StarFox Fan Fiction ❯ Star Fox Recruits ❯ The X-Team ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Author's notes:
The Mykancharacter is not really me, or base don me at all. It's all fictional, and that goes the same for his siblings. I made OC's and gave them names that suited them.
Planet Earth, in the year 2050… quite a load of things had changed, but it wasn't what you'd normally expect to see. Jetpacks, laser-guns, or things like that… but one of the awesome things that had evolved was the style of videogames played.
Some arcades now came with these amazing virtual reality simulators where you'd actually get to be a part of the game instead of just control it form a chair.
One of the games that was by far the most popular was called “Space Recruits” It was a game based on being a space mercenary, flying spaceships, shooting bad guys, questing through planets and sectors… all that stuff.
In fact, the game was pretty much considered the greatest in the world that some people came from all over just to sample it, or even participate in tournaments where the prize was a load of cash.
Today, it was just an ordinary day at the arcade; some skilled, yet bullying players were challenging suckers to a game of Star-Recruits. They clobbered every gamer who stood up to them, and did their best to rub it in their face.
“Loser… why don't you stick to playing Hide and Seek...”
“What a geek…”
The players climbed out of their virtual-pods in shame; there were five pods in all… but some of the teenagers in the crowd were actually cheering for the bullies. “All right… who's next?” one of the bullies snarled.
No one stepped forward. “You lousy bunch a wimps…” snickered the other bully. “Guess we win it all then… Ha-Ha!”
“Not so fast…!” called a voice from over at the entrance. Everyone turned and gasped in shock as the X-files theme was heard very the stereo speakers.
Three teenage siblings were standing at the door, dressed in the same outfits, but different colors; Sporting T-shirts, the kind with hardly any sleeves, track-pants, black boots and all wearing shades over their eyes. Also… right on the left upper-side of each of their shirts was a marking of an X, and little stars around it.
The one on the left in the blue outfit was the youngest. A young sixteen year-old named Donny. The second one of the far right in the dark purple outfit was a seventeen year-old girl with long dark hair. He name was Erin…. And the tall guy in the middle in the black outfit, who was also the eldest; at age eighteen… that was me.
My name's Mykan McClain. The leader of the greatest team of gamers in the entire city, “The X-Team and I was the one who called out to he bullies.
The crowd of teenagers felt as if there was going to be a cowboy showdown as we walked our way towards the pods. We were all really that good… so good in fact, that nobody ever beat us so far.
We stopped before the pods and gazed at the bullies. One of the cheerleaders in the back said, “Hey, you might want to back out while you can.” She cried. “That's the X-Team.”
The first bully didn't care as much, “I'm glad these chumps are here.” He gloated. “Now I'll have the honor of kicking their butts across the floor and prove how strong they aren't.”
I smiled wickedly and chuckled softly, “Hmm, mm…”
“Hey… what are you laughing at?” the bully asked me.
“Just that you… talk like such a little kid…” I said. “You couldn't beat us if your own reputation as a big loser depended on it, and we're going to prove it to you.”
The bullies were losing their patients and told us to sit in the pods. We did as we were told, and strapped ourselves in ready to have our minds uploaded to the game. “You fellas just don't know what you're in for.” Erin said.
“Rock on…” added Donny. “No one's beaten us yet, and we're going to keep it that way.”
The bullies didn't care much, and the game was finally starting up. We all found ourselves standing aboard a station in orbit around a planet in the midst of space. The first bully challenged Donny to the first game. It was a circuit race, best of five laps around the planet. Whoever made it to the end first, or managed not to destroy their ship would be the winner.
Donny and the Bully climbed into their ships and were transported to the starting line. “Ready… GO!” The bully tore across the planet, through forests, past mountains, into large cites… but Donny just stood where he was at the starting line just sitting casually in his ship.
“Hey! What do you think you're doing?” he shouted at Donny over the radio.
“Oh, nothing really…” Donny answered. “Just that I'm proving that you can't win even with a giant head start.”
The bully felt insulted, but not giving into to Donny taunting he continued to zoom through the planet, until he was already two and a half laps ahead. “Okay… I think that's long enough.” Donny said. “Ready or not… HERE I COME!” and he pounded on his ships accelerating and took off like a missile.
“What the--” cried the Bully as he could see Donny just tearing through the planet and always gaining speed. He even took short cuts through the buildings and forests that were thought to have been suicidal, yet he piloted his ship with such grace and timing.
He caught straight up with the bully and then out lapped him four to three. “”Oh no you don't!” the bully growled, and he tried the same stunts Donny did, but only to crash, and damage his ship badly with his poor lack of experience and over confidence. “Ahh! Oh, no…!”
“Oh, yeah…” chuckled Donny, “TAKE THIS…!” and he nudged the bully's ship with his own causing it to crash and explode, “AAAAHHH…!” Donny didn't even cross the finish line, and he was declared the winner when he was warped back to the station with the bully.
The bullies were not finished yet, and began to challenge us to other game in Star-Recruits. Erin was challenged to navigate through a temple and collect a treasure without getting hurt by traps, or get lost along the way.
There many monsters in the temple as well, but with her gaming skills, and from what she learned in gymnastics, she tore right through all the monsters and obstacles as if they were made of paper, making the bullies lose again.
Then I was challenged to a ship command battle. Whereas one ship would try and shoots many of the targets as they could. “This is too easy….” I gloated. The bullies had had their fill and challenged us to the big battle…
It was a ship showdown where we'd all fly in an arena on teams and try to shoot the other team down. The bullies proved to be much better this time, as they were pretty good at piloting ships and aiming carefully… but I and my team always had plans.
I turned n the radio and spoke to Donny and Erin using our own secret coded language we thought to have made up. “A'cc we ed uxout... 0ei kne kubo 0eih fejakaedj. I instructed.
“Sef0 kxuk!” said Erin
0ei wek ak, rhe.” added Donny.
The bullies couldn't understand a word that we just said, which was exactly what we wanted. They wouldn't figure out what we were up to. “Move your ship, dummy!” the first bully said to the other, “What are you waiting for, get'em!”
Their giant war-ships charged from my tiny little pilot ship, and fired its lasers at me. “Excuse me… pardon me… thank you.” I mocked as I dodged each blow effortlessly, which allowed Donny to sneak up from behind the ship… but the seconds bully was right there on his tail.
Luckily I spotted him in time… “Donny… Wok eik ev kxoho, xo'j ed 0eih kuac!”
Donny, caught a quick glimpse of the ship behind him, and looped out of the way “Ucc hawxk wi0j, don fcud! I declared. My teammates agreed and assumed new positioned.
The bullies were losing they're patience. “All right you freaks, time to lay you out.”
My teammates and I just remained focused, and we charged straight at the ships like charging bulls. “Boof ak kawxk wi0j!” I said.
As we got closer and closer, “Seloh mo... A kxadb A xulo u scouh jxek.” said Erin. The bullies of course, who didn't understand a word we said, assumed they had won. “Die, X-Team!” they chanted, but as their ships opened their fire-compartments ready to shoot…
“DEN…!” I shouted, and Donny and I quickly hung U-turns, and Erin fired two hue missiles from her ship which caught the bullies by surprise.
POW! They were shot, and they're ships exploded… which sent the bullies minds back to their bodies in the real world, while all the teenagers who were watching on the big screen cheered for joy as heroic music played…
(Star Fox SNES “Space Course Clear”)
Ucc jxafj, sxosb ad! I called to the other two ships.
A'm xoho, Mykan. answered Erin.
De jnouk, rhe! added Donny.
The music continued to play as the ships flew in formation through space. One by one, they each blasted away, and the long list of scores marked in first-place, “TXT” which stood for, “The X-Team.” But then again, all the scores were “TXT” indicating the numerous times we had won.
We stepped out from the virtual pods, where the DJ in charge of the gaming systems declared. “Dudes and lady-dudes. Still the champions of Space-Recruits, and dubbed best in the town… The X-Team!”
The crowd went wild, but the bullies were so ashamed, and humiliated. Then we gazed down at the boys. “You two only succeed through bullying, and over confidence, and that is why you lost.” I said. “But if you really believe in what you fight for, there is nothing you can't do.”
Erin put her hand on my shoulder. “Don't lecture these bums, Mykan.” she said. “They'll never learn otherwise.”
“Yeah… we're out of here.” Donny suggested and we all left, once again undefeated. Yes, we were the greatest gamers in town, and it was fun… but little did we dream that very soon, our lives were about to be given a challenge like no other.