StarFox Fan Fiction ❯ Star Fox Recruits ❯ Mysterious Warp ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

By this point the Great-Fox was nearing Corneria. “There it is… home sweet home.” Peppy said.
“About time too…” added Falco, “If I had to spend one more day in this steel-hulled prison I'd go nuts.”
“You wanted to rejoin the team, Falco…” Fox said.
“I must've been crazy.” grumbled Falco. He covered his ears when he heard Slippy and ROB working on their machine again, hammering and drilling. Even Fox was getting annoyed with it, “Awe, Slippy…” he cried, “Can't you wait until after we land to finish that junk heap?”
“Oh Fox, let him work…” Krystal said. “I'd actually like to see how this works too.”
Slippy smiled, “Thanks Krystal… and you may not have to wait as long. We're all finished.”
“Affirmative…” added ROB “All preparations, and wirings have been resolved, and we are ready to launch our first test.”
Slippy connected his machine to one of the radar scanners, and just pointed it out into space at a random position. “Okay, ROB, turn on the juice.”
“Affirmative ROB responded and he flipped the switch which sent the signals soaring across the cosmos, and taking pictures of things that were way out there, and relayed the pictures back to the Great Fox instantly. “Wow… this is perfect.” Slippy cried for joy as he examined his snapshots.
He had snapped shots of stars, planets, and even a few nebulas found outside the Lylat System. Even Peppy was amazed, “Slippy, this is incredible.” he complimented. “This could be a chance to study whole new star-systems, and make new star-maps.”
Slippy received compliments from everyone, even Falco himself was somewhat impressed. “Just wait until General Pepper hears about this.” he said sounding confident, and just at that moment… the video-wave computer was activated, “General Pepper here.
“Wow. What timing.” Fox said.
Slippy dashed to the monitor. “General… I've got something incredible to show you…” he said sounded so eager.
“I'm afraid whatever it is will have to wait Slippy.” Replied Pepper, “I have a mission for you Star Fox team.”
Fox and Falco rubbed their heads in disappointment, and just when they were so close to going home. “What's the matter sir?” Fox asked.
Pepper reported that the Cornerian tracking systems had detected strange activities occurring on Venom, and were now scattered across the Lylat system. “I want you to head for Venom immediately to investigate, and report back immediately. This could be a new threat to our beloved system, and we must know as soon as possible.”
“Are you sure that's a safe idea…?” Peppy asked. “Wouldn't it be smarter to refuel first and then investigate?”
“I'm afraid the situation may already be dire, Peppy.” Pepper answered, “We must know as soon as possible. You have enough fuel and power; you should be able to make it there and back safely. Pepper out.”
Fox was disappointed, “Oh well… at least we get to have a piece of some action now.”
Pepper buzzed in again, “Oh, and one more thing Fox, no heroics. Pepper out.”
Fox slapped his brow, “Aw, man… he always picks the best times to ruin everything.”
Krystal giggled at him, and so did Peppy. “With no time to fuel up we shouldn't take the risk anyways, Fox.” The wise old hare said.
Fox, a macho as he preferred to act, would never disobey regulations, “Well, we got our mission. ROB, set our course for Venom.”
“Understood…” said ROB, “Course plotted and interested. Estimated time of arrival at maximum speed, two point three days
“Well, that's settled, I'm going to get me some grub.” Falco said as he exited the command-deck. “I'm up for that…” added Slippy.
Soon everyone decided to head to the food-bay, while ROB stayed on the command-deck to guide the ship. The only problem was… Slippy had forgotten to turn off his image-transporter, and usually one of the things about Slippy's inventions was they always had a few bugs or so in them… especially if they were left on for a long time.
The image-transporter was beaming its signal off in one direction, and it would just keep going and going until it hit something… but while the power was still turned-on, who knew what it would do.
Two days later
The arcade was closing for the day, but I and my team were invited to check out the new VR-pods that we would be testing out the next day. “Hmm… interesting concept...” Donny said as he examined the pods inside and out. “Velvet seating... Chrome-platted exterior…”
The supervisor who was in charge of the setting up of the pods was glad that we approved of the set up. “We look forward to your high opinions during the demonstration tomorrow at the unveiling. I assure you, you'll be paid handsomely for your cooperation.”
I shook hands with the man and said what I said to all gaming technicians who hired us for testing. “Congratulations. You just hired The X-Team.”
Erin and Donny nodded, and then it was time for us to leave, but while on our way out Donny suddenly stopped. “Hey! Where's my house-key?”
“Didn't you have it with you while we were at the arcade?” asked Erin.
Donny nodded and assumed he must've dropped it inside. “I'll run back and get it…” I offered, and I began to dash back to the arcade, and luckily no one had left yet and the doors were still open. I asked if I could look for my brother's key in the room where the pods were still being setup. “Oh, sure go right ahead…” the supervisor agreed.
I walked into the back room, no one was there. I checked around the floor, on the equipment, and finally in one of the pods. “Ah! There it is…” right on the far end of the inside of the pod.
I reached for it, but as I got closer my hand began to sparkle and fade. “Huh…? Whoa!” I quickly pulled back and my hand was fine. “What in the name of Virtual-Reality…?” I looked down in the area where my hand just was, and moved my hand back into it only to see the same thing happen.
I pulled back again… “What the heck…?”
I leaned in closer but suddenly, I lost my footing and tumbled into the pod. “Whoa…!” my whole body was sparkling and fading before my eyes. “Holy GAME-ZOOOONE…!” I shouted as in a flash… my whole body had vanished.
The supervisor rushed in when they heard my scream, “Mykan! Are you alright… Where are you?” He found my brother's key, reaching thought he other side of the pod where he didn't get caught by whatever swallowed me. He began to get a bad feeling in his gut.
As for me-- I couldn't see myself. or even determine where I was going as I seemed to be flying through a swirling, colorful vortex, “Whoa-oa-oa-OA-OA-OA-OAHHHHHHHHH…WHERE AM I GOINIIIIIIIIING…?
The Great Fox had just locked into orbit around Venom. “We're here…” Slippy said.
“Thanks Slippy… we can see that.” Falco said sarcastically.
“Okay, knock it off you two.” Fox said, “ROB… can you detect anything unusual happening down there?”
“Negative…” ROB had to say, “Analysis of signals classified as insufficient data.”
“Well something's going on down there…” Peppy said. “We'll have to take a closer visual approach.”
“Right, Falco and I will take the Arwings and try to get in closer.” Fox said, “It's the only way.”
Peppy had to agree with him there, “Two Arwings are ready. Now remember you guys, you're just going to investigate. So don't try getting into a fight.”
“I'm going too…” added Krystal. She was eager to explore Venom in hopes that she would find more answers to the destruction of her planet, and the death of her parents. “Krystal… I really don't think you should…” Fox said.
Falco saw his chance, “What's the matter Fox? Shy that she'll be around, flying with you side-by-side?”
Slippy laughed, and so did Peppy. Fox blushed in embarrassment. “Hey!” he snapped, and then he noticed Krystal was giggled softly. “Look I just want her to risk it that's all… we don't what's down there.”
“All the more reason I should come so we'd cover more ground.” Krystal cut in, but Peppy disapproved of the idea. “Fox is right, Krystal… this shouldn't take too long anyway. But you can at least remain on standby in case trouble occurs.”
Krystal sighed, “All right… but honestly I don't know why I even bother.”
Everyone headed off to the Arwing-deck, including ROB… but while they were gone, Slippy machine which was still not turned off began to glow, and shake with stress. Then all of a sudden… POW!
“Ah…!” I appeared in a flash of bright light in what appeared to be a control-room on a ship. “Whoa… what was that all about?” I wondered. I began to believe that it was possible that I had been transported into the VR-game; the pods were plugged in while I was looking.
“What sort of game is this…?” I wondered as I gazed round at all the controls. “Where's my inventory…?”
While down in the Arwing-deck Fox and Falco were already seated and their ships were ready to launch. Krystal was remaining in her Arwing on standby. “Good luck Fox…” she said to him over the radio. “Come back to safely…”
Fox shook his head while smiling, but Falco just had to mock him again, “Whoo… things are looking hot there lover-boy.”
Fox's features hardened, “Knock it off, Falco! Let's go already!” he said harshly, but the others were all laughing. “Stand by to launch…” Peppy said from the control-deck, and in no time at all Fox and Falco were on their way.