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Phantom Of Time
Chapter Seven: Blood Rain
By: Demon Priestess Saturn
The sun had just risen on the east side of the Kirlsa Training Facility. Albel stood on his wall perch looking out over the seemingly calm lands around him. He wasn't used to it being so quiet with a war going on. He had been waiting all morning for Arzei and his friends to get ready for the next journey. He didn't mind waiting but he couldn't help but feel the pressure of time. He rested his hand on the hilt of his sword and let the wind blow through his red cloak. He had always loved the wind. It was his dream as a child to be in the air. But he had disappointed himself when he failed his one and only chance to get off the ground. He frowned and closed his eyes letting the wind nip at his pale skin. He reached his clawed arm up and pulled off his red hat and continued to stare longingly into the sky. Nel walked out into the arena and glanced around. She looked up at the wall and smiled as she spotted Albel standing on top of it. She quickly ran over and stopped just short of the wall.
“Hey! Nox! What are you doing?” Nel yelled. Albel opened his eyes and turned around. He looked down and the aquarian woman and narrowed his red eyes.
“You're disturbing my thoughts.” Albel snapped and turned away. Nel frowned and grumbled under her breath. She climbed up the wall and walked up to him.
“What are you thinking about?” Nel asked.
“It not important.” Albel continued to frown.
“Well obviously it was to you if you snapped at me like that.” Nel said as she also glanced out at the mountains.
“Have you ever wanted to fly?” Albel asked her suddenly. Nel looked at him strangely and thought about it for a moment.
“I think when I was a kid I did once.” Nel replied.
“Do you still want to?” Albel asked her calmly.
“No not really. Why?” Nel looked at him curiously.
“I was just wondering.” Albel said as he stared over at the Barr Mountains. Albel open his mouth slightly as he saw strange beings with large fiery red wings circling the mountainside in an eccentric dance. He could see similar beings flying around with white angel wings and dark blue colorings. As he glanced to the water he could see more humanoids with light blue colorings and appearances that were reminiscent of sea creatures. Similar creatures with green colorings were hovering by trees and laughing happily. Albel paid little mind to these creatures though today his mind was focused on the red beings flying by the mountain.
“Are you okay?” Nel broke the silence.
“Are we almost ready to go?” Albel looked at her.
“That's what I came out here to tell you.” Nel said calmly.
“Good. Then lets go.” Albel turned and jumped off his wall perch and quickly walked back inside while putting the red hat back on.
“I guess he likes the gift Mirage gave him.” Nel smiled and looked back at the mountains. “I wonder what he was thinking about.”
Albel went down to the bottom level of the facility and walked slowly over to the entrance. Down the hall he could see Cliff, Mirage, Arzei, and Woltar standing in the hall. Arzei was wearing a long velvet cloak with a hood over some normal peasant clothes. He glanced over at Albel as he walked up.
“There you are. Where's Nel?” Arzei asked calmly.
“I'm here.” Nel said as she came up from behind Albel.
“Well are we ready? I want to get out of the mountains soon.” Cliff said calmly while looking to both Nel and Albel.
“Yes we better shove off before the men notice we're leaving with Arzei.” Albel commented as he started to walk over to a group of horses.
“You will be meeting us at the ruins right Woltar?” Arzei looked at the older man.
“I will.” Woltar smiled.
“Good. Let us be going now.” Arzei said as he walked over to the horses. “Goodbye Woltar.”
“Goodbye and be careful.” Woltar frowned he had a bad feeling about this.
“So what took you two so long?” Cliff asked Nel as they started to walk over to the horses.
“Albel was thinking about something.” Nel shrugged.
“About what?” Cliff looked at her strangely.
“I don't know he wouldn't tell me.” Nel said as they reached Albel and Arzei. Mirage walked over and jumped onto one of the horses.
“I suggest we be less obvious.” Mirage said as she pulled her hood up. “You're majesty I would like you to ride with me.”
“Certainly.” Arzei walked over and Mirage helped him up on the horse with her.
“They wont be expecting this.” Mirage said calmly.
“Nel sweetie will you ride with me?” Cliff's smile brightened.
“I will only under one condition.” Nel glared.
“And what would that be?” Cliff looked strangely at her.
“Don't touch me.” Nel said calmly.
“Alright I wont touch you.” Cliff seemed disappointed but jumped up on one of the other horses and helped her up. Albel rolled his eyes and jumped on another horse.
“Albel! You best be careful!” Woltar yelled from just outside the facility.
“We'll be fine!” Albel said calmly. “Lets go.”
“Right.” Cliff nodded as they rode off down the mountain path back to Kirlsa. Albel lead the way making sure there was nobody watching them as they headed towards the town. Along the way Albel had a strange feeling about the place. As he glanced around at the surrounding mountains he sighed and continued to wonder. When the reached the town gate Albel stopped his horse and got off. He walked his horse through the gate and gasped at the sight around him. Many of the buildings seemed to be damaged and some were burnt to the ground.
“What happened?” Nel said as he and Cliff passed through the gate.
“A small army came through here.” Albel glanced over at a woman he remembered distinctly tripping over earlier. Elvira sat up on one of the walls and was smiling down at them. “They were looking for all of you.”
“Where did they go?” Albel glared harshly.
“Well stud you will be happy to know I talked Mr. Big and Bulky into going a different direction of where you went.” Elvy smiled.
“And where would that be?” Albel looked annoyed.
“South.” Elvy shrugged.
“You stupid girl.” Albel looked away. “Now you've directed them to Arias which is where we were going.”
“Opps…Well you weren't going there at the time.” Elvy snapped.
“Yes and now you probably just sentenced some of our friends to death.” Albel sneered at her.
“Well you know there's a mine over there. Why don't you cut them off and save your friends Mr. Ungrateful.” Elvy folded her arms and looked away.
“If I had…” Albel went to pull his sword.
“Albel. We don't have time for this.” Nel looked at him. “Clair's in trouble.”
“Fine I'll deal with you later wench.” Albel jumped back on to his horse and road off in the direction of the mines.
“I apologize for his attitude thank you for helping. Come on Cliff.” Nel looked at Cliff.
“Tell your bro I said hi!” Cliff waved at her as him and Nel rode off after Albel.
“Thank you.” Mirage nodded and also followed her three friends. As Mirage passed by Elvy's eyes met Arzei's for a moment. Elvy blinked a few times and then smirked.
“Hmmm…. Interesting. What could they be doing with the king of Airyglyph? This could be fun.”
When Albel reached the mine he quickly jumped off his horse and started pulling off his bag. Cliff and Nel soon rode up and also jumped off their horse. They waited for Arzei and Mirage before quickly gathering their things.
“They are at least five hours ahead of us.” Albel said as he pulled a bag off his horse.
“How do you figure that?” Nel looked at him.
“Because I know when they came through the town.” Albel said as he tossed the bag over his shoulder and started to walk a crossed the bridge.
“But how do you know when they came through the town? We weren't here when they did.” Nel said as she followed him.
“Exactly and we weren't gone that long.” Albel huffed.
“Then they should be at least eight hours a head of us and if that's the case then they might already be there.” Nel said.
“No Zelpher they didn't go through the town until we got to the facility which was five hours ago.” Albel snapped.
“How do you know that's when they went through?” Nel looked at him strangely.
“Because I heard the fleet of horses.” Albel entered the mine.
“Nobody can hear that well.” Nel looked skeptical. Albel stopped and turned to face her.
“Well I did.” Albel snapped.
“I think you were delusional last night.” Nel put her hand on her hip.
“Think whatever the hell you want.” Albel turned and stalked deeper into the mine.
“Wait!” Nel followed.
“Nel! Albel!” Cliff yelled from the back. “Wait up.”
“Move it! We don't have time to waste if we are going to get there first.” Albel snapped and continued on.
“Man he's being pushy.” Cliff grumbled.
“Let him lead. It makes him feel important.” Mirage looked over at Cliff.
“He's just used to being in control is all.” Arzei said calmly.
“No wonder him and Fayt argued with each other.” Cliff narrowed his eyes. “They both have to lead.”
“I didn't think Fayt was that bad with it.” Mirage said.
“Sometimes he was.” Cliff smirked. “But that was Fayt.”
As they quickly traveled through the dark mine Albel turned different corners and got them quickly to the other side of the mine. As they came out into the light Albel checked to mountain paths for any dragons. Albel looked around at the abandon mining facilities and sighed as he realized the armies hadn't taken the buildings over yet. He continued up the long twisted mountain path followed by his companions until they reach the Bequerel Mine.
“Just past the Maze is Arias. I advise everyone to be careful.” Albel said calmly.
“Shouldn't one of us stay behind with Arzei?” Mirage asked calmly.
“I agree. I don't think we should take you in there your majesty.” Nel looked at Arzei.
“If you took Romeria all the way to the ruins through dangerous territory I don't see why I cannot do the same. I will not run from this war.” Arzei said sternly.
“Well you heard the man lets go.” Cliff shrugged. They continued walking on the path until they reached the north gate. When they finally reached the gate Nel ran up to it and shouted up at the guards.
“Let us in! I need to speak with Clair. It's an emergency!” Nel shouted.
“Lady Nel?” One of the guards looked down at her.
“Yes. I'm here with Cliff, Mirage, Albel, and King Arzei. Open the gate!” Nel replied.
“Let her in.” The guard shouted and they opened the gate.
“Nel.” Clair said as she and Adray walked up to them. “What's going on?”
“Vox is on his way here. He's going to attack Arias.” Nel said frantically.
“So he thinks he can take us down.” Adray bunched his hand.
“So it's true Duke Vox is still alive.” Clair glared. “I was afraid of this.”
“We should discuss this inside. We need to decide what to do. They could be here at any minute.” Cliff said calmly.
“Of course. Your highness I apologize for my rudeness. Come this way.” Clair led them back to her mansion in the center of Arias.
“What's up?” Nel glanced at Albel.
“Something doesn't feel right.” Albel looked around suspiciously. As they entered the mansion, Clair led them down the main hall and into the large conference room.
“So what's the situation at hand?” Clair sat down in one of the chairs.
“Well…” Nel didn't get to finish as the whole house shook suddenly. A loud ruckus could be heard outside. People were running away and screaming.
“Damn it! Were just a little too late.” Cliff ran out the door. Albel put his hand on his sword. Clair jumped out of her chair and followed Cliff outside.
“What do we do?” Nel looked at Albel, who was glaring harshly.
“I'm going to help Cliff.” Mirage said as she also ran out the door.
“Let's get Arzei out the south entrance.” Albel said suddenly. “Come on Nel.”
“Alright.” Nel said as they made for the back entrance. Once they were outside they made for the south exit only to find several guards posted just on the other side of the bridge. “They have us surrounded.”
“Bastards…” Albel looked around. “Watch it!” Albel pushed Arzei out of the way of a phase gunshot.
“They must have been waiting for us!” Nel yelled.
“This way!” Albel ran behind some of the buildings. Nel and Arzei quickly followed.
“What do we do now?” Nel looked at Albel.
“Let me think.” Albel looked around the corner. He could spot several soldiers rounding people up and more several more soldiers coming though the south gate.
“How could they have done this?” Nel said while looking around herself.
“Of course… He must have done that…” Albel glanced around. “We walked right into a trap. He knew exactly what I was thinking. Damn it.” Soon everything around them began to quiet down. Albel looked up at the high wall and narrowed his eyes to slits. “I have an idea.” Albel went around the corner and started pulling on the ivy on the high wall.
“Don't tell me your going to try and climb over the wall.” Nel looked at him.
“Got any other bright ideas?” Albel snapped.
“No.” Nel started to help him mess with the ivy.
“Here's three of them!” A guard shouted.
“Shit! Nel take Arzei and run!” Albel charged at the guard while Nel ran with Arzei. Albel knocked the guard to the ground and struggled with him for a few minutes. By the time Albel had knocked that guard out three more had come. He quickly knocked down two of the guards with a trip and kicked over the third. Then he heard a shot and he felt something skid just over the top of his shoulder. Albel screamed out and fell to his knees. He looked back up after hearing a noise and found himself staring down the barrel of a gun.
“Put your hands up.” The guard commanded. Albel did as he was told. Two of the guards quickly subdued him and brought him out into the open with the rest of the people. Vox stood in front of Clair's mansion. He had Cliff, Clair, and Adray on their knees with their hands tied behind their backs. “Sir.” Vox turned and smiled at the sight of Albel.
“Ah. I knew you wouldn't get far.” Vox grin.
“Shut up.” Albel snapped as the guard threw him to his knees. Cliff looked at him with a worried expression on his face just as Nel and Arzei were brought over by four other guards.
“Arzei. How nice of you to drop in.” Vox grinned.
“Vox you will seriously regret this.” Arzei glared. Vox nodded his head and Nel was thrown onto her knees next to Albel.
“Take my nephew inside. He doesn't need to witness this.” Vox nodded to the mansion. Two of the guards took Arzei inside while Vox turned back to his captives. “Let me see…” Vox glanced to Nel and then to Albel. For a moment he looked at Cliff and then he looked back to the guards. “The red head and the blonde need to be kept alive so they can just watch. Let's use those two as an example to the rest. Shall we.”
“What do you plan to do Vox?” Albel glared. Vox nodded his head and two of the guards pulled out knife's as they walked up to both Clair and Adray.
“Let this all be a lesson to you. Nobody stands in my way. Do it.” Vox commanded. The two guards pulled back both Clair and Adray's heads and quickly slit their throats. Blood splattered everywhere and stained the green grass red. Cliff had a look of horror on his face and jumped as some of the blood spattered onto him. Albel closed his eyes and hung his head.
“CLAIR!!!” Nel screamed. “NO!!!” Nel began to cry and also hung her head. The guards dropped the two limp bodies just before they breathed their last breaths. Both had terror etched into their lifeless features. Albel opened his eyes and glared up at Vox.
“Mark my words Vox. I will kill you.”
End Chapter Seven
Sorry it took me so long to get this chapter out I was kind of having too much fun with my other story. This chapter got a bit nasty towards the end but hey what did we all expect? This to be a happy story, of course I never write happy stories. Though I should try sometime. Sorry if I hit everyone out of left field with the ending I know it was a bit out there. I hope you all enjoyed anyways and I hope to get some reviews from you. Thank you all for reading.