cliff that might explain that look he gave me.
“Well, here, take a look,” throwing the bag to me, I caught it against my body; holding the bag in my left hand and arm, my right hand opened the bag with anticipation running through me.
“…..Oh boy..”
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