StarFox Fan Fiction ❯ Star Fox Recruits ❯ Something's going to happen ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Out in space, about four-thousand light-years or so from the Earth's solar system, there was another place known as the Lylat system. A place whereas many of the populace consisted of human sized animals that had the intelligence and many of the technologies of humans…
However, no humans ever existed in the Lylat system, nor had anyone ever seen it before… but that was all about to change very soon…
With Andross gone and no new enemies for a while yet, the Great Fox had been just boringly wandered around the system on patrol. At least with the large amounts of payment received from General Pepper, Peppy Hare and Slippy Toad managed to renovate some of the ship's interior. They added simple things like a games room, where they could play music, snack on junk-food, and hassle around all they wanted.
What Falco Lombardi didn't understand was, “Why the heck would you add extra cabins? No one's ever going to dock on this ship just like that.”
“You never know, Falco…” Peppy said as he straightened his glasses, “You know what Fox always says? Even though it hasn't happened, doesn't mean it ever won't.”
Falco sighed irritably, “Yeah, yeah… whatever…”
That's when he noticed that Slippy and ROB were hammering and drilling and making a whole lot of other noise on the other side of the command-deck. “Hey! Will you knock it off over there?”
“Sorry Falco…” Slippy said. “But I'm so close to perfecting my newest invention.”
Falco chuckled mockingly, “Are you still on about that ridiculous theory of yours?” he asked…
Slippy had been working on a device that would hopefully, and in theory, be able to capture and relay images from other star-systems around the galaxy. It had gotten so bored during patrol that Slippy needed a new hobby, so he decided to study other worlds, and hopefully find other sources of life out there…
Falco only though his egg-sized brain was messed up again. “ROB, tell Slippy that the chances of life being out there are completely bogus.”
ROB shook his metal head, “Such probabilities are well balance…” he said. “The odds are only slightly in our favor.”
“All right… settle down your guys.” Peppy said. “Imagine what if Fox or Krystal came up here and found you guys arguing again.”
Slippy and Falco weren't really too concerned about that, while it was true that Fox and Krystal didn't like it when the team had its troubles, lately… Fox had been having troubles of his own.
Fox McCloud was lying on his bed with his eyes open, and hid arms behind his head. He just lay there, starring upwards at the ceiling.
His mind wasn't focused much on patrol, or Slippy's theory of life being out there. He was all focused on the girl in the cabin next to his, Krystal. She was just so amazing, the way she had become a skilled pilot, and how her telepathic ways, and combat skills helped a lot in missions…
She was so beautiful to Fox, that there was no doubt in his mind that he was in love with her. The others were all well aware of this… especially Krystal, whom at that moment was lying on her own bed and thinking about Fox…
He really meant a lot to her, the way he saved her life on planet Sauria, and how he always looked after her, and shown soft sides of deep concern for her safety.
It was even funny how at times he wouldn't admit aloud that he was in love with her for fear of growing soft, and losing his tough-guy charms. Still… she loved him, not just for saving her life, but for also giving her home and protection as she really had no other place to go since her planet was gone, and both her parents dead.
Still… they hadn't even gone on a single date, but they did get to spend some alone time on missions together, and each and every time when one of the crewmates were calling in, they would always give Fox a lovey-dovey expression, which made Fox go all numb, and Krystal laugh…
Still… just once, she wished that Fox would just forget about his tough-guy act and prove that he really loved her, and more than just come out and say it. She really, REALLY, wanted him to prove it.
On a planet called Venom…
The Planet was looking sorrier than ever. The air as filthy. The waters were intoxicating… all this because of Andross' forces.
At this very moment, in an underground lair, several robots, weapons, and large monstrous creations were being manufactured at an alarming rate. Some of the robots were already prepping some of the large creations for launch…
All of this was being supervised by a mysterious stranger whom at this moment was being given a report by his number-one robots. General-Tobor… which was basically “Robot” spelled backwards.
“Master…” he spoke, “I am happy to report that you latest plot is way ahead of it's time. On your orders, we shall being launching procedure.”
The stranger twiddled his metal-fingers sinisterly. “Excellent…” he spoke in a monotone-voice. Finally I get to finish what I started… and this time… no one will stop me. Not even the great Fox McCloud.”
He stepped out from the shadows, laughing manically, and his full body was shown in the light to resemble a very strong monkey, with a robot body. “I am Andross… reborn! Ha, ha, ah, ah, ah! Ah, ha, ha, ah, ah, ahh…!”
Back on Earth…
Donny, Erin, and I had gone home to our apartment where we lived by ourselves. No, we weren't orphans just that our parents were huge successful business people who had travel a lot on business, but they trusted us to look after ourselves, and that's just what we did.
Summer time had just started and school was out. I of course was a graduate, and already trying to make my way into college. While Erin and Donny were still in senior-high.
Of course we all had steady jobs… as a matter of fact we all had the same job as, you guessed it, video-game testers. People were so amazed by our skills, as well as the fact that in school we all got top marks in graphics, and physics, not to mention mechanics, and gym, that we were given the privilege to test out new games, and new virtual-simulators for money. That and the gaming tournaments we had won awarded cash as the first prize.
Today however, we were just at home taking it easy. By that of course were just lounging around and doing what we felt like. I was in our game room practicing in our own virtual simulation where I was battling an image of myself in a battle of staffs, which was by far my favorite weapon to use in combat, apart from a blaster.
“One can only be a master when one is able to overcome himself.” that was the sacred rulings. How do you think I became so skilled anyway?
Donny was in his room studying, while Erin was in the lounge, with a bowl of popcorn as she watched a movie on the sofa. It was just one of those bitter sweet romantic pictures, “Ugh…!” she sighed, “Where do they come up with his stuff...?”
As the movie paused for a station break, something suddenly caught her eye. “Hey! Mykan, Donny, get in here!” she cried. Donny and I rushed over in a second, and we saw what she was referring too…
There was a commercial about a new generation virtual-reality coming to arcades any day now as their construction and testing were soon to be completed. It was a VR-Game that let you choose your own adventure, and how easy or difficult you wanted it to be.
“Dude… most excellent timing.” Donny said. “We got to try that.”
“You bet we do, and we're going to…” I said. “Mom and Dad called last night, and they sent us these.” I held up three tickets to the testing of the VR-System that many had tried for, but our parents phoned ahead and bagged us the job of being the first testers of the game.
“All right…” Erin said as she took her ticket from me.
“When do we test it out…?” Donny asked.
“In a couple more days…” I answered. “Their first stop is here in town at the arcade, and they're setting up now.”
We all slapped high-fives, and then we all headed into the game room to start practicing and getting our skills warmed up.
If we had only known what was going to happen… we probably would have turned down the offer…!