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Phantom Of Time
Chapter Nine: Remembrance
By: Demon Priestess Saturn
“I thought you said they went this way.” Elvy glared at her twin brother as they walked down one of the beaten paths in the Duggus Forest.
“I saw them run this way I swear.” Valkin whined.
“Are you sure you weren't drunk?” Elvy narrowed her eyes.
“I resent that.” Valkin looked at her with a shocked expression.
“Why are we looking for them anyways?” Elvy folded her arms.
“Because my drinking buddy is in trouble and I want to help him.” Valkin eyes twinkled suddenly. “Besides you can't tell me that you don't want to make sure that drop dead gorgeous boy in the skirt is okay.”
“Don't make me laugh. I don't care what happens to that jerk.” Elvy looked away.
“Help me!” The twins looked at each other and started running in the direction of the screaming. As they ran down the beaten path they pushed aside large branches from the surrounding trees. When they reached a large clearing they could see a large willow tree creeping a crossed the clearing whipping it long leafs on the ground.
“Not another one of these.” Elvy rolled her eyes and pulled her twin blades.
“I'll handle this one.” Valkin smiled and started muttering in a different language. Elvy gasped as she spotted what the tree was lashing at. She jumped at the tree and cut a few of it's leafs. Rolling on the ground she grabbed the little being it was lashing at and disappeared into the brush. “Explosion!” Valkin yelled as giant ball of fire suddenly came down from the sky and landed on top of the tree. In less than a second it exploded annihilating the monstrous tree. “Elvy?” Valkin blinked several times and looked around.
“Aw…” Valkin turned his head and walked over to the brush. He pushed aside the bushes to see his sister cuddling a brown fluff ball. “Isn't he cute.” Elvy held up a little boy in brown overalls with a green undershirt.
“What is he?” Valkin examined his droopy ears and tail.
“He's a menodix.” Elvy smiled. The boy blinked his big brown eyes trying to comprehend what had just happened. Once he had registered what was going on he said cautiously.
“Could you let me go?”
“Oh… Sorry.” Elvy put him down. The boy glanced around and smiled as he picked up his lost axe.
“What's your name?” Valkin asked calmly. The boy looked over his shoulder letting his short brown hair fall to the side. He smiled sinisterly and turned around on one foot.
“I'm Roger S. Huxley and you are?” Roger smirked.
“Valkin. And this is my sister Elvy.”
“What were you doing out here all by yourself?” Elvy asked calmly.
“Oh some no good menodix's tricked me into coming out here.” Roger folded his arms.
“Why would they do that?” Elvy asked.
“Because they are trying to kill me. Listen pretty lady will you help me get back at them?” Roger batted his big brown orbs at her.
“Aw… How cute.” Elvy scooped his up again and hugged him.
“Women.” Valkin shook his head. Elvy glared and closed his eyes. Soon Valkin was lying on his back with dizzies in his eyes. Elvy smiled lightly at Roger and picked up his little hat and placed it back on his head.
“There. All better.” Elvy looked at him.
“Hey… Have you seen a girl with short red hair traveling with two men around here somewhere?” Roger asked.
“Red headed girl?” Valkin's eyes lit up.
“No. Are you looking for them?” Elvy looked curiously.
“Yeah they're my friends.” Roger nodded.
“Well we can help you find them.” Elvy said calmly.
“Yes! Yes we shall help you find them.” Valkin bolted upright and rubbed his aching head.
“Good. You're hired. You two are now a part of my cult. The ones I am looking for are also henchmen of mine. I am very happy you decided to join.” Roger smirked.
“Your henchmen?” Valkin raised a brow.
“That's right. Now let's get moving. We have a troupe we need to find.” Roger raised his hand into the air. Elvy giggled silently to herself.
“Okay.” Elvy smiled and stood up. Valkin stared at her in shock he had never seen his sister take that crap from anyone. Roger jumped onto her shoulder and raised his hand.
“Move out… Huh?” Roger looked behind her suddenly.
“What's the matter?” Elvy turned around and narrowed her eyes slightly. She reached her hands out and pushed the brush out of the way and gasped. Valkin stepped up next to her and stared.
“Albel?” Roger's eyes went wide and he jumped down off of Elvy's shoulder and ran up next to the injured swordsman. “He's hurt.”
“I can see that.” Elvy walked over and examined the arrow in his chest.
“Is he dead?” Valkin asked. Elvy reached up to his neck searching for a pulse. She sighed heavily mostly out of relief and looked back at her brother.
“He's still alive. The arrow just barely missed his heart.” Elvy reached into her shirt and pulled out her little breast dagger. She cut the arrow wound in Albel's chest a little more and carefully pulled the arrow out. She ripped part of her skirt and quickly placed the piece of cloth on the wound and applied pressure. “We need to get him to a doctor.”
“Albel?” Roger looked concerned.
“You know him?” Elvy looked at the little menodix.
“He was one of the people I was looking for.” Roger's ears twitched suddenly and he looked past Valkin. Valkin looked over his shoulder to see Nel, Cliff, and Arzei walking through the woods.
“Hey!” Valkin said getting the three's attention. “Cliff!”
“Valkin!” Cliff ran over to Valkin and they both started doing a happy dance. Nel sighed heavily and shook her head. Valkin glanced over at her and his eyes went wide. He ran over to Nel and smiled like a drunkard. “Hello pretty lady how are you doing today.”
“Hey.” Cliff got Valkin's attention. “Now don't you be sneaking in on my woman you hear.”
“Oh…” Valkin looked back and smiled while rubbing the back of his head. “Sorry.”
“What do you mean your woman?” Nel glared at Cliff, who shrugged.
“So Valkin what are you doing out here?” Cliff looked at him.
“Actually we were looking for you.” Valkin said calmly. “We got worried when that fiasco happened back in Arias.”
“We?” Cliff looked confused.
“Yes we.” Elvy stood up and made her presence known. “You guys better get over here. Your friend needs help.”
“Halt!” A guard shouted at a woman as she came up to the south gate heading into Arias.
“Open the gate fool.” She looked up at the man with her deep blue eyes and glared.
“Maim…” The guard scurried suddenly. “Open the gate! It's the lady!”
“Right!” Another guard shouted as he opened the large gate. The woman rolled her eyes and tossed her long straight blonde hair over her shoulder. When the gate opened she walked inside. As she walked she adjusted the strap on her quiver and tossed her golden composite bow onto her left shoulder. She walked over to Clair's former mansion and bowed before Duke Vox and a humanoid wearing a long black trench coat with white trim. It had an elongated white face and big round blue eyes on the sides of its head. It had a frown on its elongated mouth and stared back at the woman in brown skintight leather armor. It tilted its head to the side revealing it orange gill-like cheeks and gave her a strange look.
“Duke Vox.” She bowed before him.
“Seraphina.” Vox raised a brow. Seraphina stood slowly and looked at the duke with a serious expression.
“My apologies Duke Vox but Lord Albel resisted when I went to apprehend him. I'm afraid I has no choice but to take his life.” Seraphina stared into Vox's eyes. Vox frowned deeply and remained expressionless.
“Meaningless. Just as long as the red head and the blonde are alive it matters not.” The humanoid said coldly. “They are all we need to get the information we are looking for.”
“I didn't see them. When I found Albel he was alone.” Seraphina said calmly. “He was rather smart but stupid.”
“A shame…” Vox mumbled.
“So what became of the blonde that was with the Klausian?” The humanoid looked over at Vox.
“He was with a blonde? I certainly didn't see one.” Vox brushed him off.
“How strange for Fittir to come here without his partner… I suppose he will have to come back to his ship eventually.” The humanoid stared back with its cold eyes, which made Seraphina shiver as she looked at the black painted designs around its eyes. It turned slowly and walked away with its long straight black hair swaying from side to side.
“Those Vendeen look like they are wearing masks. It's scary to think that is actually their faces.” Seraphina shivered again.
“Don't be rude.” Vox glared at her.
“Whatever.” Seraphina turned away from him. “So they took over their ship.”
“According to General Nighthawk that is what they did.” Vox replied. “Fittir isn't leaving here without a ship. He'll show up eventually.”
“Are you so sure?” Seraphina asked.
“Yes why?” Vox looked at her strangely.
“Because I believe Miss Maria Traydor is on her way here with her crew.” Seraphina turned to look at Vox.
“That shouldn't be too much of a problem.” Vox smirked.
“Really?” Seraphina raised a brow.
“Cliff wont leave without his partner.”
“But I thought you said that his partner wasn't here.” Seraphina walked up to him.
“She's not here yes but that doesn't mean she's not on this planet.” Vox grinned. “I had her taken back to Airyglyph because I knew Albel was going to escape with the others. This way someone has to come back to get her. Unless they really don't care about her.”
“You're an evil man you know that.” Seraphina stared at him.
“It's the only way to win.” Vox looked out the south gate and at the Duggus Forest. He smiled to himself and almost laughed. “Yes Cliff you're going to have to come back sometime.”
Albel was running down a dim lit long decorated hall. The walls were lined with lit torches and large stone columns. In front of him he could see two people running with him. He knew these two people they were his companions. They were here to save a couple of their friends and stop what they feared was about to happen.
“We have to stop her…” A boy about Fayt's height said from in front of him. All Albel could see of him was his back. But he looked strange to him. With his green jacket and white pants. His short blonde hair flew back as they ran down the hallway to the red door with gold trimming at the end of the hall.
“I hope we aren't too late.” The woman running next to the blonde said. She also looked strange with her long pointed ears and shoulder length dark blue hair. As they reached the door the blonde grabbed the doorknob and opened the door. He pulled his gun out of its hoister and walked in. The woman followed him and so did Albel as they came into the torch lit square room Albel finally realized where he was. It was the same place he saw Fayt only the room was well lit and looked well-taken care of. Albel tried to look around and call out to Fayt but for some reason he couldn't do anything. “Nobody's here.” The blue haired girl said calmly.
“Damn it! She must have ran.” The blonde turned around and looked back at Albel and the girl with his bright blue eyes. He lowered his gun and looked a little more than annoyed.
“What do you think we should do?” The blue haired girl looked at Albel with her big innocent blue eyes. She was a beautiful young girl and had a strange moon shape hairpin in her hair. She wore a blue shirt with gray shoulder pads and a short yellow skirt. Her and the blonde seemed to be looking to him for answers.
“I think…” Albel felt himself speak but he stopped as soon as he heard something behind him. She turned fast and just barely dodged an attack.
“Dias!” Albel could hear his two comrades shout.
“Watch it!” The blonde pushed the blue haired girl out of the way and started firing at their attacker. Albel turned to look and as he did he could see a woman with long red curly hair that was pulled back in an elaborate hairpiece crouched down on the floor smiling evilly. She held a golden sword in her right hand and had small sinister looking emerald eyes. Albel glared and felt a tremendous amount of hatred for this woman.
“It about time you showed up.” The redhead smirked.
“Where's Celine and Ashton?” The blonde narrowed his eyes and glared harshly at her.
“They're here.” The woman replied and rested her eyes on the blue hair girl. “I didn't expect to see you here.”
“I'm just full of surprises aren't I?” The blue hair girl glared at her. The red head laughed and stood up straight letting her double-slit red skirt with gold trim move from side to side. She wore black pants underneath the skirt and a decorated low cut belly shirt. As she walked forward her little gold anklets jingled as they banged together and her red high heel shoes clicked against the stone floor.
“Recca! Enough of your games where have you taken Ashton and Celine.” The blonde was getting annoyed.
“She'll never give you an answer she's too much of a coward to do that.” Albel snapped. At this he could see Recca's emerald eyes flash with anger.
“Just for that I think I'll kill you first.” Recca's voice went down to a creepily familiar whisper. Her smile turned into a cold scowl. With her pale skin it made her look even creepier. The sinister intent in her eyes went dead and wind began to swirl around her. Albel felt a small smile touch his lips and he pulled his long sword from its sheath. Recca glared and her eyes went completely white. Albel jumped at her and swung his sword. The last thing he heard was.
“Dias! Don't!”
Albel opened his eyes to find himself staring at a white ceiling. He groaned as he felt a slight pain in his chest and thought to himself about the strange dream he had just had. He didn't know who those three people were in his dream nor did he know why they kept calling him Dias. Was he having nightmares? And why did that girl Recca look so familiar to him? He rubbed his forehead and tried to think. He knew that was the same room Fayt was in. Or was it?
“It looked too nice to be that room… But…” Albel mumbled to himself and looked confused.
“I see you're awake.” He heard a soft voice next to him. He lowered his arm and turned his head to see a very familiar woman with long black hair.
“What are you doing here?” He glared.
“I see you're feeling better.” Elvy looked annoyed.
“You didn't answer my question wench.” Albel snapped.
“How about saving your life jerk.” Elvy glared at him.
“I don't need your help.” Albel sat up and cringed.
“I suggest you stay in bed.” Elvy said as she raised a brow.
“Don't tell me what to do.” Albel went to get out of bed.
“Sit down before you hurt yourself.” Elvy snapped. Albel looked at her and gave her another glare but sat back down.
“What's wrong?” Nel walked in and gasped. “Albel your awake.”
“Of course I'm awake. Can't you tell?” Albel glared at her.
“And cranky as always.” Nel narrowed her green eyes.
“Zelpher what's going on? And why is she here?” Albel pointed at Elvy who sighed in annoyance.
“She saved you in the forest. If she hadn't we would have never found you and you would have died.” Nel put her hands on her hips. Then Albel remembered what happened before he got shot with the arrow.
“Maria. I got a hold of her. She said she was on her way.” Albel looked seriously at Nel.
“We know already.” Nel said calmly.
“How would you know?” Albel looked strangely at her.
“Because she showed up two days after you got hurt.” Nel said calmly.
“Two days after I got hurt?” Albel looked at her with a confused expression.
“You've been unconscious for a week.” Elvy tossed her hair over her shoulder.
“Did I look like I was asking you anything?” Albel narrowed his eyes.
“I don't care if you were.” Elvy looked away from him.
“You are really pissing me off woman.”
“Then do something about it and quit whining like a five year old.” Elvy glared at him.
“I am not whining like a five year old! Take that back!”
“Yes you are.” Elvy argued.
“Look you two. We have more important things to worry about.” Nel rolled her eyes.
“So what's all the yelling about?” Cliff walked in and smiled. “Albel!”
“Fittir maybe you can bring me up to date seeing as the women are being annoying.” Albel looked at Cliff.
“Why did I even bother saving you! Your such an ungrateful jack ass.” Elvy stood up and walked out of the room.
“Good riddance.” Albel snapped.
“I heard that!” Elvy shouted as she continued down the hall.
“I see.” Cliff raised a brow. “Anyways. Maria said they are still having problems getting to Fayt.”
“Is he okay?” Albel looked at him. Cliff frowned and looked at Albel seriously.
“Come with me and I'll give you the answer.”
End Chapter Nine
Okay here you go. See I didn't stop I just needed to figure out something before I continued writing it. Sorry it took so long.