StarFox Fan Fiction ❯ Star Fox Recruits ❯ Incredible discoveries ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

On Earth, it was getting late…
“Man where the heck is he?” Donny asked for the umpteenth time. “Two hours and-a-half late…? Two and a-half…!”
“Lighten up, Donny.” Erin said. “Mykan's never out this late for no reason. They probably wanted him to test another game or something…”
Donny gave Erin a look of disbelief. Erin realized he was right… I never tested games alone, and always requested that the X-Team be all present. “I'm sure he'll be back soon…” Erin said.
She sat back on the sofa turned on the news, “And now the weather. It's beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor. Would you be mine…? More on that later
Erin and Donny looked at each other in looks of dismay. “It beats me where they pick up bozos like this.” Donny whispered.
“This… This news just in; concerning the disappearance of eighteen year-old boy… The boy being positively identified as city-champion gamer, Mykan McClain…”
Erin and Donny leapt up from the sofa in shock. “What the--”
“Mr. McClain, the leader of the city champion gaming team, The X-Team… was last seen at the city-wide arcade retrieving a lost item, he walked into a stockroom, but was never seen leaving, nor was he located anywhere in the room.”
Just then, the phone rang… it was the police asking Donny, and Erin to report to the arcade immediately for questioning, and possible help in the search. They dashed out of the apartment in a split second both wondering what could've happened to me…
Fox and crew were in the sick-bay tending to me. My injuries were bandaged up, and they removed my shades to place a cold cloth on my forehead. That's when I began to awaken. “Hey… I think he's coming too…” Fox said.
“It's about time…” Falco said impatiently.
Krystal hushed them all to keep their voices down as she and Fox knelt in closer…
My head felt like it was run over by a truck. “Ohh… Ahh...” I opened my heavy eyes and the minute the room stopped spinning; Krystal knelt in closer, “Are you alright…?” she asked me.
I came to my sense and realized what was going on, “GAAAH…!” I gasped in shock and fell off the bed. Kyrtsal and Fox winced at my reaction, “Get back! Get Back!” I cried as I inched away. “Dogs can't talk…”
“Hey! Whoa-hoa-hoa, watch t there bucko.” The brown creature snapped at me, “We're not dogs. Can't you tell the difference between a fox, and a vixen?”
I also noticed the other animals, a Toad, a Falcon, and a Hare. “Foxes and Vixens don't talk either.” I said, “And neither do any other animals.” I was also amazed by how large they seemed, almost up to my own height.
The toad approached me, “Well our lips are moving and words are coming out.”
The blue Vixen tried to calm me down and urge me to lie back on the bed. “Just stay away from me!” I cried still inching away. I knew for a fact that I wasn't in any game because I remember getting hurt from dogging those lasers… which could only mean in thing… this was all real!
I grabbed a piece of equipment lying on a tray and grabbed hold of the old hare holding him hostage. “Alright… nobody move or this old timer gets it!” I growled. “All right, now I want some questions, and I want them now.”
“Answers…” the Hare said. “I think you mean you want answers.”
I nodded nervously, “Yeah…thanks, answers. I want answers! What's going on here? Where am I? How did I get here? Who are all of you?”
The creatures all looked at each other in confusion, “You don't know where you are?” the falcon asked me, “Shesh… talk about awkward.”
The toad approached me and made me let go of the hare and the tool I was holding. “Well uh… I guess we should at least ought to introduce ourselves first.” He said, “Uh… hello… I'm Slippy, the handy one. Uh… he's Peppy, he's the wisest.”
Peppy tipped his glasses at me in greeting.
“Uh… that's Falco Lombardi.”
“The awesome one…” Falco cut in.
This is ROB. He's a robot, and that's Krystal.”
The brown fox stepped forward, “And I'm Fox McCloud… lead pilot of the Star-Fox team in the Lylat system.”
I was charmed and impressed to meet all these creatures, but, “Ly-lat… System…?” I asked with a raised eyebrow. Fox sighed and then using his wrist-computer he generated a map of the entire system, and our current position which made me realize I was on a ship in outer-space…!
“Uh… o-kaaay…” I stuttered. “Uh… can you like zoom out further…?” Fox did so and kept zooming out until I could plainly see that I was still in the Milky Way galaxy… only, the flashing dot that showed our current position was near the center of the galaxy and nowhere near the Orion arm where the Earth would be located.
My eyes bulged wide and my body began to shake vigorously, “Oh, my god…!” I kept saying over and over again still unable to believe that I had traveled thousands of light-years to another star-system inhabited by human sized animals…
“I think I'll sit down now…” I whimpered while still shaking in my boots. That's when I noticed everyone staring at me funny. “What may I ask are you staring at?”
Fox and Krystal were wondering where my tail was? “Tail…? I don't have a tail. I'm not an animal.”
“Well then, what are you Mykan?” Slippy asked.
I gazed at him in shock, “What? How did you know my name…?”
“Duh…!” Falco said, “We went thorough your pockets while you were out of It.” he held up my game-member's card. “So… Mykan McClain… could you answer the question?”
Seeing as how everyone was eager to know, I told them pretty well everything, that was a human being and I came from a planet called Earth, thousands of light years away. It amazed me to gear them all state that they had never seen a human before, yet they felt they knew I could understand and cope with them.
I suddenly began to feel less afraid and more excited and giddy. This was the greatest discovery of the entire human race, “There is intelligent life out here in the Universe.”
The others smiled, while some, as in Falco and Fox could see this was going to be a long day. Suddenly, the warning alarm sounded again, and ROB went crazy. “My sensors have detected an enemy vessel approaching the Great Fox. Distance, five thousand yards and closing
Everyone began to rush off to the command-deck, and I decided to follow them. We could all see what was out there. “Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing…?” cried Fox.
A few thousand yards ahead of us was a perfect cop of the Great Fox itself, only this one had black armor instead of white. “ROB, is that the enemy ship?” Krystal asked.
“Affirmative…” ROB answered, “Code name: Black Fox. Primary weapon: Laser. Weakness: Unknown…”
Fox sighed “Thanks... that's real helpful.”
The Black Fox began to open a small hatch in its front view, and out flew two Black-Arwings. “The Arwings too…? Why can't Andross ever think of anything original?” Slippy sneered.
Still, with the Great-Fox's Arwings in need of servicing, they were out of use. Which meant the Star Fox team would have to try and take out the Black Fox with the Great-Fox's weapons. “Start charring the big-guns!” Fox ordered, “Krystal and Falco, man the mobile lasers, try and shoot down those other ships.”
Krystal and Falco agreed and took their positions…
All I could do was watch form the sidelines in amazement, “This is like Space-Recruits come to life!” I thought to myself. I even studied the controls and to what they did, where the weapons were, the power transfers, the steering… just about everything I needed to know.
I even saw Flaco and Krystal at their positioning, large screens with aiming-cursors, and joysticks just like an arcade game…
They were waiting to get a perfect view of the Black-Awrings, and fired, but the Arwings managed to evade their line of fire and drop nova-bombs on the ship, causing it to rock and shake in stress. I fell off my feet, and Slippy fell out form his seat.
“Keep charging the weapons…!” Fox ordered. “We got to take out that other ship!”
“Lasers charged at fifty-percent!” cried Slippy.
So far everything was still okay, that is unless the Arwings continued to bombard us with more firepower. “Warning! Warning!” cried ROB “Slight breeches in sectors nine and ten ceilings
Everyone gasped, even I gasped. What worried me the most was that this was no game; it was real, which meant… that if we were to die… we'd really die. “Erin! Donny!”
Meanwhile, on Earth…
Donny, and Erin were at the arcade, and being questioned by the police; things like where was I last seen… or if maybe I would just run away… but none of the descriptions worked out, and whatever happened to me was completely mystery.
While the authorities were still outside, Donny, and Erin were in the stockroom where the VR-pods were. “I can't believe this.” Donny said, “All this because he had to fetch a silly key?”
“I know…” added Erin. “It just doesn't make sense.” She leaned into the pod where I had climbed into, and then Donny Gasped. “Erin…!”
Erin looked behind and could see the end of her long hair was sparking and faded slightly. “Whoa…!” she gasped as she pulled away. “What was that…?”
Neither she nor Donny had the foggiest, and Donny decided to check this out, but not seeing where he was walking he snagged his foot on large cable on the floor, “Yeow…!” and he slipped, bumped into Erin, and they both fell into the pod where they vanished in a flash too… “WHAAAAAAA…!”
The Great-Fox's lasers were fully charged. “Fire…!” and blasted at the Black-Fox, but only to miss the ship for it had completely evaded the move. “Rats… missed it!” growled Slippy.
The Black-Fox then readied its own lasers, “Peppy, dodge it!” cried Fox
“Here goes…” Peppy responded, but he forgot about the two Arwings outside, and because Falco and Krsytal still weren't able to shoot them down, one of the two ships managed to damage the emergency retros, which meant. “I don't think we can get out of the way in time!” cried Peppy.
“Keep trying…!”
The Great-Fox barely managed to dodge the Black-Fox's big blast, and part of the outer hull was melted a little. We were still in one piece, but Peppy had bad news. “Fox, the other ship's coming after us again.”
Fox realized that the Black-Fox was obviously programmed to carry out its mission and destroy us all, “We'll have to try and dodge it again.”
“Negative…” cried ROB, “Database confirms the Black-Fox is now compensated for any evasive action. Probability of another successful dodge, 1.5 percent...”
“Oh, perfect… what now McCloud?” Falco asked sternly, but Fox was fresh out of idea as nobody knew just where the Black-Fox's weak point was… except for me.
Years of video-gaming experience thought me to observe things thoroughly, and I had an idea that would possibly work, but the two Arwings had to be dealt with. “Man, this isn't working…” Falco growled.
“Every time we get them into our sights, they evade our fire.” added Krystal. Finally I snapped inside, and pushed her out of her chair, “Get out of my way!” I growled as I sat myself down…
Krystal and Falco watched in shock, “What do you think you're doing…?” Fox wondered, but I didn't respond as I was focusing on the two Arwings on my screen, “Steady… steady…!” the Arwing I was following was just near the cursor and I fired the lasers endlessly and quickly, blasting it clean off the screen.
Much to the amazement of the others… “Don't just stand there!” I growled, “Charge up the weapons again, I have a plan.”
Fox hesitated for a moment, and then, “Well you heard the guy… charge the lasers again!”
As we all did our work, suddenly two more humans popped up out of nowhere near Slippy's machine. “Ow…!”
Erin and Donny rubbed their heads in frustration, but then they realized, “Mykan…?”
POW! I shot down the other Arwing with ease. “Right…!” I snapped, and then I took my place near the firing range. “Lasers charged to full power…!” Slippy said.
I then aimed the big guns carefully until they were in perfect alignment with the Black-Fox's guns. “What are you doing?” Fox asked again. “Trust me!” I told him.
I waited until the Black-Fox charged its lasers and then I fired right along with it. I fired so hard, that sent the enemy lasers right back into the Black-Fox's guns as well as sending our own fire power inside. The Black-Fox's lasers began to overheat, and they exploded!
“Hey… I think its working!” cried Peppy.
Then, I fiddled with the controls, and found the weapons changer. “Ah-ha…! Missiles!” and I quickly fired two large torpedoes into the launch bay of the Black-Fox. KAPOW! A huge explosion was triggered and the Black-Fox began to break up and exploded into dust.
Everyone was so amazed, particularly my siblings. That's the animals caught sight of them and began to act hostile again. “No wait…!” I said. “No, no… it's all right. I know them.”
There was a long moment of silence. This was a very awkward moment.