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Phantom Of Time
Chapter Three: Mission To Airyglyph
By: Demon Priestess Saturn
“But Nel… Going into Airyglyph to save him is suicide.” Clair argued with her.
“She's right you know. He got caught protecting his king. That and you don't even know if he's alive.” Clair's father said calmly.
“Oh he's alive. Albel's a cockroach.” Nel said calmly.
“Yeah maybe but that doesn't mean you should get yourself killed saving him.” Clair argued. “Besides he is the most wicked man in the world and you want to save him?”
“He is not. And besides he's my friend.” Nel glared at her. “You don't even know him. He's not that bad. Most of his rants are empty threats.”
“Yeah and she's not going alone. Me and Mirage are going with her.” Cliff said and Mirage nodded.
“You welcome to come if you want Adray.” Nel looked at him.
“I don't want to be involved if it means saving that wicked man.” Adray walked off and Nel sighed in frustration.
“Isn't there anyway we can change your mind Nel?” Clair asked.
“Nope. I promised Arzei I'd bring him back alive. That's if he's still alive.” Nel said as she jumped on her horse.
“Then all I can do is wish you luck.” Clair sighed.
“I'll be back shortly. Come on you guys.” Nel looked at Cliff and Mirage who also got on horses. Nel hit the reins and her horse galloped through the gate towards Kirlsa. Cliff and Mirage followed on their horses. By the time they hit Kirlsa it was starting to get dark.
“We'll stay here for the night.” Nel said as she got off the horse. “It will be another day before we reach Airyglyph.”
“Yeah…” Cliff said as he stared up at the mountains leading to Airyglyph.
“I'm worried at what else we will find.” Mirage said and looked at the people around the town.
“Who knows… I'll check us into the inn.” Nel said as she wondered off to the inn.
“I'm going to head to the workshop. I want to see if I can improve the communicators so maybe we can get past all this recent static.” Mirage said and wondered off down the path. Cliff watched her leave and went down another path. As Cliff walked up to a building he opened the door to a building to hear lots of laughter.
“Well at least the tavern is lively today.” Cliff said to himself as he went up to the bar. “I'll have a beer please.”
“Coming right up.” The bartender said as he fixed him a quick beer. As he handed him the beer Cliff felt something strange. He turned around to see what at first looked to be a girl with long black hair and purple-red eyes grabbing his ass. On closer inspection he soon figured out it was a guy. “Hey! What are you doing!”
“Oppsie… Sorry you're just so cute.” The boy giggled and grinned from ear to ear.
“Yeah I'm sure.” Cliff sat down feeling a little weird.
“So where are you from?” The boy sat down next to him.
“Not from here.” Cliff answered.
“Oh neither am I. You see me and my sis were just passing through were on our way to Airyglyph.” The boy swayed.
“Man you are really drunk.” Cliff looked at him.
“Yeah. I had to much.” The boy nodded. “Where are you headed?”
“Airyglyph.” Cliff answered.
“Wow… Were going to the same place. Maybe you can come with my sis and me. I'm sure she'd be glad to take you along.” The boy giggled.
“Thanks but no thanks. I already have a group I'm traveling with.” Cliff said as he sipped his beer.
“That's too bad… So you know any good drinking games?”
Mirage wondered into the inn some time later that night. She glanced around the lobby looking at random people who were sitting at table's chatting. She noticed Nel sitting at one of the tables writing something down on paper. She wondered over to her and sat down.
“Making a plan?” Mirage asked. Nel looked up and her and smiled.
“Yeah I am actually. Where's Cliff?” She looked around.
“He didn't come here?” Mirage looked concerned for a moment.
“No.” Nel looked at her.
“Then I know where he is. Damn Klausian and his beer.” Mirage shook her head.
“Figures. Let's just hope he doesn't get drunk and have a hang over.” Nel also shook her head. They glanced at the door as Cliff walked in. He looked around smiled and walked over to the girls. Sitting down at the table with them he looked at the piece of paper.
“What's up?” Cliff asked.
“You're not drunk?” Nel asked.
“Nah. I'm just buzzed. I got into a game with this guy who turned out to be twenty-six years old. But I swear he looked about Fayt's age. We didn't get to finish cos his sister, who was very cute I might add, came in smacked him, yelled about how she was looking all over for him, apologized to me profusely, and then drug him off.” Cliff said with a smirk.
“Oh really.” Nel looked mad.
“What?” Cliff looked at her.
“Anyways this is the plan. I figured we could use the aqueducts to get into the dungeon. I figured if Albel is anywhere he's there.” Nel said while pointing on the map she drew.
“Yeah he seems to like it there.” Cliff said raising a brow.
“Hopefully we don't run into too much trouble. I want this to be and easy in and out.” Nel said leaning back in her chair.
“I agree.” Mirage nodded.
“Okay now lets get some sleep. We have a mission to complete tomorrow.” Nel stood up and walked down the hall. Mirage stood up and then looked at Cliff.
“Are you coming?” Mirage asked.
“In a minute.” Cliff answered. Mirage nodded and headed off to her room upstairs. Cliff stood slowly and walked down the hall. “Nel.”
“Huh?” He caught her at her door. “What?”
“I just wanted you to know how much I missed you.” He leaned forward and gave her a deep passionate kiss. He embraced her and she returned it. Cliff pulled away slowly and Nel stared at him. “Night.” Cliff smiled and went back down the hall. Nel stared after him. She smiled and she looked a little flush.
The next morning Nel got up and headed outside. They had a long day a head of them. She stepped outside to see Cliff and Mirage getting ready to leave. She smiled at Cliff when he looked over at her.
“Good morning.” Cliff smiled brightly.
“Morning.” Nel smiled. Both of them stared at each other for a while.
“Are we ready?” Mirage asked calmly.
“Yep.” Cliff jumped on his horse. Nel nodded and she also got on her horse. Cliff pulled up his hood along with Nel and Mirage. They were now going into dangerous territory. The three rode through the gate and headed up into the snowy mountains. Along the path they could see some travelers heading to Kirlsa.
“Don't go to Airyglyph.” On of the older men said as they went by. “It's been taken over by a tyrant.” The man finished. Nel only looked at the man and continued down the road.
“I guess they aren't too found of Vox.” Cliff whispered as more people pasted.
“Either that or they are from one of the other towns that are still save from the Greeton forces.” Nel looked up the mountainside. They came to a fork in the road and they went to the left. They saw no more people after that. When they reached the bridge heading into the town of Airyglyph they found to soldiers posted at the entrance to the bridge.
“Who are you?” They demanded. Mirage stepped up and pulled her hood back.
“Were just traveling merchants seeking refuge for the night.” Mirage answered. The guards only looked at each other and then brushed them off. They stepped out of their way and Mirage continued forward Cliff and Nel following behind her. Mirage pulled her hood back up and Nel looked over to her.
“Why did you do that?” Nel asked.
“Because in pulling my hood back it meant we had nothing to hide. Besides if either you or Cliff did it they would have recognized you. They've never seen me before.” Mirage said calmly.
“That true. At least it got us inside without a scene.” Cliff said as he glanced to the top of the large archway they had just past through. They went over to the inn and Mirage checked them in. When they reached their room they planned their next move. Just after sunset they left the inn and headed up the long staircase to the aqueducts. Nel occasionally glancing around to make sure they weren't being followed. When they reached the cave entrance they headed inside and started to follow the long path. The monsters were so easy compared to the first time they came through there. When they reached the room of the other side of the path Nel looked around.
“Where's the door?” Nel looked around.
“They must have sealed it off.” Cliff said as he examined the wall. “No problem.” Cliff raised his hand to the wall and it disintegrated.
“You didn't tell me you had Fayt's ring.” Nel looked at him.
“He gave it to me as a sign of friendship.” Cliff looked at her.
“That was sweet of him.” Nel commented.
“Yeah I know.” Cliff said as he walked through the now not missing doorway. Nel followed and they turned the corridor and reached the end of the hall.
“I see they closed this one off too.” Nel looked at the wall that was patched up from the hole they caused the last time she broke someone out of the Airyglyph dungeon.
“Mirage.” Cliff said as he stepped away from the wall. Mirage walked up and pulled out a strange device. She placed it on one of the cement block and it glowed red. Around the block the cement disappeared and Mirage quickly removed the piece and looked down the hall they were about to walk into. She could see two soldiers standing in the hall. Then she heard and whip crack. She looked back at the other two and put her finger over her lips. When she looked back she saw the door to the torture room open and a man in black bulky armor walk out. He was a tall man with black short hair and an evil look about him. The two soldiers stopped what they were doing and stood up straight.
“Sir.” They both said but the man said nothing and walked out.
“That was Vox.” Cliff whispered.
“What do we do about those guards? If they don't leave we wont get far.” Mirage whispered. Nel was already casting a spell. She extended her hand and suddenly the guards stopped moving.
“Let's hurry.” She whispered. Cliff stepped up and used the ring on the wall. With the hole back in the wall they came through. Nel ran up and quickly knocked out the guards and took the keys. She went over to the torture chamber door and opened it. As she stepped in she gasped. A man with black-blonde hair, which was pulled back in a set of double ponytails, that went down to his mid back. His head hung down and he didn't even look up to see who had walked in. His arms were chained up in and outward position and he was missing the claw he usually wore on his left arm. He was thinner than usual and his velvet attire was stained with blood. His skin was pale and he looked like he could barely hold up his own weight.
“Back so soon. I thought I pissed you off.” The man looked up and his small cat like red eyes met Nel's large green eyes. Quickly his face expression changed to one of shock. “Nel?”
End Chapter Three
La la la la la!! Hehe. Evilness… Yeah that's about it. Is everyone happy now? I brought in the one I'm sure most of us have been waiting for. Efra can't whine at me anymore. This chapter wasn't too interesting but once again this is the beginning of something so just hold out on me. Until next time see ya!
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