StarFox Fan Fiction ❯ Star Fox Recruits ❯ Welcome aboard. ( Chapter 6 )

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Andross had already received word that his Black Fox had been destroyed, but what confused him was when images from the robot cameras, before the ship was destroyed, showed him images inside the Great Fox. He got a good look of my siblings and I, “Tobor…?” he asked. “Who are these mysterious creatures with the Star Fox team?”
Tobor regretted to report, “Unfortunately, the computer bases are unable to identify them my lord, as we have never before encountered species such as this. But clearly, they also seek to aid Fox and his crew against our forces, so they too must be destroyed!”
Andross agreed entirely, but for now there was little he could do about the team as we were already far out into space. Besides… he had work to do. “Hmm, mm, mm…No matter how long I must wait, I always get my revenge…” he sniggered. “Always…!
After another repeat of introductions and realizations, Erin and Donny were up to speed, and they were only fixed on one thing now, how to get out of here. It was determined that it was in fact Slippy's machine that was what brought us to the ship…
Since he left it on for so long without turning it off, and the beam happened cast on Earth without being moved. The over usage of the power must had somehow served as a matter transporter as well as a photo taker, and that was how we got to the ship.
There were however two other problems… One of course was being Slippy only knew how to gather images, not send the back. Even if he could… the machine was broken, completely destroyed under the stress during the battle with the Black-Fox.
Erin gulped hard, “You… you mean--?”
“Yeah… I'm afraid so.” Slippy answered. “It'll take a miracle to get you guys home now.”
Donny, and Erin felt like their hearts were breaking, and so did mine, but I however was trying to make a strict decision. “I'm not sure we should go even if we can.”
Krystal agreed in somewhat, “He did save our lives…”
“Peppy and here I thought video-games only warped the mind.” Peppy chuckled. “Now I stand corrected.”
Erin and Donny however wanted to speak to me strictly. “Mykan, are you crazy. We can't stay here… we got to get out of here.” Donny said.
“Come on guys…!” I said trying to convince them, but the reminded me that we were gamers, not mercenary pilots and warriors. This was no place of for us.., but the sad fact was we couldn't go home, and even we could “I'm not leaving…!”
I couldn't leave these creatures, or this star-system. “Maybe we could fit in, and fight alongside them. It's like the video games we play at home, and who's better at video games than we are?”
“I'm pretty good at the games where I can start over when I lose a life…” Erin said secretly pointing out that whatever happened here was real, so if we died, it was Game over… permanently.
Thought I was well aware of that, and feeling a little more nervous than ever, I was too excited to panic. “Erin, come on. Look at where we are we're in space…”
“Donny… this is a challenge of a lifetime… and you guys want to leave?”
Erin and Donny gave up. Plus, they decided it would be better than just challenging ourselves to inexperienced gamers and things like that. Pretty much boring ourselves to death…
Fox, who had overheard us, had considered it as well, “But we'll have to see what General Pepper says when we get back to Corneria.”
We all agreed, and then suddenly our stomachs began to rumble, it was already dinner time. “Boy, taking out that ship gave m an appetite.” I said cheekily, and everyone shared a laugh.
In the food-bay, Erin, Donny and I were amazed that the creatures of the Lylat System also ate foods just like the ones we had on Earth, including Pizza, cheeseburgers and fried chicken. Donny's eyes filled with tears of joy, “I never wanted to go home in the first place.” he joked as he consumed his fill.
I on the other hand was interested in finding more details. “So, Fox…” I asked. “This dude, Andross… I take it he's the bad-guy?”
Fox nodded and told me pretty much everything about their struggles, “And each and every time we think we get him, he just comes back again and again.”
“Whoa… you think he'd have nine lives or something.” Erin said. “So how do we stop him?”
Peppy explained that first it would be smarter if we reached Corneria and restocked on supplies. “It'll even give us time to analyze what we know, and determine what Andross is up to.”
“Plus… I think we ought to repair and even upgrade the ship.” added Slippy. “If just that one ship was hard enough for us to beat, who knows what Andross could launch next?”
“Well we'll be ready for him…” Falco said. “We've beaten that ugly brute once before, and we'll beat him again.”
As we continued to eat through dinner, we began to understand each other more and more. Almost as if were all from the same system… Erin and Krystal even did some female bonding. Though Krystal wasn't as familiar with Earth techniques, she and Erin got a long great. I leaned
“Ix ex, kxaj moudj kheirco...” I said to Donny. My brother and I chuckled, but Fox didn't understand a word we just said. “Huh…?”
Erin did hear us however, and before she could open her mouth to. “That wasn't very nice…” Krsytal said. Donny, and I… and even Erin were amazed.
“You know what we said…?” Donny asked.
Krsytal nodded, and replied with, “0oj, a bden nxuk 0ei juat
She was speaking in our secret language. This was soon revealed to be the exact same language spoken on a planet she and the team had visited a lot, “Whoa… and here we thought we made up the whole thing.” I said sounding amazed.
But the others, particularity Fox were annoyed. “Don't you just hate it where you can't understand a word people say?” he muttered to himself. “Ugh… this is going to be a long flight…!”
The next we arrived at Corneria, which resembled Earth in many ways. Only, a little further into the future with all the odd buildings, and vehicles. “This is like coming home.” Donny still said.
“Home was never like this…” I pointed out.
As expected, when we docked in the base, many of the officers, and staff were surprised to see humans. However, once introduced to General Pepper, and told of our heroics. “I must say… this is indeed an unfortunate, though amazing honor.”
He scheduled a private meeting. The council consisted of Pepper, and his panel of high authority personnel. The Star Fox team, and of myself and Erin and Donny…
We went over the basics, about how Andross was at it again. “From what you tell me, it sounds as if he's planning to change the whole Lylat system into a machine system.” Pepper suggested.
Many arguments were debated, and it was decided that Andross needed to be stopped, for already signals were coming through hat many launchings were occurring on Venom. It became obvious that Andross was only biding his time, and was not ready for a full scale attack yet...
Still, it was not safe to return to Venom yet, as we still had much to learn, and many of the planets and sectors were liable to be clapped into danger. “It is decided.” Pepper declared. “The Great-Fox and the Arwings, and all other equipment must be overhauled and upgraded if we hope to have any chance of surviving Andross' new onslaught of robots menaces.”
Then it moved on as to what was to be done about me and my siblings. Pepper was aware that we currently had no hopes of returning home, not until Slippy could figure out the kinks, as well as construct another machine, and even going with their fastest ships at maximum speed, the Earth being thousands of light-years away would take generations to reach… and no one had that time.
Besides… after the heroics I performed in the first enemy battle, and the promises that I and my siblings could maker with our skills, not to mention we had been exposed to high-tech secrets in any case “But, I agree with you Fox…”
“Mykan, Erin, and Donny McClain…” he announced. “We may not yet fully understand the biology of your species, and of course you yourselves still have much to learn. However, in the given circumstances I am prepared to take a calculated risk. If you all agree, I request for you all to join the force, and fly along side the Star-Fox team.”
“If you wish to decline, the committee has ruled that there is nothing we can do to stop you or force you against your will.”
“What do you wish to do?”
We talked about it in secret for a moment or two, and decided. “Congratulations, General Pepper…” I said. “Looks like you just recruited The X-team.”
With that the deal was settled, and in the first few weeks while the weapons and vehicles were being prepped. Fox and his crew, by order of General Pepper were to train us, and teach us anything we needed to know about the Lylat system.
Being quick studies, and smart high school students, we began to catch on quickly to a load of things. Yet, during the physical training; how to fly ships, how to clear through obstacles, and use weapons, it made Peppy wonder, “Are we teaching them, or are they teaching us?”
I clobbered Krystal in our sparring with staffs…
Erin was great and combat, and using a blaster…
Donny learned the basics of controls onboard a ship like the Great-Fox…
And all three of us really impressed Fox in simulations on Arwing flying.
Our tests showed that we passed with flying colors, and were already approved by Pepper himself. There was only one thing were each required now. In addition to our X-Team outfits, were also given heavier boots, strong jackets with different colored sleeves, mine was red to go with my black, Donny's was green to go with his blue, and Erin had pink to go with her purple… and each of us were honored with the Star-Fox badge.
“A guy like me could sure get used to this…” I said as I stared at the mirror admiring my reflection. Erin wished the girls at school, who thought she was weird, could see her now. “Dude… not bad…” Donny said.
The Star-Fox team smiled. “Welcome aboard guys…” Fox said as he shook each our hands. This was the start of something really big…
Proper Intro
“Mykan McClain… and his siblings, Erin, and Donny Three expert gamers never have lost a challenge in their life… but one mysterious day they are caught in a strange warp-vortex and teleported to a star-system thousand of light-years from their own.”
“Here… they are acquainted, and befriended by animal creatures, and feel obliged to join their ranks on a mission to stop the evil Emperor Andross from destroying the system with his army of robots.”
Fox McCloud: A Fox.
Krystal: A Vixen
Falco Lombardi: A Falcon
Peppy: A Hare
Slippy: A Toad
ROB: A Robot
Mykan, Erin, and Donny McClain: Humans.
General Pepper: A Dog.
And Andross: A Gorilla/Android.
“The McClains are trapped with no way to return to Earth, possibly for the rest of their lives, and they are willing to accept their destiny if such is to be so… and as continue in their new mercenary lives they must keep in mind that no matter how skilled they me be, this is not a video game. Should they die… it will be Game Over!”
Author's notes:
No… the fic's not over, it's just gotten warmed up.
This dull intro and getting to know everything's gone on long enough. It's time to get the real adventures started.