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A Deal:
Sitting on my bed I could not think of how my life coming to this academy could just make it so eventful. Weeks have gone by and many run-ins with Albel had me very confused about him. Cliff would always be by my side at the right moments too, though I feel horrible because, I think I like the attention from Albel. “Uh, hm no more thinking for today.” Shaking my head I gave a well-deserved sigh.
“Something eating at ya?” Cliff sat down beside me.
“No just thinking.” Stretching my back I laid myself down feeling the soft mattress against my skin. This was a most blissful moment; I was very relaxed.
“What are you thinking about?” looking down at me he gave a most odd but gentle stare, much like `his' voice.
“Hm.” Looking away I flushed licking my lips fidgeting, “stuff.”
Grinning down at me Cliff leaned down a little close to my face, closing his eyes. My heart raced with worry, I found myself looking at his lips. Releasing a shaky sigh my eyelids lowered themselves comfortably, strong arms grasping my shoulders, my eyes shot open once again.
“There will be much to think about soon.” His voice brushed against my ear so seductively that it scared me.
“Uh, Cliff could you um, please move?” I had to get away from such close proximity, it almost reminded me on Albel.
Nodding to my plea, he sat up pushing off the bed moving towards the door he gazed at my flushed form laying on the bed before closing the door.
“Well, tomorrow is a new day.” That's what they say right?
~Tomorrow!!~ >_<!!! ¬_¬
“Yeah! Well I know my man right here will surely win that bet!”
“Hah! Fayt has more looks than that tree!”
`Fayt…?!' Jumping quickly out of bed I looked like some drugged but very excited dog. I just heard my name bad that was never a good thing, looking around quickly I noticed Cliff was not around either.
“Then it's settled, it's a bet, we will see who wins and may the winner have his pleasures.” That was Albels voice!
Oh no, what just happened in the dorm halls. Opening the doors with much haste I shot out of the room looking left and right to see what was going on. I saw Cliff and walked to him with a tired but confused expression, “what's going on?”
“A bet, but we don't know if it's even fully finalized.” Taking note of Cliff's face I was becoming weary with worry, how do I get into these things?
“I can not wait to see how lovely the new item of the school shall look.” Huh?! Do not tell me they got into the argument and made this bet that had something to do with me.
“Good day Cliff” a cocky smirk “Albel” a grin that weird as always.
Sighing I knew today would be an eventful day of me through torture.
Settling down into Alchemy class our professor walked in with a cool and calm demeanor. He was about just six feet tall; he had long blonde hair, which he braided. His eyes were sharp and almost a golden ember hue, his outfit seemed like Cliffs almost but the white lab coat altered it. Wearing gloves he pulled out his pocket watch and checked the time, closing the watch he placed it into his pockets before slamming his cotton gloves against the desk. This room was pretty interesting; there were these pictures of symbols on the walls and a rather large statue of armor near his desk. With this mechanical arm and leg beside the armor, I wonder why his room was so highly decorated. As well he had the symbol of Lucifer engraved onto a silver necklace he wore, it was a cross with the snake all right but. I guess it really wasn't since it had a pair of wings and a crown above it, hm.
“Alright students! We shall begin by learning the basics, the el-” the door had opened suddenly disrupting the professor. Albel stood in front of the door casually walking in with a paper in his hand. Cliff stood up looking at him with a stern gaze, as a smile appeared against Albels lips.
“It was approved, let the fun begin Cliff Fittir.”
“Nox!” A rather annoyed professor spoke with anger towards Albel for disrupting his class. “Leave at once, you shall not disturb my lessons.”
“Hmph” turning away Albel walked out of the room, “Cliff Fittir, is there a reason why you are still standing.”
Sitting down in his desk again Cliff sighed and for the rest of the class just starred at a sheet of paper and me. I know he is making a plan, I wonder what it is.
Moments later as the bell rang Cliff told me to come over beside him, in doing so he seemed troubled. “What's wrong Cliff?” Smiling nervously he patted my shoulder.
“Well Fayt, I'm pretty sure you make one pretty lady hehehehe.”
What?! “Cliff, what are you talking about?”
“Hm. Do you remember when you asked what was happening in the hall?” he scratched the back of his head nervously blushing.
“Yeah.” My eyebrow rose as the curiosity was growing.
“Albel and I got into an argument.” I knew it.
“And we made a bet that if any one of our ladies win they go on a date.”
“…………so, how is it going to happen? This is an all male school.” Cliff once again laughed nervously “Fayt, I entered you to dress as a girl, the head of the school got it approved to, so, uh…”
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