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Phantom Of Time
Chapter One: Temple Of Darkness
By: Demon Priestess Saturn
A boy lay on the gray stone floor of a large room. There was no light in the dark room and he wasn't moving. Next to him was a silver sword with a golden hilt and a few feet away lay the sheath to the sword. He had on a white shirt with blue covering on his shoulders. Under his shirt he wore a dark blue jumpsuit and around his legs he wore blue metallic armor. He wore the same metallic armor on his wrists. He lay on his side with his eyes closed and his short blue hair in his face. On the floor behind him lay a painted mask of a beautiful woman's face. And right behind the mask was a large stone slab, which appeared to have once had a statue sitting upon it. The boy moved slightly and he opened his small aquamarine eyes.
“Please stop.” He whispered.
“I wont.” A voice answered him. The boy cringed as a cut formed on his arm.
“You killed them…” The boy sounded hurt.
“No Fayt… You're the one who killed them.” The voice whispered. “That is the nature of your powers. You destroyed them all.”
“It's not true.” Fayt said weakly.
“You saw his body didn't you? You were the one who killed him.” The voice said calmly.
“Albel…” Fayt whispered and then closed his eyes. “No.”
“You deserve this pain for what you did to them.” The voice said sinisterly.
“No! I didn't do it!” Fayt yelled.
“Stop lying to yourself.” The voice snapped and Fayt screamed. “I see your not holding up anymore. Took you long enough.”
“Stop… Please stop.” Fayt begged as he tired to move but found he couldn't.
“I can't. You woke me up.” The voiced hissed.
“Sophia…” Fayt said quietly.
“She's dead too. You killed her as well.” The voice whispered again. “You killed them all. Nobody is going to save you.”
“You have to be lying I wouldn't hurt them.” Fayt opened his eyes and stared at the wall.
“Yes but you killed all those Vendeen before and you didn't remember doing that. This is the same situation. I saw you and you need to be punished.” The voice scolded. Tears formed in Fayt's eyes. He wasn't sure if he was supposed to believe the person talking. He wasn't even sure if it was true. There was one thing he was sure of. He had been here a long time and nobody was there to save him.
A man paced around a small conference room. He glanced around at the chairs around the oval table and smiled. Pulling back one of the chairs he sat down and put his feet on the table. He put his hand behind his head and smiled. His short blonde hair framed his face and his blue eyes fixed on a screen on the other side of the room. He looked like a cowboy in his tight leather outfit. Which consisted of a black tank top shirt and black pants. Around his neck was a black tattoo of three lines going around his neck. They looked like small black bands of a necklace. He smiled to himself and thought about an adventure he had had almost three years ago. Now he was anxiously waiting for one of his comrades and old leader to contact him.
“Captain.” A woman's voice came over the loud speaker.
“Yo!” The man said as he pushed a button on the table.
“Maria Traydor has requested an audience with you.” The woman answered.
“I've been expecting her. Send the visual to the conference room.” The man smiled.
“Yes Captain.” The woman got off the com and a few minutes later a woman appeared on the large screen. She was a pretty woman with blue eyes and long blue hair. She wore her usual outfit, which were tights and a short black dress. She also has a long white back flap; she smiled at the sight of her old friend.
“It's been a while Cliff.” Maria smiled.
“Yeah too long. How have you been?” Cliff smiled.
“I'm good. How about you?” Maria asked calmly.
“I've been as good as you would expect me to be.” Cliff replied.
“How's your partner?” Maria asked.
“Mirage is as good as ever.” Cliff answered.
“So what did you need to speak with me about?” Maria asked calmly.
“Well.” A frown came to the blonde's face. “My ship has been detecting a strange interference coming from Landon III. It has been happening for weeks now.”
“I see.” Maria listened.
“I've tried to investigate more but there seems to be a problem. My ship breaks down when I get too close.” Cliff answered.
“That is unusual. But it's probably nothing to worry about.” Maria answered.
“I wouldn't be worried accept there is one problem.” Cliff said firmly.
“What's that?” Maria asked. Cliff stared at her.
“You see Landon III is where Fayt is hiding from the federation.” Cliff answered. “I was heading there to visit him but like I said I can't get in.” Maria stared at Cliff for a long moment and her eyes went wide.
“I'm coming over there immediately. Wait for me.” Maria narrowed her eyes and cut the connection.
“Yeah I figured as much.” Cliff sighed and leaned back into the chair.
“What did she say?” A woman's voice came from the door. Cliff looked over to see his partner, Mirage. Mirage was also a pretty woman with long blonde hair pulled back into a braid. Her blue eyes expressed her concerned. She also wore a leather outfit and had a gun in her hoister.
“She said she was on her way.” Cliff answered.
“She's must be worried too. Do you think we should let Sophia know?” Mirage looked at him.
“No I don't think it's that serious.” Cliff frowned.
“But it is her best friend.” Mirage argued.
“Fayt's a big boy I think he can handle himself.” Cliff answered. “But I am a little worried that something's happened to him.”
“Well you're the captain. By the way you received a letter.” Mirage handed him a small compact computer.
“Don't tell me this is from another fan.” Cliff took the computer.
“Yes it is.” Mirage answered.
“I thought I told you to set those aside.” Cliff looked at her and set the computer on the table.
“You did but this is from your favorite fan. Someone named Zelpher?” Mirage smiled and walked out of the room. Cliff jumped up and grabbed the computer off the table.
A woman with short red hair and dark green eyes walked down the hall towards two other women. The red head smiled lightly and walked up to them. She wore a short black leather dress. She wore a red sash around her neck with long black boots coming up to her thighs. Her thighs had red symbols painted on them vertically, which presented that she knew how to use symbology. She stopped just short of them and put her hand on her hips. The two women stood up straight and looked at her ready to give their reports. They had similar leather outfits and markings, which indicated they were from the same place.
“Lady Nel.” They both bowed.
“Tynave.” Nel nodded to the blonde with short hair. “Farleen.” Nel glanced and the lavender haired girl next to her.
“We did as you asked.” Farleen answered.
“What happened?” Nel asked.
“We didn't learn much. They are heavily guarded.” Tynave replied and Farleen nodded.
“Did you send a group to check the damage at Airyglyph?” Nel asked.
“Yeah and only one of them returned. He said that they were attacked by Greeton's forces.” Farleen replied.
“So they've taken over Airyglyph. That's what I was afraid of.” Nel frowned. “Have any of you heard from Albel?”
“No maim. Not since Airyglyph was attacked.” Tynave shook her head.
“Let's hope him and the king are okay or there is going to be problems. Romeria is worried sick.” Nel looked at the ground.
“Did Cliff respond to the letter you set him?” Tynave asked.
“Not yet. But I hope he responds soon cos we need help bad.” Nel looked serious.
“We also have another problem. They took out Surferio and they have men bunkered there.” Tynave said calmly.
“What. But those people can't defend themselves.” Nel looked at her.
“I know but it's like when they took over Peterny.” Tynave replied.
“What about Kirlsa?” Nel asked.
“They're heading that way from Airyglyph.” Farleen replied.
“Clair is barely holding up in Arias it won't be long before they take over there too.” Tynave's frown deepened.
“All that will be left if we don't stop them is Aquios. And I am not sure we'll be able to stop them at that point.” Nel said quietly.
“There is one place they are having trouble getting to.” Tynave smiled.
“Our sources tell us the Kirlsa Training Facility seems to have an extensive guard. The Greeton forces are having problems taking it over.” Farleen finished.
“Really.” Nel smiled. “Thanks for letting me know. I'm going to head over there immediately.”
“But Lady Nel the other towns.” Tynave looked concerned.
“It's okay they wont catch me. I need to see if Albel is holding his ground well.” Nel smiled.
“Holding his ground? But we don't know where he is.” Tynave said calmly.
“I think I know now. How else would they be having problem getting the facility. That is Albel's home turf.” Nel smiled. “I'll be back shortly. Contact me if something happens.”
“Yes maim.” Tynave and Farleen said calmly. Nel turned and headed out the door.
“Captain.” The woman called over the loud speaker again.
“Yeah.” Cliff said as he looked over the schematics of Landon III.
“Miss Traydor has arrived.” The woman answered.
“Good send her here.” Cliff said only half paying attention.
“Yes sir.” The woman said. A few minutes later Maria walked in with Mirage.
“Hey.” Cliff waved to Maria.
“How are we standing?” Maria said as she looked at the computer.
“Well we still can't get in. I've tried contacting Fayt's communicator but there's too much interference. That and Nel is having problems on Elicoor.” Cliff finished.
“What's happening with Nel?” Maria looked at him.
“Greeton is attacking everything and apparently they have taken almost every city.” Cliff stared at her.
“How are they doing that?” Maria looked confused.
“Nel said they got a hold of some technology and they have been overrunning the planet ever since. That and I'm detecting some of that static from there.” Cliff said calmly.
“This is bad.” Maria looked at the computer again.
“What do you think is causing this?” Mirage asked.
“I'm not sure but I think we better get Fayt, Albel, Nel, Sophia, Adray, Peppita, and Roger before they get hurt.” Maria said in a worried tone.
“So I guess were coming together to fight another fight.” Cliff said quietly.
“It looks like it.” Maria shook her head. “Let's go get them.”
End Chapter One
Well I guess this isn't bad for a first attempt at a Star Ocean story. Don't ask I am just writing what I want at the moment. And yes I do plan to finish everything that's posted. Well tell me what you guys think. By the way I think I have the solution to the scene problem. Hopefully it works.